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To those of you who actually have a heart and care:


Yo. It's Max. Listen, I know Fang hasn't been on in a while. Honestly, I don't know if he ever will again - by no fault of mine, please keep in mind. Seriously. I didn't do anything this time. No, Fang left on his own, and I'm gonna kill him for it. Now that he's gone, I just... I'm totally lost. My mom and Jeb are miles away; my flock is all I have left. But now, even they've been taken away from me.


Wow, I can't believe this blog thing actually works.


Anyway. Since no one can help me, I figured, hey, maybe Fang's millions of viewers/stalkers can. Please don't take that personally - I seriously need your help. God, it hurts to say that. If you can find him, tell him to get his butt back to us. Back to me.


Fly on, Maximum Ride.

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eek!! new FF by Ash!!

love it so far <3

DEWD! Max Ride is like, my Fav series EVER. Please do not EVER stop this fanfiction. Lol(:
Thanks lots, everyone :D
Chapter 1—After

I sighed and reluctantly clicked 'publish', closing the laptop and stifling the glow that lit up my small cave. Gosh, this whole blog thing is difficult. But I felt a bit lighter, somehow. Like a giant weight had been lifted from me.

Leaning back on my elbows, I took a moment to survey my camp. The moss was nearly invisible on the now-dark walls, but I could just barely see the moon slicing through the vines that cover the entryway. That little sight was enough to make me feel trapped—well, more trapped than I already felt. I pushed the laptop to the side, standing and hurrying outside.

The moon blinded me after the pitch-blackness of the cave. I blinked a few times, shocked and angry to feel tears sliding down my cheeks as well. I swiped my arm furiously across my face, feeling it sting. To stop my emotions from betraying me and completely overwhelming me, I paced back and forth over the narrow rock ledge.

This shouldn't be happening—not to me. I'm Max. I was built to save the world. But I can't do that if I need saving myself. And why did I need saving? I laughed bitterly, quietly. I'll never really know the answer to that question.

I paused and took a deep breath to calm myself down. Normally, when I felt like this, I would rush out and kick some Eraser butt. Too bad they were gone.

They were all gone. Every experiment ever made. Just... vanished. Wiped off the face of the Earth. How else can I put this so you small-minded people will understand? I'm alone. This time, for good. No one is coming for me.

If only I could have saved them. If I could have done something, maybe they would be around right now. Because the truth is, I didn't do anything. I thought I could last a while on my own, be better than ever, even. Why do I make these impulsive decisions?! I shouldn't have been the leader. I was right in keeping Angel away from that position, though. Maybe Iggy. Or Fang.

I scowled at the night. Fang. I wheeled and slammed my fist into the rock wall, wincing at the pain but not regretting my actions in the least.

He shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have done that, what I did. But it's too early for you, dear, masochistic reader, to find out what I did. Because to really know, you have to read the whole story. And this is only a part of it. This is only the beginning.
Thanks Joanna! :)

Chapter 2—Before


Three weeks ago.


I circled silently, moving carefully over the leaf-strewn ground. The late fall trees loomed over my head, shielding me from a blue, cloudless sky. A determined half-smile took form on my lips. I wouldn’t lose.


A tree rustled, just slightly, over my head. My eyes flickered toward it, but I didn’t indicate otherwise that I heard or saw it. Through the flickering shadows of clusters of leaves, I saw a flash of blond hair greatly in need of a hairbrush. I grinned wickedly at the trees straight ahead of me.


The Gasman let out his infamous war cry as he dropped down on my head. I pivoted with one foot, moving myself out of his path. I laughed as I reached into the air and snatched up his shirt collar. “I win again!” I announced.


Gazzy scowled and thrashed around in my grip. “No fair!” he complained. “You’re cheating!”


I rolled my eyes. “How’s that, Short Stuff?” I asked, still smiling.


“I don’t know, you just are!”


I laughed. “Look, I told you not to listen to Iggy when he said having a war cry would make you win,” I said. “That just gives you away!”


“Does it?” a quiet, smirking voice asked in my ear.


I jumped a foot in the air, releasing Gazzy so I could have my hands free. I spun around and karate-chopped my attacker, who laughed as he caught my hand.


“Nice try, Karate Kid,” Fang said. I was totally right about the smirk. “But you’re gonna have to do better than that.”


I scowled and yanked my hand away. “I don’t think that’s humanly possible,” I said truthfully.


“I’ve been trying to convince them you’re an alien forever!” Iggy complained, swooping down to meet us. “But they just won’t listen.” He frowned. "Nudge and Angel aren't here" he noted.


I sighed. "They're back home, doing their nails or whatever. It's so sexist that this game should be thought of as 'for guys only.' "


Iggy put his hand over his mouth as he stifled laughter. I rolled my eyes, then remembered he couldn’t see me. "I'm rolling my eyes, sexist pig."


My new cell phone buzzed in my pocket, scaring me. Yet again. Jeesh, I was off my mark today. I reached into my pocket and flipped it open, thanking my mom for the zillionth time for getting me this.


"Verizon?" Gazzy guessed.


I shot him a look and put it to my ear. "Hello?"


"Max." Nudge's crackly voice blared in my ear, making me wince. "You need—back."


"What was that?" I asked, confused.


"Come. Back." There was no mistaking her words that time.


"Why? What happened?" By now, Fang and Iggy were watching me worriedly. Iggy held Gazzy's shirt collar to keep him from bugging me.


"Just get back here!" she insisted, sounding frantic. "We—help!"


"On our way," I said seriously, hanging up.


"What happened?" Gazzy asked curiously, as I snapped out my wings.


"AT&T," I answered to his previous question, leaping into the sky. I beat my wings hard, taking off toward home.

Chapter 3—Before


Entry #339 on “Fang’s Blog” :: 5:07 am


Secretly uninterested readers that are only here to indulge in Fang’s epic hot-ness:


Too bad: it’s Max. Listen, Fang doesn’t know I’m on this right now, so… don’t tell, okay?


Well. Now that that’s off my chest. I felt obligated to explain the more meticulous details of our day-to-day life—NO, Fang, that DOES NOT include crucial info like our current location. Jeesh, give me some credit.


So, believe it or not, I’ve never really kept a blog before—that’s all down Fang’s alley. And because of that, I’m just gonna jump right in, so try to keep up—


Hey. I’m Max—yes, the Maximum Ride. I’m fourteen, not yet able to drive but totally out there saving your butts. Messed-up world we live in.


But that’s exactly why I’m here, me and my flock; you see, we were built to save the world. And that’s what we’ve been doing, over and over and over for who knows how long. No thanks necessary.


And why are we so dang special, you ask? I don’t mean to brag or anything, but we’re…well, we’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Not trying to blow your mind or anything, but I mean, come on. I have wings. There, I said it.


I wasn’t born with them, either, I guess you could say. No, it’s a whole different story. You see, my mom is a scientist. That’s a pretty amazing feat in itself, because I’ve had a bunch of different crazies who have called themselves “my mom”, but she’s actually alright. More than alright, really.


But anyway. She donated an embryo to this crazy science lab—for the sake of science, of course. That embryo was tested on, and when it formed into a little baby girl with six-foot wings, the name ‘Maximum’ kinda caught on.


I was so successful, they created five more just like me—hence, ‘the flock.’ Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. Though Angel and Gazzy are the only blood-related kids here, we’re still totally a family.


When we got older, we decided it just wasn’t worth it: being tested on day after day, living in dog crates. We chose to take on homework and over-done cookies rather than this too-easy life. So we escaped. And they didn’t want us to escape, you see, so they made MORE experiments. These were designed to capture us; human with wolf DNA, they’re ruthless and out to kill us. We call them Erasers.


So, long story short, there’s a lotta evil in the world, and while we’re running from the Erasers and certain death, we’re also out there trying to keep this place balanced. Please, hold the applause.


Got a question? Fang’ll be on here a lot more than I will—especially after this post. But try forwarding them to Mr. Tall Dark and Emo.


Fly on, Maximum Ride.

awesome, Ash :) <333:)
Thanks Joanna :)
Thank youu :)

Love it Ash!

(Well actually... i love Fang but whatever :P)


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