The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Delainy a half-breed that seeks out the Cullens to find a home when her famiy is lost. It is complete because I have been writing for weeks and did not post until it was complete. Enjoy! God bless.

(I do not own/copywrite to these characters. Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, Renee, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Leah, Jacob, Seth, Aro, Cauis, Marucs, Jane, Alec, Demetri Nahaul, Tanay, Garrett, Kate. Also the basis of the story is from the Twilight Saga and belongs to Stephenie Meyer)

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Good story but I am a little confused, why is it that Delainy's sister didn't go with her and she never told the Cullens about her? Delainy talks about when she was born but never mentions that her twin sister was there too. I don't think that twins would have separated after losing their only other family member. But good story.
Sorry Rebecca let me help. This was totally a editing mistake on my part. I am working on a completly seporate un-twilight book that is about the bond between sisters. Delainy and Aajay are my mains. I adapted Lainy's story to fit the Twilight story that I wanted to do. In this version they were supposed to be cousins and when their Auntie died Aajay was to stay in AK. I rewrote the beginning but when I copy/cut/pasted I used the wrong doc and this is the result. I am sorry if you were confused. I hope you liked it anyway. Take care God bless.
oh yes I liked it that part just had me confused. The other story sounds nice let me know when you have it done I would like to read it!
aww ilove the whole seth/delainy imrpint :D
btw love that name :D
good job!
Wonderful story, I am so glad that Leah is now a "real" part of the extended Cullen family and that Aros, Caius and Marcus are no more! Thank you for this amazing story of the Cullens and their entire household!
I loved your story!
the ending was the best!!
I really liked your story! It's funny because on the same day that you started posting this, I actually started writing about a half-vampire who wanted to try and find her father... I hadn't even read your story yet! Haha. My story's still very different, so it doesn't really matter... I just thought it was a funny coincidence!
i love your story!!!
wow great story! :D
Omg great story!!!!!
Omg thats my name but spelled different
mine is Delainie but Lainie for short
oh my love all 3 of ur stories if u have any more plz let me know


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