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Ok i know most people will think that i'm copying "Titanic A Twilight Twist" but i'm not... This Fan Fic is based on three things... "Twilight", "Vampire Diaries" and a book called "Distant Waves."(which is based on the Titanic.) This has nothing to do with the other fan fic... And if you see something that is a similarity to that plz tell me and i'll take it down imediatly.








Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By; ~Luvme2day~


ChApTeR oNe: The real life…





“Bella hurry up! Or were going to be late!” My sister Alice called for me.


I struggled to pack the rest of my belonging in my tiny luggage bag. How could they expect me to fit all this stuff in this tiny little thing? I sighed and took out one of my favorites skirt and blouse. I then zipped the bag up and dragged it behind me to the living room.


“There you are.” Mother looked frustrated.


“Didn’t I tell you to pack your stuff earlier? You never listen to me.”


I shrugged. “I couldn’t pick what to bring.”


She then sighed and signaled me to follow her to the motor car.


 “Where Alice?” I asked.


“She’s already gone to the station with father and Steffan.” She relied while she loaded the rest of the luggage into our only transportation left.


“They’ll meet us at the station. Now go call Elena and Damien”


I rushed into the house and into Elena’s room. I found her slim figure bending over a trunk. “What in the world are you doing?”


Elena was my little sister. She had recently turned 12 and was as stubborn as ever. She was quiet tall for her age and had pale skin and smoky blue eyes that I envied. She got them from my father Charlie. Her dark hair was held up in a high pony tail and draped across her back lovely.


She looked up shock written all over her face. “Nothing.” She replied with such haste that I was sure it was something.


I shook my head. “Anyways, mother said to hurry up. She’s already started loading the rest of our stuff in the motor car so if you want to put something in it you better rush.”


I turned for the door but Elena called me back.


“Bella?” She said in her child like voice.




“Do you think it’s a good idea to go to America?” Her voice was shaky. Worry coming across her face fiercely.


Being only two years older than her I didn’t understand much myself. I tried to sound sure of my self or at least wise. But I think it didn’t work that well.


“I don’t know. And it’s not our choice. Plus, there’s nothing left for us in England. Father can’t find work so the only way is to move.”


She nodded understanding and continued what she was doing.


I headed to Damien’s room. He was sat on a chair hunched over his desk scribbling on something. Damien was 16. Much taller than me and almost as tall as father. He had light brown hair like my mother and her green eyes. It was kind of strange when you looked at the. From one angle they seemed a mossy green but from another they looked like a smoky blue. He was skinny like all of us and kind of a know it all which is one thing I don’t like about him and that girl drool over him like some pastry dish.


“Damien. Mother said to hurry up we are leaving soon.” I told him.


He grunted. “Tell her I would be there soon.”


“She said to come now.”


He turned and looked at me. His eyes looked sad. Damien had tried everything he could do not to go to America for some various reasons but the number one reason was because of his girlfriend Cassandra.


Cassandra was beautiful and smart. I liked her and we’d become close recently.


“Tell her one more minute. Please Bella. That’s all I need.” He said.


I nodded. I knew why he wanted to delay our leaving. He was waiting for Cassandra. She told him she would come to see us off.


“Damien! Cassandra here!” I heard Elena yell from the front room.


Damien jump up excitedly and pushed me out of the as he rushed to her.


They started hugging and kissing each other. I had to turn to not be disgusted much further.


It took us quiet a while to split them up. But when we did Damien was strapped in the back seat with Elena and our luggage and I sat in the front with mother. Cassandra was left at the steps cry franticly.


I didn’t know what the matter was they would see each other soon. Damien was only coming with us for a year. Well, I guess that’s not soon but still. He’s turning seventeen soon. And once he reaches eighteen he has the right to do what ever he was like coming back here to England and getting married to Cassandra. I knew they had been planning this ever since we heard about the news of us traveling to America.


But I think the trip would be fun. We would be traveling over seas on the Titanic. The most majestic ship ever created. It would be filled with rich people. We were boarding first class. I couldn’t wait to dine with the wealthy such as I, meet new people, wearing the finest clothes.

It gave me chills just thinking about it.


In the next five minutes we were off to our next destination. The train station where father, Elena and Steffan would be waiting and we will be getting on to make out way to the Titanic.




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Chapter Four:

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Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:


Chapter Eight:


Chapter Nine:


Chapter Ten:





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wow..*tears* soooooooo romantic!!! why doesn't Jasper just change her?!!?!? CULLEN'S ALWAYS SO COMPLICATED :) more ASAP
ha i wish but i'm trying to not copy Titanic a Twilight Twist... so kind of hard to not just change Alice.
Love It!!!!
I have read all three books and i love this
thx pplz... still tryin to think wud to post next don knoe... LOL

Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)

By; ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR sIx:
Mr. & Mrs. McCarthy

I watched him as he hunted. Normal immortals would be graceful but he was different. He was a whole other tale. But, that’s why I love him.

He saw me from the corner of his eye and smiled. His white teeth showing full of blood as he mangled the bear. His dark curly hair fluttering in the wind. He was such a sight to see.

I laughed.

In an instant he was beside me. “What is so funny?” He asked with the same smile I loved pasted on his face.

“You.” I replied.

He laughed himself. “Naturally”

I slapped him on the arm but he didn’t seem to feel it. He then grabbed my hand and we ran all the way back to our little cottage in the heart of this forest.

Privacy was a big issue to us. With my loving husband only being having 30 years as a vampire including his 28 human years it seemed a struggle for him to live like I. As a vegetarian. I myself had just turned 200. I didn’t know who had created me. He left me in the cottage we now live in.

We got to our home in less than five minutes.

“Hey! Watch out for the...” I yelled to my husband not finishing my sentence before he crashed into my favorite glass vase that had cost me nearly a fortune.

“Sorry.” He murmured and he simply got up and picked up the little glass pieces off of the floor.

“What am I going to do with you?” I asked.

He shrugged. “How am I supposed to know? You’re the one who decided to be with me.”

That was true. “Are you implying that I had made a mistake?” I cocked my head to the side. I knew he was only fooling around but I actually really wanted to know.

He shook his head furiously. “No, silly Rosalie. You know I love you and I want to spend the rest of eternity by your side.”

I smiled at his words. “Good because most people get fed up with me after a while.”

“Oh and Emmett would you mind heading to the market and getting some chairs tomorrow. Since you broke our last ones.”

He nodded and left for our room. Probably to change out of his bloody clothes.

All of a sudden Tanya comes bursting into the door. “We have to go! We have to go!”

Tanya was one of my sisters who had also been turned but not by the same creator as I. She was one of my kindest sister and trusted ones too. My favorite you could say.

“Go where?” I asked her as Emmett slipped out of the room to hand me his shirt to clean.

I grabbed a bucket full of water and dipped the shirt into it starting to wash off the dirt and blood.

She showed me the paper. It was written in dark Inc and the paper was a brownish like it had been tossed around a lot. I read it.

“Titanic?” I asked with my eyebrows scrunching together.

My sister gasped. “You don’t know?”

I shrugged. “I don’t read much.”

“Even if you don’t read. You must have heard the gossip around town?” Her expression continued to stay surprised.

I just shrugged again. “So tell me about it.”

“It’s only one of the biggest and famous ships in the worlds and everyone is trying to board it to go somewhere or at least anywhere. And we must go too. Please!”

“Where would we be going?” I stopped trying to wash out the stain and looked at her.

“America. You’ve always talked about how you wanted to see life there. Here is your chance.” She pointed at the paper again.

I sighed. “We are not organized. Where would we live in America?”

Tanya thought for a moment and her eyes brightened when she figured it out. “New York. I hear it a big city with many people and work too.”

“It’s time for us to come to see the real world. We can’t just keep hiding from the humans. We are going to have to face them sometime.”

She had a point. I hadn’t spent much time with humans in fear of loosing control of my thirst. I’m two hundred years old I should be able to withstand them by now.

A smile touched my sister lips seeing my face and that I have agreed with her.

“Hold on. Wait a minute. I thought we were going to live here?” Emmett asked.

I bit my lip. “Yes we have lived here and it time for us to go somewhere else. We need to see the world. Travel. Going to America would do you, my sisters and I some good.”

“What do you say, Love?”

He seemed to see the way I was thinking and then nodded. “Fine but if all doesn’t work out we will be on the next ship back alright?” He said with a stern look.

“Alright.” I agreed lifting my self up to kiss him.

Tanya smiled. “I shall go tell Irina and Kate!” She squealed and left running.

Both Emmett and I laughed watching her go and then sighed. I haven’t gone any where for almost a century. It would be a first to see the world again and Emmett has never gone out of this town even to hunt. He is afraid too. It would be and adventure for both of us. And I’m looking forward to it.
Hope you like the new post!!!! ;)
its wonderful, great chapter :)
thnx alot... next chapter soon to be posted...
i absolutly loved the book disant waves on e of my favorites
you need to go on
thank you...


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