The Twilight Saga

No blood, no pain. Right?

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Alice would be a great mom... hahahaha
Lee's ALIVE!!
I like your quote and banner.
Well, Lee's back, and so am I! :D Sorry it took soooo long, I lost Pnyboy (My flashdrive) Just found it. So here ya go! :D

Chapter Four continued.
Jasper's POV
“Oh, hey Seth,” Alice's voice carried from the front door, “What's up?”
“Well, we're all gonna go play some baseball. You wanna come?” He asked.
“We'd love to.”
A girl, around Seth's age (in appearance, of course) joined us at the front door. She smiled at Seth, looking from him, then to us.
“Oh, this is Katie. My girlfriend,” He put his arm around her shoulders.
“And part of the pack.” She added. Her voice was higher than normal, but not in a bad way. I smiled.
Katie was a good foot taller than me, but she barely looked it with Seth towering over her. Her black hair was cut short like mine, with pink streaks here and there.
“Nice to meet you. I'm Alice.” I said.
She smiled nervously. “We'd better be going. I can't wait to meet everyone.”
The clearing was close, and we didn't bother to run. After about five minutes, the forest cleared out and I heard my family picking teams.
“Bloodsuckers versus wolves!”
“Guys on girls!”
I laughed, and everyone realized we were there.
“Hey Mom. Hey Dad.” Lee said, jogging over to meet us. “Ready for some baseball?” He laughed.
“Sure. Let's just settle the dispute over teams...” As I spoke I turned to Katie, to see her staring at Lee.
“Um... Is she okay?” I asked, turning to Seth.
Seth's eyes widened as he caught sight of her.
“Uh, define okay,” He said, “She just imprinted on your son.”

New reader.. first how did Alice got prego?// And poor SETH!! he didn't imprint on Katie did he?!?!/ weird

Poor SETHY!!!!

I'm TEAM SETH hope is oaky?? more ASAP
whoops sorry just noticed this is a SEQUEL!! whuju!! so I'm gonna read it now haahah LOL
hey!! it's me again just read the first fan fic... Why did he kill himself it was kind of stupid but finally he found his soul mate but she was Seth girfriend ? right, more ASAP!!

new reader
Awesome! :)
love it!!! i hope seth finds an imprint!!!

Plz keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!! Great story... I read your other one two so I was like whoo! A sequel!!!!!!


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