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Hayley comes across her ex love and soon realizes that there is more to him that meets the eye. Can Hayley get out before things take a turn for the worst?















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Chapter 1

I was at my friend’s house late on Wednesday night; a study date is what my parents thought. We just talked the evening away.

“I have to go its 11:30! My parents are going to be mad” I said quickly gathering my bag and books (incase Olivia’s parents came home early.) “Come on please stay Hayley. You shouldn’t be walking outside with that serial killer on the loose in Seattle, what if he comes and kills you?!” Olivia said.

“Just stay, my parents will be home in a few, they can drive you home.” She added.

“I live five minutes away from here, the street lights will light the road up. My parents are going to be home soon and if I’m not they will freak.” (I lied I live like 15 minutes away.) I will call you as soon as I get home, and also text you while I’m walking, ok?” I questioned.

There was a moment of silence followed by no answer from Olivia. Beep beep. Olivia checked her phone. “I’m leaving now I said. That’s my first text.” I smiled and closed the door behind me. I walked home in the dark and cold, which was not fun especially carrying my heavy bag on my back. I got to a small road with no lights with small closed stores on the sides, my walking slowed down. Footsteps.

As I walked away from what I thought was my mind telling me that I had to stop watching the news. The footsteps got louder as if what was behind me was running toward me. I couldn't see anything or anyone so I kept moving faster. "Buzz buzz" I jumped. Olivia had texted me “are you ok? Still alive :) jk where r u?" she replied.

I slid my phone and began to reply but my phone was hit out of my hand and I was pushed onto the ground, once I got up and realized that my hand was gashed open someone had broken a glass bottle, the blood poured out of my hand as well as my head, it was beginning to go into my eye. I scrambled to my phone and got up and screamed “is someone there?" “Hello!" I yelled a few seconds later. “Leave me alone!" I added. Wow I'm crazy talking to thin air. I'm losing it. I thought to myself.

I shook the idea out of my head and began to panic when I saw someone walking toward me. I couldn't take my eyes off the person, so I panicked and ran. But I didn't get too far I slipped on black ice and fell on to my back. The dark figure came over to me. I turned my head to look around and got onto my knees and the stood up in front if the figure. The person threw my body against the wall and held their hands around my neck, cutting off my air. A few seconds later I could feel myself going out of it, the person let go of one of the hands and fixed his head to the right position and bit down on my neck. I screamed as loud as possible, but the hand met my lips before I could get anything out. I felt my blood pour down my neck then my shoulders, and onto my arm.

Drip drip on the assault.

“Ha-ha. Little human girl." he laughed.

My lifeless, unconscious body was lifted off the ground. I yelled in pain, while I could feel the steps we took I could mark out everyone one of them, at this point I was in and out of unconsciousness , the thing that attacked me put his hand over my mouth I could feel. Probably because I was screaming like I was brig murdered. The figure who was a male, I couldn't tell if he was young or old, I didn't get a good look at him.

I was laid down; all I could hear was him talking. To a woman with a soft voice.
“Nice job Riley. We are doing well with the recruits. But you keep getting the young ones!." The woman was getting angry but her soft voice made it sound soft and calm.

I heard one of them get off a chair and walk across the creaking boards.

“pretty little girl though." she said “She will come in use sometime." she said laughing.

Riley joined in with the laughing. A few seconds later an unusual heat came about in my veins.

“Make it stop! Please" I yelled and screamed.

“shut up." he yelled. His harshness in his voice made me guess that I should listen.

My eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes I saw them, beautiful people with perfect features.

“Riley?!..." I asked.

“Hayley?!" he said back. “I... I thought you were dead?" I said, I was really scared.

“yea I am." he smiled. “You are too. I didn't know it was you. I would've done something.... different."

“What did you do to me?! I'm... Thirsty!"

I stood up and threw him out of the way, trying to find the scent, the human.

“Where is it!? I want it" I said looking back at them.

“Riley you should give the human to her before she comes over and kills me or you." the woman said.

“I wouldn't want my beautiful Victoria to be unhappy" Riley said.

“Where is it!?" I yelled and rushed over to them.

“Here be careful not to make her to angry. Low key remember?" Riley said biting on the girl to help me since I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I've only seen this stuff in vampire movies.

“I’m a vampire!" I yelled in shock.

“Here" Riley said passing the girl over to me.

Vampire. Riley. “I just don't understand. You, her and me? Why am I here?" I questioned trying to get some answers. Because we are creating an army and we need some vampires. How are you a v-vampire?" I shook at that word. This was very hard for me to grasp.

“I was turned by Victoria" he said pointing her out.

“hello." she said.

Once she spoke I realized that she was the woman I was hearing while being out for a while, the woman with the soft but fierce voice.

“Oh. So. How does this whole thing work then? Where do you get-" I put my head down I couldn't even say that word.

“Blood. From humans. We pick out certain ones we can kill or turn." he said walking over to the window and looking out.

The sun at disappeared into the night sky. While the silence continued I ended it by going outside. The stars were high in the sky and the reflection of the moon was on the water which was perfect. I walked over to a spot that look good and laid down looking at each star. It was peaceful the continuous burning in my throat was held in pause. I wished I could do this every day for a while to make the burning go away. I started to think about the burning. It all came down to blood. In humans.

I thought maybe Riley wouldn't notice if I'm gone for only a minute or two. I'm really thirsty. I headed into the woods and set off running. Maybe I would get lucky and some stupid rebel kid would be in the woods being dared and I could just take a little. I don't want to kill an innocent child or anyone for that matter. I slowed down and took a deep breath and listened. Nothing. No one. No heart beats or whispers or sounds.

A sad feeling swept over me. I can't take the burning anymore; I need to feed on something, anything at this point. I did a 360 degree look around and saw something standing in the woods and bared my teeth and ran toward it. I was pulled away by something; I got up on my get and hissed looking around.

“come on fight little girl." he laughed and I found myself on the ground.

I growled at him and threw him to the ground and bit down before he could get up. He struggled in pain not moving. Something wasn't right, I thought. Usually humans scream and make sounds he didn't. It was too dark to see anything. Once I stood up the moon light beamed down. Riley.

“Oh my god Riley! I'm so sorry. What am I supposed to do?" I panicked.

Did I just kill him? No I don't think like that. “Time" he said with extreme effort for such a little sound.

We waiting in the woods for hours the sun was going to rise in an hour or so. Riley started to mobilize a little.

"Are you ok yet?" I questioned.

“Been better. Please don't do that again." he asked. “Don’t do anything stupid Riley." I laughed.

“Just remember I can do the same to you. And I will. Payback." ha-ha he laughed darkly.

“Fine." I said flatly. “Do you want to talk?" Riley said after a few minutes of sitting in the dark of the woods not talking.
I knew exactly what he wanted to talk about, but I didn't think in time

“about what?" I questioned. "Everything. I haven't really given you and details." he replied.

"ok so let's start with you not saying anything after we all thought you were dead.?" huh I kept asking.

“We vampires try to keep in the dark. How would you have taken it if I came into you room and said I'm a vampire. Therefore I have been gone.” He laughed at his own jokes.

“Hayley. It was for your own good. I can barely control myself. I couldn't live with the guilt of killing you. I don't know if I can even handle what I have already done to you. I know you don't want this. I'm sorry." he was over whelmed with sadness.

“Riley now I know you weren't trying to hurt me. I want whatever gets me to you. We can get through this." I assured him.

"We can't. We are frozen like this. Things don't get better, Victoria would know.” He paused.

“We can't stay out here to long, speaking of Victoria. She can't find out that I was your boyfriend; she would kill me if I turned my mate. She would kill me."

I was upset about that, which is understandable. I thought Riley would've said something after that but he kept to himself.

“Ok. Anything else I should know?" I paused.

“Why did you try to fight with me?" I gave him two questions to answer.

“Well number one you should know that Victoria plans to fight a clan of vampires in forks. They are strong and have powers. Number two. Because the fight may be happening sooner than you think. And you need to learn." Riley ended his answers and stood up grabbing my hand. He leaned in and kissed me passionately for a few moments.

“We must get back I believe that Victoria is back by now. Let's go" he said running away in the dark forest I followed behind, but soon I passed him.

Once I was a few yards away from the cabin, heard voices. Many. I stopped dead in my tracks and waited for Riley.

“Riley?!" I yelled. Nothing but silence.

“Let’s try again." Riley threw a punch and expected me to do... What? I didn't think vampires fought with fists. We are powerful. We could come up with a better way to fight then throwing punches. I grabbed his fist and threw him to the ground. He pulled my leg collapsing me to meet the hard ground.

“Try this. Throw a punch at me." he demanded.

I got ready to punch Riley but before I meet his face he ripped my arm. Off!

“Ow. My god Riley." I started to yell.

"My arm! Riley I can't fight with one arm! Ugh!” I said.

“Put it back on" he told me. “Excuse me?" I said with an attitude.

“This is going to sound weird but lick it. Then put it in place. Ta da! Fixed" he showed me.

“Oh. That's odd but ok."

I was convinced that this was as easy as it looked. “Can we just get home? I want to see what all the noise is about." I said excitedly. “Just more vampires.

Victoria is just creating them so they will fight for her." Riley explained." wait so you turned my just so I would fight for you?!" I was getting angry.

“Well at first, but now no. You won't be fighting for her. If you want you can but you don't have to.” He tried to make it sound good.

“No you guys created me so I would fight for you. There wasn't a point in doing it. You should've just drained me! “I yelled.

“Ok. You need to calm down before things get bad. Now let's go." he grabbed my arm and we went to discover what all the noise was about.
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Chapter 2

While we were walking up to the door Riley let go of my hand and opened the door and allowed me to go first. Once we got inside the talking stopped immediately. There were 17 new vampires awaiting our arrival. "Hello everyone" Riley said. “Let’s introduce ourselves. You go first." he pointed to me. “Umm." I hesitated “I’m Hayley." “I'm Fred." “I’m Diego." “I’m Victoria." “I’m Taylor." “I’m Nicole." The list continued of names being thrown out. “Try not to get yourselves killed”

“Where did these people come from?" I questioned.

“Victoria created these ones to fight for her." Riley looked at the clock and kissed my head.

“I am going to hunt and look for new recruits." Victoria listened to what Riley said.

“bye." he told me, I whispered it back to him.

I was really curious to see where he was going to, so I followed him. First stop was a bar, I'm guessing to get a drunk human and go out back and drain her or him (probably her.) Then he could have a little more control on the blood he took from the recruits.

I sat down on the ground giving Riley sometime. I heard them talking.

“Kiss me." the human girl said. Riley started kissing her lips them her neck and bit her.

But before he bit, Riley snapped her neck to avoid screaming or any noise. Riley threw her lifeless body to the ground and left, whipping his mouth.

He moved on to the other task at hand. I followed him as he walked the back of the bar, until he found a girl probably 15 she was walking by herself in the dark which wasn't a good idea nowadays.

“Hello." Riley said, he laughed under his breath.

“Hi..?" the girl hesitated. She wasn't aware of the situation.

“How are you this evening?" Riley was asking random questions and moving closer to her. Before I knew, he was in front of her. With her head in this hands against the wall.

He waited there and moved to others turning them. Three males and one female. The girl was the first to wake. She looked around curiously.

" wh-what did you do to me? I-I'm so...” she trailed off.

“I know. I'll find you someone to drink, just try not to get yourself killed." Riley said very seriously. The three males woke they were somewhat more aware of what had happened. Riley explained little and gathered them, then took them hunting. The ground was hard and really uncomfortable, I saw a teenage boy walking by, I couldn't resist so I went up to him

“hi." I said cheerfully.

“Hi...” he was confused.

“Come here" I said. He was confused and not aware of the situation.

“What’s your name?” I questioned.

“Josh. Josh Farro. You?” he replied.

“JOSH?!.” I thought to myself, this can’t be. No. “I have to go. Sorry.”

“Here take this before you go.” Josh told me.

I tried to hide my face; it was perfect that I was wearing my h20 sweatshirt so I put my hood up so he couldn’t see. The darkness helped to cover my face; I tried to change my voice as much as possible, which turned out to be not much.

I still had feelings for Riley, but I wasn’t going back to him. The thoughts kept circling my mind, but I turned them away, I looked back to see if Josh went home. I wonder if he felt the same way. I watched him walk away, and then I looked down at the piece of paper he had given me. It was written on a coaster from the bar, I laughed. Looking down at the paper, it was his phone number, I don’t need this. I thought.

Riley was probably on his way with the three new vampires he had turned. If he was going back I hoped that I was ahead of him so he wouldn't ask where I was. “Buzz, buzz” my phone beeped in my pocket, I had forgotten it was in there. The last time I saw it was when I was just before I was turned I remember it vaguely but being thrown on the ground, when I got a text from someone. Then I woke up... Like this.

“Hello..?" I said into the phone.

“Hayley! Your alive.?! Where are you?!" Olivia said frantically into the phone. Before I could think I changed my voice and said “I’m sorry. I think you have the wrong number."

The phone disconnected and I closed the phone and cried.

Olivia was like a sister and now she thinks I'm dead. I had to go see her. I had to go back to Riley, see if everything was ok, and to make an excuse why I’m leaving, if not he would come looking for me. I went back to the house where Riley was. Great.

“where were you?!" he yelled.

“I just went out for some air." I said.

“Did you feed?" he said holding me against the wall with my mouth open.

“No." I said scared. “I am going back out though in a few minutes. I'll be back soon though." I assured him.

“I don't think so." he said to me.

“I can do whatever I want. Thank you very much." I pushed him off me and left.

I ran as fast as... Vampirely? Possible. I guess that works, thought and laughed still running toward Olivia's house. I remembered her house, it was a cute small ranch with four rooms for Josh (her brother), Monica (her mother), John (her father), and Zac (her brother). Everyone called him Zac but his real name was Zachary of course, Josh was the same age as me and Zac was two years older than Josh and I. Josh's real name was obviously Joshua.

As I thought I walked to Josh's window and knocked loud enough that he would hear but not too loud that I would scare him to death the he would yell and wake his brother, and then he would wake Olivia, who then would wake her parents, who then would call the cops. So it was a giant chain reaction, then if the police got involved I would be in jail and I can't! What would I feed on...? Metal bars?! Don't think so. If I got put in jail my parents would come down and bring me home and they think I'm dead, like everyone else.

Josh was slowly being awakened out if his sleep. His eyes widened when he looked at the window he was take. Back by my being there. Josh opened the window slowly and tried to be quiet. That didn't really work zac came running in.

"Josh?!" he yelled in a whisper.

“Sh. Just come here!" he yelled also in a whisper.

Once zac and Josh established that I was at the window Josh put his hand down and offered to help me up and inside. I grabbed his hand; josh's reaction was off, my skin temperature.

"Why are you so cold?! Why are you alive?! Where have you been?! Are you ok?!" the questions from Josh kept coming while his brother asked at the same time. “What’s wrong?! You’re different?! Where have you been?! You pull off dead quite well hayles." zac found that humorous. “Guys, guys. Calm down. I'm not dead. Well...” I explained.

“Where have you been?" they asked.

“I’m living with an old friend." they looked at each other when I told them.

“Well... Who? And why haven't you gotten back to Olivia?! We've been worried!" they whispered.

“One can’t tell you. I'll explain later. Two because I shouldn't be here and no one. No one can know that I'm alive other than to three. Got it! And three I'm sorry I didn't ask for this to happen. I don't want this" I told them.

“Oh hayles it's ok. But we need some answers. Your secrets are really safe with us. And you know it. What didn't you ask for? By the way" Josh questioned.

“I’m going to tell you what happened ok. But you REALLY cannot tell anyone! I will die if anyone else knows. You guys are at risk now to if I tell you.” I gave them I minute to think.

“Ok we want to know. I promise my mouth is shut." zac said.

“Promise Josh said." I smiled back at him.

“Ok. Remember last week when I was here with Olivia studying?

I walked home that night by myself, pretty late. Before I started to walk I heard someone behind me. So I ran, he only got faster and attached me, laughing at me while I bled from my neck. The pain was unbearable and horrible. I've never wanted to die so much in my life. He picked me up and walked me to a small house on the outskirts of town. I was unconscious for a few days. But when I woke up I had a different life." I told them.

“well who is he and what did he do to you?!" they were gonna freak when I tell them.

“He bit me." I said trying to hold in the laugh.

“Umm. You don't need to explain anymore! We get it." zac said.

“Whoa. That’s enough information, Hayles” Josh said.

“He turned me into this. Riley Biers." I whispered.

“That kid died three years ago!" Josh yelled.

“Yes but now I'm like him. We’re immortal.” Josh wasn't going to believe me. “Immortal. Hahahaha you’re high or something hayles." “Guys I'm a vampire." I came right out and told them.

“Hayley?! Stop it's not funny." they said together.

“why would I lie?" huh" I asked. “Prove it then!" zac said.

“I can't I'll kill you guys.” I begged “Hayley. I trust you." Josh said to me.

I looked into his face opened my mouth and grasped his hand and bit down. He yelled but my hand met his lips before much got escape.

“Stop! Stop it! You’re going to kill him." zac yelled still in a whisper.

I let go, and the blood poured out of his wrist and down his hand. I slowly looked up at him.

“Oh my god. Your. Your. You...” he stuttered. He was frightened by me.

“Josh? I'm sorry. You told me to. I am not here to kill anyone. I don't want to. I won’t. I'll kill myself before I kill any of you." I tried to get him to talk. “Guys?". I asked.

"Are you going to be ok? I'm sorry I made you do that. I can't imagine what that's like. I'm not afraid of you, I actually really like you . And trust you with my everything. I will keep your secret safe and no one shall know." Josh said wiping the blood from his hand and wrist.

“It won't stop for while. You'll always have a scar from this. “So what's with the colored contacts?" zac said with wide eyes.

“My eye color changes depending my thirst. For example, black is really thirsty, red to red brownish means I've just feed or had human blood. When their golden, that's animal blood.”

“Wow this is so much to take in.” Josh said.

“You’re afraid of me” I told them. Zac and Josh looked at each other and paused.

I couldn't or wouldn't blame them, if my friend told me that he/she was a vampire and I didn't believe her so she bit me, I think I would be ready to leave. So I had to accept the fact that if they were, it was something I would have to live with. Being in fear or my friends and loved ones. Great.

“No.” Zac replied.

“Same here, we know you, you wouldn’t hurt us. I trust you with that.”

“Why? I could kill you in a matter of seconds.” I was in shock.

“Hayles, like I said I trust you with my everything. You wouldn’t hurt me. I would hope.” Josh said.

“Yea Hbomb, we trust you, I know you would never be evil and kill us, then laugh and leave.” Zac laughed.

We talked the night away.
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Awesome story
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Chapter 3

I felt good that I could let this weigh off my shoulders; I knew that they wouldn’t go and tell my secret to anyone. “Olivia?” Josh asked “Hayley?!” she yelled. Josh threw his hands over her mouth.

“Shhh. Quiet. She’ll explain” Zac said

" I called you earlier. Someone else answered." she told me

" no it was me. I was coming here to explain everything to you guys" I said.

“You’re dead Hayley. I'm talking to a dead person. I'm insane." she panicked.

“No you’re perfectly sane. I am dead. The night I was walking home, I was attacked and bitten. Later to find out that he was a vampire, which means he passed it on to me. I died that night from blood loss." I slowly looked at her face, her pain brought me down. “It was for your safety. I was unstable. I would've killed you in an instant."

She didn't say anything. Just silence.

“OMG! Turn me!!" she was so... Excited.

“No. I'm not putting you through what I went through. It's unbearable. Maybe at a different point in time" I assured her.

“Please. Just bit then. Please?! I want this." she was excited.

“Whoa. Bit you that's odd. I'm not doing it, what if I can't stop. I'll kill you." I tried to get out of this.

Olivia took josh's old boy scout knife and cut her wrist. The blood poured down. I could feel myself resisting. I closed my eyes tight and didn't breathe. Still no help. I kept opening my mouth but closing it before I could bare my teeth and sink them into her.

“Come on you know you can't resist forever"

“stop me Josh." I told him.

Olivia kept waving her wrist in front of me. My reflexes were fast, I grabbed her wrist and placed my lips on it, and maybe it wouldn't hurt as bad as my teeth in her. Not fun. Minutes passes I still had her. She was screaming under the hands on her face.

“No!" I yelled “please no."

"What’s wrong?!" zac said while Josh looked at her.

“I’m killing her. See I told her. She shouldn't have done that." I said whipping my mouth.

“Guys backup." I told them.

“It’s gonna be ok "liv" I calmed her.

I opened my mouth and took me neck and bit. I knew that I couldn't resist feeding on her then send her back fine. It wouldn't have worked. Her limp body shook all over she tried to catch her breath.

“OMG. Hayley. What did you do to her!?" Josh panicked.

“What she wanted. To be what I am. She would've died anyway." I told them.

“I’m sorry. I should go. I shouldn't have come. I made her life a nightmare now. I'll never come back." the window seemed like a good way to leave so I went over and put my feet out and got ready to jump.

“No. Don't go. We don't know what to do with a vampire or whatever. Our parents are away for two weeks. Sweet right? You must help her." Josh said, he came over and whispered “I think I... love you Hayley." he kissed Olivia's forehead and backed up.

Days passed everyone took shifts looking after Olivia. The fourth day passed and she woke. And ready to kill. I went in the woods to hunt. Someone yelled.

“Josh?! Zac?!" I yelled and ran.

She was awake. I have no idea how to tame newborns. The door seemed heavy for me, I was pretty weak, but I pushed and rushed up the stairs.

“No Olivia don't there are other ways to get rid of the fire. Come with me." I said approaching me like she was going to bite me.

“where are you brothers?" I calmly said.

Olivia didn't talk, just pointed. To the sides of the bed farthest away from me. She turned them, the venom wasn't even closer to their heart yet, and Josh was yelling and screaming. Zac was shaking and trying to catch his breath. Zac was turned before Josh.

“Shh. People will think we're murdering you. Screaming doesn't make things any better. I know how you feel.” I assured them.

So let's take a minute to see what's happening. Shall we?

1. I have two turning humans
2. A blood thirsty vampire with me
3. The two people screaming
4. I'm going against rules, of running away.
5. I'm extremely weak

So I guess it's not so bad, I mean it could be worse. I could be in a house burning down at the moment that would be bad right? Yea. Olivia was looking at the situation cluelessly.

“This isn't the way to live; you don't need to kill innocent humans or turn them. Especially your brothers, what is someone going to tell your parents, because everyone in this neighborhood can hear your screams.”

“so what someone murdered us...” she said.

“Someone who’s already dead. This isn't going to work Olivia” “People will start to look into me and my death" I thought for a second.

“I haven't touched anything other than your hands. Josh pulled me in from the window. Ok this will work. You guys were murdered." I said.

Once we had cleared up how they died, the screams stopped. Josh opened his eyes; zac sat straight up and looked around.

“Things are really different aren't they?" I asked.

" clear.” He said.

“I know how you feel, the burning in your throat." I told them.

" do I have to... Like... Drink someone’s blood...?" Josh asked.

" yes, if you don't you'll die." Josh looked scared.

" you don't need to live on human blood, there's animals. If you want to live on human blood there are different ways to obtain it."

"I want to try it though." Josh laughed.

" I don't, I'll use the blood bank or… animals." zac paused.

"and how do you plan on telling the blood bank your reason for the blood? You’re not a doctor. It would've been a good idea if we had a friend that worked or could get access to the blood bank. Only if we had other trustworthy friends.” I said

Everyone was quiet for a while after that. Probably thinking of what in the world happened. I laughed to myself, any minute Josh, Zac, or Olivia was going to feel the burning in their throat and go kill someone; my time is running thin on helping them. Once someone tries human blood it's very hard to go to something else.

So I decided to break the silence " Ready?!" I smiled and looked around to the three of them.

“For what exactly?" Olivia questioned

" where are we going?" Zac asked

" why?" Josh asked.

" whoa! Guys. And you guys are hungry. " I told them.

" so let's go." Zac said.

We left as quickly and as quietly as possible, could you imagine if you heard people dying then them leaving. What would they tell the cops?! I smashed a window to leave some evidence.

“Don’t touch the door!" I yelled.

“The police can get prints. Use your shirt." Olivia pulled her shirt out a little and grasped the door handle.

Josh stopped and smelled the air, as did Zac.

“What is that?" Zac said. “Human blood." I told them.

“If you want to live on human blood, go by your instincts and run toward the smell. If you don't want to, stop and listen to the animals. Go for them."

Josh and Olivia were off after the three humans who were playing man hunt. The boys were 13 maybe 14.

“Hayley?!" Josh yelled.

“Come on Zac!" I whispered while running.

“Josh!" I said in a whisper.

I loved running in the forest and wind blowing my hair and the woods smell. I didn't see or hear Josh anywhere; I kept going Zac was right behind.

“Ugh." I ran into something and fell on the ground.

“Josh?! What are you doing?" I questioned, he was on top of me. A moment later he put his lips on mine. This was what I wanted. Josh picked me up and put my between his legs instead of on his side. Not having to breathe made this much easier, I thought to myself.

“hello PDA?! Gross guys." Olivia said. “Get a room!"

“I backed up a bit but stayed sat between his legs which were now up. I smiled.

“What was that about?" I asked.

“I wanted to try it. I really like you Hayley. I have for a while, I just needed the right moment to do that."

" oh well I wouldn't mind if that happened more often, I like you too Josh a lot. That's why I came to your house, was to talk to you” said.

“I love you, but I also like someone else, I met someone at a bar a few nights ago, I gave her my number.” Josh said to me.

“Um. Josh? That was me.” I looked into his eyes

“What? No. Her voice was different.” Josh tried to make it different.

“I tried to make my voice deeper, I was going to kill you that night, when I found out who you were I said I had to go, and then you gave me your number.” I explained.

“Ok. Well I am in love with the same person.” Josh’s smile made my icy skin feel warm again.

"You have no idea how close I was to killing you, it took so much restrain to not go even one step closer to you." I felt as if I was a monster. Josh could've died because I wasn't careful enough.

“It’s ok. You can't hurt anyone anymore. Not even me Hayley." Josh hugged me.

Being this close made me realize how much I wanted to spend every minute with him.

"You can hurt me though." I said into his ear.

“I won't. I really like you.” Josh was perfect in every way.

“Can we try something again?" the beautiful smile appeared again.

Josh pushed me back against a tree, “ugh." I yelled when my back was thrown against the tree trunk.

“I’m really sorry! You’re hurt!" Josh panicked.

“No. Remember you just bit stronger than I am. It will go away in a few weeks." I could sense that he was upset at himself for what happened.

I walked a few steps to Josh and pulled him back to me. Time seemed to freeze when I was like this.

“um guys. Something’s out here!" Olivia yelled.

“Don’t move. Stay here with Josh and Zac. I’ll go check it out.” I started

The walk to the small house in the woods was antagonizing, when I finally got the house I peered into window, “nothing” I said to myself. Just before I turned around.

“Take that” Riley said.

I had been thrown across the woods; I tried to get back up but was thrown before I could get to my feet.

“What the hell do you want?!” I screamed.

“I want to kill you, you did exactly what was needed, and you helped to start an army. But you went against the rules, MY rules.” Riley was serious about killing me.

“Riley, please. I know you still have feelings for me, as I do. Are you just going to throw it all away?” I asked.

“There is no reason to keep you anymore, you were my decoy. My little decoy Hayley. I planned everything out perfectly. Yeah I still have feelings for you, which will make this even more…fun. So let’s get started, shall we?” He smiled and laughed.

I got up and ran toward Olivia, Josh, and Zac.

“Guys?!” I whispered but at the same time yelled.

“Over here” The darkness swallowed the sound.

I used my sensitive hearing to listen to their location. But only heard footsteps, Riley.

“Guys run!” I yelled.

“But-” Zac said.

“No just do it! RUN!” I yelled forcefully trying to get my point across.

“Nice try Hayley, but my friends already have your friends. Remember, I know you were there the night before you left, you were behind the bar watching me. Then you met Josh there, you were going to kill him. But instead you ran off, actually going to his house, then turning his sister Olivia. Right?”

“Leave them out of this!” I got in his face.

“Ooh I’m totally scared of a small little fiery haired girl. Hayley I wouldn’t even waste your time trying to run/kill me, you’re a useless decoy.” His laugh made me even angrier.

I pushed Riley back into a tree, I didn’t realize how mad I actually was he hit the base of the tree maybe 6 feet off the ground. I paused then ran as fast as I could over to Olivia, Zac, and Josh.

“GUYS?! Hello?” I screamed over and over.

I thought Riley would’ve gotten up by now from his meet and greet with the tree. Did I kill him? Or injure him that badly? I felt a sense of worry about him. NO. I yelled at myself in my head. I love Josh not this monster.

Love. That word. Was I in love? I think so, I could feel myself act different, myself around Josh, he brought out the everything in me. I never believed in love, until that moment in Josh’s house I felt something. Therefore, love has to be real. Well I think it is.

While I was daydreaming of what to say to Josh when I find him, I was quickly thrown across the open land. I slowly opened my eyes.

“Didn’t I tell you, the bad guys always finish first? And end the quote good people, end quote die, because they don’t listen.” He said pinning me down by my hands and sitting across me so I couldn’t do anything to hurt him.

Shoot, I thought. He is really going to kill me. Rip me apart piece by piece. Or staking me? Does that work? How do you kill a vampire? Riley never told me that piece of information, probably because he was planning to kill me, use me like this. I had to find a way to avoid getting killed of course.

“So… Hayley. How would you like to die?” He smiled showing his teeth.

“Um. I wouldn’t. I don’t want to die. Why do you have to kill me?” I tried to act innocent so he would feel bad and maybe then just let me go.

“Because a decoy is a person that is lured into a trap. I did that right? I looked at him with a questioned look.

“Well not really. But sure.” I replied.

“I did. I used you to gain access to your friends then kill you. So that would be the trap. Miss smarty pants.” I said sarcastically.

The next moment I heard a noise in the woods I hoped it was one of my friends; I grabbed Riley and kissed him. I was guessing whoever was in the woods was coming to kill him. So kissing him would distract him, hopefully. Nothing happened. I let go of Riley fast and stood up.

Then the mysterious person in the woods had a large stake in their hand. I ran fast, but the person was faster, stronger.

“Don’t run Hayley, let’s make this easy.” He laughed.

I came to a spot in the woods where I couldn’t go any farther, the trees were thick and dark. I backed into a tree.

“Ugh, this is the third time today!” I yelled.

I could hear him coming closer. Looking around wasn’t going to help anything, but I did anyway. The stake met my throat he was trying to choke me? Imp a vampire you can’t choke a vampire.

“Sorry” He jabbed the stake into my abdomen. The pain was horrible, I didn’t die though, just was paralyzed.


Josh carried me back to Riley. Even though I was paralyzed I still had the ability to listen, not move anything just listen. Thank goodness for that. Riley probably didn’t know that I could hear him because he said the address Josh was taking me to.

I drifted into something dark, sleep? No. Just nothingness, I filled my opened eyes with blackness. I concentrated on everything that had happened so fast to make Josh become like this. I think he saw me kissing Riley. When earlier that day I told him I loved him. Josh was probably angry at me. Which I don’t blame him for because I would be madder than hell.

I listened to Josh talking to Zac I think. I don’t know where Olivia was. I couldn’t hear her. On top of listening to their conversation I heard a heartbeat. Whose though? Not being able to move anything, including my eyes. I could look around to see.

The stake was still more than half way through me; the blood came out all over the back seat of the vehicle.

How did that not make Josh and Zac crazy?

Blood is blood, doesn’t matter if it’s a from human, vampire, or animal.
Wow this is so cool. I love it :)


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