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Hey everyone, this is my first Fan Fiction I have posted on TTS. I REALLY love writing, and i thought since I'm the only one that reads my stories; I'll share them! Well This is your chance to criticize me, give me advice and all that jazz(: I hope you guys love it!




Dallas Loranie~






He was the same guy that broke into my kitchen, and for some odd reason he looked so familiar. My breath quickened when he stepped toward me. I flinched.

“Natalie…Please, I won’t hurt you. I swear.” He said in a low and gentle voice.

I was scared; he broke into my kitchen…Why wouldn’t I be scared?!

“Please…Just leave me alone...” I said in barely a whisper.

Pain filled in his eyes as I said the words. Why did it seem he cared so much? “Do you even know who I am…?” He said looking down.

My face changed. Those words…They flashed into my head to that day...

“Oh my Gosh…” I whispered, tears filling my eyes…I knew exactly who he was. 






(One other thing: I will only post on weekends! Sorry guys, my school work is so Important to me and can't be put off!)

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Thank you ;3

Np :)

This was good! I wish I could slap Blake!

love it make more fast and keep me updated please !!!
* new reader*. Hey I love ur story. Will u please add me and keep me updated??
Thanks everyone! I'll be updating this weekend! Thanks for the comments!(:

Chapter Two: Part 1


Snoring filled the room as I opened the door. I grinned as I tip toed over to the side of my brothers bed. His arm was above his head, and the other was barely across his stomach. I looked around for some kind of string. There was a piece of yarn on the floor from his old ragged blanket. Being quiet as I did so, I ran the piece of yarn across his ear. The snoring stopped, and I froze. He moved a little and then began to open his eyes. I ducked onto the floor and moved under the bed. I was a pro at this when I was little….Now he just wakes up to every little thing! I held my breath as the bed creaked above me. He opened the door and walked to the kitchen. Dang it! Mom is going to ruin everything!

“Oh! You’re awake!” She exclaimed. “How was that scare from Natalie?” Crap. Great job mom. Way to ruin everything. I rolled my eyes still under his bed.

“Natalie..? What are you talking about?” He asked confused and sleep still smug in his voice.

“She went in to scare you…but she…oh...Darn it!” She realized she had just ruined everything.

I saw my brothers feet shuffle back into his room. I saw them stop in front of his bed. “Natalie…?” He called out. I sighed quietly, so much for my scare. I moved out from under the bed touching his feet. My head hit his legs.  “What the-“He blurted, shocked.

“Heya bub” I grinned at him as I stood up.

“Natalie!” He picked me up and spun me around. “I’ve missed you SO much!” He yelled. Yes, he was excited.  I couldn’t breathe by the time he let go. My breath was ragged.

“Hey, Max! I missed you too!” I laughed.

“Why are you here?  I thought you weren’t coming home until next month?” He asked.

“Well, something things happened…And I thought I might transfer here. I miss home so much.” I said thinking of the wonderful memories I’ve had in this home.  He grinned, and then nodded.

“Wait. Things happened…? Do I have to go beat someone for you Nat?” He had a grim facial expression. I relaxed him by smiling.

“No, it’s fine Max. Anyways, what’s going on with you? And special lady I should know about?” I laughed.

That’s when his face got more serious. He seemed to be deep in thought. “Actually, there is. There’s also something I have to tell you…” He was fidgeting with his fingers, staring at them. He was the worst procrastinator I knew.

“Well, tell me already.” I said not thinking it was a big deal.

“I’m getting married.” He then smiled. I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him tightly. I was full of excitement. Glee filled my body, I found myself jumping up and down.

“That’s great! When do I get to meet her?! Will she be here later today?” I grinned. He was smiling for a second, it slowly vanished.  “What’s wrong?” I asked confused.

“Natalie. It’s Claire…” He said looking down.

Everything stopped. I just stood there facing him, my jaw dropped just slightly. “What?” I whispered at first. I felt my face getting hot, and my ears were burning. My heart was beating faster and faster after each second passed by. “Claire? Claire Williams? The one that made my life a living hell?!That Claire? Please. Don’t tell me it’s that Claire.” My voice was raised and I could hear my parents listening in.

He was looking at me, and then bowed his head. It looked as if he was ashamed. That’s when I knew it was her. Claire Williams. She was the witch that made my life horrible. Claire was the Captain of the cheerleading squad. She was rich and hated everybody that wasn’t. Except Henry, she always awed over Henry for some reason.

That’s when I realized it was the first time I had thought about Henry in a few years. I wouldn’t allow myself to think of him.

I felt tears coming down my face. Claire, Was my only thought. We hated each other. More tears came down my face. I felt betrayed, alone, and backstabbed. Max new what she did to me my high school years. Then he goes and asks her to marry him! Wow. That was the last thing I thought would ever come from him. But today, it was the first.

“I have to go…” I said turning, about to step out of his room.

I felt him grab my arm “Natalie…It’s not that bad…Please don’t go.” There was sadness in his voice.

“I’ll be back…I just need some air.” I whispered, more tears coming down. I got out of his grip and walked out of his small room. My parents were standing in the kitchen and stared as I walked out of the kitchen, to the back door.

I don’t know why I was so upset. Wait…Yeah I did. Maybe because my brother knew that she destroyed my life. He was the one that defended me. Henry always told me to ignore her, that I was better than her. Oh how I wished Henry was here…I missed him so much. He’s probably forgotten about me. What was I supposed to do then? Forget my best friend in the entire world and move on? I don’t think so. That would never happen.

I was walking slowly around town. Yes, it was small but it was the best way to calm down. I was at one of my childhood parks. I walked slowly to a swing and sat down. My legs moved a little to make the swing move.

I don’t even know why I came to this park. It’s full of bad memories. Like the last time I talked to Henry…It was horrible. My mind wandered to that day.


“Natalie no! You don’t know me anymore! You have no freaking idea what is going on in my life!” Henry yelled at me.

“What? Well maybe if you would tell me what was going on! Henry, you have just been leaving my hanging lately. We used to tell each other everything Henry…What happened?” Tears filled my eyes. I didn’t know what his answer was going to be…But I knew it wasn’t good.

“Natalie…I’m sorry. I’m moving, I’ve leaving, and you won’t ever see me again. Do you even know who I am anymore…?” He asked

I looked down, a tear feel onto the mulch. “Yes…I do…You just…you’ve been leaving me out of everything…Please…please don’t go…” I whispered.

Henry walked up to me and looked into my eyes. “I love you Nat, but I can’t be here anymore…I’m so sorry.” He hugged me…Then walked to his car and drove off.


That was the last time I ever saw Henry…And I probably will never see him again. I felt tears falling onto my cheeks as I was slowly swinging. I stood up and wiped my face. There was no reason to cry. He’s gone, and I’m alone. That’s all there is too it.



I hope ya'll like it!(:

Awe, how sad. I feel awful for Natalie! I can't wait for the next part! :3
Thanks Claire!(:

What? Oh Poor Nataile, I wonder how she going to handle everything when Max get married with Claire.

I would hate my bro if he did that. Oh Lord I would hate him for marry my worst enemy from High School

Aww. She cried bc of Henry. I wonder what he meant about "Do you even know who I am anymore?" Hmm thinking.


Cant wait for no more.

I love it!!!


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