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I have decided to make this fanfic on Bella and Edward getting into an arranged marriage because of their cruel parents wanting to look good in business.

Major problem there.

Bella isn't very fond of babysitting men like Edward. He is messy and rude and has major problems expressing himself.


Bella is all the opposite. She is sweet with people and makes it abundantly clear what she is feeling because that's the kind of person she is. Really, it doesn't look like Bella or Edward with get along with eachother much less the idea of marriage at 18 right after high school.


Both can be rebelious. So what would happen if you mix Bella and Edward with a hint of battle? Stir with a humongus house.

  All human by the way ;) Banner always very welcome!


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ii just found this story today and it's really good,  can't wait to read your next update!

love it!! cant wait for more!!!!!

Love it!!

*new reader* update me plz!

love it!  please continue and write more soon!

Finally a new ch. Lol

I thought I would die waitin llol,

This was good though finally they explain their feelings for each other.

Keep me updated and you take your time okay.


Chapter 7


   Gentle Knives and Declarations


 I awoke to a familiar harsh yet almost toneless voice.

 "Bella. Wake up." Whaa? I open my eyes. And instantly wished I hadn't.


 "DAD!? What are you doing here!" I sat clutching the blankets around my chest for dear life. Edward flinched awake as well and meet my mortified eyes. My father simply locked eyes with me and I felt as if I were staring into the eyes of a snake.

 "Well, Bella, I must say you work fast. It hasn't been that long yet you managed to take care of pleasure before business. And not that that isn't fun but thats when mistakes happen. In fact, Bella, thats who you came along. Anyway, that is besides the point and it works well enough in my advantage." I froze and felt ice coat my insides.


 "What. Did. You. Call. Bella?" Edward said in a dangerous tone.

 "Oh what? A mistake? Who on Earth said that?" Charlie looked around the room as if trying to catch the culprit. Edward almost got up but then quickly realized what bad idea that was.


"Thank you for sparring me of your nakedness and let me get down to the point. Today Bella and you will go shopping for a formal outfit for tonight's ceromony on Swan & Cullen Inc. I plan on you proposing in front of our business donators. The heartfelt fools are too emotional and care too much about family and honor when we all really know its about the money." He laughed a dry laugh. My face must have been beet red.


 "Oh and also, I have assigned you both maids for the house and a driver. Look presentable tonight at the estate at 7:45 no earlier nor later. I want all eyes on you both to promote my business and you must be, well.....fashionably late." He exited the room but not before slamming the door behind him.


 I looked at Edward sadly. Charlie's voice had clearly affected him like gentle knives that you couldn't shake off.


"Edward?" He was breathing really hard. "Edward?," Sigh. "Edward, it's okay look. I have grown up with this man and I know how you feel but you can't let him get to you. He'll rip you apart and burn the pieces and the only way I've survived up until now is......well just by not letting him get to you. Edward I know my dad and if we don't do what he says just for a little while, just wont be pretty okay? He has ways in making sure neither of us is happy. We just have to listen to him for a little while." Edward still seemed about ready to rip someone's throat out.


  59 breaths later he replied.


 "Bella, I just don't agree with the way he is treating you. You shouldn't have to be forced to do anything. He reminds me of my father Bella. I just can't him hurting you like that." His voice cracked at the end.


 "I understand Edward, believe me. But we are together, right? He can't get us together." I held his face and finally just gave him a hug even though in our conversation the sheets had fallen down. Tenderly, Edward bent down to kiss me.


 Yes,I thought,I believe in us together. My father cannot get us. I will do anything for my Edward.

"I love you." I whispered against his lips shocked at my words. But they rang true.

"I love you my love. Always." He said with his eyes closed.

 His word were like an anchor. They brought me steady and at peace. I snuggled even closer and I heard Edward moan. We continued from where we left off earlier.




  It was noon and we got dressed to go shopping for the party. Edward left me in my room to get dressed alone. I still couldn't really shake off my consious nakedness in front of another person that wasn't related to me.

We met the maids and driver by the door.


 "Oh hello Mr. and Mrs. Cullen." Edward and I looked at each other. "We are your assigned maids. I am Clary and this is Isabelle." The short red haired girl pointed to a very tall blonde next to her.

 "And I'm your driver, Emmett. I am here to drive you. To places. You need to go to." He said with a smile that made you want to smile. Edward actually chuckled.


 "Oh well hello too but we were just headed out....." I didn't really know what to say.

"That's quite alright. Can we get settled here and we can stock some food in the kitchen as well." Isabelle said only looking at Edward.

"Okayyy." Edward said and avoided looking into Isabelle's eyes. This made her eyes twitch? Or am I imagining things?

"Wonderful!' Clary said and brought in some cleaning supplies into the house. " You need to go shopping now we can take it from here!" Clary yelled on her way in. Thats weird, did we tell her that?


"Alrighty. So where am I driving thee?" Emmett waved his hand out toward me theatrically.


 I looked at Edward. He met my eyes and nodded both of us obviously thinking the same thing.


                  These people look like they are freshman in high school.


Would my Dad really make these kids work at this age? Didn't they have family???




love it

AWWWW poor Emmett.

I cn't believe Charlie treats Bella like that. If i was Edward I would have hit charlie with the lamp lol.

Keep me updated

great update!  charlie is such a jerk!

so good! love this chapter!


love it


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