The Twilight Saga

Joanna Damiano is new in town, and everyone finds her to be a little off. Little do they know, she's a powerful witch.

Demon hunter, Michael Hallows, discovers Joanna one night, and feels he has to help her out a bit.

But, he's gotten himself, and his best friend Ben into more trouble than ever.

They soon have to face an evil demon named Damien, who Joanna has been trying to kill for ages.

But little does she know, Damien is Michael's long lost father.


So, here's the longest prologue ever, but it would be too short for a chapter.



 Michael Hallows sat at the bar with his best friend, and perhaps only friend, Ben Riley. Ben and Will were demon hunters who save the lives of humans daily. They lived in an apartment on a floor only the supernatural can see, floor thirteen in a twelve floor building. Unlucky thirteen, as most would say.

 Michael listened to the conversation Jeremy, the bartender, and another demon hunter were having about a girl named Joanna.

“Met the lass last night, beautiful girl, brown eyes and blonde hair, but I find that there has to be something up with her.” Jeremy shook his head. “All the men she spoke too, not one she took home.”

“Based on the men you hang with, perhaps she has taste.” Another man said, and the whole bar started laughing.

Ben looked at Michael who was now staring out the window.

“What’s wrong with you man? Ever have a tad of fun in your life?” Ben asked.

“Not now apparently.” Michael answered, as he saw a flash of blonde hair rush by the building. Michael got up and rushed through the door to see what was going on.


 Joanna was being chased by a demon, a large one if that. It appeared to be a Limus demon. Joanna grabbed her dagger and she was ready to slay the demon. She threw the dagger at a perfect angle, but someone had beaten her to the demon’s death.

 It was a demon hunter. Bloody hell. She thought. “You messed up my shot you idiot!” Joanna shouted at him.

“Sorry, but I thought I just saved your life.” Michael spoke sarcastically.

“Who are you demon hunter?” Joanna spat.

“Michael Hallows.” Michael answered. “And you miss?”

“Joanna Damiano, I’m a witch. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Hallows.” Joanna held out her hand. He shook it. “I’d hope we don’t cross paths again Mr. Hallows?” Joanna asked.

“Hopefully never Miss Damiano, but I’m afraid you’ve landed in a big town.” Michael said.

“I’ll manage.” Joanna spoke lowly.

“A woman like you with the pigs of men ‘round here? I think not Miss Damiano.” Michael looked concerned.

“If you do insist Mr. Hallows, what do I have to lose?” Joanna put out her hand to allow him to hold it. Michael grasped her frail hands with his rough ones.

“Call me Michael, please, everyone does.” He said.

“Fine, call me Joanna.” She shrugged.

 Then they were off.

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wow nice :) cute. I love the twits in the summary :) can't wait

Chapter One; Floor 13
Joanna and Michael had walked all over the large town to Michael’s apartment. Joanna began to turn around.
“Bringing me to your apartment? Wow, I couldn’t have found a better place myself.” Joanna said sarcastically.
“Sorry I didn’t bring you to a five star hotel Jo.” Michael rolled his eyes.
“Why did you call me Jo?” She asked with an edge in her voice.
“Why not?” Michael asked. Joanna shook her head.
“I kind of like that to be honest.” She smiled, and walked into the building. Michael followed her closely.
Joanna looked around the apartment. It looked normal, a lobby with a big round desk, and a doorman wearing red and gold. It reminded her of her sister’s apartment. If only she were her sister, not a chosen one, not a stupid witch.
She noticed men were staring at her. When she and Michael reached the elevator, it felt like everyone was surrounding her.
“What? Have you never seen a beautiful woman before?” Joanna asked cockily. Everyone seemed to walk away. She pressed the button and the elevator opened. “What floor did you say Michael?” Joanna looked up at him.
“Thirteen.” He spoke lowly.
“What’s the big secret? Afraid someone will discover where you live?” Joanna chuckled.
“Actually, yes. Mortals can’t know floor thirteen exists because it’s glamoured.” Michael said.
“Oh.” She responded, and pressed the button for thirteen.
Jo looked at the floor of the building. It appeared to be like any apartment she’d ever seen, walls with peeling wallpaper, and floors with bug covered floors. Michael walked her by many doors, and many demon hunters walked in and out of them.
Finally, he stopped at door 333. Michael turned the knob to the left, and the door opened. He gestured his hand, allowing Jo in. She was mesmerized by the things Michael had. She imagined him to have a bed, a fridge, some weapons, and a television like most demon hunters would, but Michael was better than that apparently.
In the first room, there was a large television set, and a fireplace. There were two oversized chairs, and a mahogany colored table between them. On the other side of the room was a whole wall of books. She recognized many of the titles, and she even saw A Tale of Two Cities folded over in one of the chairs.
That room led to a balcony, and two doors were on the other side of that, which Joanna assumed were bedrooms.
“Impressed?” Michael grinned.
“I can’t truthfully say I’m not.” Jo answered.
“Well Jo, you can stay in that door on the left, that is my roommate Ben’s room, but I’ll let him know you are staying there.” Michael said calmly. “Don’t worry, Ben usually sleeps over at a female’s home at night, so don’t feel guilty.” Michael winked.
“Thank you Michael.” Jo said.
“What am I being thanked for?” He asked, unsure.
“You know what I mean Michael.” She smirked, and he chuckled.
“Anytime Jo,” He answered. “Oh, could I ask you a question?” He asked her.
“What?” Joanna asked.
“What brings you here?” He asked honestly.
“Initially, my grandmother recently died. But now, I’m after the demon that killed my mother, because something tells me it killed my grandmother as well.” Jo looked down at her feet.
“Oh.” Michael answered.
“Well, good night Michael.” Joanna nodded.
“Good night Jo.” Michael answered.

In the dream, Michael was with Joanna. He imagined her golden blond hair and chestnut eyes staring at him, embracing him. They ran towards each other and kissed in the rain. But a shadow approached behind Joanna.
“Jo, behind you!” Michael wanted to say, but it was as if his lips were sealed shut.
It would be too late anyway, the demon slaughtered her. “Michael,” It taunted. “Daddy’s home.” The demon chuckled. Michael screamed.
Michael began breathing heavy. Michael, this is foolish. It wasn’t real, he assured himself, but it felt so real. He’d felt the pain of the demon’s claws grasping Joanna, ripping her soul from Earth. He felt his throat going sore just thinking of himself screaming, screaming for Joanna’s life. It wasn’t as if he had feelings for her, not now anyway.

He walked into the small section of the main room that was their kitchen only to hear a mix of laughter. He heard Ben and Jo. Ben? He wasn’t ever home this early.
“So you’re telling me, you guys faced a hag, who was half faerie?” Joanna said between laughs.
“A pretty hilarious looking one, one side of her was fat and disgusting; the other was beautiful and skinny. Kind of stupidly disgusting all in one.” Ben shrugged.
“I can only imagine.” Joanna could barely stop laughing.
“Well good morning Michael!” Ben smiled jokingly.
“I see you two have met.” Michael said wearily.
“Well, it’s not every day you find a beautiful woman sleeping in your bed.” Ben smiled. Ben and Jo burst into laughter, and Michael was almost jealous of it. But he didn’t feel like saying anything.
Joanna smoothed out her coat and walked out from behind the counter. “Well, I should get going. It was nice to meet you both.”
“Leaving so soon Joanna?” Ben asked.
“Yes, I’m afraid I must. I have a funeral to attend, and my sister would be freaking out if I decided not to show.” Joanna answered. “I made the bed already, and I put everything in the room where I found it, so,” Jo trailed off.
“You didn’t have to do that.” Michael said.
“Well, I do. It’s just in my nature. Thanks again Michael. Bye Ben.” Joanna smiled, and she was out the door.

“She’s a good one Michael, I approve.” Ben winked.
“Joanna and I are not together.” Michael said.
“If you don’t want her I’ll take her.” Ben smiled and Michael rolled his eyes.
“I didn’t mean it like that Ben. I am attracted to her, but why would she want to be with a guy like me?” Michael asked.
“Look, obviously Joanna and I got to know each other better in the last forty-five minutes better than you two have in the past eight hours. So I’ll fill you in. She’s an extreme bookie like you, she loves the classics. She’s a big fan of old television shows like Upstairs, Downstairs and I love Lucy. She knows about magic, and is very knowledgeable on the subject, so you guys are the perfect couple.” Ben smirked.
“Wow. So how did you start talking about that old hag from two months ago?” Michael raised a brow.
“She bought up her least favorite demons to face, one was hags, the story just came to mind.” Ben shrugged, and Michael started laughing.
Maybe Ben was right. Maybe he did have a chance with Joanna Damiano.
That is, if his nightmares didn’t come true.


So what do you think?

About Jo and Michael?

Do you like it?

How about Ben?

Leave all your comments, questions and predictions!


lol Ben cracks me up, He is just willing to take a girl just cause Michael wont. But hey Ben can take me :) I am single and free..haha lol. 

XD I loosely based Ben on one of my cousins, LOL

oh lol well if he's cute then Ben's gotta be cute lol. I bet your cousin will love you put him in a story loseley

He would xD.

yep :) Jo and Michael are awesome though. Love them already so cute together

Yeah, I didn't want a romantic scene TOO early, so I added "the dream". Besides, it foreshadows the future.

yeah I gathered :) I can't wait till we see the demon dad

I love the way Michael and Jo interacts. There is definitely a spark between them.  You also give us little hints of their family backgrounds which might make for some interesting complications later!  Ben is also a nice character and a good friend.  I can't wait to see how things develop further in the story!

Hmmm, I like how you take an interest in the families. They all connect, I can tell you that.

Thanks for reading Seugnet!

Great summary and an even greater prologue!

Jo and Michael are cute together already and they are really great judges of character since they both took and instant liking to each other.

Ben is so funny!


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