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 Loyal Grey

I had no idea what was happening to me but suddenly, my mom's suggestion to move didn't sound so bad. It wasn't exactly going to be a hardship to leave the gloom of La Push reservation. Compared to Washington, Arizona sounded like an eternal summer, sunny and hot everyday. I certainly wouldn't have to worry about Sam or his gang anymore. I didn't even know why he was so interested in me, I wasn't even full-blooded Quileutte Indian or huge and tough like the rest of his thugs. Something about them was dark and my mom could sense it too, she had been worried about it for almost two years. 

The real breaking point for me was my friend, Seth Clearwater. He was a cool, nice guy who I liked to joke around and hang out with. We were classic bros, always getting into trouble together, always bothering his older sister, always making fun of Sam and his gang. I didn't think Seth would ever get involved, not when his dad was one of the tribe elders. Then overnight, he changed. He was never around, he didn't go to school, when I did see him, he was always tired and rarely acknowledged me.  I soon realized I was one of the only guys my age not with Sam's gang. This made me particularly anxious. I had heard about gangs, and 'initiations' were never pleasant. It didn't take much persuasion to get my mom to decide where to go. We were going to go live with my grandpa on the Hopi reservation in Arizona.

We began packing two days ago, school would be out soon and my mom didn't want to spend me to spend a single idle moment in La Push if she could help it. This morning, I got a surprising visit. The doorbell had rung and I went to answer it. I opened the front door to find Seth there. I stared for several long moments, sure it was some sort of joke.

"Hey, Loyal...I was just passing through....thought I should stop and say hi." He said, shuffling his feet a little. He looked so different, taller, bigger....bigger. I stepped out onto the porch and shut the door.

"Well, hi. Is that all? Or are you going to tell me why you're running around with Sam after we both agreed that his little wanna-be gang was stupid?" I asked. Seth hunched his shoulders guiltily.

"Sorry dude. Stuff happens. Stuff I can't control." he explained though it was hardly an explanation. I wasn't exactly expecting to be enlightened anyway.

"Whatever. I guess you chose what you want to do for the rest of your life. I'm moving." I said, reaching for the doorknob. But he put his hand on the door to keep me from opening it. I looked at him, mostly in skepticism that he would actualy bar my path.

"You can't." he said. It sounded almost panicky. I was starting to get mad.

"Dude, go away, I'm not kidding." I said as calmly as I could. Seth stared at me, as though wondering what would happen if he didn't move his hand. But he did.

"You really shouldn't move. You're....everything will change. If you stay, you'll understand." He said, backing away. I had opened the door now, the anger had dissolved. I could only pity him. Seth had obviously been taken hook, line and sinker. Maybe it was self-righteous of me to think so, but there was no way I was going to ruin my life by joining a gang. I rejoined my mother, taping boxes in the back room.

"Who was that?" she asked. I didn't really think before I answered.

"Seth." I said, catching myself too late. She knew about Seth; cue meltdown in three, two, one....

"What did he want?" she demaded, as though the very idea were appalling.

"He said he was just passing through." I aswered uncomfortabley.

"Did you tell him we're moving?" my mom asked.

"Yes, I told him." I said, getting tired of her incessant questions.

"What did he say?" she further inquired. Now she was being ridiculous.

"Does it matter? We're leaving." I muttered.

"Yes, it matters! He was your closest friend, he used to be a big influence in your life, you don't just walk away from something like that. What did he say?" she repeated. A strange, hot anger suddenly swept over me. I slammed the box-taper down, and though it didn't feel like I used much force, it broke under my hand. I felt the sharp edge cut my hand but I was was too mad to care. I turned on my startled mother.

"He said we shouldn't move. He said if I stayed, I would 'understand'. Plainly, he invited me to join Sam. Happy? Your worst fears have come true." I told her flatly. Or at least, I thought I did. After several long moments, I noticed how fearful she looked. The huge balloon of hot air that had been swelling inside me suddenly deflated.

"I just want to leave. I don't want anything to do with Seth or Sam or any of it." I said, my voice sounding much quieter now. She didn't answer me.

"I'm going outside." I muttered, leaving her alone to go out to the backyard. I sat down on a tree stump, trying to get a grip. What was that? That anger I could feel in every cell of my body, such a white hot anger that threatened to overwhelm me. I looked disdainfully around at the glum wetness of this sun forsaken land. I was convinced that the farther away I was from this, the closer I would be to sanity.


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A very nice beginning you have here. I have to say, I am awfully curious about what Sam wants with Loyal--but don't we already know (; I have to say the name i very unique and interesting. It makes me wonder if she/he (the gender wasn't clarified so I am a bit confused, sorry) is anything like their name suggests. Keep writing!

-- Lemons

I just found new meaning in my life. lol thnks for the comment!!! i will do my best!

oh and Loyal is a dude, sorry for the confusion =.="

You are absolutely welcome! Keep up the good work.

-- Lemons

Chapter 1: Transformation

I didn't want to be mad at her, it was such a

ridiculous thing to be mad about anyway, but I

couldn't help myself. Why the hell would she invite

all the people I used to know when I was 6 to a

dinner here? They were my age, she must realize

that not all teenagers are as dork friendly as I am,

was she really trying to make me look like a total


We hadn't been living in Polacca, Arizona two

weeks and my mother had already jumped right

into the local community. Apparently, she had been

keeping in touch with most of these people and

easily got a job at the elementry school. Since

school was out, her job consisted mostly of

paperwork and gossiping all day with the other


Everything seemed to be going so well, I thought I

would get time to relax now that I was out from

under Sam's radar. I guess that's just no how it


My mom said that she just wanted to introduce me

to some people, that this was an easy way to get

acquainted with 'future classmates', but she invited

everyone that I knew ten years ago. She invited

their families too, but that hardly softened the blow.

These kids....the last time I saw them, we were

playing tag and watching cartoons together. What

were we supposed to do now? I didn't even

recognize them and I doubt they recognized me.

We might as well be strangers, but we weren't.

Somewhere along the line, people did start talking,

but it was so brain dead I wanted to shoot myself.

They cussed and bragged about partying, how they

should have brought drugs or alchohol or shouldn't

have come at all. Great mom, I thought

sarcastically. You got me away from a gang, but

brought me  to a bunch of wannabes who think

they're bad?

At some point, I got up and went outside, plopping

down on the steps with a sigh. I couldn't stand

hearing about who got so high last night that they

couldn't even remember what they did. They had

people like that back in La Push, but I was never

forced to spend time with them. My mother found


"What are you doing, Loyal? You're being rude to

your guests!" she scolded.

"Trust me, I'm not." I said, trying not to let her get

to me.

"You're making a bad impression, you'll be going to

school with these kids soon, you should get to

know them more." She said  reprimandingly. I

rubbed my forehead, trying wipe away the irritation

that was building up again.

"I already know way more than I wanted to know

about them. If half of what they say is true, I doubt

they'll be in school when it starts." I said and as

calmly as I could.

"You used to play with them when you were little,

you're related to half of them, that has to count for

something, doesn't it?" She pressed. I got up,

deciding not to argue with her. I could deal with a

few hours of listening to naive rez chatter, but I

didn't want to endure a month or more of my

mother nagging me about bad hospitality. But she

didn't seem so ready to let it go.

"Loyal, I decided to move because I didn't want you

to start acting like one of those boys in Sam's

group, exclusive and shut away from everyone.

Don't make me feel like I need to look into

alternative ways to fix your attitude." She said.

Every muscle in my body seemed to freeze, not

allowing me to move forward or back. It wasn't

what she had said, really, not even her tone. Did

she really think I had a problem? I looked at her, to

guage her gravity.

She was dead serious. It was like she had hit me in

the face. My mother and I have always been on

good terms, it was like we always understood one

another, even if one of us was having a rough time.

Apparently, I was wrong. Hot anger like molten lava

began to well up inside of me, I literally felt like a

volcano threatening to explode. Heated pressure

seemed to be building up in my body, pushing out,

trying to escape.

"Loyal, are you alright?" My mother's voice came,

sounding distorted and weird but grating on my

presently weak control. I felt something cold on my


"You're burning up." Her voice came again. I

couldn't listen anymore, I didn't want to be

anywhere near her. I pushed her hand away and

opened the door. I didn't think about the people

inside, I didn't care about them. They could kill

themselves any way they wanted, it wasn't my


I made it to my room and slammed the door,

locking it. I could only think about how betrayed I

felt by my mother. After all we've been through,

how could she think of me like that? I wanted to

get away from Sam, I denounced everything they

seemed to be doing, I don't do drugs or drink like

the people in the living room right now.

I clutched my head in my hands, trying to contain

myself, because it literally felt like I was coming

apart at the seams. The heat was expanding,

growing bigger than me. I heard tearing, like it was

ripping me apart.

Then it suddenly disappeared and everything was


This story is starting out really slow, sorry, I swear it will get better.


=_=" please keep reading!!

Chapter 2: Nightmare

My heart was thundering, or at least, I was sure

that was the deafening noise crashing in my ears. I

kept knocking into things, things that were

supposed to be heavy moved way too easily, the bed

the dresser, when had this room become so

cramped? What was that smell? That scratching

noise above me, was that mice?

I tried to manuever around the bed when in the

corner of my eye, I thought I saw an animal in the

room and and jumped, a strange noise escaping my

mouth. I was face to face with a huge, furry dog-

thing that looked ready to to attack if threatened. i

stared a it for several long moments, waiting for it

to move. But it didn't.

I could hear my mother apologizing to the guests in

the living room, telling them that I hadn't been

myself lately, it must be the stress from the move, I

was having problems with my friends before we

left. I huffed a sigh, then looked suddenly back at

the dog, because I was sure I saw it move. It

scrutinized me with the same intensity.

It took several long moments for me to realize I was

staring into a mirror. The sliding mirror doors of

my closet. It was all I could do to keep from totally

freaking out. That huge, mostly black dog in the

mirror was me. I was a huge black dog.

I wheeled back, slamming into the wall that made

my room shake. I looked behind me only to wish I

hadn't. I had a tail. Dear God, I had a tail!! This had

to be a bad dream, a hallucination, one of those

druggies must have slipped something into my

soda, maybe I accidentally ate some sort of

traditional food that causes 'visions'. Whatever it

was, this could not be real.

I slumped onto the floor, stairing at my reflection in

the closet door. A huge black dog stared back

forlornly back. I could hear everything. I could hear

my mother still making excuses for me as she said

goodbye as though she were right in the room, I

could hear people muttering about how rude their

own children were as they drove away. I heard the

rustle of something slithering through the desert

brush outside, the tiny munching of rodents in the

walls and attic.

The sounds were nothing compared to the smells.

The savory smell of food combined with the musty

rotten smell of decay and dust, along with the ever

present smell of people that seemed to radiate with

every move they made.

I shut my eyes. This was some wacked. nightmare.

It had to be something I ate. What else would cause

super sensitivity? It wasn't possible to hear what

people were saying in the house a mile away. It

wasn't possible to smell the road kill on the asphalt

which was even farther away. No, I must be sick.

My mom said I had a fever. What else could cause

that irrational anger or the delusion that I was an

animal? That dog didn't even look reall, it was way

too big. I just needed sleep. When I opened my

eyes, everything would be alright.

Excellent!  I love the way you captured the reaction of this boy when he suddenly turned into a wolf!  Just a pity he moved away before the others could help him!  But what was he supposed to think when he saw how they acted?!  Just a pity his mother doesn't know what the kids in their new place is like.  Please keep me updated!

This is a really good description of the feelings and thoughts of the Loyal on his first phase.

I just hope his Mum doesn't walk into the room before he turns back.

Maybe with sleep he'll turn back to human.

Best wishes


L O V E it.


Write more or else.


Is there going to be a love interest in this story?


The name ROCKS btw.



Chapter 3: Curiousity

I woke from a dead sleep to incessant knocking. It was

so loud, it was like someone was pounding in my very

skull. It was annoying as hell and I just wanted to go

back to sleep. Then my brain started to work and I

remembered what had happened last night. My eyes

flew open and I sat up.

"Loyal? Are you awake?" My mother called from the

other side of the door. It seemed unnecessarily loud.

"Yeah." I called back. What was with my voice? It

sounded weird. Then I noticed I was naked. My door

was locked, but I still felt the need to cover myself. I got

up and pulled the comforter of my bed, wrapping it

around my hips.

"How are you feeling? You seemed unwell last night, do

you still have a fever?" She asked. I felt my forehead. I

didn't feel warm, the air was a little cooler though.

"I don't think so. I feel fine." I answered, then stopped to

clear my throat, wondering if my mom noticed how

strange I sounded. I hear something heavy and metallic

dragging outside.

"Okay....well, I'm going to make breakfast. Come out

when you're ready." She said.

"Alright." I answered. Then I heard her walk away. I

went to my window and peeked outside. I didn't see

anything that would sound like a huge chunk of metal

sliding across the ground. That was strange. And so was

the mess that my room was when I turned around.

The dress was leaning haphazardly against the wall, the

bed frame was broken, there was a huge broken chunk

of dry wall bashed in. The shredded remains of the

clothes I had been wearing last night illustrated a trail

to the place I had woken up.

I shut my eyes, thinking of that crazy dream, the one

where I thought I saw myself as a gigantic dog in the

mirror. It was still fresh in my mind and I almost

expected to see it again when I opened my eyes. No, I

was me. Standing half naked in my partially demolished

room, it was me. But like my voice, I seemed...different.

Not that I ever really payed attention to them before, my

voice or looks, it just seemed dissimilar.

So what happened? I was mad, I stormed to my room,

had a weird control loss issue, then saw myself as a big

black dog in the mirror. I know I was bumping into

things, I even rembered backing into the wall. The tail

flashed into my memory. I shook it away. No, that was

just a weird dream.

As quickly as I could, I dressed and slid the furniture

back in it's place. Was it just me, or was it easier to adjust

the dresser than it felt when moving into the room a

couple weeks ago? Trying to push the weird thoughts

from my mind, I left my room, knowing that I would

have to apologize to my mother.

I came into the kitchen where my mother was busily

moving from sink to stove and counter, cooking like

there was no tomorrow. I knew this frenzied cooking

mode. She was feeling guilty too. I als knew that if I

didn't apologize soon, she might just keep cooking until

there's nothing left to cook. Then she'll just boil water.

"Hey, mom, about last night..." I started. She slowed a

little to hear me.

"...I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." I said.

The statement held more truth than my apology, but it

seemed to work.

"It's okay, Loyal. I think we were both stressed out with

all the people over and those kids saying those aweful

things....I can understand why you wanted to get away

from that." She said, symathetically. I forced a smile, but

was distracted by that strange metallic dragging sound

again. My mother must have noticed my far away look.

"What is it?" she asked, looking out the window. I

looked too, because the sound was louder this time,


"I don't know. Is grandpa up?" I asked.

"No. You know he's never up and about before ten really

anyway. Are you hungry?" she asked. Quite suddenly, I

was hungry. Ravenous in fact. The food smelled even

better than usual, the steamy scents of bacon, eggs, and

pancakes seemed to completely envelope me. So I ate.

"My goodness, where are you putting all that?" She

asked, watching me shovel it in. When I was full, I was

strangely energized, more awake. But that wasn't

necessarily great. Like last night, I was aware of

everything, from the scitter of insects across the floor to

that strange sound outside. It was a lot to take in, but

what really seemed overwhelming was the fact that it


"I'm...going to take a walk." I mumbled, getting up from

the table. My mother was busy cleaning up the breakfast

dishes to acknowledge me.

Outside was a little better, more open. I couldn't exactly

say the air was very fresh, there was a distinct syrupy

sweet smell that hung about. I could practically taste it,

like artificial sweeteners building up on my tongue. I

didn't like it. I could still hear that draggin sound, but it

was fainter, like it was moving away now. I turned in it's


Behind my grandpa's house was a mesa, some five or six

miles away. There was a lot of these mesas, most of them

had villages on top of them where ceremonies were

held. The one behind my grandpa's house was different

though. It was deserted, like a forsaken idol. My mother

said that the elders tell people not to go there, they say

it's cursed. She also said that they tell people not to put

their shoes by their beds when they go to sleep for fear of


The dragging noise was moving toward the mesa. I

rocked on my feet, very curious about what could be

making that sound. Energy like electricity itself seemed

to buzz through my veins. I did tell my mother I was

taking a walk, she'll expect me to be gone a little while.

With a leap and a bound, I set off through the brush

after that strange sound.

I love the way you described his reaction to the transformation the previous night and the aftermath in the morning.  Now you've really got me wondering about that mysterious sound!  Can't wait to see what happens next!


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