The Twilight Saga

Ginny Weasly was just an regular witch, but she wanted to stand out to impress Harry Potter, unfortunately two vampires were hunting in the forbidden forest the day she ran away.


Ever since my first year at Hogwarts it had always been the same, every time I saw Harry, he would smile at me kindly, like you would at a child who had done something stupid without even realizing it.
I knew I deserved it, after all I was younger than him, and he had done so much more. He had even saved my life after I had been stupid enough to be possessed by You-Know-Who, but still, I felt that he could at least lighten up a bit, try and see past what he remembered of me.
I went out that night trying to be brave, so that maybe he would notice me, notice that I was more than that little girl that he had rescued four years ago, but instead I became involved in a family of vampires…vampires who were my cousins.

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Chapter 1: Step One
Chapter 2: Riley
Chapter 3: Discovery
Chapter 4: Options

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Chapter 1: Step One
Ginny’s POV

“Hermione, what does he see in Cho? Why does he like her?” Hermione and I were in the library, pretending to study. Once a week she had been giving me advice on things, boys, flirting, studying, becoming a teachers pet. Most of it was really helpful, and I couldn’t wait to see what she could help me with for flirting with Harry.
“Well, she’s older for one,” Hermione started, and I sighed, I had guessed as much but there was noting I could do about my age.
“She’s also a very good Quidditch player, and plays seeker like Harry. That, and according to Harry she’s very pretty naturally, without spells and makeup.” I laughed scornfully.
“Without using spells and makeup? I know for a fact the only reason Diggory went out with her is because she applied three bottles of ‘Beauty and Stunning’ every day!” I huffed. Then I sighed. Hermione put a comforting arm around me and rubbed my shoulders.
“I know, boys are stupid when it comes to who has natural beauty and those who just never give anyone a chance to see the true them. Just be yourself Ginny, but do try to control yourself and talk to him like he was anyone else, and don’t sneak up on him, let him see you passing by and then just, comment on his conversation.” Hermione advised, I nodded. Suddenly Ron and Harry walked into the library talking in whispers. They didn’t notice Hermione and I but none the less we took out our homework and studied until we were sure they were out of earshot.
“See, that’s good practice, not shying away or purposely running by to make sure they notice you, act like you know he’s there but you have more important things to worry about then the fact that he’s walking by.” Hermione said. I nodded then gathered up my stuff.
“Where are you going?” Hermione asked, I blushed scarlet and tried not to look her in the eyes.
“Michael Corner asked me on a date and I…well I said yes. I couldn’t turn him down he was being so shy about it.” I admitted, Hermione nodded but she held me back, she scribbled something on a piece of parchment and handed it to me.
“If he tells you a joke and starts laughing a lot but you don’t find it funny, read this.” She told me, then she went off to study with Harry and Ron. I walked down the marble staircase and went outside. It was only six, but already the grounds were almost empty, Michael was sitting by the lake with a blanket laid out and candles floating by his head. I took a deep breath and tried to prepare myself for the night.
“Hey.” I said sitting, he looked at me sheepishly
“Sorry, my friends locked me in a broom cupboard until about two minutes ago so they could set everything up. I shrugged my shoulders in a ‘What’re you going to do’ way and laughed.
* * *
“So how’d it go?” Luna asked. We were in charms, practicing summoning charms. Luna was sitting right next to me, calmly waving her wand but not looking too bothered when the yellow cushion she had been summoning went only halfway across the room.
“It was awkward, I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon. Any way, are you coming to the hog’s head tomorrow?” I asked, trying to change the subject
“Of course.” Luna answered dreamily. I nodded and focused on my own cushion.
“What’re you thinking about?” Luna asked curiously. I blushed and returned from my daydream, the truth was that I had been daydreaming about Harry taking me out for a romantic evening on the lake, but I didn’t want to tell Luna that, even though I knew she wouldn’t laugh.
“Nothing, it’s silly really.” I told her, she seemed to take this as a reasonable answer and turned back to her attempts at making her cushion fly across the room towards her.

As the Christmas holidays approached the castle seemed strange this year, compared to last year when everyone had been taking it in stride to impress the foreign students, the castle this year looked so different, like they weren’t putting in half as much effort. As I stripped off my dirt cover clothes- we had been in a very advanced herbology lesson that day- I let my mind wander to Harry and mentally slapped myself. I couldn’t stop for some reason. When ever I let my mind wander, even a tiny bit it instantly went to him.
I knew this was wrong, and that I was just torturing myself by thinking of him, but I couldn’t help myself, he was so brave and daring, all ways thinking of others. He didn’t try to be a girl magnet like some boys and he seemed wholesome. I realized after a minute that I was daydreaming again, but this time while biting my lip, I quickly sat up straight and tried to listen to professor Bins.
“And so, as the vampires were driven into hiding wizards learned of their only weakness, fire, and each other. It is for this reason that no witch, or wizard has ever been made a vampire.” Professor Bins droned on, I felt myself slowly, slipping into a nice, peaceful sleep.

“Alice, what is it?” A boy asked, he was talking to a girl with short black hair that stuck out in all directions, they were both very pale with golden eyes. They were also very beautiful.
“I saw…Jasper where’s Bella?”
“In Europe with Edward on a second honeymoon remember? Why?” The boy had answered, Alice just shook her head, and rushed up the stairs with such speed and grace it seemed impossible…

“Ginny come on!” Allie moaned grabbing my arm, my head jerked up and I looked around, realizing that I was still at my desk in the history of magic classroom. I shook my head trying to clear the images from my dream, it had seemed so real, all of it. I made my way to dinner with Allie, the events of the dream replaying in my head, over and over again. Allie noticed my strange behavior but didn’t comment on it, she simply watched me.
“Ginny, I think you need to go to bed early tonight.” She told me, I nodded without arguing and left my half eaten dinner on the table. I walked up to Gryffindor tower, gave the fat lady the password and walked in to find Harry and Ron studying in a corner. I blushed scarlet and raced up the stairs to the girls dormitories.
I lay in bed for at last an hour, staring out the half open window, and then a thought came to me. I could run away, tell everyone that I had been kidnapped by death eaters and that I had single handedly fought them off. I could hide in thee forest, not far in but just far enough. I could also summon food from Hagrid’s cabin when no one was near by. I immediately grabbed my wand, stood on the window sill and jumped.
I had planned to slow myself down with a simple levitation charm, but the second I was free from the window my wand slipped out of my grasp, I screamed. Screamed with all my might wondering why I had done this, and then I felt an impact from the side, like a cold boulder. Someone had saved me, I struggled out of their grasp but they held me back and pulled my hair away from my throat. I felt stone teeth sink into my neck and then I was on fire, every inch of me was burning. The last thing I heard was a deep, angelic voice call out.
“Bella! NO!”
Then the world went dark.

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Chapter 2: Riley
Alice’s POV
“Who are you?” I asked opening the front door. Jasper and I were babysitting Renesmee while Edward and Bella took a second honeymoon. There had been a knock at the door and, thanks to Jacob’s presence, I wasn’t able to see who it was.
“I am Riley Hade. I was changed fifteen years ago and I recently heard of your coven, your diet simply amazes me.” The man answered. I looked him up and down; then Jasper gripped my hand and then released it, a sign that it appeared as if the man truly was curious. I invited Riley inside and then pointed towards a chair as far from Renesmee’s sleeping figure on the couch as could be in the large room. She looked to be about ten now, and she was only growing at about three times the normal rate. Carlisle estimated that she would look like a teenager by May, only five months away. Riley looked at her questioningly.
“Your daughter is quiet adorable, but I was under the impression that our kind could not have children.” Riley complimented, I noticed that he had a thick accent, British, and very warm. He seemed very nice and open, laying out everything before us as though it was nothing to walk into a strangers house and see something that he had never expected to see in his life.
“She’s our niece, our brother is one of us, but his wife was human when she was conceived.” Jasper explained.
“Was?” Asked Riley questioningly.
“She was changed after my birth.” A sweet voice chimed in. I smiled at Renesmee and held out my arms, in one fluid, graceful motion she ran into my arms and hugged me tightly. I laughed and smoothed her bronze curls lovingly and laughing slightly at her tight choke hold.
“Hello Riley, I’m Renesmee, and it’s very nice to meet you.” Renesmee said politely, “But if you would like to know my story, I can show you more than I can tell you, may I?” She held up her hand, puzzled he leaned in and she grasped his hand, he looked at her in amazement as she showed him images.
“Amazing, simply and truly amazing.” Riley commented
“Do you have a special gift?” Renesmee asked politely Riley grinned broadly and took a step back. He screwed up his face in concentration, the quiet suddenly his hair turned blue, he had a pigs snout and two very large buck teeth.
“Wow.” Renesmee said, Riley simply laughed and changed back.
“I have no special power to tell you the truth, I was able to do that when I was human. You see, I am a wizard.” We all stared at him in shock, but he just nodded gravely, then laughing at our expressions of utter disbelief.
“Really?” Jasper asked, Riley nodded again. Finally after a few minutes of awkward silence I cleared my throat.
“Well Riley, how about we go hunting then?” I asked him, walking towards the back door.
“Of course.” He answered smiling, Renesmee and Jasper followed. We ran deep into the forest and stopped in the middle of a clearing.
“Now, close your eyes and listen.” I instructed. Riley obeyed and suddenly shot off to the north. He returned seconds later covered in blood and his clothes were ripped, he shed his now destroyed shirt, looked at it on the ground then sighed. He pulled a small stick of wood out of his pocket, pointed it at the shirt and said confidently,
“Reparo!” The shirt mended back together.
“Scourgify!” He said, pointing the stick first and the shirt, then himself. They were both instantly clean and he slipped his shirt back on. We all looked at him in shock again and he just grinned at our expressions. We went back to hunting and Riley ended up catching two mountain lions, three deer, a bear, and an elk.
“Amazing.” He marveled, his eyes had already lost some of their reddish tint. We sat and talked for a while before Renesmee announced that she was hungry. We went back to the house and I made Renesmee a burger. After I had put the plate on the table, I suddenly had a vision.
Bella and Edward were hunting in a forest and there was a deserted building in front of them, but it kept switching between a castle and a deserted building. Finally it switched to a castle and stayed there. All the sudden, out of one of the towers a girl jumped. Bella ran to catch her, jumping twenty feet into the air. Then she smelled the girl and sunk her teeth into her neck. She realized too late what she had done and dropped the girl roughly on the ground. Edward came and saw her, then he picked up the girl and began to run through the forest.

“Alice, what is it?” Jasper asked, he took my hand and tried to calm me.
“I saw…Jasper where’s Bella?” I asked panicking
“In Europe with Edward on a second honeymoon remember? Why?” I remembered and ran up the stairs, packing all mine, Jasper, and Renesmee’s thing in less than ten seconds.
“We have to go, now!” I told them, they nodded, but then I remembered Riley.
“Riley, do you have a passport?” I asked hurriedly, he nodded, looking confused.
“I’ll explain once we’re on the plane, do you think you’ll be okay?” I asked he nodded, and I mentally made a note to make sure we got first class so he would have more space from the humans. I took Renesmee’s hand and we ran to the car where Jasper was waiting, we drove to the airport and go a plane to London. Once we were settled on the plane I explained everything and hoped to myself that we would get there in time to save the poor girl and wishing that Edward and Bella had not left their cell phones at the hotel.

Bella’s POV

I wanted so badly to cry. I looked down at the poor girl I had attacked and felt horrible, she kept muttering the name ‘Harry’ and I figured it must be her brother or maybe her boyfriend. Edward had gone to find out more about the place where she had been and to find someone to inform of her... ‘Death’.

Edward’s POV

I was standing in front of a black wrought iron gate, I couldn’t open it and I couldn’t climb it. I was trying to figure out why this was when I spotted a man. He was very tall with waist length silver hair and beard. He seemed surprised to see me, but not unpleasant about it. I went into his mind and saw him trying to figure out why a vampire was at Hogwarts.
“What’s Hogwarts?” I asked him curiously.
“My school.” He announced indicating the large castle behind him.
“A school? I’m… I mean,” I took a deep breath, I had never had trouble with finding words before. “I’m Edward Cullen, as I can already tell you know I’m a vampire, but I assure you I am a quiet harmless one, but you see there has been a slight issue with… well do you know any girls at the school with long red hair, seems to know a Harry.” I knew this wasn’t a very good explanation, but the man seemed to understand.
“Edward, I am professor Albus Dumbledore, I am headmaster of Hogwarts, now the girl you’ve described would be a Miss Ginny Weasly, may I ask why you’ve seen her seeing as you can’t get into the castle?”
“My wife and I were in the forest hunting, we eat animals see, but the girl, Ginny, jumped out of a tower and we tried to save her but my wife, she’s a new vampire and…” Dumbledore nodded and walked out of the gate.
“Take me to her.” He said very simply, I nodded and jogged very lightly, but I soon discovered that he was quiet able to keep up. Within five minutes we were standing next to Bella who was hiding her face and sobbing uncontrollably. Ginny lay on the ground writing in pain, screaming. Albus kneeled down and brushed back her hair.
“Ginny, it’s professor Dumbledore, I need you to please stop screaming.” Ginny’s screams instantly turned to whimpers. There was nothing we could do for her now. Sadly Albus went to pick her up, but I picked her up instead, he lightly took Bella’s arm and steered her towards the castle. When we reached the gate he simply tapped it with a small stick he had pulled out of his pocket. They swung open and we walked inside, he then waved the stick again and three large silver birds flew out of it towards the castle, I didn’t ask about it, figuring there would be time for it later. We walked up the stone steps and through the heavy front doors into a beautiful castle, there were three people standing there, one was hooked nosed with greasy black hair, the second an older looking woman with glasses and her hair in a tight bun at the back of her head, and the third looked like an old fashion nurse.
The nurse took out her own stick and Ginny floated out of my arms and everyone began to walk up the marble staircase, Albus smiled warmly and gestured at us to follow. We walked up the stairs and into a brightly lit room with four poster beds one each wall, the bed were all unoccupied, but they placed Ginny on the one nearest a little office. The nurse went into the office and returned a moment later with a little bottle full of a bright red liquid she uncapped it and the liquid turned an electric blue, she poured it down Ginny’s throat and instantly Ginny relaxed and sat up.
“What is that?” I asked excitedly
“A potion to help cool the flames of transformation, and to help tame the vampire, can’t stop the transformation but we can help make it as painless as possible.” The hooked nose man answered snidely glaring at me and Bella. I started back at him until at last he averted his gaze, mentally he cursed me out and I wanted to throw him against a wall.
“Edward, this is Severus Snape, Madam Pomfry and Minerva McGonagall.” Albus said, pointing first at the man, then the nurse, and finally the stern woman. I nodded and took Bella’s hand.
“I am Edward Cullen, and this is my wife Isabella Cullen.” I introduced. They nodded and we all turned back to Ginny.
“We’ll have to alert the family.” Minerva finally said. Albus nodded and he hurried out the room, we all sat there very awkwardly waiting for his return. I heard him climb up many stairs, thinking of very random things, I blocked him out and turned to the girl whose life had been ruined and tried to think of ways to comfort Bella.
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