The Twilight Saga

Bella is a high school history teacher. When her brother comes home from Iraq. He brings home on of his unit buddies. Bella falls for him and he has to go back. Will their love survive all the danger that being a Marine brings. All human story. Let me know what you think


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I love it.
yes that is great
can't wait to read more!
omg i love it
That was amazing!!! keep me posted please!!!!!
Love the story, keep it up<333
omg that was so awesome!!!!!!!!! please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude that was so awesome dude!!!!!!!!!!!! lol is was like an OMG moment lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazinggg !
Love itt !
Plz write more soon ! :]]
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have waited for this chap!!!!!!
i'm sorry about ur grandmother but she is in a better place and with no pain.i just luv it.
that was sooo good! :)
oh my lord he threw a fit???? A FIT???? like a temper tantrum???? he's more babyish then Wyatt
the seer irony of Emmett's baby on april fools day
aww how cute I'd love to see the child of Emmett as a little heartbreaker
i will have more up by tonight


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