The Twilight Saga

This is a story of my own creation. There is nothing Twilight related here, but please give it a chance. There is however plenty of supernatural elements throughout. Considering that this is my own story; I would love to know what everyone does think of it. If I have no one that is interested in it, I will respectively withdraw the story from viewing, but if I have any readers, I will keep it up.


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Disclaimer: All characters and story plot are of my own. Do not borrow or steal anything in which pertains to this story.









                                                                      Chapter One;





My cheeks almost felt like blisters against the hot sun. I could sit there all day and let it burn me if I could. I could feel the spring breeze lightly caress my hair as it passed on by on its journey to wherever, I didn’t mind, I welcomed it, I begged for it. With my eyes closed, I could hear the sound of the water below me slowly rippling downstream, my bare feet dangling on the side of the dock almost reaching the top of the water. The joy this brought me was unmistakably at the top of my short list of which I hoped to one day come true.



For now, I could only day dream about moments like that one. One day soon, I would find my way out of this darkness. I can’t remember the last time I saw the sun shining down on me. I tried to keep my daydream going, I wanted to try and smell my made up surroundings, but the clinking of his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs literally threw me back into the ice box in which I now lived in. My entire body shuttered into a thousand pieces and I scurried back in my small corner for safe haven, but I knew it was useless. Living here for as long as I had, reminded me every day and night, of course I never knew which was which. He kicked one of the middle bars with his foot and said,



“Come here girl. You get what I bring and nothing more. Now eat. I will be back for you later.” His heavy steps drew further away as I rushed to eat whatever he brought.



I wasn’t used to the foods that they brought at first. I just knew that it didn’t taste good. I couldn’t even recognize the meat or the taste, but it was all I had and nothing more just like he said. I either ate it or starved, take your pick. I remember I’d just had my birthday three months before our family trip to Ireland. I was the big 10, finally in the double digits and very proud of it. My last day with my parents and older sister Ally was to head out to the Cliffs of Moher, but we never reached our destination. Mama wanted to stop at a local market to get some fresh fruit for our ride which I remember her saying,



“Steven, your finally double digit daughter behind you will be complaining of starvation ten minutes after we get on the road so we might as well get something now.” Her voice was bubbly yet firm when need be. Just the thought of her voice made me want to cry for so long, but even the memory of that would soon fade away. I used to hear Mama’s voice loud and clear and now it’s almost a whisper in the wind that passed by me ages ago. I walked behind my family as the streets of Cork began to fill up around us making me feel like I was five all over again and I didn’t like it not one bit. There was some kind of festival going on. The more I tried to keep up the more I felt nudges swooshing me back and forth. I wasn’t a tall ten year old; I was actually shorter than everyone in my class. Mama wouldn’t stop calling me baby when it came close to my birthday and I remember being very upset with her. I asked her on many occasions to stop calling me that. Her reply, “Oh Amelia, you still look like my beautiful little five year old. I love you baby.” She giggled…purposely. I didn’t want to have the stigma that came with being so short, but I knew I had no choice. I couldn’t change the fact that I was very premature and would always be smaller than my peers and eventually I accepted it.



I heard Mama calling my name through the thick dark clouds of people hovering over my small frame, but I couldn’t see her or my dad or even Ally. My stomach was turning in all sorts of directions and I could hear my breathing speed up in worry. I screamed for Mama at the top of my lungs, but I never heard her voice again.



I woke to the sounds of strange music playing. I couldn’t see anything it was so dark and whatever I was sitting on was damp and cold. I wasn’t cold yet, but my whole body trembled uncontrollably as if I was freezing, but I wasn’t. The cause behind my trembles was pure terror. I knew I wasn’t in a good place and even so, I decided to scream for help in the hopes that someone could hear, but the only thing I could hear was my own voice echoing off the walls that surrounded me. No one came my first night. I was tired, cold, scared out of my mind and I soon realized that Mama couldn’t comfort me as she usually did. I was…alone and I didn’t know what to do.



My innocents was lost forever and traded in for hell on earth. I hated thinking about how long I had been here. I begged for answers as to why I was here. Remembering my older sister which was seventeen at the time, I would have to say that I was now close to that age just maybe a bit shorter than her. So seven plus years give or take and that’s how long I have been here with no one telling me why or what they wanted from me. I saw them bring down another girl once, but she was quickly taken away days after. I never saw her again, but I remembered her name, it was Sophia. We formed a bond in that small amount of time she was here.



A few whatever ago, not sure how many days or nights, but it seemed maybe two nights ago, yeah I’ll just go with that. Anyways, a man came down the stairs, his steps much lighter than I was used to. He stood in front of my bars with a grin that sickened me to the core. As usual I wrapped my arms around my thin frame in the corner.



“My, my, I knew you would grow to serve me well. It’s time for you to do your duties and serve me. I have taken care of you for so long, fed you and now it’s your turn to return the favor.” There was a long pause of silence as his eyes seem to burn right through me and then all of a sudden he told me to stand in the center. I only knew where the center was because he brought a torch light with him that was the closest thing to the sun as I could get and I welcomed the small gesture. Shaking, I stood instantly at the sound of his strict voice and walked to the center. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I feared the worst given the sadistic look he was giving me. In a heartbeat, he opened the bars and walked right in front me. If I would have had enough to drink, the sudden movements from him might have made me wet myself. He circled me slowly looking me up and down. What was he looking for? If I had ever thought I was scared before I was one hundred and ten percent sure that this passed that by a mile. From the corner of my eye to my left, I saw him just standing there staring at me and soon enough he began taking baby steps to stand in front of me again. His eyes were so evil; I didn’t see anything in them that said he had a kind bone in his body. He walked up to me so close that I could hear his breathing, feel his breathing on my face. I flinched and closed my eyes, but managed to stand still.



“Theron was right about you from the moment he saw you. You’ll have to forgive me for not seeing you any sooner than this, but I am a very busy man. I’ll have to remember to give Theron a big bonus for his efforts and his ability to find the right one this time. Do you wonder why you are here?” he asked as if this was a typical conversation with his voice light.



“Y…yes, I do want to know.” My will being much stronger than my intended voice.



“I will call you Kate. That is your name now.” The only thing I had left of my former life was my name and now that was being taken from me. I could feel my body falter under this new name he gave me. I liked my name; I wanted to keep my name.



“Are you trying to defy me little one?” A half smile beamed across his face.



“No, I…just…I…No, I’m not trying to do anything.” I quickly coiled. One thing I learned early on here was that the men that stood watch over me came and went never the same face twice. So I was used to remembering their faces and one thing that haunts me are not the ones that look at you with death in their eyes, it’s the ones that have that scary clown smile instead and this guy was that and more, he gave me the worst chills down my spine.



“So you don’t like your new name, correct?”



I tried really hard not to look directly at him as I decided to answer him honestly in the hopes that there was the slightest amount of decency in him. “No, I don’t.” I said firmly. The next thing I knew I was falling to the ground bent over holding my stomach for dear life. It hurt, it hurt badly.



“Little one, it’s time for you to lose what will power you have left. I will not allow you to defy me in the future. Colin, make sure you don’t break any bones. The bruising will take long enough to heal and I cannot afford for her to be out of commission for too long. Our guests will arrive in one month. I want her completely tamed. Furthermore, I see all of you have taken it too easy on her down here; otherwise we wouldn’t have this problem now. I will tend to you fools later. Now see that she gets tended to properly this time.” Again the evil grin stretched across his face as he walked up the stairs.



I was still bent over holding my stomach when this Colin walked in and stood above me. I wasn’t sure what was really happening, but I knew I didn’t like the way it felt already and then the man standing above me pulled me up and threw me against the wall. He didn’t look remorseful nor did he look happy about it.



“Well, little lady, you shouldn’t have stood up to him, now I’ve been given no choice but to follow orders or it will be my head on his silver platter for dinner tonight, so I hate to do this, but…” The beatings seem to go on forever. I pleaded with him to stop, I cried in so much pain, but he wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t move a muscle in fear of more pain. I just laid there, small whimpers coming out of me that I couldn’t stop. My hair was so wet and sticky from something, that I couldn’t see anything. I could hear his footsteps coming towards me again so I tried one last time to plead with him to stop.



“Please…stop.” My voice was hardly audible. “I’m…dying…just…let…me…be…please.” That was all I could get out, I could feel the air in my lungs dissipating, wanting so much to release me from any further pain and I was welcoming it. I closed my eyes and hoped that I went to a good place and I waited for the silence to reign me in, but instead I heard loud noises. Voices screaming, but I still couldn’t see anything. After a moment, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I was drifting to nowhere in particular, just drifting off in the darkness almost a floating feeling and then I noticed that I wasn’t feeling as much pain. It was still very present, but slowly, very slowly, becoming numb.






“Hey Connor, isn’t this the fairy lands you always told me about?” The thin looking band geek asked.


“Tommy, stay away from there, really, you don’t want to mess around with the fairies.”



“Oh come on Connor, live a little would’ya?”



“Tommy if you go in there I can’t promise you that I can fetch you back out. They have their own set of rules and you don’t want to cross them, trust me. Let’s go this way instead; I see an old castle over there.”



“How can fairies mess with us Connor?” Tommy asked very seriously.



“Tommy you don’t want to know. Maybe another time I will tell you about it alright?”



“Yeah sure, whatever, Connor.” He rolled his eyes annoyed. “Hey why are we way out here in no man’s land? Why don’t you want to stay closer to that city of Cork we were at earlier? It’s kind of boring out here.”



“We came to Ireland because you said you wanted to see where I came from, so we are here and now you want to complain like a little school girl? Come on Tommy, this was your idea, not mine.”



“Yeah I know, it’s just that you’re so old compared to the rest of us that I thought this would be way cooler than it has been, so excuse me if I made a mistake.”



Tommy was always being the stubborn brat that he was. Sometimes I wonder why I decided to save him, but other times, he reminded me of my brother. That kid should be thankful that I was there. I just can’t satisfy him these days. He was hungry for anything remotely exciting, but he was still learning and he had no patience to learn anything.



“Hey that’s a cool looking castle. It is really…real?” Tommy asked in awe.



What a silly boy. I laughed internally when he asked. “Yes of course it’s real Tommy, we’re in Ireland, and didn’t you ever pay attention in class?”



“Well duh, what do you think?” the sarcasm rolling off of him.



“As I suspected of course. Tommy if you want to be as good as I, as you say you do than you’re going to have to start paying attention to everything I say and do or you will not survive.” I tried lecturing him just a bit, but as usual his attention was directed elsewhere. As he ran up the hill to the castle looking every bit of the child that he truly was, I decided to lie against the wet grass where the hill began. I crossed my arms behind my head and looked up to the stars just relaxing. We had already fed tonight so we had no reason to go anywhere at the moment. I was content just lying here until out of instinct I jumped up staring down at the very grass I was just lying on. I couldn’t have heard something. Just to make sure, I bent down resting my right ear against the grass and sure enough I was hearing what I thought.



I slowly looked up the hill towards the castle. There must be old chambers below the hill. Someone is screaming for help. I have to get Tommy and see if we can get inside. At this time of night and hearing screams, I knew Tommy and I were going to run into something we didn’t need to be running into, but her screams were tormenting to hear. Normally I wouldn’t bother, but sometimes if I could stop someone from dying then I would try. Someone going through pain is sad and wrong. The humans that I do take, they die in peace with no pain. That makes me feel better most nights, but tonight deep under the castle grounds there was a woman screaming for help and I had to at least go and investigate it. I ran quickly up the hill to find Tommy.



“There you are, come here.” He just looked at me stupid. I hated when he made me mad enough to raise my voice. “NOW!” Tommy came running, you could tell he thought he did something wrong. After I explained to him what was going on, his adrenaline couldn’t have pumped itself any higher. Tommy was ready to fight and we very well may have to, but he was hopped up on new blood and I needed him to stay focused. I had him flank me on the right. We both began looking for an entrance and with my hearing it didn’t take me long to find the voices echoing from one of the side walls. I entered slowly believing that at best we may have to save a woman from an angry ex or something or at least that is what I hoped, something trivial is all I asked for, but the further I walked in the worse her screams got. It pained me to hear those kinds of screams and I knew then that she was being tortured in some way. I moved quickly through the chamber only stopping when I saw glimpses of torches lighting the rest of the way. The woman’s heartbeat was fading and I knew I had to attack now or there would be nothing I could do to help her.



When I came around the corner, I swear if I could throw up, I would have. I was disgusted by what I was witnessing. The human didn’t even know that I was behind him. I have seen a lot of things, but tormenting someone in such a way was unforgivable. I was shaking with madness. Yes I might save a life tonight, but I knew without a doubt that I was sure as hell going to be taking one too.



“Touch her again and I will make sure that you die a painful death.” His eyes told me that he knew what I was, but how would he know that. It didn’t matter, he was dying either way.



“Oh Hey Connor, I found the opening.” What am I going to do with that boy? Tommy, stay where you are.” I hissed, he knew better than to disobey me when I hissed at him. It’s not that I was afraid that the human could hurt him; I was worried about Tommy getting too close to the woman with all that blood. As long as he stayed behind me as I told him too, all would be fine. Now it was time to kill the human.







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Hi Molly,


Hm, I love me some biscuits too, lol. I am back on the fast track to reading your story so do not worry. I know where I left off now. What? lol, you named one of your characters Delilah, lol? That is so cool.



I like the name Delilah. It's a cool name. And she's a cool character, which you will soon find out ;)

Deliah, it is just awesome. I request you not to delete it. I love supernatural stories. Plz update fast

Hi Sukanya,


Wow, I can't believe you gave this a try my all about Bella and Edward fan of mine, lol. I'm so happy that you did and for you to say that it's awesome is well...awesome, lol. It is staying up now. Thank you very much for giving it a try.



OMG. I love it! It's so good, I can't wait to see where it leads :)

Hey Molly,


Really, you liked it? That is great :) Thanks so much for taking a moment to read it.



A mystery! I wonder what they wanted from Amelia, and who/ what are Connor and Tommy?

OH please oh please oh please keep writing!

Hi Keep The Beat,


I am positively going to write more. I'm happy that you liked it. I hope to see you back soon. Thanks for reading.



Hi Seuqnet,


Yes, oh yes, lot's of mystery in this one. I was a little worried if anyone would care for the characters that I've created, but I think I have my answer, lol. Will be writing more soon. Today is all about getting that next chapter to Familiar Strangers under control. See you soon my friend.



D this is just awesome you are awesome loved it

Oh Aarati,


The story is awesome, yes I can agree with that, but me, Nah, lol. I'm so thrilled that you gave it a chance considering, you know. Thanks so much for that.




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