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Hey everyone, this is my first Fan Fiction I have posted on TTS. I REALLY love writing, and i thought since I'm the only one that reads my stories; I'll share them! Well This is your chance to criticize me, give me advice and all that jazz(: I hope you guys love it!




Dallas Loranie~






He was the same guy that broke into my kitchen, and for some odd reason he looked so familiar. My breath quickened when he stepped toward me. I flinched.

“Natalie…Please, I won’t hurt you. I swear.” He said in a low and gentle voice.

I was scared; he broke into my kitchen…Why wouldn’t I be scared?!

“Please…Just leave me alone...” I said in barely a whisper.

Pain filled in his eyes as I said the words. Why did it seem he cared so much? “Do you even know who I am…?” He said looking down.

My face changed. Those words…They flashed into my head to that day...

“Oh my Gosh…” I whispered, tears filling my eyes…I knew exactly who he was. 






(One other thing: I will only post on weekends! Sorry guys, my school work is so Important to me and can't be put off!)

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Post more soon pease. ^___^

Claire....Reallly....A spacey Comment! xD



Buttt Thnk youuuu!(:

Now you know how annoying they are. ;D

Youre very welcome girly! I can't wait for more!

Awesomesauce! XD This is interesting. MORE!
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I would LOVE to read more!!:))

please update me on it :))

Thanks Guys! I'll update soon!

Chapter 1: Part 1


                I heard the rain drops bounce off my window sill as I lay in my bed, tears soaking up my face. My heart beat like a jack hammer, my stomach clenched, and my eyes haven’t been dry for the last 3 hours. What is the reason for all this, you may ask? My best friend abandoned me. Left me with no one to count on, lean on, or anything…He just left. He was going all the way down to the southern area. I tried to ask him why he was going…He wouldn’t tell me…He hasn’t been telling me anything lately; not since that night he never came home and his mother called me. Of course he showed up the next day, but he was different. He acted…Weird. That’s the only word I can really sum everything up into. He’s just not my Henry any more. And probably never will be again.

                The relationship Henry and I had been unbreakable. It was him and I. Natalie and Henry. We wouldn’t be mentioned separately ever. People always recognized us as “Lovers”. That wasn’t even close to what we were. We never dated, but I can honestly say I love him. He knew I loved him as a brother, but he never knew I had growing feelings for him. He loved me as a sister, but I don’t know about more than that.  My mom loved him as her own son. We had a special bond, Henry and I, we spent every day together. Some days we would have a picnic, and just talk about everything. He understood me, not like anyone else in the world…He is someone I would call, my soul mate. I could never ever tell him this because I was afraid it would ruin our relationship. Besides that, he knew everything. He knew all my embarrassing flaws, my goals, my dreams. But then he goes and leaves me. What a best friend, huh.

                My heart ached, my life was over. There was nothing more to live for. I got up and went to my mirror. I grabbed the picture of Henry and me on Christmas day and ripped it in half. I went over to my closet and walked in. I then grabbed the glass jewelry box he got me my last birthday; I threw it at the wall. It shattered into little pieces; a lot of it bouncing of the wall and hitting me in the face, leaving scratches. I slid to the floor, crying, no to crying. More than crying, I was losing the only thing I had. So it was like…Dying.  

                I might have been acting like a stupid stubborn teenager. No one would understand. I wasn’t the person to cry over a guy. I wasn’t the person to throw fits, and break everything in my path. I was me, mellow, out-going, and friendly. I heard the door loudly open, hitting my wall in the process.

“Natalie! Are you alright?!” It was my older brother, Max. He was way to over-protective.

I didn’t say anything; I just let my tears wet my face. I let the mascara run also, I didn’t care what I looked like anymore. If people couldn’t accept me like Henry, then they would just have to get over it. My bother walked into my closet.

“Nat…Wh…What happened?” He said kneeling down, taking in my appearance.

“Everything, My life is over now. I will hate him forever. I never want to see his face again.” I whispered through my gritted teeth, tears flowing slowly down my scratched face.


(I am SO Sorry it's so short! I really am! My original got deleted to i had to figure out something fast! Part 2 will becoming next week end! I hope you enjoy it!)

I love it, and no worries, my chapters are ALWAYS short! I love it, did I already say that? Haha.



Thank you so much!<3


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