The Twilight Saga

Ginny Weasly was just an regular witch, but she wanted to stand out to impress Harry Potter, unfortunately two vampires were hunting in the forbidden forest the day she ran away.


Ever since my first year at Hogwarts it had always been the same, every time I saw Harry, he would smile at me kindly, like you would at a child who had done something stupid without even realizing it.
I knew I deserved it, after all I was younger than him, and he had done so much more. He had even saved my life after I had been stupid enough to be possessed by You-Know-Who, but still, I felt that he could at least lighten up a bit, try and see past what he remembered of me.
I went out that night trying to be brave, so that maybe he would notice me, notice that I was more than that little girl that he had rescued four years ago, but instead I became involved in a family of vampires…vampires who were my cousins.

I'll post chapters every Monday starting next week, I have a very busy schedule but I'm going to try to get a chapter up every week :)  


Chapter 1: Step One
Chapter 2: Riley
Chapter 3: Discovery
Chapter 4: Options

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love it
It was AWESOME!!! i loved it!!! i can't wait for the next chapter! i think u shuld keep it the same length cuz it gives u more information. can't wait!!
Okay :) Thanks, your the first one to actually say anything about the length, I'm thinking about updating today because I updated my other fanfic last night lol
Omg, I haven't updated in so long!! I'm sorry guys! I'll update soon, this is my first of five fanfics that I am currently writing (links will b up soon bear wit me) but I will have an update SOON
Pls update me on this :)
I barely found it again ;)
It's awsome :D
I like the story, and I love the idea, but I would prefer to Ginny to stay with Harry instead of staying with Riley.(But the story is realy good this is just an idea)

more please



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