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"You guys are like the perfect couple" Jess says as we both walk threw the alley way to the book store. I luagh every one says that about Edward of course hes the perfect boy friend. He looks like a god! but secretly there was a different reason th....

My thoughts are interupted by Jenn screaming I turn around to a guy eith a knife to her kneck. "What...What are you doing let her go!" He had a mad look in his eyes "LOOK GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT AND YOUR FRIEND HERE WONT GET HURT" i then started breathing hard because I felt him on the back of my neckI felt the wantingspirit that needs to protect me.

"Bella Step Back" I do as he says a little frightend by the snarl on his face not being the only one the attacker quickyly runs but as he does Jenn screams again. Edward runs after the guy as i look to see if Jess is ok. I storke her cheek but then feel something wet. I pull my shaking hand from her and see it is blood.

I then scream "EDWARD" for not more then a second I see the whole Cullen family around me. The only sound you could hear were Jenn choking on her own blood "Please Carlisle help her" He checks her neck "Im sorry Bella its just to much blood loss" I close my eyes still hearing the sound of her choking "Change her" Carlisle shakes his head I plead "Please she cant die" Edward comes to me "Bella thats not such a good Idea "Why!!save her please" Edward slightly nods at him "Ok well if we are going to do this you have to leave Bella and we have to taker to the house"

In a way I was slightly Jealous ,jealous that she was going to get what u had been longing for to become apart of their world.Avampire.I guess it will eventually come and I have to belive


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Oh God!!! that's great!! but that's going to make Bella's life even more complicated!!! but your story is great!!! keep writing please!!
*New Reader*
Bella's life has been a emotional rollercoaster. And now she hears thoughts? WOW.
Please write more soon. I love this fanfic!
Edwards  POV

     I enter the house greeted by Tanya who looked suspicous "Hey Babe how was hunting" I smile hugging her "good could have been better if you were there" Roaslie and Alice come in thinking of some thing to say to Tanya that could set her off I shake my head no. I look at Tanya who is clearly hiding something 
I hope Bella leaves soon 
  I look at her confused "Bella is here" I rush to upstairs to the den.
"what's going on in here" Bella looks at me in a strange way like she actually couldn't stand the site of me like she didn't want to be near me.
I miss her so..
    She smiles as if she knew what I was thinking.
   Carlisle leads me to the living room.
Bellas POV
  I go to outside to take a breath of fresh air while Carlisle told Edward what was happening. I can't belive I can hear Edwards thoughts this is.. So unexpected. 
  My thoughts are interupted when Edward comes out and asked me to go to the meadow with him. 
  "I can't belive this is happening to you I..." I interupted him not able to hold it in any longer "Did you mean it" he looks down "what are you talking about Bella" I look down "in your thoughts you said you missed me,do you" he smirks "you know that I would give anything to hold you in my arms and feel the music that your heart makes" I slightly look at him cheeks red.
Why did you stop there?
I need more!!!!!!
aw cute! plz write more! i'm hooked!
why did you stop
WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
i agree we need more lol
I enjoy this story good job

Destiny Of The Shadows
Chapter 26
    Bella POV
     Edward then looks troubled I ask him what's wrong but I then hear the thoughts aproaching me. Tanya even though she has concieted thoughts she looked worried "what is it Tanya" she looks down "Its a problem Leah is in labor" I stand there shocked "Were are Jacob and Leah" Edward asked "There at their cabain Carlisle has to get a few things so you guys need to get over there" Edward nods. Tanya leaves, Edward turns to me k ocking me out of my daze. "Bella are you okay" I nod "let's go"

     We arrive to Leahs and Jacobs cabain I blow a breath because this was saposed to be me having a baby 2 months ago I hope I can get threw this.
"BELLA!" Jacob shouts as I aproach him "PLEASE come inside Leah is killing me" I quickly go inside as Jacob leads me to I'm guessing their bedroom. When I gt there I hear Leah trying to breath like they instruct you to do at Lamaze class. She looks up confused "Bella what are you doing here AHHH!!" Jacob goes besides her and trus to conceal her "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU DID THIS YOU PATHETIC MUTT!! I flinch at her yelling and then instruct Jacob "Jake go get some ice and crush it please" he looks at me confusedbut leaves any way. Leah just stares at me but then finally talks "You never answerd my question why are you here" I smirk "To help" She stares at me like if she could kill me with herind she could "You act as if you've been through this...." she stops noticing what she just said. I look down remembering that day. "Sorry Bella..." I nod.
        For the past few minutes I made sure she was taking care of, when Carlisle came she actually wanted me to stay with her. Everything was great when we saw the baby bit terror came. When Carlisle said "Everyone I need to work on Leah this I'd to much blood.....

Sorry lol it was a cliffie but I had to do it!!


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