The Twilight Saga

Decisions (PG-13)

Her decision means everything, so who will she choose?

Decisions (PG-13) Bella’s Point of View

I never thought that this would happen to me, I always thought that since I had fallen in love with a vampire and my best friends was a werewolf my life couldn’t get any more complicated. But here I am, in the Cullen’s living room, with Jacob right by my side…

Chapter One
“Bella?” Edward asked. I looked up to see his face grave, his topaz eye burning into mine. “Bella?” he asked again when I didn’t answer. “I know that you don’t like seeing us fight,” gesturing to Jacob who was shaking violently before us. I knew that at any moment there would be a giant russet wolf standing before us. “And I don’t like hurting you, emotionally or other wise, it absolutely tortures me. So I will let you choose.” I looked up once more to see his face still grave, but his eyes a little softer. Jacob and Edward had been fighting over me again after I had snuck down to La Push without Edward’s knowledge. Jacob had come over to my house after I had left, because he knew I would be in trouble with Edward.

“So that’s it then?” I finally asked. “I have to choose who I love more? There can’t be a happy medium? I love you both. Jacob, Edward.” I looked at each of them as I said there names. They were both starring intently at me.

“No Bella, I don’t think you can.” Edward finally said. “We are natural enemies. We try everyday not to kill each other. If one of us was to slip up”-he looked at Jacob as he said this-“it would be…” He was struggling with his words now, trying to pick them carefully. He finally looked at me as if to continue.

“I love you both very much.” I said once more. “ Jacob, I love you so much. You have helped me in so many ways. You were there for me in my darkest time, and when Edward returned I turned my back on you. But you still let me back in and I am so grateful for that. And Edward,” I turned to him as I said his name. “I love you too, just differently.” I was about to loose it now, at any moment the tears would be streaming down my face. “I need time to think, can you really expect me to choose who I love more? Really?” I was pleading now. “I need some time to think” I repeated, and with that I turned by back on both of them, without looking back.

I barely made it through my bedroom door before I started crying. I slammed my door, and fell to the floor. and kept on sobbing. I just couldn’t get Jacob's shaking image out of my mind. He had a mixture of shock, worry, hate, but most of all pain. I had hurt Jacob. I had hurt Edward, and Alice, and Charlie, and Esme, and Carlisle… I had hurt so many people in such a short time.

I continued crying. I cried because I was a weak and fragile human who always seems to mess things up. I should be put in jail, I thought. It’s a crime. I don’t know how long I kept on crying, but I eventually fell asleep.

This was a new dream tonight. But one of the worst. I was standing in front of the Volturi, again, their crimson eyes boring into mine.

“So who will you choose?” Aro asked. I looked around trying to fully grasp what was going on. I saw Jane behind him, who was looking annoyed and angry, probably because she couldn’t use her “gift” on me. Alec was standing next to her, smiling an angelic smile at me, as if he knew something I didn’t. And finally Marcus and Caius were standing on either side of Aro looking bored. “So who will it be, Bella?” Aro repeated. He gestured to the people before him, one to his left, one to his right. On his left was Edward. His beautiful face pained. In his eyes I could see agony, remorse, grief, but most of all fear. But there was something else there too. It was as if he had no feeling, physically at least. I then unwillingly took my eyes off of him to look at the person standing to the right of Aro. I gasped. Jacob. I could see in his fear. Just plain fear. He too had that same look as Edward had, that…that distant look. Then I realized why Alec had looked so smug. He was using his “gift” on Jacob and Edward. He was enabling to the point where they couldn’t do anything except stare at me with wide fearful eyes. Aro repeated his question once more, and I finally understood. They wanted me to choose who I wanted to live, and who I wanted to die.

I woke up in a cold sweat with tears streaming down my face. What am I going to do? I thought.

Chapter Two
Jacob was there for me when Edward left. I have always wanted to have him, to be able to call him my own. But I love Edward. His voice in the ballet studio was the most beautiful thing ever,…then. But yesterday, I remembered, when it was full of pain and hate whenever he mentioned Jake...

“Edward, why are you freaking out? He’s Jacob. He would never hurt me,” I was pleading now.

“Bella, do you think Sam meant to hurt Emily? When, that, that…incident occurred?!” he was so angry he was shaking now. I had never seen him like this. “I didn’t think so,” he spat out after I didn’t respond. Nothing could compare to the pain I felt now. Edward had never inflicted this much pain on me before. Not when he left me in the woods that day many months ago. Not when he refused to turn my into a vampire time and time again (but for that I was grateful now) Never before had he hurt me as much as he was now.

“He was there for me when you left, Edward.” I yelled back not thinking. I regretted the words as soon as they escaped my lips. He was silent. He turned toward me, staring at me, pain clear across his face. After a long moment I looked away, I couldn’t take it. I heard the familiar purr of Jacob’s black rabbit as it pulled up in the driveway. He got out wearing nothing more than a pair of cut off jeans. Why oh why couldn’t this be the one day he wore a shirt, I thought. As he walked over and took in my tear stricken face, he began yelling at Edward.

The decision is final, I told myself. I know who I will choose. My fate is decided.

Please do not copy anything. I worked very hard on this story, and I want to get the credit for it.  But of course, the characters belong to Stehphenie Meyer. Please and Thank you.

P.S. Sorry the first chapter is so long, and the second is really short.

Tell me what you think!!!

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Its incredible! You're a genius! I want to read more!
Thank you!
I LOVE IT. SPLENDID WORK. Please keep on writing.
Thank you!
HI Everyone (Well to the 2 people who read my story), I am probably going to close this soon and start one about Jacob and Reneesme. The reson is I have soooo many more ideas for Jacob and Reneesme together, more then I have for this story. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, once I finish the other story I will probably continue this story. Sorry, and love yall, Esme1212
ah crap :(
plz plz plz dont close this 1 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
So I've reread my story (in all honesty I had forgotten about it until someone left a comment on it and I got a notification email) and I've been thinking about it and thinking about it. And I've been trying to decide wether or not I should continue writing it. I've decided I will, but I'll need a few days to think of stuff and to write the next chapter. I'm also going to do some minor adjustments on the chapters I've already posted. So check back later this week and hopefully the next chapter will be up!

And thank you so much for all your support! I didn't think anyone read my story!


P.S. I am first and foremost Team Edward, I just thought it would be interesting to see a different kind of relationship form between Bella and Jacob.
Chapter Three
Why do I feel so guilty? He gave me a choice, so I have got an answer. Breathe, I told myself as I dialed the phone.
“Edward?” I asked. He picked up the phone after two rings. “Can you come over, we need to talk.” I emphasized the “we” when I spoke so he would fully understand what I meant. He did.
“Okay,” his voice was wary. “When you say “we“, you don’t me just you and me, do you?” Crap, he caught on. Breathe, I told myself once more.
“No, I mean all three of us. You, me, Jacob. That’s okay right?” He said nothing. “So just be here in thirty minutes, okay?” I asked, fighting back tears.
“Sure,” was all he said. Now it was time for my next call. What am I going to do?!

* * *

“Hey, Jake.” I said, trying not to think about what I was going to do. “Could you maybe
come over ?
“Yeah ,why?” he asked.
“Well, I think we need to talk. About some things. You, me, Edward.”
“Okay,” he replied. I could tell he didn’t like the thought of being there with Edward, but he didn’t protest.
“Bye,” I said in to the receiver, but he had already hung up.

P.S. Sorry this was so short, but I just wanted revise this so I can start on the next chapter!
plz plz plz post more soon

Let us know the decided fate first pretty far its exciting


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