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I have decided to make this fanfic on Bella and Edward getting into an arranged marriage because of their cruel parents wanting to look good in business.

Major problem there.

Bella isn't very fond of babysitting men like Edward. He is messy and rude and has major problems expressing himself.


Bella is all the opposite. She is sweet with people and makes it abundantly clear what she is feeling because that's the kind of person she is. Really, it doesn't look like Bella or Edward with get along with eachother much less the idea of marriage at 18 right after high school.


Both can be rebelious. So what would happen if you mix Bella and Edward with a hint of battle? Stir with a humongus house.

  All human by the way ;) Banner always very welcome!


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This is amazing!!! Please keep me updated!!!

I wouldn't like to be in their shoes.

Oh I know its been a while but I've finally got some leisure time to do this and I'm not going to leave this story without finishing it first! I hope you forgive me and enjoy!

Chapter 8

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder




 Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. I grasped Edward's hand like a life line. I guess he was. Emmett had driven us to the nearest mall and was currently gawking at a surprise guest we have.


"Oh my gosh, Rosalie? What are you doing here? I've missed you so much Rose!" I clutched her in my arms. She looked amazing with her blonde hair flowing vitally around her polished face.


 "Oh news gets around that you are having a party tonight for the business get-together so I heard and Alice told me the area you where staying at so I assumed you would be here...." She trailed at the end finally taking a glimpse at Emmett. Oh.


 "Wait, did you say Alice?" I was very confused. Wouldn't Alice be here? Edward looked at me adoringly giving me that look that brought memories of last night making me blush. I looked down and of course, Rosalie didn't miss this.


 "Oh yes Alice is here," She was giving me a meaningful look while taking peaks at Emmett. "Alice is taking a head start on what would suit you for tonight. Don't you know Alice? She's always one step ahead." Rosalie gave a flirty laugh still looking at Emmett. Emmett looked lovestruck and it was honestly very cute. Somehow Emmett managed to close his mouth and speak clearly, which givin his expression, look like that took a lot of work.


 "Oh that's right Mr. Edward I'm supposed to accompany you. To try on some clothes. For tonight. For the par-tay." Edward seemed to enjoy Emmett and he smiled and nodded. Edward looked back at me looking a little torn. I understod immediately.

 "Yeah you should get your clothing for tonight Edward. I have Rosalie and Alice so I'll see you in a few hours." I smiled loopsidedly a little reluctant to be apart from him.


 "Okay Bella. Oh, and good luck." He winked and I knew he understood how I felt about shopping. My smile brightened, something that never happend before Edward came into my life. I just couldn't shake the feeling like something was going to screw this up.  I just don't think I can ever let go of Edward. Ever.


 "Come on Bella lets go met Alice before she rips our throats out!" She rolled her eyes teasingly.


 "Okay. Lets do this. Beauty is pain." I said.


 "Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder.." Rosalie purred looking at Emmett walk away with Edward. Rose had a peculiar look in her eyes.




 "No. Put this on." Alice had hugged the breath out of me and was all jumpy and excited to see me when I first came. But my fashion choices bugged Alice to no end and it now seemed like she wanted to hit some fashion in me with a bat. She roughly handed me a scary looking strapless purple dress.


 "Oh no-" I began.

 "No you Bella. Tonight, I want you unforgetable! Tonight, I want this Edward to see what he is missing out on." I hadn't told her about Edward and I getting together together last night. Rosalie raised her delicate eyebrow at this but decided her little black dress needed more attention.




 I knew that betting against Alice wasn't going to get me anywhere so I put on the dang dress. I found that I could not speak for the life of me.


 "Bella. Bella? I've called your name a thousand times already are you alright?" Alice as always was prone to exaggeration. But I felt like if I spoke I would choke.


 "Okay Bella were coming in!" Rosalie was imfamous for her impatience but took all the time in the world to stare at me when she walked in my dressing stall. Closing the curtain behind her Alice didn't look as shocked as Rosalie had but of course Alice was always one step ahead. That's why we loved her.

Bella's/Rosalie's/Alice's outfit:

 "Finally, okay Bella don't freak out but you're going to wear this tonight and don't worry about looking like a skank, we'll get you fixed up the right way. Right Rose?" Rosalie had finally gained composure to her face again but couldn't shake the smile on her face. Her excitedness rubbed off on me and I thought I would never get excited about something my father had planned for me.


 But here I am. I'm sure I'll regret it later.


"Alice, what shoes am I going to wear?" She seemed pleased that I didn't freak out but the shoes were worrying me a little. Okay a lot.


 "These." She handed me bright red heels that I didn't noticed she had in her hand. My balance was never suitable for me and I've almost embarrasingly died from tripping over my own feet. So the size of these sky high heels freaked me out so much, I didn't understand what happend next. And neither did Alice or Rose.


 "Okay cool."I squeaked and put on the shoes to see how they looked. With almost a graceful ease I slipped them on and walked in the limited space of the dressing room. My legs looked great and the clevage was just right without over doing it.


 Alice and Rosalie looked at me like I ate a raw pig.


"What?" I asked totally confident and excited to see Edward when he saw me in this.


 "Oh nothing. Nothing Bella." Rose smiled at me. Alice looked excited too. I felt even higher on cloud nine.




 Rose got the little black dress she had her eye on with nude colored heels. Alice got a red dress with intricate black embroidery and black heels. We got our nails done in 10 minutes. Mine was baby blue (Alice picked it), Rose got a red similar to my new heels and Alice got a white with black patterns. We went to meet up with Edward but not before Alice gave me a couple of designer bags and popular brand names.


 "Wha..?" I said.

 "Trust me Bella. I love you girl. This is what a friend does Rose and I picked it out. I took a glimpse in one of the bags and wished I hadn't.

Whats in the bag:

 "Aw Alice.." I didn't know what to say or how to tell her no. This was all WAY to expensive.


 "Shhh. Bella I don't know how often we could see each other and it would give me peace to know that you are dressing right!" Her small pixie face looked up at me under her lashes and I was caught in her spell.


 "Okay, Alice. But this once only!" I had a new credit card from Charlie. I'm sure he wanted me to do TONS of shopping. I got a hug from Alice and I thanked Rosalie.


 "Okay I texted them, they said they are on there way." I said when I looked up from my Iphone. My new Iphone was part of the business phones. It said Cullen & Swan INC. I noticed Rosalie fixing up her hair more than usual.


 "So Rose, Emmett seems a pretty decent guy." I knew Alice would be interested to hear what Rosalie felt for my personal driver. It still put me on edge that I had maids too. All these expensive things and the mansion, it was a lot more for me than I let on.


 "Oh. My. God. Alice! You haven't seen him he is just the cutest guy, I think I really like him even though I don't know him very well. And he is just amazing-"

 "Are you talking about me?" Emmett playfully winked at Rose. She flushed and murmured something about the weather. This was not the Rose Alice and I knew. But as soon as Edward's face came into view I got up and hugged him lightly. Alice raised her eyebrow conspicuously. Oh-uh.


"Hello, I'm Alice. You are Edward." She gave her hand and Edward took it. He knew she wasn't asking him a question. I'd never seen Alice so formal with someone but then again I've never seen her not like someone or be liked by someone.


Seemed like things were still changing to fast for my liking.


A really good chapter, I like the way that Rose and Emmett are moving together.

Best wishes


great update!

Love the chapter.... 

Hahahahahaha okay so it seems I thought the same thing of returning and finishing my story hahahahaah...

I LOVE YOUR STORY AS ALWAYS!!!!! and I can't wait for more!!!! 

Oh thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! Chapter 9 is being written now but I was also wondering if anyone had any banners they would like to make for the story? The more the merrier!

 Chapter 9


 Safe and Doomed




 "I'm at a payphone, tryin' to go home.." My phone rang. I checked the caller ID.


 Alice, of course. Edward was looking at me with this look that made me shudder a bit. He leaned next to me and kissed my very lightly, just touching my lips. It was just so sweet I wanted more and ultimately forgot Alice was calling me.


 Oh well, it couldn't have been that important. Edward's hair was in my hands and was absolutely marveled in how soft it was. His hands were also in my hair and I think he paused his kissing to sniff my hair, but I was to dizzy to check.


 "Your hair smells like strawberries." He complimented me.

 "Thank you. And your hair is very soft." I said staring into his green eyes. I felt lost in an evergreen jungle. My phone began once again on Payphone by Maroon 5.


 "Do you like that band?" Edward asked quickly before I answered the call.

 "Nope. I love that band." I smiled and answered the call.


 "Hello? Bella?" Alice sounded nervous. I've never heard her nervous before.

 "Hi Alice, what's wrong?"

 "Oh nothing really.... No okay okay. It's not but it is a big deal..ugh I don't know where to start."

 "It's okay Alice just start to the beginning of what happened." I breathed.

 "Okay... Well, when you left the mall I went with Rose to get a smothie before we go home and she was talking about this Emmett guy....well then I saw HER. Bella, I saw my mom." Her voice shaked. Oh my gosh, Alice's mom?  Alice was adopted and used her foster mom's name, she never called her mom. So this mom must be her...

 "Oh my gosh Alice. Your birth mother." It wasn't a question.

 "Yes. I'm so sure, she looks exactly like me Bella! She saw me and then she just....well she came over to me and said that she was 'interested in making a connection.' I was all confused so I did the stupidest thing. I. Just. Ran."

 "You ran from her? And left Rose?" It wasn't an accusation.

 "Yes." Alice was quiet for a long time. She was never like this.

 "Oh Alice I'm sorry. Can you come over my.. house?" I was still getting used to the idea. "You could come over and make sure you bring your clothing for tonight and we can go together." Pause. Sigh.

 "Okay Bella, thanks. I should bring Rosalie. I'm sure she wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to drool on Emmett." She laughed a little strained. Alice's birth mother was a touchy subject for her, I could tell.


  "Okay see you in a few, I'll text you my address." We hung up.




 About after an hour of arriving back to the mansion Alice and Rosalie arrived with a big luguage. This scared me.


 "What's this..?" I asked. It could be a perfectly logical explanation.

 "Bella, silly, this is our clothing and make up and...well everything we need for tonight!" Rosalie gushed. I smiled and shock my head. I wasn't as girly as them by a long shot, but I ended up with the girlest best friends ever.


 I looked at Alice still a little worried about her but she looked to be excited about getting ready so we'd talk later.


 "Alright everyone. Lets get ready!" Alice declared. Edward was already with Emmett preparing for tonight since Emmett was coming with us. As our driver, we weren't just going to leave him in the car. I thought them helping each other out was a good thing for Edward, he could use some male bonding time.





 We had our clothing and light make up on by 6:00 pm.

Recap of Alice/Bella's/ Rosalie's outfit:


 I headed to my room to pick up my favorite bracelet. I opened the door noiselessly, even in the heels (wow I'm getting better at walking with heels) and had the satisfation of seeing someone's green eyes nearly pop from there sockets.Of course my breath was also knocked out of my chest.


 "Bella-" We laughed. Edward approached me looking at my outfit and making me feel like a queen. He looked so...marvelous though. His silver and black tux was tailored to him perfectly and he wore an expensive looking watch. If I hadn't seen Edward naked, I would have thought he never looked sexier in anything else.

  I blushed. He cupped my cheek.

 "Bella, you look so beautiful tonight, like always." His smooth voice sounded like honey and I couldn't help but lean on his chest as he was so close to me. He tilted my head up and kissed my lips and I felt my body nearly faint.


 God I was so in love with him. But can I stand him? He was so sweet to me compared to when we first met which felt like eons ago. He was so tender and caring. He was everything I never had and everything I needed forever.

 "Edward, you look magnificent tonight as well. I'm sure the girls will be surrounding you." I pointed a finger on his muscular chest. I wanted him so badly. I could see his eyes reflected it too.


 "Thank you Bella. But as long as you are standing next to me, no girl will dare try to surround me." He said matter-of-factly. I beamed like an idiot and kissed him again. I laughed abruptly.


 "What's so funny my Bella?" Edward asked.

 "Oh nothing, just that you have some pink gloss on your lips." I giggled again and he stroked my hair.

 'Well, now I must look charming and pretty." He laughed and I couldn't hold it either.


 We walked hand in hand all the way down to the driver where Rosalie and Emmett seemed to be in deep conversation. Alice looked spectacular in her outfit but looked a little bummed out like she was missing out on something. By looking at the chemistry between Rose and Em, I'd say Alice was a little jealous of what they had.


 Once again I'd never seen Alice jealous or nervous, or hardly even sad. Tonight, I'd make it my duty to make her cheer up.


 Tonight, Alice wouldn't be jealous anymore, I could feel it.






Thanks for reading! Next chapter will be about the party and I wanted you guys to vote for your favorite dress I was thinking of using for Bella for another occasion. Comment your votes!

Remember this is for night time!

Link for dresses:

They are so cute!!! I love the blue dress!

Loved the chapter! Edward is really the perfect man!

I think Bella should wear the blue dress, blue fits her best.

love it!  Edward and Bella are so cute together!  please update again soon!


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