The Twilight Saga


Chapter 1

There comes a time where change should arise. There comes a time when a person should choose their destiny. I chose my destiny a few years ago. After Edward Cullen left me in the woods I realized that I needed a change in path. I needed a change in destiny. Remembering those days always gives me shivers up my spine. They will always be close to my heart but, I have learned to also let go and move on.

A few months after my deep, deep depression, I realized I needed a change of scenery. I ended up moving to Jacksonville with my mother and Phil again. As much as I felt bad for leaving Charlie, I knew he would be in good hands back in Forks. My mother was thrilled to have me back again. I ended up making new friends and even joining the drama department as an actress. Since then, I have decided to major in film production at New York University.

Now, I am a new woman. My hair is longer, my fashion sense has changed dramatically and I’m not depressed from Edward and the rest of the Cullens leaving me anymore. Alice would be so proud of me and I’m sure the rest of the Cullens would as well. Especially Edward. Enough about them though. Today, I am going to my favorite coffee spot near my campus, Think Coffee. They make amazing Iced Coffee.

I remember when I first came to New York. I thought that it would be terrible getting around campus with all these people and everything but, it really isn’t as bad as I thought. I actually have come to love the city. There is so much to do and you’re almost never bored. When I first discovered this little café I fell in love. They make amazing muffins and coffee. I try to come every morning for my coffee and blueberry muffin.

It is Winter here in New York so I take my mittens and hat off as I walk into the café. I am wearing jeans, knee high boots with a subtle heel and a red, turtle neck sweater with a black pea coat along with my laptop and book bag. Winter in New York in beautiful. Christmas is coming soon and the Christmas lights are all up and lit. I’ve been very anxious to go ice skating but, I haven’t gotten around to it. This Sophomore year has just been so busy.

As soon as I walk into the café I see the huge line. Sighing, I get into the end of the line. This would take so long. Of course though Massie notices me and saves the day. “Bella! I have your coffee and muffin over here girly!”

I smile and walk over to her.

“Hey! Get to the back of the line! We’ve been waiting forever!”

“Girl, let me get your number cutie!”

“You, girl, get behind us. You just walked in!”

“Hey!” Massie says “Why don’t you all shut your mouths because this girl is Isabella Swan, movie producer.”

Suddenly, everyone started shushing down and I reached Massie at the granite counter tops. “You didn’t have to do that, Mass.”

“Yes I did, you have your big play auditions today! Show those auditioners that they can only be the biggest and best to be apart of a Bella Swan production.”

“Auditioners?” I asked taking a sip of coffee.

“Shut up and enjoy your freaking coffee.” Massie said.

I smiled and looked around. “Get to work before you get fired by Josh.”

“Josh wouldn’t fire me.” Massie said “He dated you. He wouldn’t dare go through your wrath of pain.”

“Oh god Massie please, please don’t tell me he’s pulling that again.” I said.

“Oh he is.” Massie said smiling.

I rolled my eyes. “I better go before he tries talking to me. I would have to burn my brain after.”

“Whatever Bella. Good luck!”

I nodded. “Thanks again!”

Turning around I walked past a few people who stared at me and one girl who gave me her portfolio. People think I’m so big but, I’m not. I just work with the play productions at the school. Walking outside I ran into something though.

“Woah!” I said making sure my coffee and bags didn’t fall.

“Oh miss, I’m so sorry I-“

“Oh my god.” I said looking up. “You…it’s you. I…”

“Bella.” Edward said. “Is that….is that you?”

I saw Massie staring at me. She was clueless about who this was.

“Edward…you’re…you’re….you’re warm.” I said studdering. “oh my god, Edward, you’re…no, no this isn’t really you.” I said walking away almost tripping in the process.

“Bella!” Edward called after me. “Wait, wait up!”

Edward ran after me looking as gorgeous as ever. His green eyes were sparkling, his arms chiseled under the jacket he was wearing and probably designer shoes and jeans.

“No! No” I said walking away. “I can’t…I can’t talk to you.”

“And why not?” Edward asked

“Because you left me and I almost died.” I said a little too harshly.

“Bella, you’re being dramatic.” Edward said.

“No, no I’m not. I’m not being dramatic. I hate it when people say that Edward. Edward, just get away. Please, just…I have to go to work. I’m so confused right now…” I would’ve tripped over the auditorium steps if Edward didn’t catch me.

“Aren’t you wondering why I’m….like this?” Edward asked.

“I could care less as to why you’re human.” I said “I don’t care anymore. You left me. You didn’t want me anymore. Get away from me Edward.”

I ran up the steps to the Auditorium and with one look back I watched as Edward sighed and rubbed his hands together.

“He’s cold.” I thought. “Edward Cullen is cold.”

Then, he walked away back to the café like nothing ever happened and me…I walked away like I never saw anyone named Edward Cullen in my life.

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Awwww Edwards human... But HOW??????!?!?!?!?? Plz more this sounds cool....

omg yes plz add me as a friend i love this!!!!!!!


OMG... Love it!!!
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WOW. one word: AMAZING.


Hey guys! I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in over a month! I'm SO sorry. I've been very busy with work and vacations and just life but, I'm back on track and will start writing this story. Again, I'm just really sorry.
                                                                                       Chapter 2

I started running down the hallway to the auditorium. I was actually early. Why was I doing this though? I have no idea. I just felt like I needed to runaway. I needed to run away from all the pain I had before. The auditorium was on my right and I decided to walk in. It was dark. No one as here yet. I turned the lights on and walked slowly along the velvet red chairs.

Never have I been so nervous. Edward Cullen is back in town. Why though? Why is he here and is he human? I wanted answers yet, I could care less. He left me, I didn’t leave him.

I turned the light of the front wooden table and pulled out one of the 5 chairs. Looking around I spotted the piano and smiled. I set down all my things and left them at my chair. All I could think about was playing that tune….that beautiful tune that I love.  Starting off I played a few notes then, somehow, words started coming out and I started…singing.

I’ve heard it said,
that people come
Into our lives,
for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
and we are lead
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better, but..
Because I knew you
I have been changed for good.

Then, the unexpected happened. I heard someone. I didn’t know who but, I heard someone start singing beautifully from the doors of the auditorium. The voice…the voice was masculine, beautiful. Yet, I felt like I knew it. I knew that voice….from where though?

It well may be, that we will never meet again in this lifetime
So let me say before we part,
So much of me…is made of what I learned from you..
You’ll be with me…like a handprint on my hear
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have rewritten mine by being me friend

We started singing together and finally he started walking down the aisles of the auditorium, still singing so beautifully. I recognized him from somewhere but, I just couldn’t figure out where. Finally, I saw him, I saw him in the light and I stood up and gasped. Someone tapped on my shoulder and motioned for him to sit where I was.

 I stood in the middle of the stage and looked at him. He was wearing a dress shirt, jeans and a black skinny tie. It was Christopher. We dated before I dated Josh and then again after I dated Josh. I saw his sister, Taylor with him playing the tune to my favorite song on guitar. I stood up and blushed. He had a single pink rose.  Then, I heard him singing….that singing…one of the reasons I dated him again. His singing is so beautiful. He started to sing Everything by Tyler Ward. (A.N Look after this chapter for my explanation on Tyler Ward if you have never heard of him before.)

Chris was walking towards me…getting closer and closer and handed me the rose.  The song was finishing up and I was considering leaving but, I needed to stay here for the director. He handed me the rose and smiled.

“Bella, It’s been awhile.”

“It has been.” I said “Why, why are you here?”
“I wanted to know if you would do me the honor of going to watch me, Christopher Darrell, on Broadway this weekend…and go out to dinner with me after.”

“Broadway?!” I asked in awe “Oh Chris, that’s awesome. Congratulations!” I said and hugged him. “What play are you going to be in?”

He smiled. “Wicked.”

I gasped and hit his arm. “You jerk. I’ve wanted to meet the producers of Wicked for so long now! You know me. I may be only a sophomore in college but, I have a lot of potential.”

“You do, you do.” He laughed. “But, I actually have to go, I have rehearsals.”

“You couldn’t ask me this over the phone or later?” I asked.

“You know me.” Chris said “Always late and never talking on the phone.”

I smiled. “I do know you. Now go!”

Chris hugged me then him and his sister, friend and him left. I sat down on my chair in front of the stage and he opened the door again.

“By the way, the producers said they’ll meet with you after the show! Be prepared!” He shouted into the auditorium.

I gasped and watched him laugh as he left. “This is it.” I said “My big break.”


“Ahhhhh, Isabella Swan! Glad to see you back here again!”

I smiled as Mr.Stien looked at me. He was the director of this play. He’s always thought of me as a big help to the theatre department.

“I’m glad to be back Sir.” I said. “Should we get started?”

“Ah, yes, yes indeed…everyone! Everyone! Your attention please.” The chatter in the crowd started to simmer down. “Now, we are going to start the auditions. First up is..”

“Louis Lowmer.” I said.

Louis stood up and walked to the stage.

“Now let us take our seats, Bella, Marie, Jeff, Gerry…” Mr.Stien said.

All the people auditioning for the play were doing great. There was a lot of talent and potential but, of course only a few people would be able to have a part in the play. It was almost 4:00pm and auditions started at noon. So many decisions had to be made before 4pm.

“Okay, are you ready to post the list?” I said waiting for it to print.

“Yes.” Mr.Stien said holding some sort of stick. ”The list of golden opportunities.” He said taking it from the printer. “I will go hang this up. You are all dismissed.”

“Thank you Sir.” We all said.

I grabbed my things and walked out of the auditorium. “Oh man…” I said walking outside. Traffic was terrible. I guess I would have to just walk back to my apartment. At least money would be saved. I started to make my way to the apartment complex. Massie was my roommate. Suddenly, my path was crossed with some limousines and coat hangers….Fashion Week.

“Gosh…” I said “This is going to be a long week.”

I tried making my way along the sidewalk past all the crowding people trying to get a glimpse inside the runway when I noticed something…a short girl staring at me. She was very petite, she had straight short, choppy hair and green eyes….I thought she looked familiar but, I didn’t know until she came closer to me. The girl embraced me in a hug and without thinking, I hugged her back.

“It’s good to see you again Bella.” She said.

“Alice…” I said “Why…how? How are you warm?”

“Can we go somewhere so I can talk to you?” She asked.

“I don’t know…” I said “I…Alice, I can’t forgive him for what happened…should I still talk to you?”

Winking at me she said “Well, we can’t predict the future so, why not give it a shot.”

“Alice…” I said looking past her “Is that….that’s…”

A girl with long blonde hair and loads of shopping bags came forward. “Alice!” She called “Alice! Someone asked if I could come model next week at the….” She came to a stop and starred at me.

“You…” she said “You….” She came towards me and I could’ve sworn I saw a tear come down her cheek. She embraced me in a hug. “Bella, can we talk?”

I sighed. “Come on you guys. Massie’s working late tonight. We have two and a half hours tops.”

(Alright everyone Tyler Ward is an amazing YouTube artist. Listen to his songs and check out the one I mentioned in the story. It's so good and he's very talented.)

Oh and, please reply abotu the story :) Sorry for the wait.



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