The Twilight Saga


Imagine you are a newborn vampire that refuses to drink human blood. Who would be the first coven you would want to find? The Cullen's, of course.

Join Evelyn, Morgan, Scarlett and Crimson's journey to a better immortal life in my story 'Diamond Embrace'. Love, hate, revenge and war is guaranteed. (With many original characters of my own, including Stephenie Meyer's incredible Cullen's and Volturi!) 




Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, 

But still miraculously my own. 
Never forget for a single minute, 
you didn't grow under my heart - but in it.






Chapter One: Transformation


My husband, Morgan, and I were happily married and lived in a very small town in the countryside called Shepley. Morgan was a great lawyer and was very dedicated to his job, meaning that he spent a lot of his time away from home. I didn’t mind this because the only goal I had was to be a devoted wife.


On a very ordinary Sunday morning; I was cooking breakfast for Morgan when I felt a breeze coming from the back-door. It was strange but I didn’t put much thought into simply closing it again. A cold hand quickly wrapped around my throat as I heard a whisper

“I’m sorry.”

Before I could respond, cold, hard teeth had penetrated the side of my neck; I felt paralysed. I could see everything around me, but none of it mattered as the excruciating burn that filled my body consumed every thought. Death seemed so close, so unavoidable. I welcomed it. I stopped screaming long enough to hear my husband shriek

“NO! Don’t leave me Evelyn, you can’t! Not now!”

I had to survive for him. I had to put every ounce of energy left into fighting whatever was taking over me. Morgan needed me to live. I pushed myself to the limit, and then passed out.









I must have been unconscious for a long time as it was the middle of the night when I awoke. I still had the burning sensation in my throat, but it was no longer as painful. I needed to drink something to quench this unbearable thirst and I could tell that water wouldn’t quite satisfy me. At what seemed to be precisely the wrong time, Morgan came back into the room. His mouth dropped slightly as he took in my appearance but quickly rearranged his shock into a sweet smile. Did I look that bad?


My throat seized up immediately when his scent surrounded me. I lunged towards him to get closer to his delicious aroma. In just a fraction of a second, my instincts took over; I sunk my teeth into his wrist and began to suck the warm blood from his veins. It was the most horrific thing I had ever done, yet it felt so natural. No, I would not allow my husband to die. I pulled back before he was completely drained and stared at his weak body. A small moan escaped his lips, I had become a monster. I refused to drink anyone else’s life away so I ran as far as I could to escape what I had done.


Three days later, I smelt something strange. I was drawn back to the house when his screaming ended. I didn’t get far when I ran from Morgan, something inside me told me he was going to survive. I just knew it! Walking through my front door, I was met by a loving, yet bone-crushing, embrace from him.

“Evelyn! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting here forever for you! What’s happened to us?” he panicked. Of course I couldn’t answer that question, I was just grateful that he had survived.

“I don’t know Morgan. I was bitten and then I woke up like this. I’m sorry I bit you, I just couldn’t help it! That’s why I ran away; I was scared I would hurt you again.” I replied, staring at the ground.


He lifted my chin up and looked at me with nothing but love. I was glad he wasn’t angry at me, but I didn’t deserve his forgiveness. That’s when I realised his eyes had changed colour, they were…red? With a quick glance at him, I realised why my husband had stared at me for so long when I had woken up. He was magnificent. His skin sparkled like diamonds as the light from the window hit him. His facial features were more defined, yet strangely similar to what they had been like before. The wild mess of blonde hair on his head still looked perfect. Were we gods? I wondered.

Eager to see what I looked like, I ran to the nearest mirror. The reflection looked like me but at the same time, looked nothing like me. The woman I could see was breathtakingly beautiful. Her eyes, like Morgan’s, were blood red and were framed by thick lashes. Her long black hair was thick, lustrous and shiny. I detested my large body before but I could see that my voluptuous curves had been a blessing rather than a curse in my new reflection. My body was perfectly proportioned. Morgan stood beside me and at that moment it was obvious that we were made for each other.


“We should leave, Ev” he announced, dragging me back to reality.

“Yes, I suppose we should” I sighed. I would miss everything, my parents, my friends and ultimately, my home. We soon decided to leave Shepley to seek others of our kind (whatever that was). 






I will post more soon! Please comment and tell me what you think! :)

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love it so far plz finish n keep me updated

Thank you so much! 
The next chapter will be up v.soon :)

Chapter Five: Introductions


It was not long before the entire Cullen family was with us. All 11 of them!

Of course we knew that there were eight of them, four couples. But we did not expect the three other family members when Carlisle introduced them to us.

“Well as you know, I am Carlisle Cullen, the oldest of us here and this is my wife Esme, whom you have met. These are my children; Emmet and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice and Edward and Bella. And this is their daughter Renesmee and her husband Jacob Black. And last but not least, my great-grand son Jacob-Jasper Seth Black, or JJ.”


We stood in silence for a very long time while we took in the scene before us. I could not keep my eyes off Renesmee, Jacob and JJ. They were the strangest family I had ever seen. Or heard. They all had heartbeats! I could hear them, we all could and I needed to understand why.


Renesmee was absolutely stunning, to say the least. She must have been only seventeen in appearance. Her golden curls hung way below her waist, her slightly sparkling skin, different to the skin of a normal immortal, shimmered under the lights and strangest of all; she had deep chocolate-brown eyes that definitely were not those of any immortal I had ever seen.


JJ looked a lot like his father, Jacob, but also had some of the qualities of an immortal that you would expect. He had very tanned, yet still slightly sparkling skin, dark hair and thick eyelashes that covered the same deep brown eyes as his mother. And he looked about twelve, far too old to be the son of a seventeen year old girl.


I couldn’t explain Jacob. He did not sparkle, and he didn’t have any qualities of a Vampire, yet he still seemed like he was more than a mere human in appearance, as I could feel his above-average temperature in the air between us.


“I see you have noticed that my small family and I are not like the rest of the immortal beings here.” Renesmee answered many of the questions in all of our minds, her voice intelligent and calm, understanding our confusion.

“No, I am not an immortal. I am what you may call, a hybrid. My mother, Bella, conceived and carried me when she was still human, making me half human and half vampire. My husband is a shape shifter, often taking the form of a wolf, and my son is a little bit of everything” she laughed at her words.

“JJ is part human, part immortal and part shape shifter and despite what you may think, he is only 8 years old and I am 30, while my husband is almost 50.”



(Sorry for the wait! It took me a while to get the ages right! Please tell others about my story! I really would like more readers and comments :]) 

I love it thanks for the link! Also thanks for reading my fan-fic Caught you! Send me updates, and I'll send you updates!
nice....Jake is 50?!!!!
No problem! Of course I will :) 

Well, remember that Renesmee was going to be a fully grown adult just 6 years after Breaking Dawn.. and Jacob was already 16 at that point.. So he would have been 22. Then Renesmee became pregnant 9 years before she turned 30..(not physically of course as neither of them age) So Jake was still 16 years older than her.. making him almost 50 when JJ was 8 :)

Next chapter will be up v.soon!
Thanks for reading x
ah ha......hey I updated Blinding Dawn

Chapter Six: Destiny


We all noticed the strange looks between JJ and Scarlett. He stared at her with such intensity that it scared me. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said he was an infatuated little boy, but I didn’t think much of it until Jacob gasped, shook his head and whispered to his wife

“He’s imprinted on her”

“Erm, excuse me Jacob, but what exactly does ‘imprinted’ mean? Because I don’t really appreciate your son staring at her like that.” I asked, curious.

Next thing I knew, the entire Cullen family were in hysterics, their peeling laughs so loud and prominent that I was surprised the neighbours didn’t wonder what was going on...JJ blushed and hid behind his mother’s leg. What was going on?


Jacob answered “Sorry Evelyn, he doesn’t mean to be rude. You see, us shape shifters have a way of...well, falling in love at first sight, only much, much stronger than that. That’s what happened between me and Renesmee and I think that is what just happened between your friend Scarlett and my son.”


Scarlett had not screamed in a very long time, so when she did, Morgan, Crimson and I all knew to cover our ears, as her screams often caused the people who heard it to freeze temporarily. And that is exactly what happened. Every single member of the Cullen family had frozen in the exact position that they were in. I knew what was coming...


“He’s fallen in love with me? How can this be happening? He’s 8!  I don’t need this. I’m DEAD for goodness sake! I DONT NEED THIS! I mean, I kinda felt something for him back there, but that’s wrong, isn’t it? Crimson, help me out here!”

“I actually think it’s kind of sweet. You need to lighten up Scar! This is what our family needs, a chance to settle down and call some place home. And you and JJ being together could bring us that.”

Family. Crimson called us a family. I loved the sound of that. It almost made me regret not having children in my human life; I would have been a good mother. But at least I had the girls in this life.

We let Scarlett ramble for as long as she needed to, while we sat back down on the sofa and nodded in the appropriate places, making her feel like she was right.  The freeze eventually wore off, bringing the Cullen’s back to the present, obviously a little ruffled by what happened. But they did not need any explanations, apparently, as Alice had already informed them of Scarlett’s ‘gift’ before entering the room, so they knew what to expect, yet they had simply forgotten to shut their ears when they heard her scream. 

Hope you liked reading it as much as I loved writing it! :)

Chapter Seven: New life


We all decided that it would be best if we let Scarlett and JJ have some alone time to sort out their...relationship issues.So they went up to his room while Carlisle said that we could use his office to properly introduce ourselves and talk to the family while he stayed in the room next door with the two victims of the accident. This made me realise just how much time had gone past since we first met the Cullen’s, two and a half days to be exact, meaning there was only a few hours left of their transformations, the poor dears. So much had happened in such a small period of time, but I guess that was bound to happen when we didn’t need to sleep...or eat.


I was the first to ask a question

“Alice, I was wondering if you had seen me using a gift in the future? I mean, do I have one?” It was a long shot, but I really wanted to know.

“I have seen many things about your small family, Evelyn, but I’m afraid that none of the events include you having a gift.” So I was doomed to be like this, frozen forever, with no special power to keep me entertained or make this life even a little better. Great.


“It’s not all bad you know” Edward answered my thoughts “If you have somebody to love, like I have my wife Bella and you have Morgan. Don’t take his love for granted, it may be the only thing keeping you sane in this life.” He looked adoringly into his wife’s warm golden eyes, the breathtakingly beautiful Bella, and immediately I felt bad. Of course I had Morgan, I should be grateful; most humans didn’t find a soul mate in their short lives, so I had no right to complain.


It was at this moment that we heard Carlisle say “Their transformations are complete!” from the next room, obviously directed at those of us in this room. I hoped that there was no blood left in the room, as I didn’t want to become tempted in front of company and end up running away to hunt humans. I shivered at the thought. Despite this, we went to welcome the two new additions to our world...

aw you make them sound like babies so cute!


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