The Twilight Saga

Bella has jsut made it out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, when she moves back with her dad, Charlie, a muggle. Her mother, a witch, had previously died, but wanted Bella to go to normal high school too. While there, She meets the cullens, who she knows are vampires. The cullens dont know she is a witch. She falls in love with Edward.  But soon, her past comes back to haunt her...

*****All Characters belong to Stephenie meyer and J.K. Rowling!*****


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Chapter 9: Phone Call (Part A)

I ran out the door after alice, but of course she was faster. She was already at the table with her family. Alice winked at me. I went and got my usual apple, then sat down next to Angela. "Hey..." she said. I smiled back. Then Jess hurriedly sat down, and spoke quickly "hey, Bella, You know how the dance is in like, 2 weeks? well, mike just asked me! *squeel* And Angela and I are going shopping for dresses in Port Angeles! I like, need some one else to tell me how great i look... hahaha! so anyway, come with us! We are going tonight, sooooo yeah, I'll pick you up at, like five?" She barely let me nod, before going on about how angela and I needed a date, and yada yada yada. The rest of the day past in a blur. At least until I got home.

I had just realized that I had a lot to do. Still hadn’t finished putting up all of the protective charms around Jakes. I should probably give him my sneakscope too. I had to make dinner for Charlie. And do my homework. And now go out with Jess and Ange. And I really, really, really wanted to talk to Alice. For a lot of reasons. Then in my stupidness, realized it was Friday. Wow, whatever!

I finished my homework, and drove over to Jakes. I don’t know where billy was, and Jake was out, probably running around as a big wolf, but I left the sneakscope in an envelope with instructions. Hope they could read my handwriting. Charlie came home, and dispite his protests, I took my wand out, and fixed him up dinner. He was fine with me going out tonight. I actually think he was pretty relieved tha I knew how to fit in at a muggle school. I still had 15 minutes, so I ran upstairs to fix my hair, do my makeup, and change. At 5 o’clock, I heard Jess honk the horn on her old minivan. I shoved my wand deeper inside of the boots that I now had on, gave Charlie a kiss on the cheek, and ran out the door.
Chapter 9: Phone Call (Part B)
In the car, Jess babbled over some really annoying rap music. Angela and I both nodded at the right times. Ange seemed to care about as much as I do about who is dating who, and who Jess thinks is this or that. Which is NOT AT ALL! We finally got to this pretty cool mall. I had never been to a muggle mall, only heard about them. The only thing I could compare it to was Diagon Alley. Filled with people, shops, and noise.

Jess pulled us straight to the dress department. She proceded automaticaly to pull out dresses that were about 3 sizes to small for herself. Angela and I just started flipping through stuff. I found a few I liked, and tried them on. I decided on a dark blue halter, knee length. Angela’s was a lavender one in the same style as mine. Jess tried on just about every dress in the store, but neiter Ange or I had the guts to tell her that she looked like a stuffed pig in every dress she tried on. She finally picked out a very short hot pink, strapless dress, that really was 2 sizes to small for her. Then we were dragged off to shoes, then jewlery.

Finally, we went out to eat. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, meaning I had a text message. I knew it was Alice. I excused myself from my mushroom ravioli, saying that I had to go get some air. I opened my phone. The text was from alice, It said

Be careful Bella! I don’t know what, because you are blurry in my visions, but please be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I frowned. What did she mean? I turned my head to look at the noise that I heard, and realized a second too late what Alice had meant.
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