The Twilight Saga

Bella is a high school history teacher. When her brother comes home from Iraq. He brings home on of his unit buddies. Bella falls for him and he has to go back. Will their love survive all the danger that being a Marine brings. All human story. Let me know what you think


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Omg love tha story keep me updated and write more soon
more up starting thursday

sequel please!!!!!!!!!!
i will have more up on friday and there is only two chapters left. let me know if you want a sequel
please make a sequel !!!!!
i love the story so much!!!!!
luv it!!!! <3
i will be posting the last chapter within the next week. after that the sequel will be a while after that
Hey still waiting for the last chapter. I loved your story. So please post real soon.
its really good
Loved your story so far.Please do not keep us hanging.
i plan on writting the last chapter within the month


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