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different ending of new moon


I stared into her eyes, filled of pain. It was killing me in the inside to see her like this, but I knew that I didn't have a choice. I loved Edward with all my heart, but I
wouldn't risk getting hurt again. Not for him, not for anyone. Call me selfish,
but I just couldn't. Jacob on the other hand was a more natural choice for me I
wouldn't have to change a thing. Taking a deep breath I stared once again into
Alice Cullen's eyes. "I'm sorry Alice, but I won't go to Italy with you. I
know that he still loves me; however I've moved on, I'm with Jake. You can't
expect me to go."

“You’re right. I'm
sorry I asked. I'll just go" Her voice was way too calm," I see that
you're stronger now and don't need us anymore. I won't hold it against you. No
one will." Her voice was a completely different matter.

She left, again,
faster than the speed of light. To save her brother and my first love. I stared
at the ceiling letting the pain fill me completely. He was going to die and I
didn't do anything about it. I couldn't contain the tears that were falling out
of my eyes. Happy memories flashed through my mind. I thought I was going to
love him forever, I guess we got separate, but no other than death.

Does this make me a
horrible person? I couldn't continue like this he left me and I left him when
he most needed me. We're even now. I let out a desperate cry.

You call it selfishness I call protecting my heart.....


1 month later

Graduation was coming soon and I could feel the excitement rolling out of everyone's skin, including mine. Alice was planning a big and I mean BIG party. I still hate them not much have changed. Of course some Cullen's still hate me for what happened I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision I made.

Jake and I are doing fantastic, as somebody can get with a broken heart. Who was I kidding? Every night I begged that Edward was somehow still alive. That maybe the Volturi had given him a second chance. I still hold strong to that little string of hope. Because I knew in my heart, deep down that he was okay. Where? I don't know. But he was still breathing the same oxygen as me.




"You and Jacob huh?" Alice's eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Alice I just know that he is the one and please don’t make me feel guilty about you-know-who.” I pleaded with my eyes.

“No worries Bella. He would have wanted you to be happy no matter if that is specie is a werewolf.” If anybody knew Edward, I flinched thinking his name, is Alice.

Just then Alice started having a vision. By her expression I knew it was a pretty bad one. Nothing could have prepared me for this maybe, subconscious but that didn’t count. “Edward, he is… he is alive.”

A loud gasp, that wasn’t coming from my mouth, made me turned around. The whole Cullen family was looking at Alice as if she had three heads.

She continued, “He is a guard and coming here after we fight the newborn army.” Her golden eye’s clouded, “Never mind, I’m sorry I don’t know why I said that is a very old vision. I’m so so so sorry” Saying that she left running.

And my tiny hope left with her.

4 months later...

"I can't wait to fight the newborns. I've waited long enough." I rolled my eyes at Jacob's dumb comment today, finally, we're fighting the newborns and by us I mean the Cullen’s and the pack. Yeah surprise that we got united thanks to me... again. Not that is something to be proud of.

Alice hasn’t talked about talked about that vision and all of us haven't mentioned it. I stopped thinking about him and sometimes I felt guilty about it like I was betraying him by being with Jacob. I shook my head trying to clear my head."Are you ready?' asked the only person I needed to hear, my sun, my Jacob.

"Yeah, just nervous about the fight?" I stood up to give him a hug looking at my engagement ring.

"Everything is going to be fine how many times I have to tell you. Bella, the only thing that matters is protecting you. We'll stay in the tent and wait until the fight is over." He was trying to reassure me. But I couldn’t help the butterflies in my stomach, the bad kind.

Before I knew it the fight was over and so was my nightmare I could put this behind me or so I thought. Something was wrong very wrong; I could feel it in my bones. I looked around wondering why the Cullen’s wanted us to go to the clearing. It was obvious the Volturi didn't like werewolves, are they trying to kill them? My doubt was written all over my face and Jacob sighed knowing what I was thinking. "It's ok Bella, There more of us than them. Don't worry"

Right in that moment Alice appeared with an annoyed expression."Ugh, I hate not being able to see anything. Let's go."

I hopped on top and her and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, we were in the clearing. Everybody, except Rosalie, gave me a small smile.

"They're here," Rosalie said without looking at me. As if, she was seeing something far away. I knew that she was feeling guilty about what happened with him and was hopeful to see Alice's vision come true.

For the first time I saw the guards of the Volturi there were 4 of them and their faces were cover with the thick black coat they were wearing.

"Cullen’s and werewolves we have orders to take you back to Italy. Aro wishes to speak to you." The small, blonde hair girl said while taking her hood. She was beautiful with bloody red eyes. For a moment I couldn't believe someone looking so innocent would drink human blood.

The werewolves all growled at the "request”. Carlisle what the first to break the silence, “Fine, Bella, take my car and go home."

Before I could respond the one named Alec spoke, "The girl comes with us."

"No, she stays here or we won't go," replied Carlisle.

Jane looked at all of us with a sinister smile, "You are willing to die for the girl that killed you’re supposed son." A few gasp were heard all around us, but she wasn't far from finished."He looked pathetic trying to get himself killed for a human girl."

My heart broke a little and before I knew the Cullen’s, werewolves, and Volturi were fighting. All I saw were blurs of movement before everybody fell down in pain.

"ENOUGH!" The most angelic yet dark voice commanded.

I remember voices around me trying to wake me up. It took me about five minutes to figure out where I was. The newborns, tent, Jacob, the Volturi, and her one of the most beautiful vampires I've ever seen.

Had any of that been real or just a figment of my imagination? With the purpose of finding out what was going out, my eyes flew open.

I was in a kind of airplane. Private jet... maybe. As I looked around I saw the Cullen’s and the pack. What were we all doing here?

Before I could asked the question she came and sat next to me. She started talking with such a sweet yet deep voice, kind of like a singer. "Hello."

She waited for me to say something but I couldn't form any words."Well it seems a lot has changed since I lived in the United States, usually people say something like, hello, hi, or how are you doing. It seems like your mom didn't teach you how to be polite. Anyway my name is Dawn and you're probably Isabella Swan or as you prefer Bella."

Gathering all my courage I said, "Umm, hi."

Before she I mean Dawn could say something else Carlisle stood up. "Why are you bringing us to Italy we have done nothing wrong. Bella knows because of her fiancé, Jacob. She had to know."

"Look Mr. Cullen I'm not here because I want is more of a favor to an old friend. He told me to take all you here and of course the Volturi is not powerful at all since Jane can't get in Bella's mind."

Everybody let out a gasp. Who was this girl and why did her friend want us? Most importantly how did she know about my mind?

"Now all of you calm down or we're going to have problems." For some reason she didn't seem like the kind of girl you would want to mess up with. Her whole persona screamed danger.

It was going to be a long flight...



Tell me what you think and the fight was more less the same as the one in Eclipse if you want me to write it down I will, but is not my main priority.

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