The Twilight Saga

Joanna Damiano is new in town, and everyone finds her to be a little off. Little do they know, she's a powerful witch.

Demon hunter, Michael Hallows, discovers Joanna one night, and feels he has to help her out a bit.

But, he's gotten himself, and his best friend Ben into more trouble than ever.

They soon have to face an evil demon named Damien, who Joanna has been trying to kill for ages.

But little does she know, Damien is Michael's long lost father.


So, here's the longest prologue ever, but it would be too short for a chapter.



 Michael Hallows sat at the bar with his best friend, and perhaps only friend, Ben Riley. Ben and Will were demon hunters who save the lives of humans daily. They lived in an apartment on a floor only the supernatural can see, floor thirteen in a twelve floor building. Unlucky thirteen, as most would say.

 Michael listened to the conversation Jeremy, the bartender, and another demon hunter were having about a girl named Joanna.

“Met the lass last night, beautiful girl, brown eyes and blonde hair, but I find that there has to be something up with her.” Jeremy shook his head. “All the men she spoke too, not one she took home.”

“Based on the men you hang with, perhaps she has taste.” Another man said, and the whole bar started laughing.

Ben looked at Michael who was now staring out the window.

“What’s wrong with you man? Ever have a tad of fun in your life?” Ben asked.

“Not now apparently.” Michael answered, as he saw a flash of blonde hair rush by the building. Michael got up and rushed through the door to see what was going on.


 Joanna was being chased by a demon, a large one if that. It appeared to be a Limus demon. Joanna grabbed her dagger and she was ready to slay the demon. She threw the dagger at a perfect angle, but someone had beaten her to the demon’s death.

 It was a demon hunter. Bloody hell. She thought. “You messed up my shot you idiot!” Joanna shouted at him.

“Sorry, but I thought I just saved your life.” Michael spoke sarcastically.

“Who are you demon hunter?” Joanna spat.

“Michael Hallows.” Michael answered. “And you miss?”

“Joanna Damiano, I’m a witch. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Hallows.” Joanna held out her hand. He shook it. “I’d hope we don’t cross paths again Mr. Hallows?” Joanna asked.

“Hopefully never Miss Damiano, but I’m afraid you’ve landed in a big town.” Michael said.

“I’ll manage.” Joanna spoke lowly.

“A woman like you with the pigs of men ‘round here? I think not Miss Damiano.” Michael looked concerned.

“If you do insist Mr. Hallows, what do I have to lose?” Joanna put out her hand to allow him to hold it. Michael grasped her frail hands with his rough ones.

“Call me Michael, please, everyone does.” He said.

“Fine, call me Joanna.” She shrugged.

 Then they were off.

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AWW! Thanks so much!

Yeah, I love all of the characters in this story =)

Chapter Two; The Brother In Law

 Patricia Madeline Damiano. Joanna liked her grandmother’s gravestone. Joanna sighed, thinking of her grandmother. She always wanted Joanna to get married to prince charming. But, that would probably never happen. Being a witch is a lonely life, or so she’d heard, most men can’t handle the witch thing. Her grandmother always told her, “A life without a man is a pleasant one, but a lonely one in exchange for its wonderful silence.” that confused her, but then she remembered that her grandmother and grandfather divorced.

 She thought about Michael and Ben. They were cool, they got her. She wouldn’t ever have to worry about confessing her secret to either of them. But, she didn’t know either of them that well to even consider dating.

 Joanna’s brother-in-law approached her. Joanna never liked Joseph, the man who her sister married. He always seemed so fake around her, like he was living a double life, or he was married to another woman. But he made her sister smile, though, Brenna rarely talked about Joseph. She never told quirky couple stories or shared his creepy habits with her. It was all kind of strange, really.

“Hello Joanna.” Joseph put his head down.

“I’d best be going.” Joanna rolled her eyes. Joseph grabbed her arm. Joanna nearly screamed in surprise. He stared at Jo for a long time.

“I’m sure you’ll be at Brenna’s tonight?” Joseph asked, releasing her from his grasp.

“No.” Joanna said firmly, not meaning to.

“Why ever not?” Brenna asked.

“I have to deal with a demon.” Joanna blurted out.

“A demon?” Joseph raised a brow.

“A bad boyfriend,” Joanna began in her own defense.

“Oh,” Brenna sounded disappointed.

“Maybe some other time—” Joseph said, but Joanna was already gone.


 Michael sighed when Ben left to probably get in touch with an old girlfriend. He walked into Ben’s room, where he could still smell Jo, as weird as that probably sounded. Michael thought of the dream, but not the part about Jo. Why did the demon say “daddy’s home”? Most everyone knew Michael’s parents were dead. Or maybe they weren’t.

He heard a knock at the door. Michael rushed to answer, but he grabbed a knife, just in case. He opened the door to find himself pointing the knife at Joanna.

“Well, is this how you greet all of your guests?” He put the knife down.

“Sorry Jo.” He said as she walked in.

“I need your help.” She admitted.

“Oh, anything demonic?” Michael asked, as they both sat in the two chairs in the main room.

“No, but pretty close,” Jo laughed. Michael liked the sound of her laugh. Though, he liked the sound of her in general. He’d never say that out loud though, until he knew she felt the same way. “My brother-in law,” Jo finished her thought.

 Michael chuckled at her. “What did your completely mortal brother in law do?” Michael smiled.

“Well, I basically told him to buzz off at the end of the funeral when he was trying to talk with me, but then he grabbed my arm really hard.” Jo shook her head at the memory.

“He did what?” Michael sounded a bit too concerned. But at the same time, he really was.

“I know, inappropriate much? After that he acted very strange, and then my sister came over.” Jo said.       

“Do you think he’s a demon?” Michael asked.

“No, I mean, maybe. I’ve never considered it honestly. But why would he want my sister as his bride? She’s a powerless mortal.” Joanna raised a brow.

“I don’t know. Could your sister be—” Jo wouldn’t let Michael begin that thought.

“No! She’s as human as you can be.” Jo assured herself more than Michael.

“Okay, sorry for asking.” Michael rolled his eyes.

 Joanna sighed. Michael stared at her for a long time. He looked at her left arm, which was obviously the one that was grabbed. It was really red, and he began to notice a little red scratch. “Joanna, is that blood?” She looked at her arm as well.

“Oh, I guess. I didn’t notice it before.” She looked at it, and put her hand over it, as if to cover it up.

“Would your brother in law want a blood sample of yours for any reason? Or anyone else for that matter?” Michael asked.

“Not that I know of, maybe you’re right.” Jo looked up.

“About what, exactly?” Michael asked.

“About Joseph being a demon, maybe he wanted my blood to give to a demon. That’s how you vanquish a witch, with her own blood mixed with demon blood.” Jo’s lips quivered at the thought.



“Well, you won’t have to worry about it, we’re going to your sister’s house tonight. You have to go to get your things anyway.” Michael said matter-of-factly.

“Okay, this is hard to explain, but you have to act like a bad date when we’re there.” Jo shrugged.

“Why?” Michael asked.

“I kind of lied so I could come and talk to you,” Joanna said plainly.

“Oh.” Michael said. “Open the door.” Michael ordered.

“What?” Joanna asked.

“Just getting into character,” He laughed. She smiled.

In fact, they were all smiles, until the following night.


So, in the banner, the texture belongs to Claire.

Anyway, what do you think?

I threw some new characters in the mix.

Hopefully there was some comic relief too =).

I might be inactive as a writer unfortunately because school started.

But, Seductive Flames can look forward to an update tomorrow or Saturday!

Anyway, leave your comments, predictions, and questions.

Joanna and Michael are really cute together! I wonder what is up with her sister's husband? I can't wait to see what happens next!

I'm glad you think so =).

There is something up with him, I won't tell you what =)

Jo's brother-in-law creeps me out. *shudders*

I wonder if he married Brenna just to get close to Jo...

Michael and Jo are so cute together!

Okay I was going to read this later but lol could not resist. I don't like her brother in law, he sounds like a jerk and did he cause her to bleed? mhh what a jerk. I don't have a good feeling about him. I hope they find out what's going on soon and wonder what will happen with that dream about the demon.

XDD. Maybe or maybe not, I won't be too specific there.

But there is something up with him and Jo's sister....

yeah I can see that, Oh I might be updating Cused today. Lol I will be working on the next chapter soon, if it's not up today then I will try and post it sometime after Monday

Can't WAIT! I'm trying to do your banner, but my power keeps going on and off!

oh lol poor you and you still need to catch up lol :) no worries Take your time, I got lots of banners, so you can take a break while you catch up or something and then carry on? oh and you were right about Juliee, she is a gif wiz, she made me one banner and it looks awesome, if you check my cursed thread her banner is up the top


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