The Twilight Saga

Bella is a high school history teacher. When her brother comes home from Iraq. He brings home on of his unit buddies. Bella falls for him and he has to go back. Will their love survive all the danger that being a Marine brings. All human story. Let me know what you think


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this great
I hope Emmett comes home safe and healthy!
keep going I want more A.S.A.P
Alright I love your story please keep me updated and make sure they come home safely!!!!!!!!
awww I had tears when i read this chapter.
keep up the good work though.......

Chapter 22


It has been a month since I left Bella and our son. I have to focus on my job and right now we are going to bust up an insurgent camp in the mountains. Jasper has ordered us to been on radio silence. We are heading into the camp when one of them spotted some movement and alerted the others that we were here. We started shooting and hitting all of our targets. I got on the radio and called in an air raid. We got the info that we needed and then made our way out of there before the bombs hit. Thankfully none of our unit was injured. We got back to camp at about six in the morning. Thankfully I had minutes on my phone so you can guess who I called. Bella answered "Hey baby, how are you?" I laughed as I sat down before saying "Do you know how much I miss waking up to you laying next to me. We just got back from a mission and none of us got hurt. How is Wyatt doing and more importantly how are you doing?" She told me about how they are dealing with me being gone. She also said that her mother and mine are both helping her out with the baby. We talked for about an hour before I had to get off to take a shower.

Jasper has been feeling the same as me about Alice but only he doesn't have a child. He has figured out a way to propose to her. He is going to spell out 'Will you marry me, Alice?' in rocks. He is going to take her on a helicopter ride over the desert. I didn't know that he could be that romantic but don't tell him that I said that. I can't wait to take my family up to Forks so that all my friends and family up there can meet Bella and Wyatt. Thankfully I only have three more months of this then I will never leave them again. I was shocked when Charlie Swan came up to me and asked me if I wanted to join the Phoenix PD as a swat member. He said because of my training that I would be a perfect person for their swat team. I was happy and I talked to Bella about it because this would affect the both of us now. She told me to go for it only if that was what I wanted. After I get married then I will start on the swat team.


I remember this first month without Emmett was hard but I had my mom and Esme to help me with Wyatt. Rose came to me about two weeks after the guys left and told me that she was pregnant. She was about a month and a half. She said that when she told Edward that he was very happy and actually had some tears because they were told that Rose might not be able to have kids. So she will have to go to bi weekly appointments to her doctor. She is using the same one that I had with my son. Eric has been asking me out about every other day and yesterday Edward told him that I was really getting married and that if he tried anything that he would have a hole Marine unit coming after him. Let's just say that he stopped asking me out. I never knew that Edward could be so scary. But what surprised me was that Rose and Edward wanted to keep Wyatt one night a week to help them to get used to a baby.

I told them that not all babies will be like Wyatt and sleep threw the night. I got a call from Emmett today. He asked me how we were doing and I told him about everything but Eric. I will tell him about that when he calls next week. He told me that he wanted to take us to Forks so that I could meet his friends and family. I have a calendar that I mark the days until he comes back to me safe and sound. Alice thinks that Jasper is planning a surprise party for her when he comes back. But Jasper called me and told he that he was planning on asking her to marry him. He called and asked Edward for permission to marry her because their parents died in a car crash two years ago. I can see Emmett in Wyatt everyday. The dimples in Emmett are in Wyatt when he cracks a small smile. He loves to sleep to football and baseball games. When I told Emmett about this he said "That's my boy." Emmett also told me about becoming a swat officer and he asked me what I thought about it. I told him to go for it only if he wanted it. He thought about it for a few days and told my father yes that he would join and he will in January after we get married.
i luv it
love it plz keep me updated your story rocks lol
omg i love it
*crying happily*
God Bella has no luck when it comes to pyshcopathic guys does she??
i was crying!!! i can't wait for more!! sooonnn please!!!!
OMG!! That was sooooo sad ! Can't wait untill another Chapter!!
omg I had tears in my eyes when I read this!!


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