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hi!!! this is my first fan fic!!! its really different! hope you like it! i also would love a banner so if you interested read!!! Jasper and Rosalie are related they are vampires, Edward, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme are also vampires. Everyone else is human!

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Poem by Vincent Tabatha

Chapter 1 Introduction

It was spring, the flowers were blooming, the butterflies were out, and the pollen was there. For once I found myself special because I didn’t have allergies!! Yes I know it’s not a big deal but for someone who attracts danger and is a total klutz it’s an improvement. Isabella Swan and Alice Masen were the two names you would see on our apartment door. It has been there for two years now- no change and no improvement! We would finally get a chance to change it because Rosalie Hale Alice’s and my Best friend would come and join us for the next two years!!! I was in Forks, Washington just a week ago visiting my dad, Charlie Swan the chief of police and would continue my junior year starting the spring season here at Western Washington University in Bellingham. If only I could visit him during our winter break but Alice and Rose wouldn’t let me go because the week of Christmas was the shopping spree and New Year’s Day was the shopping extravaganza. I only had a week to get myself organized, rearrange the furniture for Rose, and get information for the group of new students I would be meeting tomorrow that would start there junior year at western.
Knock Knock …. Of course Jasper Hale, Rosalie’s brother our next door neighbor who had a thing for Alice ever since we moved in!

“Monte Bella” It’s great to see you today” he said with an Italian flavor

Jasper cut the crap!! And get your butt inside to help us move the remaining furniture. I said with the same accent. He straightened himself out, brushed his hair with his hand and closed the door as I led him towards Alice and Rose.

“You know it doesn’t make you look any better! And plus she doesn’t care what you look like she has been falling for you ever since sophomore year when you yelled at Lauren for calling her a tramp!!”

“Don’t even remind me about Lauren, if she ever crosses my way ever again I will…”

…you will kill him huh?! Hahaha!!!

“She’s a her not a him”

-And your point is!

as Jazz and I – oh yeah I don’t call him Jasper I call him Jazz- walked in, Alice was finishing doing her own hair. I guess she heard Jasper come in.

‘Alice you are so predictable!” I smirked. She just glared at me, that’s when I looked to find jasper next to me he, was already having a side conversation with Rose.!

Jasper was always unpredictable he will be next to me in one minute and somewhere else in another. And for some reason he would feel bothered by me commenting or noticing him doing these sly movements like he was hiding something. Jazz walked over to Alice not even paying attention to what was going on and sat a little too close to her! She just giggled to herself silently but Jasper caught that and smiled. Obviously!

Rose and I looked at each other and started to walk away slowly out the door because we wanted to leave the lovely couple to themselves. Rosalie never wanted anything more than to help her dear brother find someone so she could find the guy of her dreams and a weight would be lifted off her shoulders. Rosalie had a job cut out for her she was the mom because Jazz and Rose lost there parents in a car crash. But it’s not like she never had any dates she was the most beautiful student at Western and no one was right for her.

“So Bells, do you think we should pick up some extras for the group tour we will be hosting?!”

“Yeah, sounds good. It’s really the only thing we can do to waste some time!” I said. Today was just to slow to get through. Renee had called to tell me she wants me to visit her because Phil was gone. I understood why she couldn’t have me there while Phil was there. She always said he likes you honey, it’s just that you’re a girl who needs her mom but your mom needs Phil. Yeah that made me feel better. But I can’t say no to Renee, I am and always will be her Parent/ Guardian. So I told her she could wait a month or two, after I finish my important classes.

While we walked I couldn’t help but keep thinking about Renee and Phil’s Relationship. Renee is older than Phil and it’s because she wanted someone like her that’s why my parents couldn’t be together. I mean Charlie and I were considered alike but I could be like Renee when I wanted to. The fact was I did not want to be like m…mo…Renee.

As soon as we picked up the list with the group names on it we went to Mimi’s Café! I enjoyed myself and Rosalie loved joking around with the waiter. He finally got him fed up and we got a female waiter. Hahaha!!!

“I think I can be a real jerk sometimes.” Rosalie said smiling

“Yeah ahuh! And sometimes is undermining the situation you are always a jerk!” I responded snickering. Rosalie glared at me with the I will kill you look prying out of her. Rosalie was different to don’t get me wrong joking around was our nature but I never really noticed why she would eat her food but never swallow it and when she does swallow it she gets this gagging expression. I always let it pass.

We got home at 9am and organized our things. I headed to my room to find Alice Glowing! Rosalie ran into my room and sat next to me as we listened until 10 am.

“Jazz just asked me out she said

“ FINALLY!” Rose and I said at the same time.

“Yeah, I know does Jasper take a long time or what?”

“Yeah totally” I responded

When she got back to present and started planning our outfits for the future. I guess she picked out something cute because I heard giggles and Wow! We are going to look good tomorrow. Ugh! Tomorrow another day, another way to embarrass myself! O’ look Bella falling asleep! Was the last thing I heard.

Please tell me if you like it!

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that is really sweet!! i promise not to take it to heart!! thanks for advice
please continue?!?! i like it!! =]]
thank you!!!
yes i like it plz post more really soon
This is really good. I am a little confused though, are Alice ,Jasper and Rose not vampires?
Add me as friend and keep me updated when you add more..
I am curious if Bella meets Edward and are Rose and Emmett together or do they find each other later?
okay i can tell you that Alice is not a vampire but Rose and Jasper are! Edward, Emmett are later
Yes i will keep you updated and i already sent you a message!!!
Thank you!!!
Yeah just send me an invite or i will!!
just send me an invite or i will!!
Good story,keep writing.


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