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I have decided to make this fanfic on Bella and Edward getting into an arranged marriage because of their cruel parents wanting to look good in business.

Major problem there.

Bella isn't very fond of babysitting men like Edward. He is messy and rude and has major problems expressing himself.


Bella is all the opposite. She is sweet with people and makes it abundantly clear what she is feeling because that's the kind of person she is. Really, it doesn't look like Bella or Edward with get along with eachother much less the idea of marriage at 18 right after high school.


Both can be rebelious. So what would happen if you mix Bella and Edward with a hint of battle? Stir with a humongus house.

  All human by the way ;) Banner always very welcome!


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more more more

Love it!!!

Love it post more soon please and keep me updated!!!!!!!

when are u posting more

Hello everyone sorry it's been awhile but I've been busy. Anywho, here is the next chapter!




Swimming with Sharks


   I woke up the next morning realizing that I missed dinner yesterday because I feel asleep really early. Checking the clock on the overly elaborate dresser the clock read 3:23 a.m.


  I heaved a great sigh. I layed in bed for a minute but my muscles were too stiff from sleeping for to long. Then I just got up and opened my walk-in closet that I haven't really given any attention and picked out something to go outside in. Since it was still pretty chilly out, I chose a black sweater and some jeans. The only reliable sneakers were these Isabel Marant Betty suede sneakers that looked a little wack for my style. I put a red cuff and a black ring with some earings and head out of my room. Walking down the stairs I put my hair in a purple bun. Bella's outfit.


 Finally down the steps I walk to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water because thats practically all we had at this house.


  And thats when I heard his footsteps.


 Edward saw me before I heard him and I felt my knees go weak.


  Edward, I haven't thought about him since I woke up on purpose. He made me so upset and I just don't think my body will give me another crying session because my body would rather jump off a cliff. And yes that's how stressed I was.

 But now, right now I felt nothing of the sort. I felt peaceful and joyful and the look on his face..... Oh that look! I would have died a thousand times for him, fought a thousand wars for him.


 His eyes were so warm and so open I didn't even get a chance to think when I tip-toe higher to kiss his lips. It was a jolt when he immidiately kissed me back, as if he had been planning on it all this time. My hand was in a fist in his soft bronze hair and I felt like I was in complete bliss. Nothing was hungry about this kiss and so after the shock of him kissing me back I went back into my senses.


 What the heck am I doing? I thought to myself. I couldn't  shouldn't be doing this. He was out to make me miserable and probably this was his plan after all. I'm sure after we kiss that he'll just walk away like it never happend. Well, not if I do it first. I broke the kiss and looked in his eyes one last time before I made my decision.








Regrets....regrets.....and forgiveness?


  I could hardly sleep after that epiphany yesterday. I layed in bed planing things that could get her to forgive me or at least tolerate me. I wanted to make it work and she was just so beautiful to me I just had to make it up to her somehow. Her face twisted in pain was permanently etched in my brain and only her forgiveness can take it away. I regreted the things I've done to her since I met her. It's not her fault and it never was, so why did it take me to the point of witnessing her pain to realize that?


 I heard some moving and shuffling near Bella's room. I was actually in the room in front of hers but she still hadn't noticed it. Later on I hear her door close and I without thinking, got up and went to tell her everything and to appologize to her.


 I saw her go down the stairs and was headed to the kitchen so I took the other enterance into the kitchen. I pause because it was really dark and because I didn't hear her footsteps anymore. I had begun to think she wasn't in the kitchen somehow and then I saw her walk into a beam of light coming through the kitchen window. She was staring at me. She looked very peculiar and..........................






ahhhh why did you end there????? keep going it sounds great :D

She looked very peculiar and her eyes held this sort of gleam that I hadn't seen ever before. I was so entranced by her gaze I hardly noticed her tip toe to mingle my lips with hers.  Her lips.... they were so soft and gentle. It was like kissing a flower petal. Everything seemed to pause in my head and time seemed to slow dramatically down.

   I might not have ever let go until I felt my lips were alone again. I opened my eyes. Inside, my heart had leaped as if it were flying gleefully in the air. It was almost pain to not be so close to Bella.


  And my Bella had been looking at me with vengeful and blameful eyes. No, I thought. She must be thinking that I wanted this reaction from her and that I'm going to pull away. I will not pull away.


 "Bella." I whispered softly still seemingly under a spell.

 "Edward, don't. I know what you're trying to do to me I give up. I will not fight with you or try to change you or even try to get myself away from here. I'm done Edward and I...I..... I love you." Her petal lips turned into a frown of sadness as if those lips could never be truly loved. She confessed her love for me and yet she still believes that I only want to hurt her! She continued to talk to me with that bleak frown.


"Edward, I know you might not believe me or trust me. I understand it's been a very short time since we've know each other. But as I said before, I just can't...I can't bring myself to leave or fight anymore." Her eyes found something interesting on the floor. I couldn't take it anymore.


 "Bella, I am so sorry. Trying to hurt you? I was only being so rude to you because of my father, he always forced me to do things I sometimes didn''t agree with. I'm not a vengeful person and in efforts to finally bring my father down in order to prove to him that I could handle myself, I ended up becoming Just.Like.Him. And Bella, I love you too. I never want to have to fight you or make you leave. I will always fight for you Bella. If there is anything I could do to take away every nasty thing I ever said or did to you, tell me now. Because, Bella I swear to you, I will go to the ends of the Earth if I get to keep you for any length of time." Emotions swirled in me and in that moment I felt I'd go to the moon for Bella. My mind was completely and utterly overloaded with thoughts of honey brown hair and sweet chocolate eyes with petal lips. Bella, my Bella.


She looked at me with an expression that made my hand touch her face at the exact same moment her hand touched my face.


    Euphoria, Bliss, Heaven, whatever you wanted to call it wouldn't have been enough to describe us at that moment even if they were all mixed together. Bella kissed me gingerly and took my hand. We walked back upstairs to her room......................and stayed there for hours in our private land of our Love.



love it

I LOVE IT keep me updated


this waz really good are u going 2 post more soon? :)

Awwwwwww.... Please more soon!!!!!! I miss this story!


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