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Ok i know most people will think that i'm copying "Titanic A Twilight Twist" but i'm not... This Fan Fic is based on three things... "Twilight", "Vampire Diaries" and a book called "Distant Waves."(which is based on the Titanic.) This has nothing to do with the other fan fic... And if you see something that is a similarity to that plz tell me and i'll take it down imediatly.








Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)


By; ~Luvme2day~


ChApTeR oNe: The real life…





“Bella hurry up! Or were going to be late!” My sister Alice called for me.


I struggled to pack the rest of my belonging in my tiny luggage bag. How could they expect me to fit all this stuff in this tiny little thing? I sighed and took out one of my favorites skirt and blouse. I then zipped the bag up and dragged it behind me to the living room.


“There you are.” Mother looked frustrated.


“Didn’t I tell you to pack your stuff earlier? You never listen to me.”


I shrugged. “I couldn’t pick what to bring.”


She then sighed and signaled me to follow her to the motor car.


 “Where Alice?” I asked.


“She’s already gone to the station with father and Steffan.” She relied while she loaded the rest of the luggage into our only transportation left.


“They’ll meet us at the station. Now go call Elena and Damien”


I rushed into the house and into Elena’s room. I found her slim figure bending over a trunk. “What in the world are you doing?”


Elena was my little sister. She had recently turned 12 and was as stubborn as ever. She was quiet tall for her age and had pale skin and smoky blue eyes that I envied. She got them from my father Charlie. Her dark hair was held up in a high pony tail and draped across her back lovely.


She looked up shock written all over her face. “Nothing.” She replied with such haste that I was sure it was something.


I shook my head. “Anyways, mother said to hurry up. She’s already started loading the rest of our stuff in the motor car so if you want to put something in it you better rush.”


I turned for the door but Elena called me back.


“Bella?” She said in her child like voice.




“Do you think it’s a good idea to go to America?” Her voice was shaky. Worry coming across her face fiercely.


Being only two years older than her I didn’t understand much myself. I tried to sound sure of my self or at least wise. But I think it didn’t work that well.


“I don’t know. And it’s not our choice. Plus, there’s nothing left for us in England. Father can’t find work so the only way is to move.”


She nodded understanding and continued what she was doing.


I headed to Damien’s room. He was sat on a chair hunched over his desk scribbling on something. Damien was 16. Much taller than me and almost as tall as father. He had light brown hair like my mother and her green eyes. It was kind of strange when you looked at the. From one angle they seemed a mossy green but from another they looked like a smoky blue. He was skinny like all of us and kind of a know it all which is one thing I don’t like about him and that girl drool over him like some pastry dish.


“Damien. Mother said to hurry up we are leaving soon.” I told him.


He grunted. “Tell her I would be there soon.”


“She said to come now.”


He turned and looked at me. His eyes looked sad. Damien had tried everything he could do not to go to America for some various reasons but the number one reason was because of his girlfriend Cassandra.


Cassandra was beautiful and smart. I liked her and we’d become close recently.


“Tell her one more minute. Please Bella. That’s all I need.” He said.


I nodded. I knew why he wanted to delay our leaving. He was waiting for Cassandra. She told him she would come to see us off.


“Damien! Cassandra here!” I heard Elena yell from the front room.


Damien jump up excitedly and pushed me out of the as he rushed to her.


They started hugging and kissing each other. I had to turn to not be disgusted much further.


It took us quiet a while to split them up. But when we did Damien was strapped in the back seat with Elena and our luggage and I sat in the front with mother. Cassandra was left at the steps cry franticly.


I didn’t know what the matter was they would see each other soon. Damien was only coming with us for a year. Well, I guess that’s not soon but still. He’s turning seventeen soon. And once he reaches eighteen he has the right to do what ever he was like coming back here to England and getting married to Cassandra. I knew they had been planning this ever since we heard about the news of us traveling to America.


But I think the trip would be fun. We would be traveling over seas on the Titanic. The most majestic ship ever created. It would be filled with rich people. We were boarding first class. I couldn’t wait to dine with the wealthy such as I, meet new people, wearing the finest clothes.

It gave me chills just thinking about it.


In the next five minutes we were off to our next destination. The train station where father, Elena and Steffan would be waiting and we will be getting on to make out way to the Titanic.




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Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:


Chapter Eight:


Chapter Nine:


Chapter Ten:





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Like it update me!
iThink you have to be really careful because there's already a popular fanfic out there w. the same topic--x

just wanted to give you a heads up... but i like it- nice intro
Yea i heard bout it... but mines diffrent it about he titanic but based on the book Distant Waves...
Good but there is another fan fix calle titanic. A twilight twist and it's very popular update me but carefully another story same topic and very known on the site
love it!
It awesome!!! Plz keep me updated!!!!
The Twilight Titanic… (PG 13)

By: ~Luvme2day~

ChApTeR tWo:

I zeroed in on my prey. My throat aching with thirst. I haven’t drunk anything for almost three weeks now. I never knew I could go this long with out having not even one drop of blood touch my lips.

I pounced on the deer and tackled it furiously. My teeth sank into his neck and I sucked him dry. I felt much better after that. I sighed and sat on a rock.

I then heard rustling from about 50 yards away. I already knew who.

“What do you want Bonnie?” I asked.

“Damn. I can never get him unaware.” She thought in her mind.

She came and sat next to me. Her eye curious. “Are you coming?” Bonnie asked aloud.

I shook my head. “It would be too much for me.” I told her.

“I wish I could.”

Carlisle was planning a trip to America to work as a doctor there. He'll earn more money than he could here. but i denied going with them. I was a new born i wouldn't be able to withstand all of the humans there and the blood on that ship. I shuddered.

“Come one Edward you have to try.” She begged. Her eyes were sad and anxious.

“I’m a new born vampire, Bonnie and there’s going to be thousands of humans there. I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”

She sighed and I knew this conversation wouldn’t go any further. “Carlisle said to come back early. Were leaving as soon as he comes back from the hospital.”

I nodded and watched her flitter away leaving me alone. I got up and went searching for more deer or even a mountain lion.

I ran back to the house to find everyone carrying the bags to the motor car.

Esme looked at me with sadness in her eyes as well as worry. “Are you sure you don’t want to come with us, Edward?”

“I’m going to be fine.”

Carlisle also reassured her but he also was anxious about leaving me.

Jasper came out from the house with a smile on his face. "This is going to be a fun three months. Right brother?" He looked at me as he spoke with an evil edge.

Jasper was almost 200 years old and he has much exprecience with new borns. I sighed and gave him a weak smile.

"I guess, Jasper." I replied.

"Maybe i should go with Carlisle and them." I thought.

"Carlisle hold on!" I told him and flitered into my room and got the bag i had packed just in case i decided to change my mind. I swore it weight less than it did the day i packed it. I ran back outside and put the bag into the back seat of the motor car.

"I'm coming." I told them.

Jasper smile got wider. "I told you."

"I guess were staying longer than three months now."

He then joined Bonnie and I in the back seat and we drove off.


We made it to the station just in time and thats when i spotted her. She was the most beautiful person i ever saw. She had long chestnut brown hair. It was lovely as it flowed down her back and hung over her shoulder. Her pale skin glowing. And that blue dress she wore fit her and her skinny slender body. She spotted me staring her smoky blue eye staring at me. Then she blushed and quickly turned away. The color was glorious. But then she dissapeared into the train.

"Edward! Edward!" I heard someone calling me.

I turned to find it was Bonnie. She looked irratated. "We have to get going or were going to miss the train."

I nodded a followed her inside with the rest of our family.

I thought of the girl the whole way. I woundered who she was. What she was lucky. Her name, her life and how old she was. I think....I'm in love.
love it!!1 poor Eddie boy in love with a girl he doesn't know anything about... so in this story distance Waves the girls eyes are blue.. because Bellas eyes are brown but love it!! more ASAP
yea... just trying to put 4 books together. "Titanic." "Distant Waves." "Twilight." and "Vampire Diaries."
Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)

By; ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR tHrEe:


He looked at me well, stared. His golden eyes melting me into a puddle of water. He was so hansom and tall. His pale skin radiant going along with his strangely colored bronzed hair. He had on a heavy coat even though the June heat hit us with such power with no help of the sun. It was tucked away somewhere in the clouds.

I looked away when our eyes met for a fraction of a second. I blushed deeply and in my mind I prayed that he hadn’t seen that.

“Bella come on.” Elena called me.

I followed her into the train leaving my father and brothers loading the luggage into the small compartment beside the train.

The ride to the dock was long. I was excited and jumpy the whole way. All of us were except for Damien who mopped the whole time. I tried comforting him but he wouldn’t accept it. So I gave up as soon as I started to try.

We got off the train about three o’clock in the afternoon. It was a four hour ride. When we got off we each took a bag and was on our way to the dock where the ship awaits us. They walk wasn’t long but when I saw the majestic ship my jaw dropped to the ground it awe. Even Damien’s frown seemed to lift just a bit. My eyes brightened at the sight of it. This was going to be an amazing trip.

The ship was grand. Probably about a hundred feet tall. Possibly more. It was painted a deep grey and had a white line across the center of it wrapping around the ship. Titanic was written in white close to the point of the craft. People hurried to get on the ship. But we took our time. The ship wasn’t going anywhere until all passengers have boarded it.

We lined up with the rest of the people who were going to first class. It was very crowded and we tried to stick together so not get lost. When we reached the front of line a man in a brown coat who looked extremely bored of his job took our tickets and whished us a safe trip. Which I hardly think he meant.

When we finally boarded the ship it looked luxurious. It was beautifully decorated. Even though many people where scatter around trying to find their room, but I stood still and looked around taking in the feeling, the excitement.

My brother Steffan pulled me along so not to get lost in the crowd of people.

I had a room to myself being the middle child. ‘The most responsible one’ my mother once called me.

The room was big with a queen size bed that was the first thing you would see once you stepped into the room. I placed my bags inside my quarters with the help of my brothers.

I thanked them and they each nodded.

But before they left Steffan turned around. “Oh! Bella, mother said to meet us at the dining hall. We know how long you take to get dressed.” He gave me a light smile and I returned it.

Before getting the chance to ask where the dining hall was the boys had already left leaving me alone to stare at the beautifully painted door.

I sighed and unzipped one of my bags. I took out a red ankle length silk skirt that had cost me a fortune and a matching blouse to go with it. I laid them onto my bed and went to my bathroom to wash up. I then quickly dressed and made my way to Alice’s room.

Luckily she was there.

“Come in!” Alice called to me from the other side of the door.

I opened the door slowly peering into the room. I walked into it. If I thought my room was dazzling I should have checked Alice’s first. It was gigantic and skillful.

She smiled when she saw me gawking. “You like it?”

I nodded. Words could not describe what I saw.

“Check this out.” Alice told me.

She dancing into the bathroom and then coming out five minutes later wearing the most stunning dress I had ever seen. It fit her perfectly. Making her slim body look slender.

“Wow Alice. You look beautiful.” I told her.

“I know.” She replied with amusement in her green eyes.

My sister looked at me from top to bottom. “Hmmm.” She thought.

“That would do for tonight but next time I have something perfect for you.” She said eyeing my clothes.

I looked down at them myself. “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I felt hurt by her words. Alice is always criticizing my taste in clothes.

She shrugged. “Nothing really. It doesn’t show off your body much. You have nice curves you know.”

“How about if I don’t want to show off my curves? I think I look fine.”

“But that your opinion and at this point your opinion don’t matter.”

I gasped. “Since when?” I asked her shocked.

“Since we boarded this ship.” Alice nodded once and then skipped of to her bathroom to fix up her hair.

When she was done she motioned for me to come to her and she also did my hair. Curling it with hot sticks. I kind of liked it. My hair was thick so it made the curls bounced lovely on my shoulder and sliding down my back.

Alice then grabbed my arm. Linking our arms together. We then danced to the dining hall where ever that was. We soon enough found it.

We both walked into the room and I could feel someone staring at me. I tried to ignore them but it was just too much. I turned to meet that same boy that was at the train station’s eyes. He smiled and I could not help but smile back. But then he winked and I would have fainted if Alice weren’t there to keep me steady. The boy was the most hansom man I have ever met except my father of course. He deserved the credit.

He was sitting with five other people on a round table. There were three men and two women. The men were quiet tall but the boy was the tallest. I could tell even though they were sitting down. I had made up a name for that mystery boy. Romeo. It fit him perfectly.

Beside Romeo there sat a thin boy with blond hair. His face looked excited but his eyes showed otherwise. I think they were hurt or some other deep emotion. Anyways he wore a white shirt with brown trousers. He was also as pale as Romeo. I believe he was Romeo’s brother. They didn’t look much alike but they were the same age. If not brothers then friends. Beside him sat a young lady. I think about nineteen years old or twenty at the most. She wasn’t pale but her skin was darker a caramel color. She smiled looking at the other man who sat across from her. Her long brunette hair draping over her shoulder. Her eyes golden like the rest. Next to her was an older woman about thirty I suppose. She was also as pale as the boys. She had red hair and golden eyes. She looked kind and caring. Her hand lay on top of the third man who also had Blond hair. His expression told me he was wise. Even though he was incredibly pale, had golden eyes like the others and looked quiet young himself.

They were a very odd group but I didn’t spend much time observing them because Alice kept dragging me along with her. Apparently she had met quiet a large number of people in only the forty five minutes we had been here.

“Bella. Meet Jacob.” He gestured to a young lad wearing all black.

Jacob was big and broad. He was a tan color and was tall. His black eyes looking at me kindly and I just had to smile. He smiles in return.

“Hello, Bella.” He greeted me with such kindness.

“Hello.” I replied with a nod.

I looked back to Romeo’s table to find him leaving the dining hall. I had to know who he was. It was urging me this whole afternoon. I have to meet him.

“If you will excuse me Alice, Jacob. I have something to take care off.” I didn’t wait for an answer.

I walked quickly following Romeo down a narrow hall Alice and I had come through on our way from our rooms. We turned various corners and that’s when Romeo stopped and his head turned to the side. I dashed into the nearest room hoping he hadn’t spotted me. I waited a few heart beats before coming out.

I looked around for him but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. No one was to be seen by the matter of fact. I sighed and started walking. I didn’t know where I was going but I was bound to meet someone along the way and maybe I could ask him or her directions back to the dining hall.

Someone suddenly appeared out of no where. I screamed but they clasped their hand over my mouth which made me scream even louder. I started thrashing and kicking. Finally I bit the person’s hand and quickly turned around to reveal the man who dare place a finger on me.

I gasped to find out the man was Romeo. He lay on the floor clutching his knee and his hand in pain.

“Oh my goodness.” I said worry and regret spreading through me faster than lightning.

“I am terribly sorry. I didn’t know it was you.” I told him.

“You say that like you know me.” He replied a faint smile touching his lips.

I stepped back. He got up slowly with no help.

“Who are you?” I asked Romeo.

“May I ask you the same question?”

I bit the inside of my cheek. “I asked first.”

“Alright. My name is Edward Anthony Cullen. Nice to meet you.”

Edward stretched out his hand and when I took it he winced. I instantly dropped it and he clutched it to his chest.

“Sorry.” I whispered.

“Now it’s your turn, who are you?”

“I’m Isabella Marie Swan. But please call me Bella.” I eyed him closely not sure why. I wasn’t scared or anything. Edward seemed harmless. Maybe because I was afraid of hurting him more. Maybe.

“Alright Bella. What were you doing following me around like stray dog?”

My eyebrows scrunched. My lips turning into a frown. “Stray dog?”

I repeated clearly unhappy at his choice of words.

“It’s a figure of speech.” He told me pulling up with trousers to check if there were any cuts or scrapes on his knee. When he was done he looked up and grinned.

“You have a strong kick.”

“What? Just because I am a woman you think I can’t defend myself.” I wasn’t really mad at him and I hope he didn’t take my statement seriously.

He chuckled instead but shook his head. “It’s just I’ve gotten slapped and punched by a lot of women but you…your something else.”

I wondered if I being the something else was a good think. I didn’t ask though in fear of the answer. I felt a pang of jealousy hit me. He had seen other women. But how could that not be possible he was gorgeous.

“You still haven’t answered my question.” Edward said.

I was confused. “What question?”

“Why were you following me?”

I bit my lip. I didn’t want him to know that I thought he had caught my eye graciously. That would be too much embarrassment to bear. So I just shrugged.

“That’s not an answer.” He implied.

I bit my lip harder than before. I can’t believe I’m admitting this. I thought.

“When I caught you staring at me at the train station it got me curious at whom you were. I thought maybe I knew you or you knew me because looking at what I look like I’m not much to stare at. Most men only take once glance and move on.” I confessed.

“But you just kept on looking. And when I entered the dining hall I spotted you looking at me again. I just had to know who you are. I’m not mostly like this. But something inside me told me what to do and now here we are.”

My face turned hot red. Blood rushed faster as my heart pumped as quick. I looked down so I couldn’t see his face. His reaction.

Edward only grinned. “I was wondering the same thing.”

My head shot up surprised. “Really?”

He nodded.

“Edward!” Someone called from a distance.

We turned to find the short blond haired boy who sat next to Edward running towards us. When he spotted me his eyebrow shot up and he looked at Edward.

“Edward, Carlisle is looking for you. It’s important come quickly.” He continued to speak but his voice was low like he didn’t want me to hear.

“Ok Jasper I’ll be right there.”

Jasper nodded and was off as quickly as he got here.

I looked up at Edward sadness overcoming me. I didn’t want to leave him. It looked like he felt the same way.

“I have to go.” He told me but obviously I knew that. He probably wanted one second more to stay.

I gave him a weak smile.

“My room is 36B. I’m at the top floor. Don’t hesitant to come.” He said.

“Oh and Bella you are something to look at. You’re beautiful.” Edward griped a loose curl from my hair and tucked it behind my ears. I felt his fingers rubbing up against my chin. They were cold but still soothing. A few seconds later he dropped his hand and sighed.

Then he was off off. I watched him go and then I sighed.

“Miss?” A man said.

I turned around to find a waiter hold three empty glasses.

“You shouldn’t be out here unaccompanied. Shall I direct you back to the dining hall?” He asked.

I nodded and followed him back. My mind was far off as much as my body was still there.

My heart pounded just at the sight or thought of him. It felt like love. It was love.
Edward was his name. Edward was Romeo…
Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)

By; ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR fOuR:

Her eyes grew wide as I touched her face. But she relaxed. It kind of felt right. Her blush was magnificent. It looked radiant on her. My hand began to get warm slowly as the blood flowed to her cheeks. I love her and that was the only reason why I was still here and she was still alive even with her sweet smelling blood that flowed through her body. But something inside of me knew that this was wrong. Some part was against the idea of Bella and I being together. She was human I was a vampire. The two main things that separates us.

I dropped my hand from her face and sighed. This wasn’t going to work out. I knew deep inside. I then turned and was off. Not looking back.

When I reached our room that my family and I shared everyone was sat down somewhere. Either on the floor, the bed or on a chair.

“Edward come sit.” Esme motioned for me to come closer to her.

I sat on the bed where she and Carlisle sat.

“We know Edward.” Jasper said.

“I can feel it.” He thought.

“Know what?” I was entirely confused about the situation they were implying.

“You’re in love.” Esme finally thought after a long pause of silence.

I shook my head. “How…How do you know?”

“You can see it Edward.” She continued but aloud.

“You’re happier. Ever since the train station. I saw you look at her. I saw your eyes meet hers. She loves you too, you know.”

I swallowed air. “This is wrong. I can’t be in love. Bella…She’s…I’m not right for her.” I said. A lump in my throat formed.

I found it hard to get the words out of my mouth. “Look at me I’m a new born vampire. I’m nearing two decades old. I could easily hurt her.”

“But you don’t want to. That will is stronger than anything else.” Jasper injected.

I don’t know how he knew that. Even his ability to be able to read emotions could not detect that I would not harm Bella. Carlisle and Esme are the only ones who know how love is and how it feels like. Jasper has not yet found a mate and neither has Bonnie.

“I can talk to her for you.” Bonnie thought. Her eyes staring at me. Willing.

I shook my head.

“I’ll be safe. I won’t hurt her. I swear.” She promised and I believed her from the bottom of my cold still heart.

“No. Bella deserves better than me. She deserves a human man that would love her and give her all they can. Not me.”

I got up and walked out of the room. Ignoring the calls of my family. I walked up to the front deck and watched the sea. It was nearing eight o’clock the sea was still and the sun was setting among the mountains. It was magical how the ocean shimmered in the light. I spent the whole night there. Just looking into the sea thinking.
Distant Waves…Titanic (PG 13)

By; ~Luvme2day~Vannessa

ChApTeR fIvE:

I looked at Bella while she sat across from me. She looked worried. In distress.

“What wrong, Isabella. It’s killing me seeing you like this.” I begged her.

Her lips pressed together and she shook her head. “It’s nothing Alice.”

“Something happened.” I said.

It has been two days since we boarded the Titanic. Everything has changed in these two days mostly Bella. We’ve all been worried about her. She looks like she’s depressed.

Bella sighed. “Ok fine. I’ll tell you. But promise me Alice…please, please, please don’t tell anyone. Not a soul.” She looked at me her eyes pleading.

And as her older sister I accepted the promise that I would keep my lips sealed.

“Do you know the Cullen’s?” She asked cautiously.

My eyebrows shot up and I nodded. “Yeah. He treated mother when she got the flu.”

“Well, I met his son, Edward.” She continued.

“And I’m in love with him.”

It took me a moment for my brain to process what she was saying. When I finally did my eyes grew wide, my jaw dropped to the floor making a popping sound and my hands flew to my mouth to cover.

I swallowed hard and shook my head. Unable to speak. Bella gave me a few moments to catch my breath.

“What!” I yelled.

“Shhh.” She hushed me and pointed to the table next to us where Elena was talking with some other girls her age.

“What!” I repeated but in a whisper.

She nodded. “When I saw him at the train station we just clicked and on the first day when I ran off I met up with him and we talked. He’s amazing Alice. He’s perfect.” She sighed a sigh that you could only hear if someone what extremely happy and extremely in love.

I was confused. “If your in love should you be over joyed instead of lazy and depressed.”

“I’m not lazy and I’m currently not depressed.” She grumbled.

I rolled eyes. “You know what I mean.”

“I haven’t talked to him since two days ago. He hasn’t been around. I went to his room but no one answers.” Bella said her voice becoming low.

“I see his family. Well, I think are his family but when ever I try to talk to them they make up some excuse. I think he’s avoiding me and I’m not sure why. What did I do wrong?”

This is a time in every big sisters life where your younger sister needs your advice in men. I know I should probably have some incredible answer that should help her through what ever she was going through but right now I’m stumped. My mind is blank and I don’t know what to say to her. I haven’t yet experienced this. I just turned sixteen for crying out loud.

“I don’t know what to say to you Bella.” I admitted getting a hold of her hand.

“Are you sure you’re in love? It could be one of those things that you go crazy over someone for a while and then you get over him. I’ve had a lot of those.”

She shook her head. “This is real. I know it. How could it not be? I love him and nothing is going to change that.”

“But according to you, you barley know him.” I tried my best to get her out of this to give her a second option but just like dad Bella is stubborn and sticks to what her mind has made up.

“I would like to know him. If he only gives me a chance.” She sighed and her fingers slipped away from mine her body leaned against the table.

The dining hall was nearly empty. The only people left in it were children, business men and workers.

I looked at my sister closely and wondered how to help her. I could try and find this boy she keeps talking about but one thing I’m not sure how. Something inside me made me feel like I already knew the person. The names sounds oddly firmiliar.

“How does this boy you speak of look like?” I asked with a smile.

Bella looked up with her eyes and I could she the small smile planted on her lips.

“He’s tall. But pale. He has strangely bronze hair and onyx eyes that I swear change to honey golden from time to time. He has a perfect face and strong arms. He’s everything.” She said looking dazzled.

My smile got wider. “Does he have a brother?”

“Yeah. He’s kind of like him He’s pale, has onyx eyes and also tall. Blond hair and somewhat muscular. I think his name is Jasper Hale.”

My head shot up. “Jasper?” I thought. “The Jasper I feel in love with last summer but I had to leave him in fear of my parents finding out.” “Oh please let it be him.”

“Why do you care?” Bella asked.

I shrugged. “Just curious. Nothing at all.”

Bella’s eyebrow shot up.

“What room did you say they were staying in?”

“36B. Why?” She asked again but I ignored her. Other intentions in mind.

“I have to go.” I told her.

“Um…Mother needs me.”

My sister reached for my arm to stop me but I was too quick for her and got away. I dashed through the hallway almost knocking down waiters off their feet apologizing constantly. But I had to get to that room. I had to see if Jasper was really the Jasper I had fallen in love with.

I turned corner after corner and finally reached the main stairwell that leads to the first class rooms. I climbed until I reached the section B and roamed around the hall way searching for room 36. Number after number and then I reached it. 36B it was written in gold on the pure white door. I raised my hand to knock but is stopped my self.

“I couldn’t do this. If he is Jasper how do I know that he hasn’t found another mate for himself. I had gotten my hopes up for nothing. But I have to try. Getting closer to this Jasper would mean getting closer to Edward which would help Bella. I had to at least try.” My mind ran wildly.

I raised my hand again adrenaline pushing through me that I began to sweat in fear. I knocked three times and waited.

Mumbling came from the other side of the door and someone got up. The door opened enough for a person to have a conversation. It was a woman who stood there before me but I did not let that discourage me in to backing out?

“Is Jasper here?” I asked politely.

I muffled voice came from inside and the girl opened the door only wider. Enough for me to see the room and who was inside. And there he stood. Angel like. I smiled at him showing no fear.

His eyes widened surprise crossing his features. “Alice?!” He managed to let out in a small voice.

Tears streamed down my eyes. Tears of joy. When Jasper left for Paris I didn’t know if I was ever going to see him again and there he was. Appearing out of no where like he always does.

“Don’t ever leave me again.” I said my voice thick.

He flittered to me with such speed and kissed me. This kiss wasn’t like the ones I remembered. This on was passionate and not careful but nor forceful either. When our lips parted we just stared at each other like lunatics who were filled with happiness and joy.

“Come.” Jasper told me and we were off to somewhere.

We ran down steps and turned corners but we then reached the front deck. It was twelve o’clock and the sun was the highest in the sky. The June heat was continuing.

We stood there together leaning on the railing.

“Where were you all this time?” I was the first to break the silence.

He looked at me. His eyes filled with love, I hope. “Dreaming of you.” He simply replied and then kissed me again. I could kiss this boy forever if I was given the chance.

I blinked and said no more. I looked up at him and saw the purplish bruises under his eyes. I gave him a serious look. “Have you been hunting?”

Jasper gave me a weak smile and shrugged. “Yes, mother. We hunted right before we left. But with all the humans here it’s just hard even for me.”

He looked away from me and to the ocean. “Is it hard?” I asked.

“Being a vampire, I mean.”

I looked at him but it took him a while to respond to my question. “Sometimes it’s bearable and other times it’s just insanely crazy.” He sighed.

“It’s hard to keep yourself from making a bloodbath and it’s also hard trying to blend in and live a normal life. As normal as it gets. It’s the easiest at night when there is peace. Where you can think.”

I looked to my hand as I gripped the railing. “That’s why you left right? To get me to live a normal human life.”

He nodded. “I didn’t want to force you into my world. My world isn’t meant for you. You’re too good for it.”

I gave him another little smile.

“Edwards in love with her. You know.” Jasper said.

“I know. Bella is crazy about him. She won’t stop being sad that he wouldn’t see her.”

“But Edward right to not see Bella.” He whispered this time.

“It’s the only way to protect her. It’s the only way to protect you too. Were too dangerous.”

I gave him a nasty glare. “We had handle ourselves. Were the Swan’s?” I snapped.

He chuckled. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“As I, love.” I replied.

He wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face in his shoulder feeling safe. I hadn’t felt this way in a while.

“Why are you on this ship?” I asked him after thirty minutes in silence.

“You don’t want me to be.” I knew he was joking.

“Of course I do. I’m just wondering.”

He sighed. “Carlisle couldn’t find work in England or Paris. So we decided to go to America.”

“I hear doctors are needed all the time and they pay well too.”

A smile touched my lips I wish he could see it. “Where are you planning to stay?”

“We don’t know. New York, buffalo I guess. It’s a big city I hear.”

My smiled turned into a frown instantly. “Where are you headed?” Jasper asked with a little hope in his voice.

“Toronto, Ontario. It’s a huge crime scene there. My father could find work there easily.” A lump in my throat formed. At first I had thought maybe, just maybe Jasper and I could be together but complications had to come across.

“Oh. That’s…fantastic.”

I looked at him seeing sadness and fear over coming him and then his eyes brightened. “Come with us. We could live together. You are sixteen right? You’re at least able to make your own decisions. Or maybe we can live together. You and I and no one else.”

I shook my head. As much as I thought that was a grand idea and I would have gone with him in a heart beat I knew my father wouldn’t let me. “You’re too young” He’ll say. “You can find love with someone else.” He can never listen to me.

Jasper looked back out into the ocean. And an idea hit me.

“I could work with you father. I’ve always wanted to become a nurse. This could be my chance. I could go to school in New York and find a job. It could work.” I confronted him with my idea.

Love can take you so many places you never imagined. But if you choose to trust it, well then good for you. You know how to live and if you choose otherwise it’s you who is missing out in its experiences.

The day flowed into the night. The sun set slowly glimmering on the beautiful ocean. It was romantic. Jasper and I were a couple. I knew love can over come all obstacles. We just had to try.

“I’ll ask my father by the end of week. He’s probably Agree.” I smiled at him with a full hearted with such passion you would have thought something was wrong with me. And something is wrong with me. I’m in love. How else can I explain that.


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