The Twilight Saga

"You guys are like the perfect couple" Jess says as we both walk threw the alley way to the book store. I luagh every one says that about Edward of course hes the perfect boy friend. He looks like a god! but secretly there was a different reason th....

My thoughts are interupted by Jenn screaming I turn around to a guy eith a knife to her kneck. "What...What are you doing let her go!" He had a mad look in his eyes "LOOK GIVE ME WHAT YOU GOT AND YOUR FRIEND HERE WONT GET HURT" i then started breathing hard because I felt him on the back of my neckI felt the wantingspirit that needs to protect me.

"Bella Step Back" I do as he says a little frightend by the snarl on his face not being the only one the attacker quickyly runs but as he does Jenn screams again. Edward runs after the guy as i look to see if Jess is ok. I storke her cheek but then feel something wet. I pull my shaking hand from her and see it is blood.

I then scream "EDWARD" for not more then a second I see the whole Cullen family around me. The only sound you could hear were Jenn choking on her own blood "Please Carlisle help her" He checks her neck "Im sorry Bella its just to much blood loss" I close my eyes still hearing the sound of her choking "Change her" Carlisle shakes his head I plead "Please she cant die" Edward comes to me "Bella thats not such a good Idea "Why!!save her please" Edward slightly nods at him "Ok well if we are going to do this you have to leave Bella and we have to taker to the house"

In a way I was slightly Jealous ,jealous that she was going to get what u had been longing for to become apart of their world.Avampire.I guess it will eventually come and I have to belive


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Chapter 1

It has been just 9 months since that day and it hasnt been the same. Jess has controlled the erge to not kill
or drink human blood and has come back to school but not living with her family who she lied to and said she
needed time alone. The thing is im a outsider and Im jealous of my best friend. She is officaly a member of the
Cullen family and she has the smae gift as edward so they have a special connection.

I sit at the lunch table were I am exluded by pale god and godesses like feauters in the Vampires before me.
Jess and Edward laugh O smile "Whats so funny guys" " wouldnt get it" Jess says sarcastically Alice shakes her head "Its just mind jokes" I sigh grab myu bag and books and leave "Bella.." Jess says

I run to my locker hes alreayd there "Bella whats wrong" Then Alice comes behind him "Edward maybe you should back off' she says I laugh "What did you see Alice,Whats up in the future" She goes to talk but I stop her "Heres the future Edward, Me and you are done ok. now you can be with Jess and you gys can read each other mindsand can have the perfect vampire affair"
I run out going in my tuck I didnt care about skipping calss or anything I just needed to be some were I belonged
Chapter 2
I go to the one place I knew no one would really go to since the weather wasnt that great and The cullens werent allowed La Push. I sit with my head down tears comeing down my face beacuse of love,fear,angriness,jealously,and all the feelings you could feel. "Bella?" I turn around not fully recognizing who called me but my tears then unblurred my vision "Jake!!"

With Edward....
"What Alice,Where is she" Alice came out of her vision."Shes at La Push but before I could see what she was doing it became unclear" He puts his face in his hands "Shes with a mutt"
good chapter!
Chapter 3
"Hey Bella" I go to hug him "Jake... Oh my god your back". He hugs me tightly something that Edward hadnt done in weeks. I sniffle trying to hide my tears "Bells why are you crying" I stop the hug wiping my tears and turn my back to him "Im not" I hear him snicker "You are still that strong Bella I love, Always trying to be tough" I turn to him happy I had my best friend back "When are you going to allow your self to be weak so you can be swept off of your feet" I shake my head "Oh...Jake"

Thunder sounded and the rain started to pour "Come on" Jacob says we rush to my truck as he lets me in "Ill flollow you to your house" I nod. As I go home I smile at what he said. He said it as is he had feelings for me. Eww hes like my borther I could never think of him like that.

I park my car and so does he I noticed that Charlie is here.We run in the hous to prevent getting soaked. "I wonder whats he doing here,Hes saposed to be at work,but hell be excited to see you" I smile. I go upstairs "DAD" i wonder were he is i think as i open his room door I see my mom and him on top of each other "OH GOD" i run down stairs "Whats wrong Bella" Jacob says "I... Im scarred for the rest of my life" "Why" Charlie then comes down in a robe "Bells" Then my mom follows hair all over the place "Oh I see why" Jacob says laughing "Mom what are you doing here.....with..with dad in.." I sigh "I cant even say it just explain" "Well me and Phil have been fighting and I just cant take it I thought I would come here to visit you to coll down but me and your dad had a few glasses of wine and..." I grab Jakes hand and I lead him upstairs "OH EWW" i hear my dad say "Good to see you Jake" "You to" We go in my room while Jacob laughs "Its not funny" With out thinking about what happen I finally take a look at Jacob he dosent look that bad kind of Beautiful.
love it
it is real good please add me so i can keep up thanks
Keep Writing!! Please I love this One Its Interesting!

-Jocelny "Cassie" Lautner
Chapter 4
"I dont belive this Jake" I sit on the bed as he continues to laugh "Hey its fine" he says "Yeah but Ive been meaning to ask, What are you doing back you just disapeared" He looks down "Sorry about that,Its just..." I look at him seriously "Well what if I told you something" "You can tell me any thing" "I cant really tell you....but just know Ive changed from the time i left"

The Next Day...
I go to my locker to get my books while I see Jessica and Edward waiting for us "So hey Its the perfect couple" They both look at each other "Bella I promise ou nothing is going on" It was a lie I could see it in he crisp yellow eyes.
Jessicas Pov
I admit I have feelings for Edward but Bella is over reacting I feel badbecause smething did happen last night.
*Flash back*
"Looks like we cant find her" Edward says "Yeah" I say as we sit on the couch of his room "Maybe this is meant to be" He shakes his head "What do you mean" "OH come on Edward its obvious our temptation has run its course" I didnt know what got ino me but I felt a since of power as I became a new me the fire in my throat burned not for the thirst of blood but for the taste if Edward.
I throw my self on top of him kissing him he pushed me forcing me to fall "I cant...Bella already excpects..." I hop up jumping on him "Dont fight this"
I jump back to reality what we did was wrong but I needed it "Edward can I talk to you" He slightly nods "What we did was wrong, I want to tell you that I apoligize I seduced you at a time you were fragile.." We werent meant to sleep together...
My sentence stops as I see Bella and hear her thoughts behind me.
Chapter 5
I cant belive this they slept together "I knew it" I say crying uncontrollably I go to my truck blinded by the tears welded in my eyes. I go to jacob and Billys house knowing Billy was out I knock on the door.
"Bella" I then kissed him with passion as tears slid down my face "Bel..." I kiss him again "Shut up, I ve noticed some thing while you were gone and what just happend justified it" "Wh..." "It dosent matter,remember what you told me at La Push im ready to be weak the only thing is will you be there" "Why now Bella" I look in his eyes "because...because... I love you god dammit... I ve loved you Jacob Black since..." my sentence is then disguised with a kiss " I love you to" he says " I have to tell you what made me feel this way" "Dont worry I can smell it on you" I smirk "What do you mean" Bella Im a..."
more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
an look at the pic
this story is very interesting!
i mean edward and jessica?? its just wow.
i love this story so far!
can't wait to read more.


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