The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Delainy a half-breed that seeks out the Cullens to find a home when her famiy is lost. It is complete because I have been writing for weeks and did not post until it was complete. Enjoy! God bless.

(I do not own/copywrite to these characters. Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Esme, Carlisle, Charlie, Renee, Alice, Jasper, Rose, Emmett, Leah, Jacob, Seth, Aro, Cauis, Marucs, Jane, Alec, Demetri Nahaul, Tanay, Garrett, Kate. Also the basis of the story is from the Twilight Saga and belongs to Stephenie Meyer)

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Please continue the story, so far it is interesting and I want to know more about her powers and how the meeting with the Cullens will go. Please add me to your friends list so that I will know when you post more chapters. Great story!!! :=)
hey, April, its really good. I like it cause we get to see her before she meets the cullens...for all u peoples who havent checked it out yet, in "off-Topic" there is a dissuction called "Lets Write a Stoy" Started by Tiffany. Anyways April contrubtied alot, as did alot of others...Karley Curtis, Tiffany, Dazzleme (I think thats her name, if not I am very sorry) as well as my self...but check it out, its still being added to:)

April please continue, its sooooooooo good so far:)
Hey I have been looking for the link to that story but for some reason I cannot get to it. Would you copy and paste it in if you get some time.
Talkeetna Alaska Mid June
(Delainy's POV)
It was a sunny day in Talkeetna and the tourists were flocking in by the bus load. My schedule was packed and today I was at least looking forward to my tours. It had been almost two months since we had last seen the mountain. Denali National Park is in my opinion the most beautiful place on the planet and with the amount of visitors we get even when you can‘t see the mountain I am not the only one. I had already helped Aunt Alissa finish prepping the our hostel for the rangers and hikers that were headed our way. I live with my Aunt and my twin sister Aajay here in Talkeetna. We have a small house on the river that looks out to Denali mountain range. We added the two story hostile two years ago when the hiking business picked up. One year later at the request (more like demand) of Aajay we added the stables and dog kennel. For the last year I have been the number one fly in guide in all of Alaska. One more reason that the hiking business had picked up. Attention is not my cup of tea, I would rather stay incognito but some of my strengths leave me out in the open. Since I was small I have always been special. My past is more special than most and it is one of the reasons that incognito is so important. The memory hurts but I still find myself thinking of it often.
My name is Delainy and I was born in Talkeetna Alaska in the year 1990. My mothers name was Annaliese and she was a Athabascan Indian still residing in Alaska. She was of medium build with long dark hair and perfect caramel toned skin like all of the others in her tribe. Like all of the other Native Alaskans she still believed that the earth is all we have. This made her a great environmentalist and in Denali profound care and respect for nature is the norm. It was no wonder she was drawn to this place. She believed that everything has a spirit and that communication between all things was possible. She respected the most powerful of all spirits Earth Wind and Water and Fire. She was very talented in her own right and she gave the thanks to the four spirits. She was a professional expedition guide in Denali National Park. It was not so much that she knew the mountain better than anyone else but she had a innate ability to visualize the best path to take. She would close her eyes concentrate on her destination and she would see any dangers in her path. This gave her time to change direction to move along without harm. She had taken more safe trips to the top of Mount McKinley than anyone in the world. It was no surprise she was the most sought after guide in history. I give her credit for all of my talent. She was also a tracker in all sense of the word, she used the elements to feel the energy of lost hikers. She searched for their personal energy and brought them to safety.
I wish I had known her. It helps that every here knew her and they tell her stories every chance they get. They have taken us in as if we were their own. I do not think that any child has truly been raised by a village but we can say that I have.
I know little about my Father, no one does really. Alissa remembers when she first heard of him. Mother had called her to check in while on a guided trip in Europe. She said that when she found him they were a match made in heaven. He was a strong “dreamy” man as mother described him. Just thinking of my mother using this word made me laugh every time. They met while camping at base camp and that was all there was. She checked in with my Aunt Alissa on her second day of the hike and couldn’t even contain her excitement.
“Oh Alissa, I met this wonderful guy. His name is Demetri and I have never met anyone like him. He is an avid hiker, climber, and hunter. He does guided tours and oh my God is he dreamy. He is tall and built to the hilt. He has dark hair and light blue eyes and ohhhhhh his accent is amazing.“ her voice was high and shaky as she went on about him to Alissa.
A week later she returned from her trip without him never mentioning his name again. She through herself back into her work staying on the mountain for longer periods of time each trip. A month after her return from Europe she made a trip up “the great one” and did not return. Search parties went out but for weeks found nothing, and then the unthinkable. It had been nearly a year since Annaliese went up to Denali when a new group of hikers found her just north of the summit under an over hang. It was obvious she had been attacked by some sort of creature but it was unclear what it was. Or why it had not harmed me, I was lying in the dirt by her side. If we had not been found with her no one would have known that she had ever been pregnant and it was always a mystery how I survived at all. My Aunt Alissa took over my care after that.

That’s me

She always says that I was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen. My name is Delainy Dawn Jaybird, I am five foot ten and my muscles are lean and well defined. My skin is as pale as ivory, just as smooth, and it glistens ever so slightly in the sunlight. One more reason I do not mind all of the cloudy days here. My eyes are perfectly clear aquamarine in color and tend to change to greens with my mood and when something is lacking in my diet. I have very curly blonde hair that runs like a waterfall down my back. I stand out like a sore thumb even here in Alaska but I could not imagine being any were but on the mountain I love. The mountain where I was born and my mother died. I credit Mother with all of my talent. I know she would have been proud that I had inherited that from her. She would have loved that I stayed on the mountain and continued the hiking tradition.
Strange did not end with the discovery that Annalise had given birth without anyone knowing she was expecting. Or with the fact that I do not look anything like my mother. Alissa never complains because I was all that she had left of her sister but there was nothing normal about our life. I grew at an unprecedented rate and child protégé did not even begin to describe the things that I could learn. It was like a science fiction novel living with us. Even though this is the 21st century and there were lots of children were special in many ways Alissa still kept me a secret. She thought about home school but she could not keep up with my learning so she gave up. We had grown accustom to not knowing what to expect when it came to me. By the age of 7 I looked more like 20 year old supermodel and then stopped aging all together. I wonder if it was my Mothers respect of the four spirits that has caused my development or if it has something to do with my Father.
I always wondered what he was like, other than dreamy that is. I drifted into my mind reaching for him.
---- “Dear one I have a mission for you”. I was looking into the eyes of a small man with yellow whites and bright red irises.This is very important,” I shook my head yes “They will have warrning that you are coming but if you keep your thoughts peaceful than you can avoid them” he reached for my hand and I gave it to him bowing slightly. My hand was tan and calloused from years of hard labor. “when you have the information we need return and we will finish planning”.
“Yes master, thank you. I will not let you down”. I spoke. My voice was deep and confident.
“I can see that you will not. Peace dear one”. said the little man
I shook my head trying to make sense of this day dream. I had never had one like this. It was frightening.---------
FYI I missed a typo. She was born in 2002 and she is 7 but looks 20 if you can make sense of that. Sorry!
This is great =3
The team
It was 9:00 in the morning and I knew that if I did not get moving I would never be ready before my expedition party arrived. I was flying nine hikers on a tour of the my mountain today. We were going to stop off at Exit Glacier and do some basic sight seeing before we took off on our main climb tomorrow. I needed to get a good idea of the weather changes and new snow formations before we took off. Even with my mothers gift there was no reason to be risky.
I started out to the side garage to get the rest of the family ready to go. I met Adagio’s eyes as I approached and I could read the question in her face wondering what had taken me so long.
“I know I am late. I am really sorry. Will you forgive me?” I pleaded. She jumped up and licked my face.
“I love you too.” I said as I kissed her nose and scratched behind her ear.
Aside from my Aunt Alissa and Aajay, my sled team was my only family. There are twelve of them all named after ballet movements. Ballet was my mothers favorite form of dance. Adagio is my lead and my best friend he is a full bread gray wolf. He found me on one of my first solo hikes. I had paused to check for obstructions just as he came out of the woods. Wolves are a rare site in Alaska. I was shocked that he was standing there. He did not seem afraid of me so I sat down slowly in the snow. He galloped out and laid his head in my lap, we have been best friends ever since. Usually it is Aajay that has the way with animals but Adagio chose me. Them came Arabesque she is also pure wolf, she ran into us on a horse back trip around Prince William Sound two years later. It was that next spring that Passé, Pirouette, Jeté, Plié, Cambré, Tombé, Demi, Tournant, Relevé, and Sissonne were born. . They go with me on every expedition. They are my protection and very useful for carrying gear. They come and go as they please but they usually decide to stay close.

I fed them each and gave Adagio a special treat, and settled down into my sled. I would finish packing them up when they were done eating.
As I often did I allowed my thoughts to take over. I began debating if I would ever age again. I was living every woman’s dream being twenty for the rest of my life. I might be more excited if I felt my age. Don’t get me wrong it is nice sometimes but at ten I kind of expected to be a kid but not so much these days.
I closed my eyes and day dreamed again.
--------“The forest was thick and lush. My eyes scanned for danger as I ran and I could smell the wet mossy ground cover was strong, like after a heavy rain. I don’t remember ever being here before. As I ran I could just make out an opening in the forest and I could hear a group of hikers. There sent was strong, I have defiantly never smelled anything like them before. A sweet smell mixed with a slightly woodsy aroma. Two… three…two men and one woman. I slowed and looked for cover. There backs were to me and they were laughing enjoying a joke I had not heard. I stopped just short of a tight grouping of immature maple trees. The woman glanced in my direction as if she had heard me and then turned back to her little party. I stood frozen and I stared in amazement. She was pale and her eyes were more topaz than amber but I could not believe the resemblance. I had never seen anyone that looked like me. Not even close. I thought my heart was going to stop. When my thoughts drifted back to my mother the vision disappeared .” ------
When I opened them again I was sitting in the dog sled surrounded by my furry family. Adagio licked a tear of my face and I patted her head. My lead could always pick up my feelings. We counted on each other for so much that we had formed a deeply rooted relationship that was closer to the bond of family than of a pet and master. Back to packing I really have to stop procrastinating. My plane was ready for take off and now it was a matter of waiting for the exploration team.
The Aussies
Taylor was an experienced climber from Australia but this was his first trip up McKinley. I hate first timers but I have to say they make things interesting.
“Hey Delainy. Thoughts wondering again?” Aunt Alissa interrupted. It was so nice to hear her voice out loud and not in my head. I forget what it is like to have real conversations.
“Just doing some planning in my head. Want to be prepared you know.” I kidded back
“Are you ever unprepared? Your more like your mother than you know.” her voice was full of worry
“I know..I know, eyes on the prize and I can never fail” I teased her
“No I was referring to the fact you over analyze everything.” she said sarcastically “She would be proud of you, you know that right”? she asked quietly
“I hope so, I sometimes wonder how she would have handled all the weird”. the words came out full of sadness and she could tell.
“She would have loved you as much as I do.” she kissed my forehead. “I am going on a scouting trip for Leroy I will be back in a few hours. Do you need anything while I am out?” she asked. She still looked worried. I am still not sure she was comfortable with the fact that I look and act twenty at the age of 15.
“I am fine, my expedition should be here any time now. We will be dropping down at Exit Glacier for some sight seeing this afternoon and then returning home. We will have nine guests for dinner and I have already made the sleeping arrangements.” I reassured
She playfully launched a bean bag at me. She just missed, she ducked just in time to avoid the dog boots I threw at her and slipped out the door, I settled back to checking harnesses
I was deep in thought when the door creaked slowly open. I had a bag of blankets in my hands ready to launch at her when I realized that it was not my aunt returning for another round.
Adagio suddenly became protective and let out a low throaty growl.
“wow”. I had heard that before. It was the same reaction most men had when they saw me for the first time. I had learned to ignore it. I went on double checking my bags.
“umm, excuse me.” he paused trying to steady his voice “I am looking for Delainy. Can you tell me where to find her?” his voice shook as he spoke. He had not quite recovered from the shock. Although I did not care for all of the extra attention I was always amused at how easy it was for me to take their breath away rendering them speechless. Not nice I know but fun none the less.
“That depends on who is asking.” I used my sweetest voice as I turned around flashing him my perfectly white smile and raising one eyebrow. The shock on his face was more than I had planned on and I giggled once. I took a step in his direction as he caught his breath.
He was not what I was expecting, taller than me by a few inches, he must be about 6.2. His skin was well tanned and he had a rugged yet delicate look about him. A contradiction I know. His eyes were as blue as glacier ice and his fetchers were very well defined yet delicate. Now it was my turn to be in shock. Most of my explorers were scientists, over trained athletes, and overall showoffs. He was not any of those things. Of course looks can be deceiving, I know that all too well. I for example am not what I appear to be. To look at me know one could guess my age, or tried as they were to surprised by my beauty.
“What I mean to say is, I am Delainy. How can I help you.” my breath still felt short but my voice did not waver.
“Your Delainy? I..I am Taylor. I guess I am your conquest.” he stumbled “I mean your hiking expedition.” I smiled another dazzling smile.
“I suppose you are”. I winked. This should be a fun trip, but I would have to focus in order to keep us all safe on our long journey. “where is the rest of your team”? I asked while listening to the driveway for more movement, there was none.
“Well,” he hesitated eyeing me again. “Liam and Xander will be here in a couple of hours, Jade and Dustin decided not to come at the minute”. he smiled
“Alright, that leaves us with some time on our hands. Did you say you were packed and ready to go”?
“Yes, I am all ready to head out. What do we have planned today”.
“Well, I have to take the team for their morning run, you can go along if you. Unless you need to rest”. I said as I turned to head out the door. I was not surprised when he followed.
Adagio was on my heels keeping a distance between myself and Taylor eyeing him suspiciously . The team sat down in their spots and waited patiently for me to attach their harnesses. I introduced them each to Taylor.
“They are each named after ballet steps. It was my mothers favorite form of dance”.
“I will never remember their names, how bout I just number them and call it good”. Taylor laughed and I smiled. His laugh was deep and smooth. I was already planning ways to get to hear it again.

Take off

“Taylor you will most likely want to put on a heavier jacket at least. I know it is warm this time of year but we will be on the glacier edge so you need to be prepared.” I warned.
“I think I know what I am doing” he was digging up his manhood.
“Alright if that is what you want, I am sure you wouldn’t mind nine or eight toes.” I smiled at him. And walked away. I heard him unzip his bag and could tell that he had pulled out something heavier. This time I kept the smile in my head.
“So, where do we run the dogs? There’s is not much snow around here is there.”.
“Quite right sir”. I smiled and bowed “We fly”.
“We are going to fly out to run dogs.” he winked ‘I am beginning to wonder how this is the number one hikers dream destination in the country”. he finished with smug and sarcastic undertone
“Well Mister Taylor, I was going to tell you the plan but as I feel that you doubt me…I shall make you wait. Bummer it was a good plan too. Oh and I’d hold on if I were you.”
“Haaaaaa Mush team mush” and we shot out of camp. I laughed when Taylor fell face first into the sled.
“I told you to hold on.” I played at him.
The team knew this part of the trip well so I did not lead them though here. I have the time to concentrate. I leaned back in my trups and listened…I looked ahead…
Gee…..gee…..gee…..Hahanah….waoh mush on “ I opened my eyes for the first time since we took off. Taylor’s eyes were as big as saucers focused right on me. I continued on my path until we arrived at the airport. My team needed my lead and I could play later. It was only about seven miles to the airport and the kids would not be happy if they did not get a good run so it was to the air. “waoh waoh waoh…..straight straight straight I couldn’t thing fast enough ….hahahahahahahahah. Straight straight straight mush mush mush mush……..
I had just realized that taylor had not blinked or said a word since our trip began. Well he would be glad that the first leg was a bout to be over. We will see how he likes my flying skills. I could see that the last red flag was in view and I would have be angled just right to make it past to the blue one that gets us to the airport.
Gee Adagio gee…..strait strait mush mush …..woah woah ha Adagio ha ha ha slow slow slow easy easy We had arrived, I jumped down and began setting the breaks. I ran back and got the water and set up for the team.
“UMmmm, Miss Delainy’?
“Yes Taylor what can I do for you”?
“Well I was going to get up and see if I could help in any way but I don’t want to take another embarrassing dive. So you see I have a dilemma. “ he played
“Well Taylor Sir it is my opinion that if you want to do something than the best bet is to ask. So let us not play games. Sir Taylor of Australia what is it that you desire.?
“Well Lady Delainy of Denali at this time there is one thing that I desire more than any other.” His smile was wide
“Well Sir Taylor how can I be of service?” I was trying to flirt and doing terribly.
“Lady Delainy of Denali would you be so kind as to show me the direction of the nearest rest stop.”
“Well kind sir that is a beyond an acceptable request. Take a right at your first yellow marker then pass by four blue marker so the outhouses. Then return past those four marker and we will remain here. Now don’t be long” I got out the tins and began watering the pack.
I unhooked Adagio so he did not have to be so stressed. He liked having ability to protect and with all of the straps he was stuck. I know how he feels. Aajay goes skydiving her memory hits me like a ton of bricks and I get sick as a well I don’t know how I get sick but it is nasty. I hate when she does stuff like that because them I am forced to get even. I know how much she hates my climbing skills and when I drive the team to close to the tree line. I know competitive sister. Totally nuts, that’s what we are.

I sensed Taylor edging up behind me trying to be sneaky. He did not know that it was impossible to sneak up on me. His energy was intense as he moved up. I won’t mess. I know boys like to win. He snuck up behind me and I was ready for it until Arrrrooooroooo came from Arabesque. She was not going to let him win. I turned around to face him.
“There are not many surprises around here are there. “ he sounded disappointed
“You have no idea,,,you have no idea. “Is there anything else I can get for you”?
“I don’t know, there is actually one thing that I would really love to attempt while we are out here.”.. he sounded mysterious.
“Well, Sir Taylor of Australia what you, you shall have”. I bowed to him
“If that is the case my I first as how long we will be here.?’
“We need to make camp to feed the team and re-warm paws. I guess about an hour.”
“That is a bummer I was hoping for a little longer for this”. pouting
I moved over to him pretending not understanding yet, “time for what“? Yes I was playing along
He did not speak he lunged at me with all of his force.( pretty impressive) He caught my shoulders and backed me into a large white fir. He kissed my shoulder and then my color bone, to my neck my chin all the way around my jaw to my ear. He lightly bit on my lobe and I melted into him. It was amazing how the energy exploded around us, it was like we were always meant to be. But that is silly right? I am sure all guys have an extra energy when they are around girls it is life right? I mean right? He pressed his warm lips against mine. I was not ready for my reaction. His breath was hot and smelled sweet I lost all control. He hitched my hip over his and pushed harder into the tree. I wrapped my fingers into his curly sandy blonde hair and pulled his face as hard as I could to my face kissing him feverishly. I suddenly realized that I had never wanted anything more in my whole life than I did right now. This stranger from Australia that came to hike my mountain. My mountain. I suddenly pulled away. I stumbled a few steps trying to catch my breath and regain control over my mind.
“Delainy I am so incredibly sorry that was stupid of me to imply or take advantage or or” he was at a los for word.
“Taylor, please do not misunderstand what just happened.” I was trying to catch my breath and did not want him to be offended.
“I know it was a stupid I mean’ I cut him off
“Taylor, that was wonderful. It was powerful and human and wonderful” I held him off “I do not usually get involved with clients” I furrowed my brow thinking. “We are not at home and we have a ways to go, so despite the feelings I have. We have no choice but to hold off. And I have a feeling if we wait for awhile you will be very pleasantly surprised.”
“Lainy are you sure I don’t need to be sorry for being insensitive?” his eyes said it all.
“Taylor, do you want to apologize? Do you feel sorry for what just happened? Well than by all means apologize. However if you would do those things again at the first chance you get then be sure to try again.”
I did not wait for an answer I finished the last of the boots and we were ready to take off. Load up, were out.
“Ready for a flight”? I asked playfully.
“I don’t know do you fly better then you sled”? he retorted
“Now I am not sure whether to take offence to that comment or not.” I pouted
“No offense” he reached for my hand and I pulled away. He crossed his arms to his chest “Miss Delainy of Denali, I am impressed by your abilities and cannot wait to fly to where ever you wish to take me”. he smiled
I unhitched my team and pointed for them to load. Taylor reached to help me with the sled but I shook him off.
“Can’t you at least let me help a little” he whined
‘I am just used to doing it on my own”. I apologized and he reached for the rear of the sled.
“It is heaver than it looks.” he complained.
“It is light today, I didn’t even load it fully”. I said----------
“Well, I should know by now never to underestimate you Miss Delainy”. he said in awe
I smiled back and finished loading the plane. I climbed in and helped Taylor up into the passenger seat. I finished the prep for take off.
The flight

I remember the first time I flew. I was only sixteen and I was practicing for my flight license. It was a difficult process to get my drivers license and proper identification. In Alaska we were not required to have a birth certificate or social security card. That meant that we had to apply for everything before I could start. We did not look our age and Aunt Alissa faked our date of birth so that it would reflect our appearance.
Even though it had started out as a sunny day in Talkeetna you can never count on it to stay that way. The cloud cover had come in just as we took off.
“We are not going to get to see much today are we”? he asked disappointed
“Be patient.”. I smarted at him.
As we came above the summit line it began to clear. It was an amazing sight. The Denali range spread out for miles reaching up and out with its powerful presence. Taylor gasped.
“This is amazing. How”? he was confused
“Just got to get above the clouds and the world is ours”. I smiled smugly
We flew around the summit and over the path we would be taking on our expedition. I explained the routes that we often take across the ice field and round the ice walls. We were looking forward to trip more than ever now. We landed lightly on Exit Glacier near the ice field. “Mush mush mush. Straight straight. We were back on our way in no time. I took the scenic route around the crevices. We followed some of the old trails that were long since cold. No atv’s were aloud here. I really like that fact. My dogs are more useful to me than a snow sled would be. We arrived back at the plane just as the sun peaked. I was going to be a beautiful day on the Mountain.

“We should head back, supper will be ready and I am sure that your team has arrived by now”.
“If we have to”. he smiled and reached for my hand.
I was looking forward to getting to taking Taylor with me home for a few days. We could not take off right away because of the avalanche warning. We landed and re-hitched the team. We pulled up the external cabin just before sunset.
“Welcome to Château de AaLainy” I started unloading the supplies and breaking apart bales for the dog beds. Taylor watched in amazement as I made quick work of the takes.
“Yes Delainy”.
“Why don’t you find a few dry pieces of wood out back and start a fire in the burner. I will finish up out here in a few and fetch some water.” I gave directions
“Whatever I can do to help.” he smiled and saluted.
Well this is a new one. I have not had much experience with boys/men. I am only fifteen but that twenty year old body hides that fact well. Aajay would be glad to know I had come to terms with that fact. As I finished packing up my gear I prayed.
“Pray God that you watch over us and guide us in the direction we should go. God watch over the other hikers on the region and our family at home. In Jesus name amen.”
I wish my mother was here. I wish I had some idea where my father was. I wonder if I could find him.

Dreams may come

I walked around the cabin to the front door.
The first time my dreams shifted I was leaning in the doorway listening to my Aunt Alissa complain about the mess that hikers had left of our hostel. I just smiled and shook head at her my thoughts wander. As they often did they went straight to my father and suddenly I was dreaming of someplace I had never been. The forest was thick and lush. My eyes scanned for danger as I ran and I could smell the wet mossy ground cover was strong, like after a heavy rain. I don’t remember ever being here before. As I ran I could just make out an opening in the forest and I could hear a group of hikers. There sent was strong, I have defiantly never smelled anything like them before. A sweet smell mixed with a slightly woodsy aroma. Three…no four…two men and one woman. I slowed and looked for cover. There backs were to me and they were laughing enjoying a joke I had not heard. I stopped just short of a tight grouping of immature ………The woman glanced in my direction as if she had heard me and then turned back to her little party. I stood frozen and I stared in amazement. She was pale and her eyes were more topaz than amber but I could not believe the resemblance. I had never seen anyone that looked like me. Not even close. I thought my heart was going to stop. When my thoughts drifted back to my mother the vision disappeared.
Someday I was going to figure out what this all means but for now I had a job.

“Hi everybody,” I sang as I walked in the house. They were all waiting at the table.
“Sorry it took me so long the team needed a little extra time tonight.” I apologized
“Its ok dear we were just saying grace”. Aunt Alissa motioned to my seat.
“So Taylor was telling us about your trip today”. Xander said with a smile
“Do we get to go along next time or is this going to be a solo mission.” he winked
I glanced over to Taylor, I knew this was going to be a situation.
“Well, I think that it would be more exciting in a group but I you want to go it alone Xander you are more than welcome to do so”. I winked back
“I think that we will ALL be going but not tomorrow. The avalanche warning has been extended and we will not risk it”. Delainy added
Even with my ability to see danger in my path, avalanches are too unpredictable for us to risk. I don’t mind a few days to just enjoy having company. We usually have a hostile full of hikers that are all going off on their own, not to mention the rangers from base camp. There are almost always one or two of them back for there rest period. They are regulars and we made up a room just for them. The guided hikes stay in the main house with us. It is part of the additional hospitality we offer to them.
We enjoyed a great dinner and retired to the fire to enjoying some wine. The conversation revolved around our history. The usual, what’s the weather like around here? How long have we been here? What do we do in the off season? How many hikes do we take a year? I did not ever see it ending.
“I think I am headed off to bed. I will see you all in the morning”. I said as I got up
“Do we have plans tomorrow”? Taylor questioned
“We may not be able to head to McKinley but we can still do some hiking. I was thinking about flying to Cassin Ridge and seeing what we can do“. I was excited to get to the ridge. I had not been there for months and the snow should be great for some hiking. Not too much as I do not want to be warn out for our later trip.
“Sounds good,” Taylor shook his head in agreement. “Sleep well”. he whispered.
I decided to take a quick bath before bed. I ran the tub and dumped in a little sea salt to ease up any aches that might be forming. As much as I hate to admit it sometimes I over due to show off. Not much gets to me. I have more strength than any man or woman I know. I have never had a scratch or skinned knee. Aunt Alissa is always amazed when I get banged up with out so much as a bruise. Credit to my parents I guess. The mirror was already steamed over as I settled into the tub. I reached over an pressed play on the cd player. The water felt amazing. I turned on the jets and just relaxed. I let my head wander as I took in the classical music and inhaled the lavendar.
------ The night sky was lit with stars. The ocean was crashing loud on the cliffs and I could smell the salt from the water. I was walking along holding hands with one of the men from the clearing. He was amazingly beautiful and I could not get enough of him. He held my gaze as we walked and he pulled me closer to him closing the gap between our hips. When he touched me it felt like a small electic shock. I wanted him to kiss me so badly and my body ached. We stopped and he pulled me to face him. He reached up an brushed the line of my jaw and I leaned into it. He leaned in to kiss me…-----
“Delainy are you ever going to get out of there? I need to shower too” Aunt Alissa hollered at the top of her lungs banging on the door. It was 11:00 already. Crap where did the time go. I shook off the dream and pulled the plug.
“Give me a minute Auntie”. darn her for spoiling that.
I threw on a towel and escaped to my room through my closet. I crawled into bed without getting dressed.
Here are a few shots from the Western edge of Talkeetna looking out to Denali and Mt. McKinley.
fantastic pictures...I love them!!! you can posts more if you like.
(This is the rated PG-13 part and may not be suitible due to suggestive language)

I was laying in bed just wishing for sleep. I let my mind give into to my senses. The night was pitch black. Not even a hint of a moon and the stars were completely nonexistent through the cloud cover. Winter night was coming and days were getting shorter and nights that much longer. Even though it was cold I was laying bare under my sheets. I had been too tired to dress after my shower and just fell into bed. The smooth satin felt good as I laid there paying attention to nothing but my breathing. I closed my eyes and listen to the night, I could hear the sound of the river flowing slowly outside my window. I knew that winter would not be far as the water was barely audible under the ice, and I listened to the sounds coming from the stables as the horses moved in for the night. I did not realize I was listening so hard when a sound caught my attention. Footsteps from the hallway, who could be up at this hour. Eleven was hardly late but with an early hike and night falling so early we were lucky to be up past nine. Man I felt old thinking of my bedtime and the door knob shook. Surly it was not Aajay. She would have been looking in my mind to see if I was up, no it couldn’t be her. I listened even harder, I could hear aunt Alissa one floor down snoring peacefully. The knob turned and the door opened, it had made barley a sound but I do not miss much, no light flooded in like I had expected. I could here his breathing as he squeezed through the doors small opening. I knew who it was instantly, I would be able to pick his deodorant out from anywhere, it smelled fresh and clean. I did not move. I left the sheet draped across my lower back and my arms were still outstretched above my head. Every nerve in my body was a live wire but I could not move. I heard him move quietly to the end of the bed and climb up softly. His heart was racing and his breath was hard but calm. I flinched slightly as he straddled my feet and moved up to my hips. His hands lightly touched the small of my back and he pulled back. I smiled to myself as I realized he did not expect me to be naked. He recovered and ran his fingertips along my sides sending shivers bone deep. When he got to my shoulder he let his body collapse against mine as he ran his hands the rest of the way to my hands and interlaced his fingers in mine. I exhaled deeply and he kissed the indentation below my ear. I moaned softly as he grabbed my earlobe. I did not know what I was doing, I had never been put into this situation before and my mind and body were conflicting.
“Delainy,” he whispered so softly that it was barely a sound. “I want you”.
That did it my body took over and my mind willingly followed. In one swift movement I released his hands and rolled to face him. I wrapped my body around his pulling him to me. I locked my arms around his neck and kicked back the sheets. His body was so warm and still damp from his shower. I did not have to search for his lips, he had already found mine and was kissing them feverishly. I had never felt so sinful in all my life. I was expecting the bed to catch fire, I didn’t notice if it did. Everything melted away as the rhythm of our bodies moving together quietly rocked the night.
I didn’t know what time it was when I woke. I was still in a daze and not sure entirely what had happened last night. It was all like a dream, a good one. The kind you read about in steamy romance novels. Not that aunt Alissa lets us near them, well not that she knows of. It felt so surreal. I had to roll over to see if I had been only dreaming. I knew the answer before I saw his face. No dream ever felt that good.
“Good morning Delainy.” he flashed me his perfectly guilty smile.
“Yes it is”. I sighed in return. “Yes it is”. I repeated and fell back onto my back.
“Is it morning already”. I asked hoping the answer would be no. I knew that would mean that Aajay would be looking for me and so would the rest of his team.
“Not quite. Do you need some more sleep”. he asked sheepishly.
“I do not know as I have gotten much sleep tonight”. I snapped back playfully.
“I would say I am sorry, but I am not.” he kissed my cheek and bounced off the bed.
“Me either”. came dreamily out of my mouth.
“I will meet you downstairs”. he leaned in for one more kiss “we will continue this later”.
“Or sooner”. he was back on the bed.
“Later,” I pushed him off. “Aajay will be up soon and I have to keep my mind clean.” I winked.
“Till later”. and he was gone.

Morning breaks

My cousin Aajay was in the kitchen when I got up this morning. As hard as I tried I could not keep last night from Aajay. I did not give her all of the details as I do not want to be the kind to kiss and tell but some things just slipped. She got her first glimpse when he snuck a kiss on the way to breakfast.
“You dog you”. she thought
I just smiled and shrugged.
I could not stop smiling after that. My mind just thought of him. How was I ever going to be able to concentrate on the climb today?
“I was wondering the same thing Miss Delainy of Denali”. she smarted
“hey only Sir Taylor of Australia gets to call me that”. I shot back smiling
“We are going to have to have a talk about this. I did not expect you to be the h**** in the family”. she teased
“Take a look at your record and see if I get to be the h**** you little minks”.
“Hey now lets not get personal. You know how much I like being twenty”. she played hurt.
“Now I know why”. I punched her lightly in the arm and she put her arm around me. I sighed happily.
“Hey girls,” we both snapped out of our world. “I have to go on a quick scout. I do not want you to leave until I get back. The weather might be iffy today and we are not going to take chances. We might be shutting down the mountain all together. Delainy I want you to be looking out for the hikers that are already up there.” Aunt Alissa said sternly.
“Oooo, Auntie got her mommy voice on”. Aajay teased. We both laughed and she knew we were up to something. She just shook her head and zipped her parka
“I love you both very much. My life without you would be lost. I don’t want to take any chances with my papooses”. she kissed us lightly and hugged us tight.
“I love you to Auntie” Aajay cooed
I love you more” I chimed.
“Dear God please watch over Auntie as she scouts the mountain for safety. Be with her as she flies. God there are hikers on the mountain please keep them from danger and bring them home safely.” *Amen* we said together
We spent the afternoon playing pepper and drinking in our nice warm cabin. The day flew by and the boys took off and did a little wandering around the homestead. The sun was up all of the day and most of the night this time of year. It was hard to get used to the long days but it was great for hiking. We did not realize how late it had gotten until my stomach growled.
“What time is it“? I asked Aajay.
“Round 8:00” she looked startled
“It cant be” I looked for another clock. But it was
“Auntie should have been back hours ago. She has never been gone this long” Aajay was concerned
“Calm down lets give Leroy a call and see if he has her. You know how they get“. I said calmly
“I don’t like to think about it” she shook her head trying to clean out the thought
“Hey Leroy its Delainy“. I said
“Hey Lainy darling, how is everything at the homestead“? he asked
“Not bad, we just got a new group of hikers in yesterday and the rangers are due in at anytime” I tried to sound clam but I was really starting to worry
“Who is coming in tonight”? he asked
“I think we are getting Dave, Tara, and Robert back this week. We just sent Steven and Troy back up to base camp yesterday but the others were not on site so they are flying in today instead.”.
“You would think that crew would be on time wouldn’t ya”. he laughed
“You know the rangers. All the time in the world” I smiled smugly. They did think that too. “Hey I was actually calling to talk to Alissa if you don’t mind”. I got to the point
“Alissa isn’t here darling. Why did you think that”? he asked
I stammered to collect myself.
“Aajay she’s missing”
“Leroy we have a problem.” I choked, “Auntie went out on a scout mission early this morning and she has not come back. We have not heard from her. We were really wishing you had”. I spoke so quickly I was not sure he understood but he did fully.
“I will be right there. Don’t worry we will find her.” he was gone

A change in perspective

I closed my eyes and thought of my Auntie. Tears were streaming down my face. Aajay was beside me doing the same.
----The mountain was cold and more dreary than ever. The window of the plane was shattered and there was lots of smoke. I looked around and things were going blurry. I touched my head and pulled away. The pain was fierce and there was something warm and sticky running down my face. When I wiped it away I realized it was blood. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. It was really really cold. every time I closed my eyes it got harder to open them until finally everything went black.--------
I shook my head hard and the tears came out in a river. I did not have to say anything to Aajay she had seen it all. We understood what it meant. We were never going to get our Auntie back, she was never going to come through those doors again. We were never going to hear her call us her little papooses again. We were sobbing uncontrollably now.
Our lives were going to be changed forever.

After the vision I had of my Auntie dying in her plane I realized what my day dreams had meant all along. If I thought of a person hard enough, like I had so many times with my father. I could become a trespasser in their bodies. I could see what they were seeing. Hear what they were hearing, smell what they smell, taste what they taste and feel what they felt. I had no control over them just a silent observer. Oh how I wish I could have saved my Auntie. The vision of her death haunts me and Aajay has to live with it and I hate that. I block it out as often as I can.
We sent the expedition team home. I hated to let go of Taylor but I could not keep him. I was not in place to find emotions like that. He vowed that he would return someday to take that hike and keep his promise. I doubt it ever happens but here is to hope.
When my aunt died in a plane crash I decided to try to seek out the woman that I had seen in my very first vision.
I decided it might be time to leave this place for a while.
I thought about her topaz eyes and her shimmering skin. I envisioned her dark hair and her slim figure. I found nothing. I was so frustrated. Why couldn’t I find her, suddenly I was looking out the windshield of a car, a very fast car. The scenery buzzed by and as it did I tried to pay attention to the road signs. I caught one “15 miles to Port Angeles.“ This was the only clue I had but I took off in the direction of Washington. I was going to miss my mountain but I could not be alone and I needed to find the woman who so closely resembled me. I hit a dead end in Port Angeles so I started visiting the small surrounding towns. As I approached the small town of Forks I began to realize that the surroundings looked all too familiar, my first vision. I was surrounded once again by a dense forest with thick undergrowth and the strong smell of rain took me by surprise. I was suddenly not sure that I wanted to know why she looked so like me but I could not go back so I went foward.

I was hungry so I took the time to stop by the diner for something to eat. The waitress approached us cautiously. I was sure it had something to do with the fact that she had never seen anyone quite like us. Just like home I stood out with my pale skin and perfect futures. What happened next threw me for a loop.
“Hi what can I get you today?” she asked standing back from my table farther than normal.
“Umm I guess I would like a chocolate shake and an order of fries.” I was uncomfortable with the way she was looking at me and I looked away. When she returned with my food she was more hospitable.
“Are you here visiting?” she looked calm but her voice was high and her words came out a little rushed
“Yes”. I answered not really knowing who I was visiting I was hoping she wouldn’t ask.
“Are you related to the Cullen’s then?” she continued.
“Yes,” I lied. “it has been a long time since I have visited, do you know the best way to get there from here?” I did not know why I was lying, or if the Cullen family was really where I would find the one I was looking for. What I did know was that if she assumed I was related I must be in the right direction.
“Yes let me get this order out and then I will help you.” she walked back to the kitchen and I dug into my fries staring absently out the window. I let my thoughts drift again to my father and wondered if he was from around here too. Perhaps that is why the girl in my vision looked so familiar. It was after all my fathers eyes I was looking through and this must be my family. My heat began racing and I could hardly wait to get back on the road. When the waitress returned she had a small piece of paper with the directions written out in the form of a map.
“It is not an easy place to find and since you are not from around here I thought this would be easier. “ she looked as if she had another question on her mind and I was not sure that I could come up with a convincing answer so I thanked her quickly and we left a large tip as we rushed out the door. I studied the map and wondered for a moment if I was making a mistake.
What if this was our fathers family?
What if they have no idea we exist and we cause a problem?
I shook the thoughts out of my head and started the car and took off toward out of Forks.
As we approached the turn to the family house I was suddenly aware that my nerves were getting the best of me. My already quick beating heart was racing even faster. I knew that the best way to calm my nerves would be to rely own talents. I closed my eyes concentrating hard on my destination. The Cullen family home that the waitress had described. I saw that the lane wrapped through the woods and I subconsciously sniffed the air. I could smell the same woodsy smell from my first vision. I forced all of my thought to the girl I had seen in that first vision. I waited for the vision to come but I saw nothing. I saw no danger so I took one more calming breath and continued on. A bright green VW bug pulled out of the drive and I pulled in.


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