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I have decided to make this fanfic on Bella and Edward getting into an arranged marriage because of their cruel parents wanting to look good in business.

Major problem there.

Bella isn't very fond of babysitting men like Edward. He is messy and rude and has major problems expressing himself.


Bella is all the opposite. She is sweet with people and makes it abundantly clear what she is feeling because that's the kind of person she is. Really, it doesn't look like Bella or Edward with get along with eachother much less the idea of marriage at 18 right after high school.


Both can be rebelious. So what would happen if you mix Bella and Edward with a hint of battle? Stir with a humongus house.

  All human by the way ;) Banner always very welcome!


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YES IT SOUNDS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she has too because it's arranged by their parents for "looking good in business"



yes...sounds good 2 me (:

Okay people! I am writing the first chapter now and remember i need banners!

Chapter 1- Love and all it's hate

Charlie POV-

"Renee, this is great for our business! The two of them together would generate an immense more of income. I know you are worried about Bella but she would be fine! She's helping her family, how would she deny us that?" I asked bewildered.


"Charlie, I just don't know. This is her life we are talking about and even though she is going to move out anyway soon, why would we do this for?" Her brown hair reflected in the light.


"Look Renee, Bella lives with me and she is under my roof. She'll do what I tell her. End. Of. Story." I spit out. Renee cringed but couldn't press further.


Yeah that's what you get after you lost custody of Bella after the theft incident.


I feel bad for Renee, but it's all her fault anyway.


Time to tell Bella the wonderful news!


Bella's POV-


 Love. When I hear the word love I feel like when you're with that person, you are both one. You are there for each other no matter what. You don't lie or be abnoxious to the person that you are in love with.

I believe that love happens in time and at the right time.

I felt so passionate for a moment I grabbed my pen and notebook in hopes of writing a poem. But a knock on the door made me lose my focus and the pen went tumbling down onto the floor.


"It's me Bells. Are you decent?" I sighed, it's Charlie. Wonder what he wants this time.


He is world class at what he doesn't do. Fathering. Charlie bought me only things I needed and gave me lectures about how to make it in life. All. The. Time. I wonder if Charlie could see anyone's point of view.


As always Charlie wasted no time and cut to the point.

"Bella, you are engaged to the Cullen family's youngest boy: Edward. He is 18 and graduated down in FL at Suncoast High and has a perfect 4.0 GPA. He studies the Medical Sciences. I have aggreed with the Cullens on this deal and Bella...It would really help this family a lot. Think of how good we could live! Now go and pack all your things. Be out of the house in 15 minutes." And those were the words that would haunt me for as long as I live.




AHHHHHHHHH! What is going on here?


Rushing for my pillow, I screamed.


The world could have exploded and I would still be here crying and screaming in my pillow. Alone.

I love it!!! Write more asap!!


this is great, i cant wait for more!!!!

I loved it, post more soojn



love it


In mi opinion this story is Great keep me updated


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