The Twilight Saga

Bella is a high school history teacher. When her brother comes home from Iraq. He brings home on of his unit buddies. Bella falls for him and he has to go back. Will their love survive all the danger that being a Marine brings. All human story. Let me know what you think


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i just read this,i love i! keep me updated and u so need 2 write a sequel!
I'm a new reader and I love this story.Please keep me updated.Please write more,also.You are a great writer.You amaze me with your writing.I really,really can't wait for more!
come on Ella write more soon
8,,,3 im crying thats how AMAZING this story is if ya can make a sequal PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE with strawberry shortcake on top ← (LOL)
plz post more u just left it hanging u got to post more
i did have a chapter typed up but when this site had that major crash the last chapter got deleted. but i will try to have more up soon as soon as i figure out where i want it to end
Ok awesome can't wait for more


Update soon!!!!!

post more soon

**New Reader!** Can't wait for you to continue! XD




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