The Twilight Saga

Bella is a high school history teacher. When her brother comes home from Iraq. He brings home on of his unit buddies. Bella falls for him and he has to go back. Will their love survive all the danger that being a Marine brings. All human story. Let me know what you think


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That sounds like a pretty unique storyline. I think you should write it. =)
it sounds great!
you should definetly write it!

here is Bella and her brother Jasper
sounds really good keep me updated : )

Chapter 1


When my brother Jasper told us that he was joining the Marine. Our parents freaked out because their only son was going off to war and he might not come back. Me, I thought that I couldn't be more prouder of my brother. Jasper and I were only 2 years apart. Both of us born in Phoenix, AZ. We loved being around each other. I had to make him promise that he would write me every week and email me when he could. That was four years ago and he has kept his promise. Jasper was proud of me when I graduated from Arizona State with my teaching degree in History. My full name is Isabella Marie Swan and I am 24 years old. I teach 10th grade history at Falcon High School where both Jasper and I went to. I have been teaching here for about five months. I go to the counselor who every girl has a major crush on. His name is Edward Masen and he is a year older than me.

I get into his office. I said "Hey Mr. Masen, do you think it would be a good idea if I got my classes to write letters to my brother's unit. I have been writing my brother and he says that some of his unit doesn't even get any kind of letters." He smiled and said "Ms. Swan, I really think that would be a great idea and let me know when you are going to start this because my wife wants to write a letter to a solider." I said that I would and I head to the principles office to talk to him. I knock on the door and he said "What do you need Ms Swan?" I laugh and say "Mr. Newton, I want my classes to write letters to my brothers marine unit over in Iraq. I wanted to make sure that it was okay with you before I do." He told me that it was okay and he said "Ms Swan, I want to take you out to Skinny Joe's for dinner this Friday night." I can't believe that he is asking me out for the millionth time. I said "Mr. Newton, you know that this is against policy and I have told you that you are not my type now please don't ask me again." He gave me a creepy look that said 'you will be with me'.

The morning bell rings and the class settles down. I say "Class, You will be drawing names out of this hat. These names are men and women in my brothers Marine unit. You will be writing them letters and just to let you know that I will be reading all of your first letters just to make sure that nothing inappropriate is being said. My brother was very happy to share this chance with his unit. We will be writing them for the rest of the year. Do you have any questions?" Jessica Stanley said "Are any of the guys like hot?" I got a little upset at this so I said "Let me make this clear. You will show this men and women some respect. They are over there fighting for your freedom and trying to keep you safe and all you can think of is are they hot. Now do I make myself clear that you will not ask them anything about their looks." They all nodded and drew their names. I took the last name and I hope that he is pretty cool because I want someone close to my brother.
i luv it
write more soon
cant wait for the next chaptter
who is the marine??
this is great so far!
can't wait to figure out who this marine is. lol.
update soon.
is the marine emmet?! i want it to so be him lol write more soon please
Sorry to say this but i didnt really enjoy this story like i had with ur other stories.
i know mysty is awsome how can you not like her writing? lol


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