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My life at Forks wasn’t the best, well I suppose that’s an understatement. I lived here with my mum Renee right up until she discovered my secrets. Everyone has them but when she discovered that I never stopped taking pain killers for my leg that broke the summer before she sent me to Charlie, my dad in Phoenix. Of course Renee had forced me into rehab first, which I thanked her for later, but never the less seeing her 15 year old baby girl addicted wasn’t her idea of what I was going to turn out like.

I never told her why I kept taking them, or the real story of how my leg broke. She wouldn’t believe me anyway. Her partner Phil was the reason for my un-happiness. One night Renee was out with her girlfriends celebrating her new promotion at our local school. I was 14 at the time and was tired due to my friend’s sleepover the night before, so I decided to hit the sack early. I fell asleep in no time but shortly after got woken up. Phil must have crept in; I woke up to the feel of his hand over my mouth. He told me it was my punishment for not doing the dishes. I tried to scream but I couldn’t, I felt like I was in a nightmare, it didn’t matter how hard you tried to scream because no sound was ever going to escape. From that night onwards whenever Renee would go out he would creep into my room and do the same thing. One time I tried running away but instead my clumsy self fell down the stairs. I passed out due to the pain, but of course I came back to reality with Phil on top of me. I had to wait for an hour at the bottom of the stairs in agonizing pain while he “finished” before he took me to the hospital.

Every night from then on when Renee went out I would swallow 5 pain killers and 2 sleeping pills, that would knock me out for the night, it would give me an escape into my dream world instead of  Phil’s skin on mine. After rehab I got sent to Charlie’s. I thanked God for this every day. Charlie was a plastic surgeon at the fanciest hospital in all of phoenix; he was doing nicely money wise. When my parents split Renee took me and Charlie took my brother Emmett and my sister Alice. I missed them; we were all so close as kids. My parents didn’t split till I was 8.


I woke up to the cold morning light shinning into my room. I got up straight away and ran to my closet to get changed. Today was the day I would leave Forks forever; today was the day my life would change for the better. I struggled down the stairs with my suitcases. It would be the last time I would see this dreaded house and I walked out smiling I went straight to the car, shoved my bags into the back and climbed into the passenger’s seat, Renee was already in waiting. Phil waved as we drove off and without mum seeing I pulled the fingers and mouthed “screw you”, I laughed but he looked really really mad. But I didn’t care; my life was free off him forever.

Before hopping on my plane Renee hugged me and had her teary goodbye, I told her it would be great at Charlie’s and I knew that was true. She believed me, I had never been a good liar, she always could tell. I walked away from my mother, feeling bad I left her here with Phil, but I needed this.

Three hours later my plane was landing into a bright warm day. My smile never escaped from my face. I walked off the plane to see my family. Alice and Emmett ran up to me fighting over who got to hug me first.

“Bella! I’ve missed you so much! Wait till you see what I did with your new room!” Alice rushed

“Hey lil sis!” And Emmett pulled me up into one of his bear hugs.

Charlie was last to hug me but he looked happy I was here, that all his kids were back together as a family should be.

“Nice to see you Bells, we’ve missed you”

I sighed with relief when he said that, I was missed and I was wanted here. We all walked back to the parking lot.

“Dad where’s your car?” I asked, last time I had seen him he had his blue Ferrari.

“Traded up” he said hopping into a white limo

“Right” I said hopping in after Alice.

The ride home was catch up time.

“Sorry kids, I have to go away for the next month for a reconstruction surgery on a burns patient, sorry I have to go just when you got here Bells” Charlie said, I knew before I came he would be away a lot so I didn’t make a big deal out of it.

“That’s okay dad” I said

Once we got back to Charlie’s mansion on the beach Alice pulled me up the stairs to my newly decorated room. She handed me a key for the door, I was shocked. I had a lock for my door? I could keep people out if I wanted? It was a very good shocked. I put my key in the door, turned it, and then turned the door handle to reveal my room.

It was beautiful; it was like I had stepped into a Jane Austen book. This room was so elegant, so old fashioned but with modern technology weaved in. I loved every part of my room. I had a canopy over my double bed that held a million cushions, I had an unsuite that was just as beautiful, and I had a walk-in wardrobe but when you walked in it felt like you had walked into a night club, Alice put a disco ball in my wardrobe, apart from that I loved it, even the clothes that Alice had put in my wardrobe.

Later on I was relaxing on my bed staring out my glass double doors into twilight. Tomorrow was my first day at my new school; it was also the first day back for the year. I never really fitted in anywhere at school, I was usually the odd one out, so I wasn’t really looking forward to tomorrow. Alice said as my sister it was her job to dress me, I laughed and agreed with her. Charlie had left after dinner and Alice and Emmett went straight to their rooms, I sighed and went to mine. But I was enjoying my view.

I jumped when I heard the door bell ring.

“Ill get it!” Alice screamed running down the stairs, I was curious so I followed behind her. Alice opened the door and jumped into the arms of a boy.

“Jasper!” she smiled, his name was jasper. Emmett picked up and twirled around a blonde girl, which later on I discovered her name was Rosalie. Beside all the coupleness was another boy, apparently his name was Edward. He looked me up and down three times before he spoke.

“Nice rack” he said, great he was a sleaze

He walked straight past me and into my kitchen and helped himself to a can of coke in my fridge. I ignored him and went back up to my room; I signed into my MySpace and emailed my only friends from Forks, Jacob and Leah. They knew about Phil, they helped me through my depression phase; they were there for me when all I wanted was to die.

Hey Guys,

Miss you so much, life here is much better. There is no Phil. My Dads already left on a business trip so my brother and sister invited their other halves over, downside is they brought with them this sleaze called Edward Cullen, but hey there’s No PhilJ. Hope you guys have a great start to your school year tomorrow, you will have to come visit me in Charlie’s mansion sometime, I’ll send the limo to pick you guys up :p , who new Charlie was so rich?

Anyways write back ASAP!!! Love you!!!!

Your Bella xoxo


I hit send and jumped to find Edward behind me. Great, just what I felt like dealing with.

“Who’s Phil?” He inquired, I gasped.

“No one” I snapped back

“O...kay then” he rolled his eyes while flopping himself onto my bed.

“Why are you in my room?” I asked with anger in my tone

“Everyone took off into rooms to do god knows what and I felt left out” He grinned and walked over to me; he picked up a strand of my hair and put behind my ear.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I yelled

“Trying to seduce you, is it working?”

“No, get out!” I screamed, Emmett must have heard and came in with a baseball bat.

“What do you think you’re doing with my little sister?” Emmett asked calmly.

“Ya know” he shrugged

“Yeah, I do Cullen; get the hell out of my house!” Emmett yelled at him with a death glare.


Edward took off running; I heard the door slam behind him and a car’s tires screech before taking off.

“Are you okay?” Alice ran over to me.

“Yeah I’m great” I said sarcastically “By the way thanks Emm”

“No probs sis” he grinned and left my room.

“Bella I was meaning to warn you about him but it completely left my mind, anyway he’s not usually that bad, but yes Edward is a player”

“Thought so” I replied “But seriously I’m fine go back to Jasper” I laughed

“Okay” she smiled “Night Bella!”

“Goodnight!” I yelled back

Yes life here was much better. I had a shower and went to bed early in lingerie, apparently normal pyjamas weren’t good enough for Alice’s liking.

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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwww Poor BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID PHIL!!!!!!!!!!.... And i might murder Edward!!!!!!! Can't wait for more!!!

The next morning I woke up and went straight downstairs for some breakfast, to find Edward sitting in one of our kitchen tables chairs, I ignored him and poured myself a cup of orange juice. Then I realised I was in lingerie, at least it covered everything.

“I like it Bella, come on do a spin” he said

“Not for you” I spat, and with that I went back to my room.

“Aww come on!” he said aggravated

I walked into my room to find Alice sitting on my bed with clothes laid out. Today she wanted me to wear a denim mini, with tight fitted blue top and high heels. Great I thought to myself, i'll come home with a twisted ankle. But not worrying about that I put it all on, because it did look good. Alice then did my make-up, my nails, and curled my hair in record timing.

Once we were all ready we went outside to the limo, and lucky me I got to sit with Edward.

“So Bella...” he started

“Leave her alone or ill smash that pretty face of yours” Emmett smirked

“Yeah, yeah” he sighed

Once we got to school, I took a deep breath. This year I was 15, this year things would change. I hopped out of the limo with my Prada school bag and walked to the office. The lady passed me my time table and a map. My first class was biology. I followed the map, and got there in the end. This school was so much bigger than Forks high. I entered the room to find out I was the last one to class, I sighed and went to the only empty seat, which was next to Edward.

“Couldn’t stay away huh?” he asked

“Your right” I said sarcastically “you were just too hot that to take my eyes away from you was unbearably painful”

“Thought so” he replied

The rest of the class went slowly, but once biology was finished the day speed up until it got to lunch.

“Bella we are going to try out for cheerleading!” Alice screamed excitedly

“Cool! Have fun.” I answered

“You are too, so is Rosalie”

“Alice please don’t make me” I begged

“Too late we have try-outs after school”

“Argh fine!” I snapped at my pixie looking sister.

At lunch Edward sat next to me, and I really wanted to scream, but I didn’t.

“So Bella, you’re looking pretty hot today” he said with an added wink that was it I couldn’t take it anymore, I stood up and slapped him.

“All you are is a pathetic, sleazy, obnoxious, self-absorbed, arrogant, pig-headed player! Guess what! You’re not even good looking, so lay off! I don’t want you anywhere near me!” I all but screamed

Edward looked at me with sad eyes, I almost felt sorry for him, I almost apologised when all the girls in the cafeteria stood up and started cheering for me. I caught my breath, slowed my heart beat, and sat back down. Once I sat down Edward got up and walked out with the entire school booing him.

The rest of the day went slow with a few girls come up to me and agreed that Edward was all the things I had said. But sadly the day didn’t go slower because before I knew it, I was in the gym waiting for try-outs to begin. As a kid I did gymnastics and ballet, so I was okay at everything. I couldn’t believe Alice dragged me into this.

The coach dismissed us with saying to meet back tomorrow at lunch to find out who got in. Eventually my tired and sore body made it back the limo. It was just us girls when we got in.

“Shopping trip!” Alice said

“I’m in” Rosalie replied

“Fine” I said back, I was really not in the mood for this.

“Great, okay we need to find outfits for school tomorrow”

“But you just brought me a whole closet full of clothes”

“It doesn’t matter, you can never have enough clothes” she grinned back at me

My sister was officially a shopaholic. I stared out the window into the bright sun, it was amazing. Alice wasn’t that much older than me, she was eleven months older. She had just turned 16, and Emmett was 17 a couple of months ago. But that never bothered me that I was the youngest, it just meant I had more people looking out for me. I and Alice were both in year 11 this year and Emmett was in year 12. Renee and Charlie wanted us to be around the same age, so they ha.d us all pretty quickly.

Once we got to the mall Alice tied her short hair up and walked very quickly inside, me and Rosalie just laughed, and followed her in. Alice dragged me into every shop. By the end I had another 5 outfits because Alice couldn’t decide which one she liked best. After shopping we went to Wendy’s and grabbed a milk shake each, we sat down at a table in the cafe. While Alice and Rosalie discussed the great clothes they got, I caught a guy staring at me from another table, and I blushed bright pink and turned away from him. I tried to join in with their conversation when that same guy came over and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to find he was smiling. He reached out for my hand and slipped a piece of paper inside. He kissed the top of my hand and walked away.

If I thought I was blushing before I defiantly was now.

“What does it say?” Rosalie asked

I opened my handed and unfolded the piece of paper

My names James Ring me.

05 324 5962

“Here read it” I passed it over to them and looked over my shoulder to see James wave before leaving my sight.

“Bella! You totally have to ring him” Alice said


“Nope you are ringing him” Rose said

“Sleepover tonight?” Alice asked Rosalie

“Yip, we can watch that new movie out” she replied


Eventually we got home and I walked through the door to find all the guys there again, including Edward. Why couldn’t  he just give up! I stormed right past him and went up to my room. I went straight to my computer to check my emails.

Hey Bells,

It’s me and Jacob here, we miss you so much. Guess what! It’s raining here. Don’t worry I was being sarcastic. Jacob says to use the self defence he taught you and go smash that dude up. I agree, he sounds yuck. School was okay; a bit weird without the point to our triangle but it was okay.

We are great, hope you’re having a great time! Jacob also says we are holding you to the limo and mansion part. Next holidays?

Love you!!!

Leah and Jacob

I laughed at the thought of beating up Edward Cullen. I decided to reply straight away.

Leah and Jacob,

Really it was raining in Forks? Joking. Well today Alice made me try out for cheerleading, I yelled at Edward in front of the whole school, Alice dragged me shopping and a guy gave me his number, then I got home to find Edward at my house again. I swear he doesn’t have a house of his own.

But today wasn’t that bad. I might have to use that self defence soon though. He he. You can diffently come stay next holidays, come for the two weeks! Anyways got to go, Alice, Rosalie, and i are having a sleepover tonight so they can be there when I ring this guy.

Love you guys, miss you this much *stretches arms out dramatically*,

Bella xoxo

After that I decided to have a shower before this “sleepover”. Afterwards I found it hard to pick out pyjamas again. I picked out a black ballerina styled piece for our sleepover.

I walked downstairs in my dressing gown and slippers to find arrows pointing around a corner and leading into a hall way, I followed the arrows until I found double doors. I walked through them to find a movie theatre. I gasped; of course Charlie had a movie theatre.

I walked down the aisle to where Alice and Rosalie were.

“Popcorn?” Alice asked

“Sure” I struggled to reply back

“Edward!” Alice called

Edward walked over to me with a bucket of pop corn and a drink. He handed it to me, bowed and walked back out. Great now he’s our servant?

“Thanks” I said to Alice

“No probs”

The movie was your average romantic comedy. Once it had finished I stood up.

“Goodnight guys” I yawned

“Where do you think you’re going?” Rosalie asked

“Um to sleep”

“Nope not a chance we have to ring James” Alice said


I walked with them back to the lounge. In the middle of the floor there was a phone with 3 bean bags surrounding it. I walked over and sat in one of the bean bags. Alice passed me the phone and I dialled the number.

“Hello?” A voice asked

“Hi, um you gave me your number today, in the cafe” I replied

“Oh! Hi! You rang. What’s your name?”

“I’m Bella and your James?”

“Yip, I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me this Friday night.”


“Cool ill pick you up at 7pm”

“Okay see you then”

“Bye Bella” and he hung up

I had to tell myself to breathe before I put the phone back down.

“What did he say!”They both yelled in synchronization

“I’m going out with James, 7pm Friday night”

They jumped up and down yelling and screaming. I laughed at their excitement.  The rest of the night passed quickly, we watched another movie and crashed in the lounge. I woke up in the morning to Alice running round in circles.

“I can’t decide!” She screamed

“Decide what?”

“What you are going to wear!” she said with a sad expression

I picked up the black mini dress with the white blouse underneath

“I like this” before she could question I went to my bathroom and got changed. Today I just kept my hair out straight and Alice did my makeup.

We hopped into the limo and the guys weren’t there. I thanked god I got twelve hours without Edward Cullen. We got to school in no time at all

thanks for an awesome update... can't wait for more!!!

This is a really great story, update soon=)<3

its up :)



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