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This is set in Twilight but when Bella comes to Forks Edward is with Tanya (They're not married or anything they're just kind of 'together'.

Excerpt from Twilight *I do not own, all rights to SM*

It was hard to decide who was the most beautiful -- maybe the perfect blond girl, or the bronze haired boy.

Chapter 1.

As I entered the cafeteria with Jessica gently towing me along, I noticed a grouping of pale, devastatingly beautiful people. Walking through the food line, I grabbed an apple absentmindedly and walked towards the table Jessica was indicating.
Sitting down beside her I noticed that while they had full trays of food, it was untouched. Leaning over to Jessica I asked her who 'they' were. Immeadiately with no prompt she launched into the well known town gossip.
"They're the Cullens. The blond one and the big dark haired one that's Rosalie and Emmett; and the short one is Alice and she's with Jasper, the other blond. They're all Dr. and Mrs. Cullens foster kids, they came from somewhere like Alaska a few years ago.
"Who's the bronze haired one?" I asked paitently, sneaking a glance and averting my eyes to the fake wood grains in the table when I noticed he was staring at me with a perplexed expression.
"That's Edward.." Jessica trailed off. "and he's with Tanya, the strawberry blond."
"Oh." I stared dejectedly at my unbitten apple.
"He's totally gorgeous but of course he's taken." Jessica said, a slightly different phrasing of my thoughts.
The shrill ring of the bell startled me. I jumped up eager to leave and eager to forget about Edward Cullen. Unknowingly, I looked up and saw that he was still staring at me with a burning intensity. I turned to Jess, who was in the middle of asking what class I had next. Pulling out my schedule, I searched the crinkled paper.
"Um, I have Biology with..Mr. Banner." I answered her, locating the correct highlited name.
"Well, I have English so I guess I'll see you later. Will you be able to find the science room?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine, thanks Jess." I said, turning to leave. I was wondering if her concern was real, or if she just liked the attention she got from hanging around with me. Either way, I was glad I at least knew a couple people.
Following some non descript raincoats into the Biology room, I noticed Mike waving at me. Another quick search of the room and I noted that Edward Cullen was sitting at the only empty desk. Stifling my irrational excitement, I walked over to Mr. Banner and handed him my slip and he in turn gave me a textbook and escorted me to the only empty seat.
I turned to greet Edward but the sound died on my lips when I noticed he was glaring at me with that same burning intensity, but this time I could see the hatred and malice burning in his deep, black eyes. Strange. Upon further inspection his eyes were really pitch black.
He sat as far away from me as the desk allowed and never released his stiff posture. When the bell ran he was up and out of his chair before Mr. Banner even dismissed the class. Releasing the breath I didn't know I was holding, I packed my backpack and headed to my next class.
Gym was...painful. I had hit two girls in the head with my attempt at spiking the volleyball and they glared at me as I made my way out of the change room.
Walking over to my outdated Chevy, I noticed that Edward was staring at me yet again and Tanya was trying to distract him. On thing was for certain. Edward Cullen hated me, and yet I couldn't wait for tomorrow's Biology class.

Please read and do post feedback on wether I should write more or not. Thanks!

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definitely write more! very very interesting twist i wanna know what happens next!!!
What is going to happen? need to know
Yes Please! =)
Kay, thanks for the comments, I'm posting right now. I'll put it in the comments section because that's what everyone else is doing.
The day passed very slow after school. I realized that Charlie was almost virtually handicapped when it came to cooking, so I took over that willingly. After dinner I tudged upstairs unwillingly to do my homework.
To postpone it a little, I decided to check my emails to see if I had any from Renee. Seeing as how my mom was occasionally prone to over-reaction it was best to do check them now rather than later. Waiting for my computer to turn on I reached over and turned on my CD player. The beautiful melody of Clair de Lune poured out from the dusty speakers.
Propping my feet up on the desk, I leaned back and closed my eyes, humming softly. When the music cut off, I meant to reach over to turn it off but I forgot to remember the fact that my feet were still on the desk. Twisting too far, I fell hardly to the ground, accidentally kicking the desk with my left foot. I clutched it and tried to get up at the same time. But I ended up sprawled on the floor.
My computer wheezed and froze, then resumed. I noticed that I had three unanswered email from Renee, all of them sent within two days. Before she would do anything irrational, I sent her a short one saying that I was in Forks and all right. I then proceeded to write a longer letter.
While waiting for that to send, I leaned back against my chair and looked at the imperfections in the ceiling. I didn't see where my imagination was headed until too late. In my mind I saw the perfectly flawless face of Edward, unclouded by the earlier vision of him with Tanya. I saw him instead beside me in the Biology room.And instead of glaring at me like he tended to do, he was smiling a beautiful, gentle smile that went all the way up to his eyes.
Sitting up quickly, I tried to banish all such thoughts from my head. But behind my lids I still saw his face. But this time it was the same glare that he had shown in Biology. I took into note his black eyes. Without thinking about it too long, as I was trying to avoid the thought process that would eventually lead to him, I tried to concentrate on my Calculus to no avail.
When it was a suitable enough time to go to bed, I gratefully walked to the only bathroom. Letting the warm water unknot my muscles and cover my skin I forgot all about the strange, obsessive boy and his....girlfriend. After the hot water was becoming cold, I stepped out and into my holey sweats and old t-shirt. Running downstairs with my wet hair dripping down my back, I said goodnight to Charlie and then ran back up to my room.
Rooting through my music, I came up with some nocturnes. Turning them on to the point of background music, I settled under my quilt and started to count to three hundred. I also concentrated on relaxing individual parts of my body. My sore back, my throbbing foot. Somewhere during this, I fell alseep. And when I woke up it was morning.

I woke up, startled. My dreams had been black, interspersed with thoughts I couldn't remember. The one part I did remember that was most vivid was when I woke up during the night and saw Edward sitting in the rocking chair at the far corner of my room. But I must have not really awoken because when I turned on the beside lamp he was gone. Shadows, I told myself even though I desperately wanted to believe that he really was there.

I figited during lunch, slightly bouncing in my seat. I was much too eager to go to Biology. Looking at the Cullen table, I saw the Hale twins and Emmett, Alice and Tanya but not Edward. My excitement died, and I dropped my gaze to my untouched food. When I looked up at their table one last time, just to see if he was late to lunch, I noticed Tanya staring at me in the strangest way. It was if she couldn't decide if she was angry or bewildered, or maybe my eyes needed checking. Tearing my eyes off her perfection I turned to the generic averageness of Angela and asked if she was ready to go to Biology.

Tanya's POV

Staring at the human girl, I had to fight off the red haze that threatened to cloud my vision. I was just so...I couldn't even describe the depth of my emotions that I felt towards this human. Because of her exsistence my Edward was suffering, somewhere in the Denali wilderness with my family. I had wanted to go with him, to help him cope but Carlisle said that it might raise suspision, us two disappearing at the same time. Sometimes, like in this situation I hated the meticulous, careful facade we needed to keep.
Before the bell that signaled the end of lunch came, I had an inkling of an idea that might help ease my pain at being seperated from Edward. Rushing to my next class, I made a quick stop at the office, and after a slight arguement with Ms. Cope I headed to the Biology room.

Bella's POV

I went to sit at my empty black top desk in the Biology room when I noticed another figure making its way to my table. She turned and sat in Edward's seat. When I saw who it was my mouth must have literally dropped open at the sigt of her. Closing my mouth, I turned to my books and started to take notes as Mr. Banner started the lesson, but Tanya interuppted.
"Hello Bella, I'm Tanya Cullen, although I'm sure you've heard about that from Edward. What was she doing? Was she trying the smooth the was for her boyfriend so when he came back he wouldn't have to worry about pleasentries?
"Edward had to leave town for some personal reasons so I thought I would help him out and take his homework from this class." she continued, smiling down at me. I wasn't sure if it was a grimace or a fake smile; either way it exposed all of her gleaming, sharp teeth.
"I was wondering...oh nevermind, I mean we've only just met but..." she started up again.
I decided to play along. "What?" I asked, trying to look innocent.
"Well, I was wondering if I could come over sometime, and we could help each other with this." she finished, guestering to her Biology textbook.
"I mean, for Edward so he won't be behind when he gets back." Closing my mouth yet again, I agreed.

Tanya's POV

As Bella agreed to my proposal of a study session, I smiled. Too wide, I knew this but I wanted her to get a clear look of my razor sharp, granite teeth. I knew where she lived and I also knew that Charlie Swan, the chief of police, worked full days. Convienently, there was also a river located close to her house that connected to the one close to mine. Saying that the roads were slippery as Bella was driving home would be a perfect cover.
I would never want to disappoint Carlisle like this, but I needed to do this. Once this was over Edward and I could be back together again and this girl's scent would never cause him pain again. My heart twisted when I thought of the bloodlust he described to me before leaving for Denali. He hated feeling weak and this way, he didn't have to. I would just removed the danger that came between Edward and me. Collateral damage...

Yes! That was a cliff hanger. Tell me what you think. Comments and more reader welcome lol.
Thanks. I can email you when I post updates if you want. Just add me as a friend.
Can i add you too? Please pretty please with a super edward story on top?
i love it!
nice and yeah. i'll try and post at LEAST once a week.
Kewl :) I like it!


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