The Twilight Saga

Book one of my Diary of A Newborn Vampire Series. 
I have posted this before, but here I am posting it again to see if more people will read. So please read! 

This story is very similar to The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, but it is still my own. It is about a teenage girl who had a great life. She was most popular, all the guys wanted her, all the girls were jealous of her. But then at a party, she gets transformed into a vampire. Now she has to try to live as a monster. She meets people along the way and finds the love of her existence. 

 Diary of a Newborn Vampire


  Dear Diary,

      I have learned that everything is not as it seems. Life is life. We live it freely but with restraints. And death is
death. We just disappear. And I don’t know where I fit in. I’m stuck. I’ll
never change. I’ll never be able to grow or start a family. I will never be
able to have a life. I am going to be this way forever. A never changing body
of nothing

x---Tell me what you think of the story so far and I'll post the first chapter! 

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LOL! thanks!!
“I guess I was just blind by the fact that she was complete…brat.”
yeah, you know Ava was thinking of saying another B word. but she would never in front of William.
sooo awesome!
I HATE KARA!!! i love it update really really soon!!!!
thanks! LOL! yeah, she's a little BLEEP. writing more soon!
Dear Ana Cait Rose,
Sorry That its been so long, but i finally got done ready the last few chapters you posted! I LOVED IT. It's really good, and I love Ava. Personally I think something horriable should happen to kara, because just like everyone else I hate that little son of a gun:)
This is a really impressive story and i can see the relation between this and vampire diaries:) I love that show so I love this story:) It's brilliant and I hope that the next chapters are just as AHMAZING as the last! I'm really impressed.

-Anna Kalee
aw thanks! LOL, don't we all hate Kara's guts?
And yes, every time something happens on Vampire Diaries, I'm like 'I want that in my story!' but of course I change it up to not copy it.
I'll try to post the rest of this chapter this weekend, then just one more and the first book is done! Well, apart from the editing and revising I'll do later on.
If I said my day was going completely normal, I would be a total liar. Seriously, didn’t people know staring was rude? And pointing fingers, and whispering about someone who was just across the room. It didn’t help that I had super-hearing either.
Evidently, everyone thought that I had been gone because I had a kid. Just as Kara had spread. But what intelligent person would think that? They had seen me right before I left. I looked better than ever. Nowhere near looking like I was going to have a kid.
This didn’t help William’s case either. Or Angelina’s, Gregory’s, Luis’s, or Sophia’s. I felt so guilty bringing them into this mess.
I did have a couple of laughs though and a couple of twinges in my stomach.
When the guys saw William, his big, lean, and manly self, you could tell they felt like wimps and were considering an extra work out session. But whenever the girl’s stared at him, a huge wind of jealousy hit me.
This wasn’t the first time I had witnessed girl’s drooling over my boyfriend. But with William it was different. Who wanted a silly ole human teenage girl going gaga over their soulmate?
Not me, that is.
The teachers gave me looks all throughout class. Ms. Sheer, my English teacher, kept me after class for a few minutes to see if I was ‘okay’.
“Yeah,” I told her. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Look, honey. I know you’ve been through a lot. Especially in the last couple of months. Dropping out of school like that always has a reason behind it.”
I rolled my eyes to the ceiling and lowered my voice, my anger getting to me. “Ms. Sheer, the stuff that you’ve heard about me is not true. Nowhere near true. No one needs to know why I left. I just did. So, please, will everyone stop asking me questions?!”
She gave me a timid but scared look. “Mood swings?”
“There’s a perfectly good reason behind that,” I said.
And every time I saw Kara, she had this nasty look on her face. I couldn’t help but think about her flirting with William. I knew it was just to get back at me for…well, everything. But did she have to go after him, really?
When I walked into the lunch room along with William, I immediately looked over at the table I used to sit at. It was taken over by Kara and her group.
Baylee was over at a table on the other side of the table. To my knowledge, it used to be the nerd table. I guess she had ridded them away while I was gone. Gregory, Angelina, Sophia, and Luis were sitting over there too.
We walked over there and sat down. I was between Baylee and William.
“So, what exactly happened to Kara after I left?” I asked Baylee.
Baylee looked around the room as if to see if anyone else was trying to lislten in. And of course, they were. So, she talked in a voice that barely came out as a whisper.
“Well, after you called her, she was totally freaked out. Shaky. Jumped every time someone said her name. Then, she was in action. She started spreading rumors about where you were. And just became the queen of the crowd. She ignored me. I’ve tried confronting her several times. Tried to tell her to stop spreading rumors. Even after I found out what happened to you. She won’t budge though. Little…brat.”
I shook my head and looked over where Kara was sitting.
“What’s her problem anyway?” Angelina questioned.
“Jealousy,” I explained. “Ever since fourth grade she has been jealous of me. When Johnny Valance sent me a heart-shaped valentine instead of her. Even after my mom left and I was so miserable. She was always jealous of my popularity. How I got every guy she wanted. Wonder if I told her that Derek was a no good vampire and that she better be happy he didn’t show any interest in her, what she would say.”
Gregory raised his eyebrows. “She’d probably cut you.”

--comment please!!
LOL, at the end. LOVE IT AS ALWAYS!!! ;)
((yay, first comment!)
thank you! yeah, Gregory reminds me of Emmett!


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