The Twilight Saga

Ginny Weasly was just an regular witch, but she wanted to stand out to impress Harry Potter, unfortunately two vampires were hunting in the forbidden forest the day she ran away.


Ever since my first year at Hogwarts it had always been the same, every time I saw Harry, he would smile at me kindly, like you would at a child who had done something stupid without even realizing it.
I knew I deserved it, after all I was younger than him, and he had done so much more. He had even saved my life after I had been stupid enough to be possessed by You-Know-Who, but still, I felt that he could at least lighten up a bit, try and see past what he remembered of me.
I went out that night trying to be brave, so that maybe he would notice me, notice that I was more than that little girl that he had rescued four years ago, but instead I became involved in a family of vampires…vampires who were my cousins.

I'll post chapters every Monday starting next week, I have a very busy schedule but I'm going to try to get a chapter up every week :)  


Chapter 1: Step One
Chapter 2: Riley
Chapter 3: Discovery
Chapter 4: Options

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i think this is awesome I love reading this Im a good comedy fanfic writer of Bite me a cullen comedy. Ill recommend you to my readers! hey if you need a banner I could make you one. Just leave pictures you want, a quote, Author name and title.
Thank you so much :) I think I might order a banner later but I'm kind of in a rush right now. I really appreciate your comment, it meant a lot to me :) I'll try to check out your fanfic later, I love a good comedy :)
this is good u should write more update me when you do plz
lol okay, thank you so much for reading :) It means a lot to me!

Chapter 3: Discovery
Harry’s POV

It was probably only midnight when the door to the boys dormitory banged open. Professor Dumbledore walked in and woke up Ron. I lay perfectly still and listened.
“Ron, there has been an incident with your sister. I need you to go get Fred and George while I send word to your parents.” He went to the door and made to close before he turned and said, “Harry, you are utterly horrible at faking,” there was a smile on his face. “You may go also.” And then he turned and left the room. Ron and I pulled on our clothes and ran up the stairs to the seventh years dormitory. Ron filled them in on the little we knew as I paced outside the door. I was trying to figure out why I was in such a hurry to go to the hospital wing, in such a hurry to see Ginny and make sure she was okay, that she was safe and unharmed…
“Lets go mate.” George said clapping him on the back, Harry agreed and they all hurried down to the hospital wing. Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore were already there, along with Madam Pomfry who was coming out of what I assumed was Ginny’s bed, as the curtain were drawn around it, but there were two other people in the room whom I had never seen before, both pale and beautiful, god like almost. The boy was rubbing the girls back whispering to her, she was curled into him crying soundlessly, but there were no tears. I noticed suddenly that her eyes were a reddish orange, and suddenly I felt the need to get away from her. The boy growled at me, and I noticed that his eyes too were a deep gold, such strange colors. They almost looked like…
Then it hit me. They were vampires, and the only possible reason they would be in the hospital wing with Ginny would be…
“Which one?” I asked coldly walking up to them. The boy did not answer but his eyes went up to my forehead, looking at the scar.
Of course, even the vampires know about Harry Potter I thought sarcastically, wanting very much to punch him but know that if I did so I would most likely break my hand.
I waited for one of them to reply, and finally the boy looked at me.
“Harry, we’re so sorry, really.” He told me sincerely
Why do I care so much? Sure she’s Ron’s sister but I shouldn’t care THIS much I though, trying to figure out the weird emotions I was feeling, and trying to figure out when they had started.
The boy chuckled and I glared, trying to figure out was so funny. The girl finally looked up and, after getting past the orange eyes she looked kind, and gentle, but very disheveled. Suddenly the door burst open and four more vampires walked in, the first a girl who had a very pixie like appearance rushed up to the girl and hugged her.
“Bella, I’m so sorry I was too late, we tried to make it but…” She shrugged helplessly. I frowned at them and then heard a shrill scream.
“Ginny!” Said several voices at once, the scream continued and Madam Pomfry rushed out with a potion and within seconds Ginny’s screams had turned to whimpers.
“You lot, come sit down, try to take her mind off the pain.” Madam Pomfry said sternly, but I saw her give Ginny a sympathetic look. We all sat down around Ginny’s bed awkwardly.
“What happened Ginny?” Ron asked
“Jumped out of the tower, she caught me and…and” but Ginny seemed unable to finish, instead she pointed to a mark on the side of her neck. We all gasped.
“Why’d you jump?” George asked, to everyone’s surprise Ginny blushed scarlet and glanced at me. I sat there; trying to figure out why this subject would embarrass her, and why had she looked at me? Then I remembering Ginny’s crush from her first year, had that never gone away? But why would that cause her to jump from Gryffindor Tower?
“Ron, Fred, George. Your parents are here will you go meet them.” They nodded and I barley noticed that he hadn’t included me. As soon as they had left the room Ginny looked at me.
“I wanted to impress you.” She blurted out, “I was going to run away and pretend to have been kidnapped by death eaters.” I reddened and suddenly realized what she meant… and I realized that I felt the same way. I took her hand in mine and looked at her, then I leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips, I didn’t notice, but Dumbledore had been watching and closed the curtains around us.
* * *
When the Wesley’s walked in Ginny had fallen asleep and, with great regret, I had let go of her hand. I was a little embarrassed, this just wasn’t like me. I tried hard to stay in shadow and, when Mr. and Mrs. Weasly came running in I gladly stepped away so they could be with Ginny. That’s when I started looking at the vampires. There were the guy and the girl that had been here before, and the four that had just come in.
There was the pixie, she was sitting a guys lap, he was tall, blond, a muscular. There was another guy with dirty blond hair, but as I watched it was black, then brown, then… purple? Like Tonks. Then I liked at the last vampire but, she couldn’t be a vampire, she had a slight flush in her cheeks and she was drinking out of a water bottle, what was she a snack for later?
I heard a low growl and saw the boy looking straight at me teeth bared, he walked up to the girl and hugged her lovingly, as if to prove me wrong. He was so weird it was like he could hear my thoughts. He nodded once, and it took me a minute to understand that yes, he was listening to my thoughts. I shuddered and then asked him about the girl he had hugged, he moved his head, gesturing for me to come over. I do so nervously and sat down by the girl. Dumbledore sat down beside me and we both looked at the boy.
“Well first off Harry I’m Edward Cullen, and this is my wife Bella.” He pointed to the sad girl. “And this is our daughter Renesmee.” Dumbledore gasped and looked at Renesmee she smiled embarrassed and she held out her trembling hand, Dumbledore took it, obviously curious. His eyes got a sort of glazed look and then he withdrew his hand, and Renesmee held her hand out to me, I took it and was suddenly hit with pictures, the girl, Bella after giving birth, obviously still human, then her as a vampire rocking Renesmee to sleep, Renesmee and a giant russet wolf in the woods laughing and hunting. Renesmee stretching out so a blond man could measure her. Three men in cloaks with bright red eyes glaring at her. Her climbing a tree. Then the pictures stopped and she was grinning at me.
“Bloody hell.” I muttered Edward glared at me and gestured to Renesmee again, obviously warning me to watch my language, I thought of a very rude hand gesture and smiled at Edward innocently while trying not to laugh.
“How old are you?” I asked curiously. Renesmee grinned evilly.
“One and a half.” She answered still grinning. I just laughed
“No really, you have to be what, ten?”
“She’s telling the truth, she’s only one and a half.” Edward laughed I frowned but gave up trying to figure out how this was possible.
“Okay now, everyone out.” Madam Pomfry instructed I was only too happy to leave, but on the way out my hand brushed against Renesmee’s, it was warm and inviting, I almost took it but then Edward growled at me again. I wished desperately that I had learned to shut my mind, it would have come in handy.

Ginny’s POV

As everyone left one of the vampires stayed behind, I had watched him change his appearance every five minutes, and he had finally settled on tan russet skin, with slick black, his teeth shone white against his face as he smiled.
“You will be the first witch vampire.” He told me, I looked at him in amazement and shock.
“How could you know that?” I whispered. He chuckled and I glared, hurt. He stopped laughing when he saw my expression.
“I was the first wizard.” He said simply. He reached out and took my hand, I melted at his touch, but then Harry’s face crossed my mind. Hadn’t this happened because of him, hadn’t he- less than ten minutes ago- kissed me? I couldn’t bring myself to release the man’s hold and he looked me in the eyes and kissed out entwined hands, my breathing stopped for a minute and I blushed scarlet, turning away.
“Don’t be embarrassed.” The man told me, this made my cheeks redden even worse. He slowly began to kiss each of my fingers slowly, staring into my eyes. I bit my lip and couldn’t look away. I suddenly realized that the feelings I had for Harry, they were childish, stupid compared to the way I felt about that man in front of me now.

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OMG I loooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is soooo amazing!! I love the twist you put into it, with the whole, who's gonna fall in love with who thing. :D Oh i CAN'T wait to read more!!! Please post more when you can!!! I'll be waiting!!!
Thanks:) I'm glad you like it, I'll try to post more this weekend cause I'll be at camp all next week
Awesome! :D
its really good. i hope she doesn't go after riley and not go for Harry i mean he is the whole reason she is in this mess.
lol true, I still haven't made up my mind yet lol. But probably in the next few chapter you'll see who ends up with who :) and it may surprise you a bit :) hehehe I feel evil right now lol


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