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Ok i know most people will think that i'm copying "Titanic A Twilight Twist" but i'm not... This Fan Fic is based on three things... "Twilight", "Vampire Diaries" and a book called "Distant Waves."(which is based on the Titanic.) This has nothing to do with the other fan fic... And if you see something that is a similarity to that plz tell me and i'll take it down imediatly.








Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By; ~Luvme2day~


ChApTeR oNe: The real life…





“Bella hurry up! Or were going to be late!” My sister Alice called for me.


I struggled to pack the rest of my belonging in my tiny luggage bag. How could they expect me to fit all this stuff in this tiny little thing? I sighed and took out one of my favorites skirt and blouse. I then zipped the bag up and dragged it behind me to the living room.


“There you are.” Mother looked frustrated.


“Didn’t I tell you to pack your stuff earlier? You never listen to me.”


I shrugged. “I couldn’t pick what to bring.”


She then sighed and signaled me to follow her to the motor car.


 “Where Alice?” I asked.


“She’s already gone to the station with father and Steffan.” She relied while she loaded the rest of the luggage into our only transportation left.


“They’ll meet us at the station. Now go call Elena and Damien”


I rushed into the house and into Elena’s room. I found her slim figure bending over a trunk. “What in the world are you doing?”


Elena was my little sister. She had recently turned 12 and was as stubborn as ever. She was quiet tall for her age and had pale skin and smoky blue eyes that I envied. She got them from my father Charlie. Her dark hair was held up in a high pony tail and draped across her back lovely.


She looked up shock written all over her face. “Nothing.” She replied with such haste that I was sure it was something.


I shook my head. “Anyways, mother said to hurry up. She’s already started loading the rest of our stuff in the motor car so if you want to put something in it you better rush.”


I turned for the door but Elena called me back.


“Bella?” She said in her child like voice.




“Do you think it’s a good idea to go to America?” Her voice was shaky. Worry coming across her face fiercely.


Being only two years older than her I didn’t understand much myself. I tried to sound sure of my self or at least wise. But I think it didn’t work that well.


“I don’t know. And it’s not our choice. Plus, there’s nothing left for us in England. Father can’t find work so the only way is to move.”


She nodded understanding and continued what she was doing.


I headed to Damien’s room. He was sat on a chair hunched over his desk scribbling on something. Damien was 16. Much taller than me and almost as tall as father. He had light brown hair like my mother and her green eyes. It was kind of strange when you looked at the. From one angle they seemed a mossy green but from another they looked like a smoky blue. He was skinny like all of us and kind of a know it all which is one thing I don’t like about him and that girl drool over him like some pastry dish.


“Damien. Mother said to hurry up we are leaving soon.” I told him.


He grunted. “Tell her I would be there soon.”


“She said to come now.”


He turned and looked at me. His eyes looked sad. Damien had tried everything he could do not to go to America for some various reasons but the number one reason was because of his girlfriend Cassandra.


Cassandra was beautiful and smart. I liked her and we’d become close recently.


“Tell her one more minute. Please Bella. That’s all I need.” He said.


I nodded. I knew why he wanted to delay our leaving. He was waiting for Cassandra. She told him she would come to see us off.


“Damien! Cassandra here!” I heard Elena yell from the front room.


Damien jump up excitedly and pushed me out of the as he rushed to her.


They started hugging and kissing each other. I had to turn to not be disgusted much further.


It took us quiet a while to split them up. But when we did Damien was strapped in the back seat with Elena and our luggage and I sat in the front with mother. Cassandra was left at the steps cry franticly.


I didn’t know what the matter was they would see each other soon. Damien was only coming with us for a year. Well, I guess that’s not soon but still. He’s turning seventeen soon. And once he reaches eighteen he has the right to do what ever he was like coming back here to England and getting married to Cassandra. I knew they had been planning this ever since we heard about the news of us traveling to America.


But I think the trip would be fun. We would be traveling over seas on the Titanic. The most majestic ship ever created. It would be filled with rich people. We were boarding first class. I couldn’t wait to dine with the wealthy such as I, meet new people, wearing the finest clothes.

It gave me chills just thinking about it.


In the next five minutes we were off to our next destination. The train station where father, Elena and Steffan would be waiting and we will be getting on to make out way to the Titanic.




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Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:


Chapter Eight:


Chapter Nine:


Chapter Ten:





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thank you all....

wow simply amazing i cant wait to find out what happens next i hope that bella does survive...loving it... and by the way thanks for changing the color
no prob...
please write more tjis is a really good story :)


Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By: ~Luvme2day~Vannessa


ChApTeR fOuRtEeN: We Come Face to Face…



JULY 03, 1911




It seemed like it has been years since we boarded this ship. So much has happened in the last three weeks that I can’t really seem to keep my head straight.


I was walking through first class hall heading toward room 36B. I had to speak to Edward immediately. When I reached the room I knocked. Three rhythmic raps. Some one other than Edward answered the door.


Good morning, Jasper.” I said.


He looked pained and the dark rings around his eyes were more pronounced than the last time I had seen him. I do not even know how long ago it was.


Morning, Isabella. If you are looking for Edward he is not here.” His voice was flat with no emotions.


Then where is he?” I began to worry about the possibilities of Edward getting himself in a mix up.


At the banquet hall with the rest of my family.” He replied.


I nodded. “Oh.”


I turned to leave but Jasper caught my arm. His fingers were cold and hard like marble. I tried not to flinch.


Hold on.”


I looked up at him. He seemed paler. “Yes?”


Please tell Alice I’m truly sorry and if she would give me a chance to explain.”


I felt a pinch of guilt for him. “I…I’m sorry Jasper she is not in the mood to speak to anyone. Especially you.”


Please.” He begged. “Just suggest that to her. Tell her I’ll be in my room if she decides to come.”


I nodded then left. Slowly I clamped myself down to the banquet hall. It seems like we have been spending more time in this very room that any other place in this ship. I spotted the Cullen family at the other end of the room and walk towards them.


I smiled as all of there eyes were on me. “Good morning.”


Good morning.” They all mumbled in return.


Have you seen, Edward? I need to talk to him.” I looked up at Carlisle the oldest, the father, and the wise man out of this group.


He is not here but up at the deck. You might find him there.” He said. His golden eyes boring into. Maturity vibrating off of him. As if it was his aura.


I walked up to the deck and there he was. Is the darkest part where the sun did not touch his skin as it rose from behind the mountains. He looked like and angel. His pale skin glowing. Hair fluttering everywhere in the morning wind.


Hello.” I said.




I turned abruptly in shock. She stood gracefully a few meters in front of me. So fragile. Her hair blew in the cold wind and she hugged herself as her skirts blew everywhere.


I smiled. “Hi.”


She came closer taking her steps carefully.


I won’t hurt you.” I said. “I would rather die burning in flames before I harm a hair on your head.”


She laughed. “Of course you would.”


No, I’m serious. I will rather die before I let harm come your way. Especially if that harm comes from me.” My lips formed a hard line. Seriousness crossing my face.


Isabella folded her arms and took another step towards me. “I know.”


I sighed and looked back at the sea. It was still black and beginning to calm from the nights rain.

“Are you irritated?” I asked.        


A little.” Was her reply. “After you get over the shock it is quiet alright. It is life is it not?”


I shook my head. “No . You’re wrong.”


No one should be living like this. Living like I do. I should have died years ago. I wasn’t meant to live.”


She was beside me by them. Her hand placed on my shoulder. Her eyes looking at me. I kept looking at the sea.


"Yes, you should have." She said.


My emotions grew grave. Of course she would agree to my statement. She know's that that is the truth.


"But you did not." She continued. "You were meant to live and I was meant to see you. We were meant to fall in love. Isn't that so?"


I did not reply. Just nodded simply.


"Good." She said. "By the way. I love you. No matter what you are or what you have done. The past is the past."


It took all my strength to admit this but i knew it was true. "I love you too, Isabella. Always will and always have."




It touched me that he said he loved me. I never knew he felt this way towards me. I felt like I would die today and it would be alright just as I know that this man loves me no matter what.


"Then you'll let me come to New York with you." I said.


He looked at me his eyes wide with shock. "What?!"


"Let me come with you." I repeated.


"I heard you the first time. No you can't. What about your parents and brothers and sisters? You can't leave them."


I looked at him my eyes dead serious. "Yes I can. I have to go my own way someday and I don't want to leave you."


"Please let me accompany you."


He looked at our hands now twined together then sighed. I had won the battle. "Only if your parents allow you. Then you can come."


"And trust me I will know if you had asked them or not. Has Alice told you about my gift?"


I was confused. "Gift? No."


He smiled. "I will tell you later. Just ask your parents, please."


I nodded in agreement. But inside I knew I could not ask my mother or father. Especially my father. They were both strict about certain things. I couldn't face them. This reminded me of when Damien wanted to stay with Cassandra and father did not let him. I don't know how he would react to me. He wouldn't like it very much. Me running off with a boy they had never met and I bet Alice would want to come too. For Jasper. Then of course they won't agree. I would not tell them then. Alice and I will run away together. We found love that no one else would ever understand. A secret we share.




I love it finally I get some free time to read!! Secret can bond 2 sisters

Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By: ~Luvme2day~Vannessa


ChApTeR fIfTeEn: Mind over Matter...


Alice and I  sat in my room our luggage on my bed.


How are we suppose to get off without them knowing?” I asked.


Alice shrugged. “We must run off before they see us.”


Alice, you said something a couple of nights ago about the ship sinking. Is that true? Will the ship sink?” I asked her.


Her eyes turned soft. The amber tone turned warm in ambivalent. Her eyes had been slowly changing. From a fierce red and now amber. Fortunately our parents had been to focused on mingling with other passengers that they did not notice the modest interchanges in Alice.


I don't know.” She hesitated for a moment and took the time to look at me. “My visions seem to say so.”


Oh. How long have you been having these visions?” My eyes wondered to my clothes. “I mean, I haven't seen you...uh, you know.”


I didn't have to finish the question for her to understand. “I didn't like them when I was still human. They made me dizzy and a little nauseated. So I suppressed them most of the time.” 


I flinched at the word 'human'. In these very few days I had forgotten Alice wasn't like me anymore. She was immortal.


How does it feel?” I asked her. “To be...”


She finished off my sentence for me. “A vampire?”


I nodded.


It's surely different. I can say that. Sometimes it is hard too. With the hunger for...blood.” She gave a weak smile.


I tried to understand what she had just said but not being experienced to it made it harder to fully empathize.


We must be prepared though.” She finally said.


After we finished we shall go see the Cullen's.”


I nodded in agreement.


When we were done packing. We headed to Edwards' room. The halls were quiet. It was nearing 8 A.M and it was dangerous to get caught in these halls. Our parents would be surely tempestuous if they knew. But they didn't so that made a astronomical dispute.


Alice knocked on the door quietly. Three rhythmic raps. The door creaked open and there stood Bonnie Edward and Jasper's sister. We greeted each other and she invited us in.


There was only one bed in the room. A king size. There sat on it was Emmett (Rosalie's husband and now part of the group) and Jasper. On the right side of the room was Carlisle and Esme  and on the left Edward standing majestic. The room was quiet big. Bigger than my quarters. 


I walked towards him and we said a silent hello with our eyes. That was all we needed. I looked around. Everything and everyone was quiet. Alice was the one to speak first.


We all know why we are here, don't we?” She asked. Here eyes searching the room for bewilderment.


Everyone nodded in return.


She continued when no one spoke. “Well, I think I have found a way.”


Obviously we would not drown in the temperatures of the water and we all can swim. Isn't that so?”


A question pressed on my tongue but I forced it to wait.


So we will not be getting on the life boats?” Bonnie asked.


Alice shook her head. “There is no need. We will save those for the helpless humans who truly need it.”


It stung me when she said 'helpless human who truly need it'. It was like she had forgotten I was here all along.  I kept my mouth shut. This was not a time for arguments.


But what about, Isabella?” Edward inquired as he looked at me. His honey eyes desperate. “She would freeze in the cold temperatures of the waters and we can not keep her warm because of our cold skins.”


Alice gave a slight nod as she also looked at me. Rosalie (another new found member of this little clan) at the corner was smoldering me with her eyes. I could feel the resentment coming off of her.


Ah, I see. Then we put her on the life boat.” She simply said.


For some reason I felt some kind of anger from Alice. As if I was the cause of her ruined plans.


I can not protect her from the life boats.” Edward retorted.


My sisters' eyes grew hard and serious. “We have no other choice, Edward. Unless we result to transforming her.”


Romeo shook his head. “No!”


I couldn't take this. All this confusion because I am a human. Because I was slowing them down from survival. Anger came out from Alice, Edward and Rosalie. From Esme and Carlisle I could sense passionate feeling towards me. No resentment. Bonnie and Jasper's lips formed a thin line. There eyes understanding. But their emotions confused. 


Alright. Alternate me. If it would help our escape I shall agree to it.” I finally said.


Edward looked at me in mystification. My face had become serious and there was nothing anyone could do to exchange my decision for another. 


Edward, it is the only way. You must let me.” I pleaded of him.


No.” He said. His voice emotionless.


I took a step away from him  understanding. “It is not your decision anyhow.”


I looked around to each of them. All vampires. Who would do it? I asked myself. But the suddenly I knew. The only person who will agree to make me like them.


Carlisle. Will you do it?”


He stiffened for a moment then looked at Esme who did not make a gesture for him to go on or not to do so. Carlisle closed his eyes and nodded. I swallowed hard and then sighed heavily.


Lie on the bed my dear.” He told me.


I did so.


His voice turned low as he continued.Close your eyes. This will hurt. I kid you not.”


“Do not scream because it does not help. OK, Isabella.”


I nodded grimly.


Wait!” Edward yelled. “I must ask you something first.”


I looked at him. The gorgeous figure in front of my eyes. So graceful and thoughtless. “Yes?”


Have you communicated with your parents?”


I shook my head. “No. There are somethings they just can not have control over me for.”


I have chosen my life now, and it is with you. I shall not ask another man for permission to love.”


He grinned his crocked grin accepting my decision. “Alright then.”


Carlisle was beginning to get agitated. “If we are finished here may I begin.”


We both nodded and I looked over to Alice. Her eyes were sad. I gave a weak smile to her expense. She smiled back. It was almost as if it were a silent goodbye to the human Bella and a welcome to the immortal Bella. But I knew Alice will always love the old one as much as the new one will be exciting. I know I did.




I sank into the depths of darkness. Letting it carry me away from the burning in my neck.


ThE sAd TrUtH 'bOuT lIfE, ~Luvme2day~Vannessa; Chpt 5


wait a minute Carlisle does not get irritated at anyone. He is so sweet and considerate. only human do that

Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By: ~Luvme2day~Vannessa


ChApTeR sIxTeEn: I'll do this for you...



I've got to tell you it did hurt when Carlisle sank his teeth into my neck. It burned me as if I was being execution alive by thousand suns. The venom trailed into my veins. The last thing I saw before sinking into the debts of it's darkness was Edward's face looking solemn and Carlisle clutching his mouth as blood trailed his fingers and a drop landed on the sheets. After I was gone. My vision began to blur and I was just too weak to hold on to consciousness anymore. So I let the darkness take me. Take me far far away from a pain and hurt.


I dreamed of my family. Pictures of them appearing one by one. My parents, Renee and Charlie, my siblings, Elena, Steffan, Damien, Alice and for some reason Cassandra. Beautiful and intelligent Cassandra. She deserved Damien. He deserved her.


Now my new family, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Bonnie, Rosalie and Emmett. All beautiful people. But for some reason Jacob entered my mind. His hair reddish brown and eyes as dark as the night sky. He was... you could have said hansom.


It suddenly occurred to me that he seemed familiar as if a distant memory. A childhood memory appeared. He was skinny little Jacob Black kid I lived across the street from. I knew his sisters very well. At times I talk to them through the receiver. They were nice people. I was in love with him once. In love with Jacob Black. Mrs. Isabella Black. Was once going to happen.


After that my mind cleared everything just left me and I couldn't dream anymore. I was gone. Far from reach. It felt like death. Death to another life. The burning now came excruciating. But I knew I could not scream. It would hurt Edward if I did so. It wouldn't do much good but make him and Alice anxious that something has gone wrong. So I held on the the pain as the flames began to rise and get hotter and hotter.


When will this end. When I not feel pain anymore. Somebody kill me now. I deserve to die. Take a stake and drive it through my heart. I wanted to beg of Edward to do so. But I became paralyzed. My lips became numb and I could not move.


Oh death come uponeth me. And drive me from this madness.




Authors Note:


I hope you like this. Tried to make it interesting. I bet you can't wait for more. I can't to write more. Thank you so much for reading and next chapter will come soon. This will be the first I update.




when is the next chapter 2011 is a few days away

this was amazing i love it update more soon

please rite more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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