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Bella and Edward story!

Bella and Edward first met when they were little and were best friends. But, something happened to Bella when she was in her freshman year and Edward moved away while she was getting better. After 8 years, the meet up again? Will what they had before still be there or gone? Will they still remember each other? Will they even talk to each other again?

Should I write this????

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Awww pwease right it ill let you pick which ff i update if you do please
totally write it
It sounds great you should!
please continue it!!! I want more ASAP
i think you should write it!
Chapter 1

Beep....beep...beep. That was all I heard when I woke up.
"She should be conscious now Edward." I heard. "I'm going to get Renee and Charlie."
Who was that? Who were Renee and Charlie? Who was Edward? Where am I?
"Bella?" I heard "Bella...sweetie...can you hear me?"
I slowly opened my eyes and saw a bronze headed boy sitting in front of me. He had bronze hair, green eyes and the sweetest face. "Who's....who's Bella?" I asked.
The bronze haired boy looked like he would cry of either relief or sadness. "You're Bella. Your name Isabella Marie Swan."
"That's my name?" I asked.
"Yes." The boy said.
"Who are you?" I asked.
The boy took my hand. "I'm Edward Anthony Cullen and I'm your boyfriend. We've been best friends since pre-school and started dating 2 years ago. We're freshman at Forks High School. Do you remember any of this?"
"No." I said "You're my boyfriend?"
Edward shook his head. "Yes and you're my girlfriend."
Soon, a blonde haired person came in along with two brown haired people. The two brown haired people came running over to me and Edward moved away.
"Bella...Bella honey? Do you know who I am?" The woman said.
I shook my head. "Who are you?"
"I'm your mom, Renee and this i's your dad, Charlie." She said. "We're your parents."
"Bella." The blonde haired man said. "Do you know where you are?"
"No." I said "Where am I?"
"You're at Forks Hospital. I'm your doctor. I'm also Edwards dad. I'm Dr.Cullen. I'm Carlisle Cullen." He said.
I sighed. "I don't remember you."
Next, a few more people who were related to Edward and Carlisle came in and two more people who I believed were twins. The two related to Edward were his brother and sister, Emmett and Alice. Thier mom also came in, Esme. The twins were Rosalie and Jasper.
"I don't remember any of you." I said "I'm sorry."
Carlisle sighed. "I would like to talk to Bella alone if you wouldn't mind."
Everyone filled out of the room and Carlisle rolled over to me in a chair. "Bella, you have amnesia." he said "That means you pretty much lost your memory and need to get it back. Your parents and the doctors here will try to help you. Your parents will do more when you get home. Do you remember what happened before?"
"I only remember jumping over something and I think I was on something....I'm not sure." I said.
Carlisle nodded. "You were horseback riding. You love horses Bella. You're horse it scared and when she jumped over a log you fell off and hit toe head pretty hard on the ground. We're going to keep you here for probably 2 or 3 days to make sure you're okay then you'll be able to go home and probably back to school."
"I like horses?" I asked "I know how to ride them?"
"Yes." Carlisle said "You love horses. You go riding almost everyday."
"Oh." I said.
Carlisle chuckled and stood up. "I'm going to leave and give you some rest. Tomorrow you are going to have a new doctor and her name is Dr.Ross."
"Why will I have a new doctor?" I asked.
"Because my family and I have to leave." Carlisle said and left the room.
Then, I fell into a deep sleep.


"Dad?" I asked as he left Bella's room. "Can I say bye to Bella? Before we leave? I don't care if she doesn't remember me. I can't leave without saying goodbye."
"Go ahead. I don't know if she's still awake though." He said.
I walked into her room. She was asleep. Great. I couldn't say a correct goodbye but, this is as good as I'll ever get to. I went over to her bed and sat down on the chair next to her. I took her hand. "Bella." I said "I know you probably dont remember me and probably won't remember this but, I love you. I always have. I don't want to leave but, Carlisle got a better job at another hospital. I don't want to leave you here like this Bella. I promise you though, I'm going to come back and see you. I don't know when but, someday, someday if this is really meant to be, we'll meet again. I love you Bella."
I took a deep breath and kissed her lips one last time and left leaving the love of my life behind me.
this is really good write more
awwwwwwwwwwwww so sad i need more
awwwwwwwwwwwww so sad... but horse backriding in Forks? weird no wonder she hit her head :) anyways love the story more ASAP
omg!!! i love it!! please keep me updated!!


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