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i was watching this movie fear the other day so i got this idea to write a fanfic bot it but use the twilight characters in it but yea bella will be 16 years old her 2 best friends will be alice (guy magnet) and rosalie
(nerdy nice gurl) then they conveince bella to go skip school one day they go to an after school hang out thats were they meet edward 21 and emmett 21 and jasper 21 they are bad boys then alot of really bad stuff starts happening edward becomes obessed with her (bella) and starts stalking her and junk.... should i write it it sounds alot like the movie i know but i will change it around... tell me what you think please thanks....
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thank you and i will i promise thanks for reading to everyone.
OMG that is so sweet!
hey plz can u keep me updated
Keep writing I love tha story it's getting really good keep me updated pleez.
Emmett's not gonna betray Bella is he?
na he isnt he is to much in love with her. but i will update soon i promise and thank you for reading.
Chapter 22
We drove and drove to what seemed like forever Emmett was excited about are date tonight I was to some what I just didn’t like to be away from EJ for a length of time.
We came appond a dirt drive and I got kind of scared, why was he taking me out so far to have dinner?
Emmett was smiling in the driver’s seat beside me and I was panicking in the passenger seat, I tried to tell my head that maybe he just wanted to get away from it all.
We were on the cliff top when we came to a stop, I looked out the left side window and sitting at the picnic table was a candles.
“I thought diner by starlight was the way to go” Emmett turned to me and said.
“Wow” was all that I replied, I was too stunned to say anything else.
My heart settled down some what, Emmett got out of the car and came around to my side and opened the door for me.
“Thank you” I said to him.
“Your more than welcome Bella” he replied to me.
He led me over to the table and there the food waited.
We began to eat and conversate at the same time.
We mostly talked about ej, Emmett was truly stuck on him, which I found to be very comforting.
After dinner we took a walk down by the water, Emmett held my hand all the way through.
“So Bella how are you enjoying yourself?” he asked me.
“Honesty it’s all so magical I am having a nice time.” I told him.
“Well I am glad I tried to make this all about you and it is Bella about you” then he sighed.
“What is it Emmett?” I asked him.
We stopped walking and he turned to me.
“Bella I have something that I would like to tell you” he told me.
“Ok what is it?” I asked him.
“Bella please don’t think that the only reason I come around is for ej I mean I love him to but its you that I want to see also you and ej mean the world to me and I don’t think I could bare to live without you what I am trying to say is I love you Bella with all my heart now I know I cant take back for what had happened with Jacob or Edward or rose but I swear to you Bella I have changed” he confessed too me with a tear strolling down his eye.
I stood there and looked into his eyes and I know it sounds crazy but I saw my world with him.
I loved him to.
“Emmett I already knew that you loved me the truth is that I love you to…and I forgive you” I told him and leaned up to kiss him.
His kiss was fire not like it was with Edward but deeper and meaningful.
He kissed me with such passion that I thought I was going to faint because of it, finally we came up for a breath and he stared deep into my eyes.
“I never want this night to end” he breathes at me.
“Me neither but sadly it has to I have to get back to ej” I told him.
“Yeah I know well shall we go?” he said and grabbed my hand.
We cleaned up the area and then headed home.
We finally got to my house and Emmett walked me to my door.
“so” he said and smiled.
“so” I repeated.
He leaned down to kiss me once more but our kiss was interrupted by my father.
“hmm bella its time to come inside now” he said with a sterned voice.
“hello sir” emmett said to him.
“emmett” he said and turned away.
I was blushing really hard I couldn’t believe that my dad caught me kissing emmett.
I just smiled at him, and kissed emmett goodnight and went inside.
EJ was already tuck inside his crib so I went and got changed and fell into bed.
That night I had a dream of Edward returning and snatching up ej right in front of me, but I couldn’t do anything about it because I was on the ground this time in a pool of blood, my dream was so horrifying that I woke up in a hurry and went over too the crib but ej was still there sleeping soundly. So I went back into my bed and shut my eyes.

Several months later:
In the passed months, EJ was growing big, he learned to crawl which was kinda bad because he got into absoulty everything.
Then before I knew it he was walking and then climbing.
One day dad left his shaving cream out, big mistake EJ some how manged to get ahold of it and spray it every where.
*laughs at the memory* but all in all everything was getting along normally Edward had really disappeared from sight which to me was fine I didn’t mind what so ever.
Emmett and I were going strong dad even stretched it so that emmett could spend the night but when he did that EJ went into his room.
But today was something I was dreading today was my birthday.
I was 17 years old.
When I got home from work dad had surprised me by throwing me a party.
All my friends were there, EJ was having more fun he was a big hit with all my female friends.
Then it was time for presents.
It was mostly cloths people got me, which to I was grateful I need some.
But then emmett came down to me and sit beside me.
“I have something very special for you my bella” he said to me.
“oh yeah and that would be” I said to him, then he got up and looked and me then kneeled down in front of me.
He looked at me in my eyes and said.
“bella I love you with all my heart and soul…..will you marry me?”…..

*sorry so short but please read and comment*
*sorry i forgot a banner this time i will make one next time*
can't believe it!!!
Love It =D
lol thank you and i know right lol thank you.
thank you and i will
thank you and yes i do kinda to but i read a bunch of storys about edward and bella and i thought i would try her with a different person but after all its just a story lol but thank you :)
edward is going to come back soon i just have to find the perfect time to bring him back but thank you for reading.
OMG!!! u have to write more soon


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