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It was dark outside, and everywhere I looked seemed to be filled with the same never ending black hole, that I hoped would eventually suck me in. I know it was foolish of me to walk alone around midnight on a Saturday after what I just heard but I couldn’t be near him. Definitely after he lied to me. I didn’t notice that it was following me until it was too late. As soon as I made the connection of what he was, he grabbed my neck and slammed me against the wall. I looked at his face, the face I was once in love with, now laced with red tattoos and the face of a monster. “Good bye Ali.” he whispered before piercing his fangs into my skin, and it was black from then on. I was drifting in nothing but black skies. The only thing that kept me from going to that light was the angel's voice, the only person I knew deep down inside, I truly loved.

Chapter 1 –The Past

Yet another day at this terrible school, I thought. My alarm had been put on snooze at least 5 times already and I knew I would probably be late, again. But I didn’t care. I’m not anywhere near getting a perfect attendance certificate, so why bother.

I’ve been to at least all of the schools in Broward County in Florida, and I’ve left every single one of them. I got kicked out of Miramar for stealing. Then I went to South Broward where I was kicked out for skipping over 20 times. Then I went to Cooper City and got expelled for fighting but in my defense the girl had it coming for her. I was caught with drugs in my locker at Ely and they made me get out of Dillard for having such bad grades. I can still remember the snooty principles voice. "I’m sorry but your grades are bad enough to bring the whole school down a grade level." Like that was even possible, the school is graded on FCAT not individual grades. I don’t know how she manages to keep her job if she doesn’t know simple facts.

There were so many it’s hard to keep count now a days, but Hallandale by far is the longest I’ve ever stayed in a school. I lived with my mom Joyce. She was an overprotective mother, but such a pushover and so naïve. She works as a nurse and is gone on calls most of the time, but she makes sure to keep and extra eye on my door when she comes home at night. She doesn’t know that the fact that my room has a balcony just makes it easier for me to jump to the tree and sneak out at night.

My dad is somewhere and to tell you the truth, I could care less for that bastard. He left me when I was 1 year old, after I had my first surgery. I was born with a hole in my heart, or as I like to call it a broken heart. Even after the doctor healed it, I still hated with a passion, hence me getting kicked out of almost every school. I felt as if I wasn’t given a fair chance at life and the fact that my dad left too, just made it worse. I took that hatred to try to make others lives miserable so that they could be knocked out of their perfect world for just one second, and realize how it feels to be … lost.

One thing that did come with the package, I guess, was my good looks. I had every boy in every school I ever went to around my little finger. From there I would steal them away from their girlfriends and rule the school, and they made it just too easy. Once you get the captain of the football team, you have the whole school. So that’s what I did. It took some time but finally I got Brian away from his little princess Monique. Him and I ruled the school, for some time in fact, that I detoured from my plan. I fell in love slowly but surely, and I don’t know how but I knew it was there.

We were 6 months into the relationship when I was knocked from my fantasy. Brian was hosting a party to celebrate their team winning the state championship. So of course I made it my business to be there. I mingled with some of the girls I hung around with when I decided I should find Brian. I walked around but couldn’t find him so I went to his room, and of course he was there, but he wasn’t alone. He was with Monique. They were getting intimate, so I cleared my throat and said loud enough for my voice not to quiver “ Of course you would want my sloppy seconds, but don’t worry you can have him, because he isn’t worth a second more of my time.” I said, my voice leaking with hatred. With that I walked out of the room, the house, the street, the city. Holding back tears all the way.

That’s when I promised my self, that love doesn’t exist, it never did. It wasn’t long before I was back to my playing game, I got the next boy waiting in line, and waited patiently for the time I got to break his heart, to let him know the pain I was always going through, so he could realize like me, love doesn’t exist. But I don’t know if it was the fact that Monique purposely spilled her soup on me, or that she was holding Brian’s hand or that she had that smirk across her face as she claimed she was sorry, but I was done. I was done being good, doing my time in silence, I snapped and I loved every second of me rearranging her face. And of course like always, I got expelled.


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31- Meeting the Rent’s

As I pulled up to my mom’s house I peered into Ali’s thoughts. This is such a beautiful home she thought and I said aloud “ She would be so happy to know that you think her house is beautiful.” She looked at me and shook her head realizing I was in her head again. “Who is she Seth, is this Leah’s house?” she asked and I laughed. “No actually it’s her mom’s.” I said while getting out of the car and walking to the passenger side to let her out. She nodded her head until she realized that this wasn’t just Leah’s mom’s house but mine as well.

She started to panic thinking of ways to get out of the situation. “Seth you know how much I love you but I really have to … “ she trailed off trying to think of an excuse. I raised an eyebrow at her “I have to give my monkey a shower. Yep Mr. Noodles gets very upset when I don’t give him a shower at exactly this time so I think you should get back in the car and drop me off at my aunts house.” I shook my head at her, “Ma, I know there isn’t a monkey at you’re aunts house, because 1.) My Wolf senses would have heard it and 2.) You can’t lie to your imprint.” I said laughing as her shoulders sagged.

“I wasn’t lying.” She squeaked helplessly. “Sure you weren’t, I felt it in my soul here you try,” I said thinking of a lie that she might believe. “That outfit makes you look easy.” I said and she gasped shocked at my words. I looked in her mind again and felt my heart-break as she believed me and a bunch of insecurities flooded her brain. I sighed in relief when her-I mean our heart practically tugged her from the thoughts and she felt the gut feeling that I was lying.

I smiled at her and she slapped my arm through the open car window. “Ow, hey!” I yelled faking hurt. “Don’t you ever do that again.” She said in a stern voice. “I won’t and don’t worry you look stunning yet classy.” I said and she rolled her eyes. “No really,” I said leaning through the window once again, “You look beautiful.” She let out a shaky breath and smiled at me. My heart did a back flip as the blush rose in her cheeks. “Umm, Seth are you sure about this I mean I know we’re in love and stuff but are you sure now is the time you want me to meet you’re mom?” Ali asked and I laughed. “Of course silly, now come on lets go.” I said opening the door before she could lock it and pulling her out of the seat. “But what if she doesn’t like me?” she whispered.

I laughed something I was doing more of lately “Of course she won’t like you.” I said and she gave me a concerned look. “I smiled and kissed her forehead, “ She’ll love you, what’s not to love? “ I asked. “A lot of things like the way I dress.” She said giving me a pointed look. I chuckled as she continued. “ The way I talk, my hair, or makeup, or maybe the fact that I just guaranteed the fact that her little boy will never be able to truly love again because there is a possibility that I way never die.” She said in a strained voice. “It was a rhetorical question Ma.” I informed her. “It was a rhetorical question.” She mocked under her breath while rolling her eyes. “Come on now, it’ll be fine.” I said while setting her on the porch and knocking on the door. “Here goes nothing.” She whispered. “Just be yourself.” I whispered back. “I’m trying.” She whined as I knocked on the door.

About two minutes later my mom came to answer the door. “Hi Mommy!’ I said while grabbing her into one of my signature hugs. She laughed and patted my back. “Hey baby, are you going to introduce me to your friend.” She said looking into Ali’s new sapphire eyes. Brian’s vampire had regular eyes and red tattoo’s I guess when we put Edward’s venom in her system we caused the color to change. I saw her first tattoo yesterday on her lower back. I didn’t tell her yet though, I didn’t want her to freak. It was a cute moon crest filled in and it was the same color as her eyes. I started to think about last night but I had other things to do right now. “Mom, this is my imprint Ali.” I said while grabbing Ali’s hand and leading her forward.

“N-nice to meet you.” She stuttered while bringing her right hand forward for a hand shack. My mom patted it while bringing her into a hug. “ Well aren’t you just a beauty, so you’re the girl who finally stole my baby boys heart.” She said smiling at me. I think I blushed but I put all my focus on Ali. She looked scared as she nodded her head yes. “Well come in, come in, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t bite.” She said and laughed as she pulled Ali inside and onto the sofa. But I do Ali thought as she walked in the house. Thankfully she was to scared to notice my mom’s scent, but as long as I was by her side, she doesn’t really think about the blood lust.

“Would you guys like something to eat?” my mom asked from the kitchen. Ali said no that we just ate, but I said yes, who was I to deny my mothers food. Ali looked at me as if I was crazy, I had about 4 plates pilled high of breakfast yet I was still hungry. I couldn’t blame her either but I was a wolf, and the wolf was always hungry. I just mouthed Wolf to her and she nodded her head understanding.

My mom came back with a plate of food, and I dug in while my mom and Ali talked. They talked for forever and about everything. I couldn’t blame my mom, she has been begging for forever for me to bring a girl home for her to meet, but I only wanted to bring one girl in here, and I wanted it to be my imprint, my soul mate, and now I was. At around lunch Ali ate and they continued to talk as I just acted as if I was paying attention, really I was just watching Ali and day dreaming about the future.

When Charlie came home from work he grabbed me into a manly hug. “Now look who I haven’t seen in a while, how you doing Seth?” He asked me and Ali smiled at him. “Oh and who might this pretty lady be? Seth you’ve never brought anyone here before?” Ali stood up and walked to him and gave him a breathtaking smile. “This pretty lady’s name is Ali, and I’m Seth’s imprint, you must be Charlie.” She said while sticking out her hand. “Yes I am and aren’t you the cutest thing, almost just like Alice, you’re so happy its like you’re glowing.” He said and I looked at her and he was right. I felt as if I reached out to touch her I wouldn’t get to without getting burned from the light of happiness that surrounded her.

Charlie put down his belt and got something to eat and we talked a little bit more, me paying much more attention this time and when I felt like I had enough with the when Seth was a baby stories I stood up and stretched. “Oh wow look at the time.” We had been here all day, “ besides I need to get Ali out of here before you decide to bust out the baby pictures.” My ladies laughed and simultaneously said “we already did.” And Ali continued “Seth, we looked at the pictures around lunch, what planet were you visiting?” she asked and everyone laughed. “I don’t know Pluto, but seriously we need to go, bye Mom, Charlie.” I said while giving my mom a hug and Carlie and pat on the back. Ali went and gave both my Mom and Charlie a hug.

I noticed she lingered a little linger than necessary to Charlie and then I felt it, the burning in my throat. I kept my hands on my sides as to not look to suspicious and walked towards Ali. “Come on baby, we’ll come visit them another time.” And under my breath I barely whispered “Aliennette No!” in a very stern voice. I really hoped this wouldn’t end badly.

my thoughts on this chapter, i really wanted her to freak out when she met sue, but them i decided to add a little bit of humor because i didn't want it to be so serious. As i wrote i originally planned for them to just say goodbye and go to wherever they wanted to but as i wrote i though hmm, let me add a little twist, and thats what happened. yeah, i think i did alright, it may not have been the most interesting chapter but i thought it was good enough :) well that's what i thought about the chapter, i hope you liked it as much as i did :p love always - jaynell :)
Post more soon!
Love it!
post soon Jaynell! PLEASE!!! =] or i might DIE! *~* lol jk but do post soon =]
Post more soon!!
love it! more!
Omg im sooooo sorrrrryyyyyyyyyyy jaynell sweetie!! i havent been on this site for sooooooo long!!! i have tooo read like 1000 pages now:) but it was a reallly good chapter<333 love it<333
Love the chapter it was amazing write more!
absolutely luved it.. plz post more soon..
that was so totally awesome
Ohh huney J! this is like gettine even better!
One sec. umm i dont think sue knows Ali, is a vampire
does she?
Oh dear, Charlie better look out! He's about to be Vitamin B for Ali!
hehe ( Vitamin Blood.) hehe i crack myself up!
wow J, this chapter had me laughin, at the baby pix of Seth. But then it totally turned serious.
*gasp!* Poor Seth.
lols, read all you comments, and you had me dying laughing. no, sue doesn't know that Ali is a vampire, she knows that vampires exist, and her son is a wolf, but she doesn't know that ali really is a vampire since she is so different. thanks for all the wonderful comments Quells it means alot, now hurry up and update you're story. lols. ily :)
well i think she is freaking out,,,,


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