The Twilight Saga


Imagine you are a newborn vampire that refuses to drink human blood. Who would be the first coven you would want to find? The Cullen's, of course.

Join Evelyn, Morgan, Scarlett and Crimson's journey to a better immortal life in my story 'Diamond Embrace'. Love, hate, revenge and war is guaranteed. (With many original characters of my own, including Stephenie Meyer's incredible Cullen's and Volturi!) 




Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, 

But still miraculously my own. 
Never forget for a single minute, 
you didn't grow under my heart - but in it.






Chapter One: Transformation


My husband, Morgan, and I were happily married and lived in a very small town in the countryside called Shepley. Morgan was a great lawyer and was very dedicated to his job, meaning that he spent a lot of his time away from home. I didn’t mind this because the only goal I had was to be a devoted wife.


On a very ordinary Sunday morning; I was cooking breakfast for Morgan when I felt a breeze coming from the back-door. It was strange but I didn’t put much thought into simply closing it again. A cold hand quickly wrapped around my throat as I heard a whisper

“I’m sorry.”

Before I could respond, cold, hard teeth had penetrated the side of my neck; I felt paralysed. I could see everything around me, but none of it mattered as the excruciating burn that filled my body consumed every thought. Death seemed so close, so unavoidable. I welcomed it. I stopped screaming long enough to hear my husband shriek

“NO! Don’t leave me Evelyn, you can’t! Not now!”

I had to survive for him. I had to put every ounce of energy left into fighting whatever was taking over me. Morgan needed me to live. I pushed myself to the limit, and then passed out.









I must have been unconscious for a long time as it was the middle of the night when I awoke. I still had the burning sensation in my throat, but it was no longer as painful. I needed to drink something to quench this unbearable thirst and I could tell that water wouldn’t quite satisfy me. At what seemed to be precisely the wrong time, Morgan came back into the room. His mouth dropped slightly as he took in my appearance but quickly rearranged his shock into a sweet smile. Did I look that bad?


My throat seized up immediately when his scent surrounded me. I lunged towards him to get closer to his delicious aroma. In just a fraction of a second, my instincts took over; I sunk my teeth into his wrist and began to suck the warm blood from his veins. It was the most horrific thing I had ever done, yet it felt so natural. No, I would not allow my husband to die. I pulled back before he was completely drained and stared at his weak body. A small moan escaped his lips, I had become a monster. I refused to drink anyone else’s life away so I ran as far as I could to escape what I had done.


Three days later, I smelt something strange. I was drawn back to the house when his screaming ended. I didn’t get far when I ran from Morgan, something inside me told me he was going to survive. I just knew it! Walking through my front door, I was met by a loving, yet bone-crushing, embrace from him.

“Evelyn! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting here forever for you! What’s happened to us?” he panicked. Of course I couldn’t answer that question, I was just grateful that he had survived.

“I don’t know Morgan. I was bitten and then I woke up like this. I’m sorry I bit you, I just couldn’t help it! That’s why I ran away; I was scared I would hurt you again.” I replied, staring at the ground.


He lifted my chin up and looked at me with nothing but love. I was glad he wasn’t angry at me, but I didn’t deserve his forgiveness. That’s when I realised his eyes had changed colour, they were…red? With a quick glance at him, I realised why my husband had stared at me for so long when I had woken up. He was magnificent. His skin sparkled like diamonds as the light from the window hit him. His facial features were more defined, yet strangely similar to what they had been like before. The wild mess of blonde hair on his head still looked perfect. Were we gods? I wondered.

Eager to see what I looked like, I ran to the nearest mirror. The reflection looked like me but at the same time, looked nothing like me. The woman I could see was breathtakingly beautiful. Her eyes, like Morgan’s, were blood red and were framed by thick lashes. Her long black hair was thick, lustrous and shiny. I detested my large body before but I could see that my voluptuous curves had been a blessing rather than a curse in my new reflection. My body was perfectly proportioned. Morgan stood beside me and at that moment it was obvious that we were made for each other.


“We should leave, Ev” he announced, dragging me back to reality.

“Yes, I suppose we should” I sighed. I would miss everything, my parents, my friends and ultimately, my home. We soon decided to leave Shepley to seek others of our kind (whatever that was). 






I will post more soon! Please comment and tell me what you think! :)

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This caught my attention!

You really describe things with meaning :))

Please keep me updated ^^


- LoveCookkies

Thank you so much! This took me a very long time to write, but its very enjoyable :)

Add me as a friend and i'll definitely make sure you know when I post new chapters! x

I really like it please write more soon!

Chapter 2: Acquaintances



As we explored England in all its beauty, we discovered that we didn’t have to kill humans to feed. We could drink animal blood. Relief washed over both of us at this revelation. We were able to blend in more around others after this, as our eye colour changed to an odd shade of gold that wasn’t noticed as much as the red.


A few years later, we came across two others of our kind, Scarlett and Crimson. They were complete opposites. Scarlett was rather short, 5ft 3 at the most, and had dark red hair that sat just below her shoulders. She didn’t smile much and seemed to take things very seriously. Crimson was much taller, perhaps about 5ft 10, and had very wavy blonde hair that fell straight down her back. She didn’t seem the serious type and she radiated happiness.


I asked if they knew what we had become and they explained we were Vampires (or as they called us ‘Immortals’) All of this time I was convinced we were gods when we were actually the worst kind of monster. How could we have missed something so obvious? We knew we needed blood to survive but we assumed we were changed into something a little more…glamorous? I guess I would just have to get used to this fact as it didn’t look like we could do anything about what we were now. But it still didn’t make me feel any better.


I soon became curious of how they were changed because the only other vampires that I knew were my husband and I. I needed to know more about our world but didn’t want to scare off anyone who could potentially become good friends.

“Sorry if I’m being incredibly rude, but how exactly were you changed?” I asked one day. I hoped they weren’t offended.

“I was going to ask you the same question, so I’m not offended.”  Scarlett replied, obviously not comfortable with the choice of subject, which made me feel even more horrible.

“Well, my cousin and I were at a party when we decided to step outside for some air. Before we even had a chance to blink we were dragged off into the woods by a beautiful man with red eyes. I thought I was already dead, and that he was an angel taking me to heaven. I couldn’t have been more wrong.” She sighed. Crimson jumped in to finish the story.

“We don’t remember much after that except the fire we felt, but once we woke up, we were like this. We’ve met a few others of our kind in our travels, and that’s how we found out we were Vampires, but mostly, we’ve been travelling alone.”


They were so young; it wasn’t fair that they were taken away from all of their loved ones when they were barely adults themselves. I found it odd how Crimson seemed to very much enjoy being a Vampire, but maybe this life wasn’t as bad as Morgan and I originally thought.

“Oh that’s terrible, I’m so sorry for you. May I ask how old you both are?” I wondered.

“Thank you, but it was a long time ago I suppose. I was 19 when I was changed but I’d say I’m about 30 now. We don’t really keep a close count on time you see so we can’t be one hundred percent sure.” Scarlett shrugged.
“It’s not such a terrible tragedy being a Vampire you know Evelyn! There are many perks to being an immortal. I am sure you will have much fun. I’m only 2 years younger than Scarlett; I was changed when I was just 17.” Crimson smiled.


When we told them that we didn’t want to harm humans and that we lived off animal blood, they didn’t seem to mind and we were very surprised at their response.

“OH!” Crimson exclaimed, “We’ve only ever heard of one other coven that drink animal blood and they are a pretty odd bunch. There are 8 of them, all couples apparently. The last we heard they were relocating to England from North America.”

“Do you think we could meet them?” Morgan sounded pretty excited at the prospect.

“Well, I don’t see why not. I’m very curious about your, shall we say, ‘vegetarian’ lifestyle.” Scarlett replied shrugging.

“You up for it Crimson?” Crimson beamed from ear to ear in response.

“YES! Life around here is getting boring lately anyway.”


For the next few weeks we continually searched for any clues that could lead us to them. We read all the newspapers to see if there were any strange animal killings, we even asked around to see if anyone had seen a new, large and beautiful family in town. All of our efforts were pinned on finding the large coven and I, for one, could not wait to meet and question fellow vegetarian immortals.

That's horrible, got bitten by a vampire and left alone.

Don't tell me that they are going to meet the Cullens?

Keep it up ^^


- LoveCookkies

Yeah I know :( 

But you'll have to wait and seeee! 

Thanks x

It really good :)

Post soon!!

Chapter Three: Accidents happen


We could smell the blood the instant it was spilled. The screams of horror came much later. Our instincts to feed should have taken over and sent us into a frenzy of thirst, but perhaps years of vegetarianism had its advantages as we only wanted to find and help whoever was bleeding such a deathly amount.


After years of it only being four of us together, it was very strange meeting other vampires. When we got to the scene, three immortals were already carrying away the two victims of the accident. This enraged Morgan, who shouted

“You can’t just grab your meals from the streets in public! At least show some discretion. They are young and helpless for goodness sake! Oh, but I suppose you’re going to say that you’re ending they’re suffer-“

“No. We are trying to help, and wasting time is not beneficial for their health, wouldn’t you agree?” the physically oldest replied.

“Helping? HELPING? They are on the brink of death and you’re telling me that this-“he gestured toward the largest member carrying the two teenagers, “is helping?”

“I know what you’re thinking, Morgan, but this is not what it looks like. We really are trying to save them, by changing them into one of us.” The bronze-haired male smiled. How did he know Morgan’s name? And what else did he know?


And then we noticed their eyes. They were gold, just like ours!

“You’re the Cullen’s!” Crimson shrieked whilst spinning around Scarlett in glee.

“You know of us?” the eldest tilted his head in confusion.

“They have been searching for us for a long time, haven’t you Evelyn?”The bronze-haired male looked directly at me “Trying to find another vegetarian coven like theirs.” He took a step forward and held out his hand in a friendly gesture “My name is Edward Cullen and this is my father, Carlisle” he said pointing to the eldest behind him.


Before any of us could even think of a response, and we could have done that very fast, the immortal carrying the two bodies spoke

“Carlisle, could we at least take this conversation indoors? These two aren’t getting any better!” his brows furrowed, showing his frustration and worry.

“Oh yes, yes of course! Would you mind coming back to our home? We can continue our introductions there. I need to make my patients more comfortable.” We followed him through the forest...

Haha i love morgan's fury.


Chapter four: First impressions


The minute we stepped out of the trees, Morgan and I froze in disbelief. Their house was the most magnificent piece of architecture we had ever seen. It was as grand as Buckingham Palace but with less rust and more glass. It had to have at least twenty bedrooms; if not more. I thought that the main rule of being a Vampire was not to give who we are away? But the Cullen’s obviously didn’t mind being known and being out in the open.


The oldest, Carlisle, as the strong one called him, interrupted my chain of thoughts.

“If you would just step inside there,” he said pointing towards the gargantuan door in front of us

“And I’m sure my wife Esme will help you with anything you need.”

His smile seemed so genuine, so caring, that it was hard to imagine that someone so kind could be such a monstrous being. Although it did not seem that the Cullen’s let being vampires, such a minor detail, stop them from acting almost...human.


Crimson was the first to walk through the door and enter the house. I say walk, but really she skipped with Scarlett’s hand tight in her own, her excitement so obvious. I loved seeing them happy, after all the years travelling with them, I grew to care and worry about them just as any parent would.

“Are you Esme?” Crimson asked the beautiful woman, who looked like she was only in her mid-twenties.

“Yes my name is Esme. Alice told me you would be coming soon. I’m so very glad that you have decided to come and visit our family, it has been so long since we last had immortal company. May I ask your names?”

She walked towards us with such grace; such purpose, that it was extremely hard not to stare at her. I hoped I looked that graceful when I moved, but somehow I doubted this. It was Morgan who stepped forward to answer her question.

“My name is Morgan Sweets and this is my wife Evelyn and our two very dear friends Scarlett and Crimson. We have been searching for your family for a very long time; it is very nice to finally meet you! But who is this Alice you speak of? And how did she know of our arrival?” I wondered the same thing.

Esme giggled at the question, as if it was the silliest thing in the world to ask.

“Alice is one of my adopted daughters, that has the gift of seeing future events, so naturally she knew of your arrival before anyone else! Now sit down and make yourselves comfortable while I gather up the rest of my family.”


Gifts?  So not only did we have super speed, super strength, amazing eyesight and incredible hearing, but we also had ‘gifts’? Maybe that would explain how the other immortal, Edward, knew that we were searching for them. I definitely needed to see this for myself.


We sat in their very grand living room for a few minutes, cringing whenever we heard screams coming from one of the rooms upstairs, but mostly looking around in awe at their amazing home. I couldn’t wait to learn more about our kind and maybe even ask Alice if she could see what my gift was.


I could feel Crimson shaking with excitement beside me on the sofa, and I felt like shaking as well. Who knew that my life would be like this? I certainly didn’t. Yet it was perfect as it was, at that moment. In an amazing home, with a gorgeous husband and two sweet girls to share all the new experiences with.

keep going!


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