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This is after Breaking Dawn when Nessie is full grown, One day there is a knock at the door and when its answered Edward gets a little surprise. He finds out he has a daughter from long ago before he was changed and she’s back to be with her father, What will happen when this young girl comes and changes all the Cullens lives?



Story Song – Whatya what from me by Adam Lambert




Cullens – Vampires


Nessie – Half Vampire, Half Human


Crystal – Half Vampire, Half Human


Jake and Wolf Pack – Werewolves



Chapter one

Edward point of view

Now that all the things that could go wrong did the family is just trying to relax. The whole family is sitting in the living room at the main house, I'm sitting on the couch with Bella. Alice had put some movie in not to long ago so were all watching it, I’m not even really following it. Just as some couple in the movie were about to start dancing there was a knock at the door. 'Well who could that be?' Esme thought. 'Come on this is a good part!' Alice thought as she pauses to movie, 'Will someone answer the door already?' Rose thought sounding annoyed. "I'll get it" I said, I got up and went to the door. When I opened it I saw a young girl that looked around seventeen, she had short black hair and bright green eyes. Her skin looked really pale too, and her heart sounded a little off like it was too fast. "Your Edward Cullen right?" she asked, how does she know my name? 'Who is she?' Bella thought "Yes, may I ask how it is you know who I am?" I asked her. The girl looked down at her feet and pulled a small piece of paper out of her bag, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the paper then put in back. "I’m Crystal and I know your name because my mom told me about you" she said. Her mom? How would her mother know me? "Your mother told you about me? May I ask who she is?" I asked Crystal, "My mothers name is Marissa Langton, she died a few weeks ago but before she did she gave me this and told me everything she could about you" she said then showed me a picture of me only I was human, that has to be a hundred years old. "Come in" I said as took the picture. 'Who is Marissa?' Bella thought, "What did she tell you?" I 
asked. At this point everyone was looking at me and thinking the same thing, who is this Marissa and why is she telling her kid about me. "Well she told me that we have the same eyes, or we did when you were human but you were changed into a vampire by a doctor with blonde hair when you got sick. She also told me that you wouldn't really know who was because I'm from you human life, but before she told me any of this she told me how you are my father by birth" she said 'Father!' everyone thought "What is she talking about Edward?" Bella asked. How could I be her father? Why does the name Marissa Langton sound so familiar?


I looked into her amazing blue eyes as she looked up at me, "Edward I have to tell you something" she said. I wander what it could be I thought before asking her, "I’m pregnant" she told me. Were having a baby? Oh my god were having a baby! I picked her up and spun her around, when I put her down I gave her a kiss and pulled her into my arms. "I love you" she whispered. I love you too Marissa and the baby we are to be having soon...


Oh my...But how is she still alive? That was over a hundred years ago, “How are you alive?" I asked "Mom was half vampire so I'm part vampire, my body is done aging" she said. "Oh my god..." I said, mostly to myself. "How did your mother die?" I asked "There was a group of people that were after her for something and when they caught up to us they killed her but I ran, they didn't follow because they didn't care about me" she told me. "But...I'm here now daddy" she added on in a whisper. "Edward!" Bella yelled. "I’m sorry love but she's my daughter" I said not looking away from Crystal.  "Love? Did you get with another girl?" Crystal asked looking confused. "Yes I did, that's my wife Bella and my other daughter Renesmee" I told her looking towards them, Bella had a look of pure terror and Nessie just looked mad. "You have another daughter?" both Crystal and Nessie asked together, both in angry voices. "Yes I do" I answered them both, "Well then, I guess I will have to deal with that" Crystal said really to herself. "Your going to have to deal? You shouldn't even be here, I'm his daughter and you’re just some random girl off the street" Nessie yelled getting real angry, "If anyone’s not his daughter it's you, I know for a fact he's my dad" Crystal yelled back. "How? You weren't even here!" Nessie asked "I just know" crystal told her, "Girls stop" I said "Ok dad" crystal said "Suck up" Nessie said "Ness!" I said "He was my dad first" Nessie mumbled before getting up leaving, she was going to the cabin. Bella stood up and started out the door, "Where are you going love?" I asked "Out" she said, not looking at me. I'm sorry Bella, I didn't even know about Crystal until she showed up. Everyone got up and left one by one just leaving Crystal and I alone in the living room. 'How could you do that to her?' Alice thought as her and Rose ran out the door, they were going out to find Bella. 'Nice move Eddie boy' Emmett thought, 'Oh dear' Esme thought as her and Carlisle went upstairs. Crystal looked up at me, what am I to do now?









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Plz Tell Me What You Think And If I Should Write It...
i think you should write this it sounds like a story i would like to read and im picky
Yea I no how that is....
Im a REALLY picky reader!!
So thanks sooo much!!
this sounds really awesome you should write it!!!!!!!!!
Thanks bout the banner! I made it last night and I know that Edward is like 109 years old or something like that,
It will work out, You will find everything out about how the daughter is still alive in the first chapter of the story.
Sounds good!!!!!!!

sounds cool write it!
oo sounds good..plz write it and send me the link plz
oo sounds good..plz write it and send me the link plz
oo sounds good..plz write it and send me the link plz
sounds amazingly good, tho edward is like 110 yrs old, so how would that work????? jw. anyway, it does sound good!!!


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