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This story takes place in New Moon  just when Bella gets ready to jump off the cliff. Also most of the information is not in the first section so read on. And key point Bella didn't go in a deep depression after Edward left/she did not become real close friends with Jaboc/Bella went to the cliff a week after Edward left. I do not own Twilight that is the work of Stephenie Meyers I do not own the characters mentioned in Twilight but I do own the new characters. And the new theme.


Chapter 1 (Bpov)

          It's only been a week since Edward left and in that week my life changed in ways I couldn't understand. As I sat on the cliffs over looking the ocean as the wild winds riped threw the waves. Why. The only thought that came and left me mind. I knew only one way to find out, and I also knew what would happen if i said yes to the offer. 

         I coudn't not find out but it would be hard to do what i had to do. I slowly arose from the ground reached in my pocket, pulled out my phone and texted yes to the preselected number.

        "You chose right now do what you have to do" replied the phone owner.







  • CHAPTER 1-3 PG 1
  • CHAPTER 4 PG 2 
  • Chapter 5 PG 3  pt 1


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