The Twilight Saga

This is about Jarreld, a new family member in The Cullens. This happened between Twilight and New Moon. Jarreld wanted to finish his mission on finding his friends and lobed one, Chamellia. But, there are dangers to look out for. Will they succeed? This is my third fan fic - my other two fan fics aren't finished yet - so, I hope this fan fic succeeds!


I loved her. But did she love me? How would I know?
I loved her. But am I loving her truly? Am I loving her with all my heart?
I loved her. But is there someone else for me out there? Better than her?

I looked into those deep, dark sapphire eyes and I knew all my answers...

I love her. She loves me back. I see those tender, loving sapphire eyes and I know it.
I loved her. Truly. With all my heart
I loved her. And there's no one else for me, better than him. She will always be the best.. for me..

All those questions, all those doubt, answered. All through her Deep, Dark Sapphire Eyes..

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love it so far can't wait for your next post, if i send you a friend request would you be able to message me next time you post, and thanks rexanne monique for suggesting this story
ur welcome thanks cerastes 4 MAKING this story :D
Yeah, sure!
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Chapter 4: Life

Jarreld's POV

It's been 2 whole months since I had become a vampire. I have a family that will always care for me. The best family. I was in my room when I suddenly felt a need to go out. I sighed and went out. "Hey, I'm going out for a while." And then, I ran out. I didn't know where I was going. Probably in my 'secret place'.

My 'secret place' is at the top of the mountain, just in front of our house. I would just sit there, thinking about Chamellia and our friends. Sometimes, Edward comes with me, just to keep me company. I really think of Edward as a best friend. He understood about what happened to Chamellia. This time, he came along.

"Hey,Jarreld." He said. Hi I thought. Edward said that I had a gift. Making my imaginations real. I tried to imagine Chamellia in front of me once and, she did. But, I thought of what happened to her. Edward was there. So, he saw everything.

"Edward, what will you do, when Bella got kidnapped by something you don't know? And you were still human at that time?" I asked him.

"Jarreld, there's something I need to tell you. The person who kidnapped Chamellia, Nora and Manuel is Alec, right?" I nodded, "He is from the Volturi. They are in Italy. They are the most powerful vampires. They collect.. vampires. Vampires that has special gifts - "

I felt my eyes widened. What? Why didn't he tell me this? He looked at me seriously. " I was deciding to tell you right after you showed me.. the scene. But, Alice saw what was going to happen. If I told you right away, you will go straight towards The Volturi. And.. if you did that, you will die." His voice was faint. "I don't want you to die, Jarreld. You're my best friend. I want to save Chamellia too, so that both of you can live forever, together. But, if Chamellia is now one of The Volturi, we can't do anything to stop them. Unless.." He stood up and ran towards the house. I followed him.

"Alice. What do you see?" Edward asked. After a minute, he turned to look at me and said, " If we go to the Volturi now, there's no turning back. The Volturi is a strong clan of vampires. They will do anything for power. They would want to have.. you, Alice, me, and... Bella. Jarreld, it's dangerous." There were some gasps.

"The Volturi, Edward? Why are we going there? What about Bella? " Esme asked, worried.

"I'll go there myself." I said. I looked at Alice, who was on the bottom of the staircase. "Aro, the leader, will know everything, Jarreld. He will know that you are living with us." I smiled.

"I could fool him with my power. All he needs to know is that he has my Chamellia and my friends. I'll imagine living on a hut in the nearby jungle, away from all of you. I'll imagine all of those. How's that plan, Alice?" I asked.

She smiled. "It will work. But, are you ready enough to leave us? " She asked. Everyone looked at me.

"I love Chamellia. I love all of you, too. Someday, I'll come back." I said, disappointment in my voice. I sighed. I hugged Alice and Rosalie goodbye. I kissed Esme in the cheek. I patted Emmet and Jasper in the shoulder. I hugged Edward and patted him on the back. Goodbye, my friend.

"Here" Edward gave me a small phone. "Keep in touch. We'll warn you if something bad happened or will happen." He smiled. And then, I ran towards Italy.
hi im leaving this weej so probably, i can never xommment this coming week :( dont be sad... ill read all the chapters i missed once i get baCk1
Aww... thanks... enjoy ur weekend!!
Chapter 5: The Volturi

Jarreld's POV

I arrived in Italy shortly. I walked in human speed to where Edward told me to go. There was this huge building that looks like a castle. It's raining so, I didn't have any problem with humans seeing my sparkling skin. I was wearing a black jacket and a black shirt and jeans. Ugh, why can't I just run? No one is looking at me, anyway.

I remembered Edward telling me to go to an alley slightly angled. Then, there will be a dead end. There will be an open hole in the street that looks like a drain. I slid down from it. I ran towards the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel was a grille. I opened it with ease and ran towards the Volturi.

I finally found Aro, the leader of The Volturi. Beside him was two more men, who I belive is Caius and Marcus. They were all hooded. And they looked at me, surprised. I guess they didn't expect any visitors.

"Oh, I've never seen you before. And you are?" Aro asked, his voice filled with excitement.

"I am Jarreld. I am looking for someone." I said. He held out his hand. Well, this is it. I touched his hand and, started imagining Chamellia, my love. And my friends. I imagined the night they were kidnapped. The day bree and Riley went missing. The day I got a heart attack and woke up in the heart of the jungle. I imagined how I controlled my thirst. How I had lived. How I knew about them.

Then, he took back his hand, his eyes filled with joy. Though, Im not sure what he is excited about. He took back his hand. I looked at them expectantly. "Do you know where they are? He was kidnapped by a person named Alec."

Aro nodded, "Yes, I know Alec. He took some of our friends, though I'm not sure what had happened to Bree and Riley. Chamellia, Nora and Manuel, they are with us. "

"Can I meet them?" I asked. Caius looked at me fiercefully.

"Calm down, Caius. Of course you could. If it is possible, can you stay here for a few days?" Aro asked. I just want to get Chamellia. A few days... Hmm.. Maybe. I'm sure they won't mind.

"I can, but, I want to see my Chamellia." I said firmly. Aro nodded, still looking excited. "Of course."

We walked in a a room, where I found my friends. "Chamellia" I breathed out. I ran to her and hugged her. "Oh, Jarreld." She hugged me back forcefully. After a while, I looked at her. Her eyes were still sapphire blue, her skin not as pale as mine. It means she hadn't been turned. "Nora. Manuel!" I said. I hugged them both. They hugged me back.

"Jarreld, what happened to your eyes? " Nora asked. I turned towards Aro. "Do they know?" Aro shook his head.

"If they do, they would need to die, my friend. Unless, they become like us." Aro left. Uh Oh. What am I supposed to tell them?

"What's happening , Jarreld? What's wrong?" Manuel asked. "Wait for a second." I said. I ran towards Aro.

"Aro, can they come with me?" I asked. Aro smiled. "Of course they can. But, visit us again one day. Oh, and don't tell them about vampires. It's either that, or you change them into one."


Alice's POV

I've been keeping tabs on Jarreld. Sometimes, while I chat with Bella or Jasper, I would stare blankly as I see another vision. I've been worried about Jarreld ever since Edward told me about his imagining powers. I got another vision. This time of Jarreld walking with Aro towards a room. There, Chamellia, Nora and Manuel was there. Jarreld hugged them tightly.

Edward smiled at my vision. These days, Edward is always trying to help people. Seriously, can he not be masochistic? I looked at Edward. He was glaring at me. What? It's the truth! He narrowed his eyes for a second, then stared into space. I suddenly got another vision.

Jarreld, coming back here. Chamellia, Nora and Manuel with him. Everyone, crowding around, trying to get informations from him. Everyone seemed so happy. Then, another vision hit me. Jarreld, sinking his teeth in Chamellia's neck. Chamellia, lying there. I heard a growl but I didn't mind. Then another one. Jarreld and Chamellia, sitting at the garden Esme worked hard on. They were talking about something. Then, they kissed each other in the lips. And then, another one. All of us, dancing at prom. All of us with our loved one. I smiled widely. Prom. Then, the worst of all, The Volturi guard, invading our house, catching Jarreld with us. I gasped involuntarily.

Lots of emotions flooded me. I returned to reality. Jasper's worried eyes were locked up with mine. "It's okay. I just got.. a lot of visions." Jasper frowned, curious. I looked at Edward. His eyes were hard. Bella was trying to get his attention. Hello, Edward! Pay attention to Bella! She won't like it of you ignore her all of sudden.. I thought. He snapped out of it and started telling Bella what happened.

Those visions... I hope the good ones happen. And I really really hope the Volturi won't come here! And the other one. Jarreld, drinking Chamellia's blood. Has he gone insane?! That will never happen. And I mean never!

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