The Twilight Saga


     Embry’s finally gotten his imprint, her name’s Anna.  She’s nice, beautiful, a perfect girl.  Then she starts getting warmer and angry, she turns into a werewolf.  No one knew that there was another pack in La Push, the pack that Anna belonged to, Sam didn’t know about them either.  He meets their alpha, and discovers things about the past that they were never meant to find out.  A war breaks out, can love still happen?


          Embry’s POV

          I woke up at about 6 am, which is extremely early considering its Saturday.

          But I can’t sleep, not with Jacob outside my door all night and Sam outside my window.

          Now, why do they do this, to keep me from sneaking out? 

          Do I think they’re crazy, yes?

          Do I think this whole feud is ridiculous, and something that’ll never have an answer, yes?

          But does anyone listen to me?


          I got up and walked over to my door “Let me out Jake”

          He sighed “can’t do that”

          “This is stupid and you know it, now let me out”

          “Sorry, can’t.  Alpha’s orders”

          “Screw Alpha’s let me out”

          Jake chuckled “No Embry”

          “Don’t make me get Nessie”


          “She’s your weakness man, and she’s all for love” the word burned my tongue.  “So she’ll be on my side”

          Then Jacob said the magical word “Imprint”

          Needless to say, I shut up.

          I sat on my bed and took out my phone, usually, this is confiscated by Sam, but I drugged him and stole it back for the night.

          Anna, u there? I texted.


          I sighed in relief, she was able to get hers back to.

          Hey, hows it going over there?

          Other then the fact that I feel like dying...decent

          If you die, I’d die

          So what, you’d commit suicide?

          Yeah, pretty much =\

          THAT’S SO SWEEEEET!!!

          I had to hold in a laugh because of Jacob and Sam.

          Yup, that’s me!

          Awe, I hate you <\3

          Why?!? What’s with the <\3?

          That’s for bein a W.W!

          Well im sry 4 having fur =)

          U should be ;) luv you!

          I smiled luv you 2


          What’s Maria got u doin? Maria was her alpha

          Well, when i’m not at school being watched by Zoie, i’m constantly stuck inside my house, with Elizabeth and Jenny, and my stupid stupid cousin.

          Wow, long text


          Short text now

          =\ I ran into Edward 2day

          Stupid leech, what’d he say?

          Run while I could, hes sucha parasite

          You should run, run ta me =P

          I would if I could, I luv you embry, but things here, i’m watched 25/8

          Don’t you mean 24/7?

          No, i’m watched 25/8

          No privacy...that sux

          Mhmm, I h8 high school

          Where’d that come from?

          Idk, I need to think bout somethin else Maria’s commin, G2G, I <3 U!

          <3 U 2

          Do you know what it’s like to be in love?

          Do you know what its like to have that feeling torn away from you?

          I feel like there’s some kind of rip in my heart.

          How can you actually live, when your heart’s...torn?

          But I can’t stop fighting.

          Now, I’m running, I won’t stop running.  

          This is a race I have to run.

          And if I loose, I’ll loose more than life.

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thanks =D
will do
wow, i like the color. THANKS!
ill update soon, not in like, an hour, but soon
thats an awsome story tell me when you write more
Thats it?!?! I was expecting more :( Hurry and post more!
awww, the txt messages were so sweet!
so sweet and funny
Keep me updated!!
When Is There Going To Be More?
:) lets see where this goes...


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