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Imagine you are a newborn vampire that refuses to drink human blood. Who would be the first coven you would want to find? The Cullen's, of course.

Join Evelyn, Morgan, Scarlett and Crimson's journey to a better immortal life in my story 'Diamond Embrace'. Love, hate, revenge and war is guaranteed. (With many original characters of my own, including Stephenie Meyer's incredible Cullen's and Volturi!) 




Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone, 

But still miraculously my own. 
Never forget for a single minute, 
you didn't grow under my heart - but in it.






Chapter One: Transformation


My husband, Morgan, and I were happily married and lived in a very small town in the countryside called Shepley. Morgan was a great lawyer and was very dedicated to his job, meaning that he spent a lot of his time away from home. I didn’t mind this because the only goal I had was to be a devoted wife.


On a very ordinary Sunday morning; I was cooking breakfast for Morgan when I felt a breeze coming from the back-door. It was strange but I didn’t put much thought into simply closing it again. A cold hand quickly wrapped around my throat as I heard a whisper

“I’m sorry.”

Before I could respond, cold, hard teeth had penetrated the side of my neck; I felt paralysed. I could see everything around me, but none of it mattered as the excruciating burn that filled my body consumed every thought. Death seemed so close, so unavoidable. I welcomed it. I stopped screaming long enough to hear my husband shriek

“NO! Don’t leave me Evelyn, you can’t! Not now!”

I had to survive for him. I had to put every ounce of energy left into fighting whatever was taking over me. Morgan needed me to live. I pushed myself to the limit, and then passed out.









I must have been unconscious for a long time as it was the middle of the night when I awoke. I still had the burning sensation in my throat, but it was no longer as painful. I needed to drink something to quench this unbearable thirst and I could tell that water wouldn’t quite satisfy me. At what seemed to be precisely the wrong time, Morgan came back into the room. His mouth dropped slightly as he took in my appearance but quickly rearranged his shock into a sweet smile. Did I look that bad?


My throat seized up immediately when his scent surrounded me. I lunged towards him to get closer to his delicious aroma. In just a fraction of a second, my instincts took over; I sunk my teeth into his wrist and began to suck the warm blood from his veins. It was the most horrific thing I had ever done, yet it felt so natural. No, I would not allow my husband to die. I pulled back before he was completely drained and stared at his weak body. A small moan escaped his lips, I had become a monster. I refused to drink anyone else’s life away so I ran as far as I could to escape what I had done.


Three days later, I smelt something strange. I was drawn back to the house when his screaming ended. I didn’t get far when I ran from Morgan, something inside me told me he was going to survive. I just knew it! Walking through my front door, I was met by a loving, yet bone-crushing, embrace from him.

“Evelyn! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting here forever for you! What’s happened to us?” he panicked. Of course I couldn’t answer that question, I was just grateful that he had survived.

“I don’t know Morgan. I was bitten and then I woke up like this. I’m sorry I bit you, I just couldn’t help it! That’s why I ran away; I was scared I would hurt you again.” I replied, staring at the ground.


He lifted my chin up and looked at me with nothing but love. I was glad he wasn’t angry at me, but I didn’t deserve his forgiveness. That’s when I realised his eyes had changed colour, they were…red? With a quick glance at him, I realised why my husband had stared at me for so long when I had woken up. He was magnificent. His skin sparkled like diamonds as the light from the window hit him. His facial features were more defined, yet strangely similar to what they had been like before. The wild mess of blonde hair on his head still looked perfect. Were we gods? I wondered.

Eager to see what I looked like, I ran to the nearest mirror. The reflection looked like me but at the same time, looked nothing like me. The woman I could see was breathtakingly beautiful. Her eyes, like Morgan’s, were blood red and were framed by thick lashes. Her long black hair was thick, lustrous and shiny. I detested my large body before but I could see that my voluptuous curves had been a blessing rather than a curse in my new reflection. My body was perfectly proportioned. Morgan stood beside me and at that moment it was obvious that we were made for each other.


“We should leave, Ev” he announced, dragging me back to reality.

“Yes, I suppose we should” I sighed. I would miss everything, my parents, my friends and ultimately, my home. We soon decided to leave Shepley to seek others of our kind (whatever that was). 






I will post more soon! Please comment and tell me what you think! :)

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I love this soooo much!

(Partly because I came up with some of it ;) )


love it everyone just fallin in love but the cullens better watch they were already too big a family wit to many talents now aro will really be scared and want these talents....
Yeah and Aro may not be as forgiving this time...
Thanks for reading! x

Just thought I would let you all in on what the twins look like:

Please let me know what you think! Is it what you imagined from my descriptions? :)






A/N: I am ridiculously sorry for leaving you all 10 days without a chapter update! I hope you all forgive me! I hope this makes up for it, it's quite a long one! Please comment and let me know what you all think ( I love all of your comments, however small! ) Enjoy! Roseanna x 



Chapter Ten: Life’s not fair

(Amelia’s POV)


What sick and twisted person decided that this would be better than death? And what gave them the right to do this to me? No one. Who ever this person was was going to pay for it.


Calm down Amelia


Get out of my head!


Sorry your thoughts are just so loud...and angry


Yeah well it’s not fair what’s happened to us Damien, we should be in hospital right now getting proper care, not be up and perfectly fine!  It’s not natural or right. So I have a reason to be angry OK?


Whatever you say, but I think it’s pretty cool, I mean, it’s not every day you are turned into a vampire and are surrounded by beautiful women


You really are as shallow in your head as you are on the outside aren’t you?


My brother constantly being inside my head was really starting to get on my nerves. It wasn’t going to help the situation at all.


“Oh come on guys! They need to see what they look like! Especially Amelia, she’s gorgeous!” one of them said my name. How did they know my name?

And then she took my hand and practically dragged me to a mirror. The girl I saw had to be a different person. She didn’t look anything like me. Her chin-length chestnut brown hair looked so shiny and thick and in place, whereas before it was nothing but a nightmare to control. Her perfectly shaped lips lifted in a snarl over her sharp teeth, showing her anger. I didn’t like what I saw because it wasn’t me in the reflection. They had turned me into a stranger, a monster, and I would not rest until they were punished for taking my life- well, death, away from me.


“What have you done to me?” I demanded an explanation.

“My dear child, I want you to know that we have all been in this situation and we know that it’s hard at first. I’m sorry for not asking your permission to save you, but you were not exactly...coherent, shall we say.” I remembered the man who answered me, the one with shocking blonde hair that was brushed back from his face, he looked kind but I knew it was all for show. He was a monster. Just like me now.

“Save? You think you saved me?!” I hissed.


Amelia! What are you doing?


Shut up Damien!


“I want you to tell me everything there is to know about being a vampire after I stop this burning in my throat. You owe me that much.  But then I will leave.”


I had to get away from these animals if it was the last thing I did. But first I knew I had to find out how to live and what the rules were, so I could at least have hope of surviving on my own.


Again, so sorry for the late update, I was on holiday in Ireland! Hope you all enjoy this chapter, I enjoyed writing and editing it :) Love you all for reading! As usual, comment and let me know what you liked/think! 

Chapter Eleven: Hunting

(Evelyn’s POV)


I felt bad for the twins. I knew what the first thirst felt like, we all did, and I hated that they had to be put through all that. But at least they weren’t dead and they were surrounded by fifteen people who were willing to help introduce them to this way of life. The vampire way of life.


So we took them hunting in the nearby forest, which was pretty hard to find considering we were in London, a place with hardly any green areas (very different to where I grew up in Shepley.) Nevertheless, things went rather well, apart from Amelia’s reaction to the deer she had to drink...


“I have to WHAT?” she screamed, as she stood over the half dead carcass that was urging for death, shaking all the nearby tree so much that it actually fell.
“You have to jump on it and drink it, Amelia. Just trust your animal instincts and you’ll do fine!” Emmet reassured her, whilst laughing with Jasper at how hilarious she looked.

“But I’m not an animal, I’m huma- oh yeah, that’s right, I’m a vampire now.” If she was able to cry, she would have flooded the ground around her with the amount of sadness in her red eyes.


Eventually she tried it, but only to satisfy the rest of us. She only drank a small amount though, not nearly enough to completely satisfy her needs. If only I could know what she was thinking. Why was she trying so hard to make this new life difficult?


“She hates what she has become. Everything about it, the way she looks, the way she smells, the fact that she’ll never age and especially having to drink blood. She’ll do anything to...kill herself, but first she’s going to make Carlisle tell her everything about our history, so she’s prepared for what is to come when she leaves us.” Edward whispered to me on our way back to the Cullen’s home. Sometimes having a mind reader as a friend was so helpful. He smiled back at me, half heartedly. It was so sad to think that such a young girl, barely seventeen, could think of nothing but destroying herself. Her life. Did she not think of what it would do to her brother? Again, Edward answered my internal question,


“Oh yes. That’s all she thinks about, actually. I think she’s going to ask him to come with her, but he will refuse, as far as I can tell. I think he would much rather stay here with your friend Crimson.” Of course I had noticed the connection between Damien and Crimson since he awoke from his transformation, and I was completely overjoyed that the two lonely girls that I first met many years ago had both found love and companionship. Only Scarlett still needed more time to come to terms with an eight year old imprinting on her.


I just hoped Amelia wouldn’t do anything stupid...


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