The Twilight Saga

Skylar was your averege, American teenage girl. Until she ventures to Italy on a trip with her friends. Ever since she got on the plane she knew something was gonna go down. In a bad way. One night while walking alone, she was biten by a vampire. She dosent know who though. Keeping her self away from her friends and the rest of the world for her craving for blood, she is found by the Volturi, and is taking a liking by one of the members.


A year has gone by and there has been no sign of the girl who disappeared in Italy. While checking up on a specific clan, a feud brakes out and the wolves side with the clan. But what happens when one of the wolf members imprints on Skylar? Will she go with the wolves? Or will she stay true to her mate? All that is known is that something is going to be done about it.







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~*~ Chapter One ~*~



I breathed a sigh out as I buckled my seat belt on the plain.

" Oh come on Skylar! Cheer up!" Kayla, one of my best friends, said.

" I know I know." I said. " Im just a little nervous."

Kayla shrugged and took out her Seventeen magazine. Ever since we started planning this trip, freshman year, I couldn't wait till the day we got on the plain. But as the week of rolled around, I had a bad feeling about it. Like that little voice in your head saying Don't Go! Don't Go! I had no idea if it's because the plain might crash or if it's the fact we're going over the enitre Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe the fact that a bunch of seventeen year old girls are going to Italy by themselves. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I still didn't have a good feeling about it.

I was actually going to tell them that maybe we shouldn't go a few days before, but then I know that I will somehow be persuade to go anyways. All I know is that I couldn't help but release another sigh as the plain took off and away from LAX Airport.


I slept most of the way, I don't know how I was able to fall asleep threw my fears. I woke up just as we were about to land in an italian airport.

When we landed I got a " Look, safe and sound. Told you there wasn't anything to worry about." from Kayla.

I grabed my laptop case, which was used as my carry on, and exited the plain. If only Kayla knew that my fears weren't just about going on the plain.

The four of us packed into the backseat of the taxi and was taken to our hotel. While my friends "Ooh'ed" and " Ahh'ed" at the sights and snapped pictures threw the open windows of the moving taxi, I just put on a smile and joined them, praying the whole time we wouldn't get into a car accident.

Now it may seem like I have a fear of everything and I don't like to travel. But the fact is i'm pretty much fearless ( this trip dosent count) and I love to travel. Back at home i'm usally the risk taker of the group. Not afraid to take any risk or challenge. And ever since I could drive me and my buds have been taking cross country trips. So now you can see why im so worried right now.

We got to the hotel. We climbed out and got our stuff. We checked into our room and took turns taking showers. When it was my turn I climbed into the shower and turned the cold water almost completely off. I let the hot water soothe my muscles. Whiley cleaning myself from the long, stressful trip here, I kept saying to myself that everythings going to be okay. Even though a part of me told me that it wasn't all going to be okay.

I hopped put and threw on a pair of black shorts and a blue tee shirt. I brushed my teeth and ran a comb threw my hair. I exited the shower, tossing my dirty clothes in a corner. I climbed into bed and fell asleep before I hit the pillow.


I was awoken the next morning. I realized my feet were being tickled. I tried to kick away whatever was doing it, till I released that it was someone who was doing it.

" Knock it off." I mumbled into my pillow.

" Get up.Now." Kallie, my other best friend, demanded.

I groaned and rolled over, opening my eyes.

" Yay! Sleeping beauty has awaken!" Kayla said.

I rolled my eyes.

" Well im gonna go down and get a drink from the soda machine." Kallie said, and went out the door.

 I got up and threw on quick outfit. I grabed my straightener and straitened my hair. Kayla was to busy with her makeup.

" What the hell are you wearing?!?" Kallie said as she came back.

I looked down at my short dark denim shorts and black Aeropastel Tee. " You told me to get dressed! " I exclaimed. " Plus I always where this!"

" Yes but your in Italy! Dress a little better!" Kallie said.

I groaned and glared at her as she went to go knock on the bathroom door. " I need your help!" She called threw the door.

A few minutes later, Lana, came out. To tell you the truth I hadn't realized she was in the bathroom this whole time.

" Yeah?" She said appearing beside Kallie.

" Please fix this." She almost whined, pointing at me.

" Hey!" I said acting offened. She just waved me off.

Lana looked me up and down then went over to my duffle bag.

" Here." She said tossing me some of my clothes. " Put this oe."

I looked at what she gave me. A light, grey cami, and my blue and black plaid flanel shirt. I sighed and changed.

We left the hotel to start our day by getting breakfast and to do our sight seeing.


By mid-afternoon I was exhusted. The whole day we walked around the entire city. taking pictures and poseing. It was fun, I had and awesome time, but the sun and walking around was killing me.

After Lana complained about her feet hurting, we decided to head back to the hotel and order take out for dinner. The walk back wasn't bad. Turns out we were not that far from it.

after we got back, we collapsed on the beds.

" Okay," I breathed out. " Who's gonna order?"

" Not it!" Lana said at the same time Kallie said " not me!"

" Okay, guess that means it's gonna be me." Kayla said and hesitantly got up and took out her phone.

" Hey!" Lana said, propping herself on her elbows. " How about we go see the city at night! Maybe find a italian club?"

" Yeah!" Kallie said, practically bouncing up and down on the bed.

" Im in." Said Kayla.

They all turned to me.

" Come on, Sky! It'll be fun!" Lana said.

" Yeah!" Kayla chimned in.

I sighed and looked down at my converse. " Okay. Fine." I said giving in to the pressure of my friends. But I couldn't help but smile at the excitment on there faces.


After we got decked out in evening wear, we headed out to find a place to party. We finally found a place and got in. Threw the night I tried to push my phobia away, but it seem to find a way to sneak back into my focas.

" Hey." Someone said. I turned around to see this really hot blonde.

" Hi!" I said.

" Do you wanna dance?" He asked.

" Sure!" I said. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced a few songs, then things went bad. He grabed me by the waist and started kissing me. I pulled away when I realized what he was trying to do.

" No." I said.

" Oh come on!" He begged.

" No." I said firmly.

He then went at it again. I pushed him away and took off. I looked around and searched for Kayla, Lana, and Kallie. But no sign. I left the party and started walking back to the hotel. I didn't care if I was alone, even though all signs were red and my fear screamed at me. But I kept walking.

The next thing I did was really stupid.

I was almost to the hotel when I heard moaning coming from an alley near me. I stopped and looked in.

I didn't see anything. I took a step into it. " Hello?" I called out. " Anyone here?"

then I heard it again.I walked in and saw a guy laying there. He was pale, very pale.

I bent down to examine him. He looked fine until I noticed the blood. I rolled his head over to look at the other side.

I had try to keep the bile from coming up. He had a huge, bloody gash on his neck.

I stood up and looked around, seeing if there was a passer by. By this point I think the guy was dead.

I opened up my handbag to look for my cell phone. I found it just as I heard something move in the alley.

I jumped and dropped my phone. It went flying over to a bunch of boxes. I sighed as I saw a rat scramble away. My heart was pounding though. I went over to the boxes to retrieve my phone when all of the sudden I was thrown against the wall. I mean I went airborne. I slammed against the wall and slid down.

My body started to ache so much from the impact that I hardly noticed the bite from my upper arm until it started to burn.






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Chapter 2



I have never been in so much pain in my life.

I was on fire. Or so I thought. It sure as heck felt like it.

I had no idea what had happend or what was going around in the world right now, the only thing I could think of was the burning.

I was dead. I had to be. But was I burning in the firey flames of hell? How could I be? I went to Church regulary, so I somewhat doubted it. But something told me I wasnt dead.

But then what the heck was going on?

I couldn't hear, or see, or feel anything besides pain. I wanted to scream but it didn't seem it would help if I did.

I felt like I was thrown into one of the big bonfires my family used to have when I was little. I loved those nights. Me and my parents and my siblings, my older brother Reese and younger sis Dawn. We would all gather around the fire, or as close as we could, the heat coming off was enough to give you a second degree burn if you were close enough. I remember the way the flames being almost as tall as the house. The flames licking up at the night sky, trying to touch the stars.

But just as another memory came into view, did I realize my life was flashing before my eyes.

It was the first day of middle school. I was new to the town. I swore I wasnt going to make any friends. Worried that I wouldn't fit in. During that day, I got a lot of hello's, but that was it for any possible converstation. I remember I was running late for my last class before lunch. I was hurring down the hall when I bumped into and knocked over a girl. I went down also. She was about my age and had long, blonde hair that went down her back and big blue eyes. Great, there went my chances of being cool. I got up and apologized. And she said it was fine. We picked up our books and went to class. Turned out that she had the same class as me. So we walked together and talked and became friends. That was the day I met Kayla. She later introduced me and Kallie, and we soon met Lana after that.

And we've been friends ever since.

The next picture was the first day of Sophmore year. Over the summer I had to get my braces put on. I knew that I would become the dork this year. Throughout the day I didnt really talk, because that included opening my mouth, so i just nodded and shrugged. That went on for about a week. Lana then got tired of it and told me to stop worrying about what other people thought of me. To open my mouth wide and to smile the biggiest smile ever and show them off. I then did as she told, and turned out I could  pull them off. That was the year I almost never stopped smiling. I did, however, got them taking off the following fall.

It all came in like a slide show. Every mistake, every good thing, every breakup I had, every loss. Everything. Every painful moment I had to relive.

I wanted it to stop. All of it. But then I got to wondering what if it never did? I wanted to cry at the thought of having nothing else in life but agonizing pain.


I dont know how long it's been. Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks?? I had no idea. I just wanted it to end,

Then one day, it all changed.

My heart sped up, fast. Really fast. Everything in my body burned more, if it was possible. That went on for awhile. But it was, could I even say, shorter?

All at once everything stopped. The pain went away justlikethat.

I was in kind of a bit of shock that it actually ended. But it was just the beginning.

I breathed in a big gulp of air, till I realized that my lungs didn't need to be filled up with air. What the? I thought. I breathed in a regular, short breath this time, and nothing. This was weird.

I could hear conversations nearby, maybe at a bar somewhere. Clear as day.

I was waiting for a pounding to start in my head from everything, but it never came.

The I realized that nothing in me was pounding. Not even my heart.

I then opened my eyes to be able to see miles up.

"I was waiting for a pounding to start in my head from everything, but it never came.

The I realized that nothing in me was pounding. Not even my heart."

This is good stuff, baby!

Chapter 3

I sat up and looked around. I could see everything really clear. It was............. odd. Trees surrounded me so I was assuming I was in some kind of forest. If I was in the middle of the woods how could I hear people talking?
I got up and brushed as much of the dirt off as I could. I went to smooth my hair and found leaved in the tangles. I tried to pull some out but succeeded little.
I looked, trying to find a break in the trees, but had no luck. So I decided to concentrate on the voices, if they were even real. I closed my eyes and let my hearing do the rest.
It was dark, the sky pitch black. I then came apon a break which just dumped me in the middle of the town me and my friends were staying at. Not a soul in sight. I then sighed and started walking to the hotel room.
I didnt know how long I was out for. Was it still the same night? Or have I been out for longer? I had no clue. I then realized I had a burning in my throat. Like someone stuck a hot knife down it. Along with it came this thirst, too. I needed to get back soon.
I was walking along when all of a sudden, I heard it. Like a drum beating. The rythme was smooth and light. I stopped in my tracks and looked around.
I saw a guy walking on the other side of the road. I might have thought of him as cute if I wasnt to busy looking at his neck. The way his pulse beat against the skin.
I hadnt even realized I was moving towards him till I crouched down in the middle of the road. I watched him as he walked in patient stride, not even aware of my presence. I lept at that moment and landed right on him. We both went down.
I tightend my grip on him and bit right into his neck. The warm blood filling my mouth. He went to let out a scream, but I covered his mouth with my hand. He wiggled and struggled but I wouldnt let go.
Finally he stopped moving and the blood stopped coming. I stood up and wiped my mouth.
It hit me like brick to the head. I looked down at the guy. He layed their, helpless and dead. He had a gash on his neck sorta like the guy in the alley.
Only, this gash came from me. I killed him. I drank his blood!?!?!?
I became confused at that moment. I wasnt as shocked at the thought of killing someone as of the fact on how I killed him.
I heard his pulse, lept across an entire street, was able to hold him down and cover his mouth, and I drank his blood.
I couldnt believe this. Questions filled my head, which at the moment I realized had so much room, it was like it was empty. I had enough room to think about all of this and everything else. How was it all possible?
Of all the questions I had only one stood out.
What was I?
I knew one thing, I definatly wasnt human anymore. I then so decided to try to answer my other questions, because then maybe they would help me.
Just then the wind blew, a piece of paper somersaulted in the wind and hit against my leg. It curved and the edges rapped around my leg as if it were something hard and nonlife-like.
I grabed it and read it. My eyes all but popped out of my head. My jaw dropped to the ground.
This is what it said:


Skylar Marie Thorne

DOB- APR 3 1993

I couldnt believe it. It said alot more but I couldnt do anything else but stare at the picture. I looked at the girl in the picture. Long, dark brown hair that flowed past her shoulders but you could tell would never flow the way she wanted. Dark brown eyes that if you came eye to eye you could the the blackness of her pupils. She had a big girn on her face whiched showed the dimple off of the right side of her smile.
I looked up at that moment and saw the reflection of myself in the window of the closed shop i was standing in front of.
I gasped.
The reflection showed a teenage girl. Her hair was smooth and flawless threw the leaves that were jammed in it. But it hung down her back beautifully. Her skin was slim and curvy and stained with dirt and blotches of blood. Blood dripped from the side of her perfect pink lips. She was perfect. Beautiful. Angelic looking. Even though she was filthy.
Out of the impossible amazing beauty stood one thing that seperated the two girls. The one in the reflection had crimsen red eyes, a wild, hunger right benieth them.
I looked down at the flier and the picture of me. It couldnt be possible. I looked at the date that said when I had gone missing before I crumpled it up and tossed it. I went over to the guy and searched for his phone. I soon found it and looked at the date.
Oh. My. God.
It couldnt be. I was missing for three days?!?!?
What had happend in those three days? What happend to Kayla and Kallie and Lana? Are they okay? And how did I get into the middle of the woods?
I didnt want to think of that right now. I had to get this guy out of hear before someone sees it.
I picked him up with no problem, and that shocked the hell out of me considering he was like, what? 22? and I was seventeen.
I walked at a quick pace, looking left to right and glanceing over my shoulder constantly to make sure no one saw us. I then came across what I was looking for. I went to the far edge of the dock and layed him down. I grabed a rope and a big rock, which I hoped was heavy enough, but suprisingly I couldnt tell. I tied the rope to his waist and the other end to the rock and threw him in the water. He actually went farther then I exspected.
I didnt know what was going on or what was going to happen but until I figured out I wasnt going to go to back to my friends. I wasnt going to been found or even seen.
The sun was coming up and I didnt have time to head back to the forest. I held my breathe for dramastic measures, and hopped into the water. I swam under the dock onto the little piece of land underneith.
I decided I would stay hear until I figured things out.

really? thankz! ill have the next chapter up in a little while

woowhoo... those crimson eyes and that wild hunger!

Chapter 4



I was under there the whole day.

During the break of dawn, a few workers showed up. but by afternoon I couldn't take it. All around me blood pulsed and hearts beat and blood rushed. The burning came back in my throat. Replays of everything that had happend last night kept coming back and haunting me. I killed someone. I was now a murderer. This came to me in a big shock.

I wondered what happend to Lana, Kayla, and Kallie after I left. Were they okay? I prayed they were and only hoped for the best of them.

I wonder how my parents were taking to the news. What about Reese? Or Dawn? I couldn't really remember anything about them or my friends for that matter. My memory was cloudy, like they were swimming in a pool of mud.

Only one thing I was sure of about them.

They were never going to see me again.

I hated doing it to them. I never wanted to hurt them. I dont ever want to hurt them like the way I am now. But it is the best for them. Because, if I dont, I could hurt them way worse then this.

It killed me in the inside. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball in cry. Which, technically, I was doing. Well, really, I was just lying in a ball since it seems I cant cry anymore.

I only wished I knew what would happen. because to tell you the truth, I was scared. I didnt know what I was. I dont know who I was. Im not even sure I know who I am now.

I needed answers.

If only I could find a way to get them.

After a great deal of pain threw the afternoon, I finally decided to hold my breath. which I found very uncomfortable. But it did help calm down the burning.

The day dragged on, and as it did I had a great deal of difficulty staying in control. Even though I couldnt smell anything, I could hear very well.

Finally one by one the dock workers went home. After the last one left I came out from under the dock. It was dark now, but not late enough for people to be in bed.

I grabed on to the side of the dock I pushed my self onto it. Water dripped from my clothes as I stood up and took off towards the woods. I found myself running at an incrediable inhuman speed.

I was lucky for that as I ran on the outscirts of the town. Less chances of me being found. I finally made it to the edge of the forest. Trees flew past me as I ran deeper and deeper. I finally found myself at the spot were I woke up the previous night.

I didnt know what to do. So I just sat down. I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them, hugging them tight. I buried my face into my knees, closing the sight of my face off to anyone or thing about.

I was scared. I was confused. I was sad. I was mad.

After what seemed like hours. I finally pushed myself off of the ground and brushed the dirt off my jeans. I couldnt just sit here and fall apart. I had no control over what happend. I made the right decision of staying away from the people I loved. I was now offically pissed off. I needed answers to what I have become and what to except. But first I needed to find out who did this to me. Because the only thing I new for sure of was that me and the dead guy werent the only people in alley that night.


I searched the forest for a great deal of the night and searched the city after it settled down and everyone retired into their homes for the night.

I had no luck, as usal. I sighed and made my way back to the docks. I sat down on the edge and let my legs dangle off. The moonlite shined on the water, showing the ripple of the waves, which I could have already seen really well before. The water crashed against the dock.

I was able to push away everything that had happend and what I wanted to know and started thinking about what I was going to do.

I'll probably dye my hair. Make myself less regonizable. Ill definatly have to find new clothes.

But first ill have to leave the city. I'll start somewhere new alone. Live out my life. Maybe find more people like me, if there were more then two of my kind roaming the world.

Maybe ill even find a boyfriend.

Yeah, ill find a boyfriend and we can travel the world together. Hand in hand, forever.

I sighed as I snapped back into reality. I hadnt noticed how lonely I was.

The sun was about to come up so I started heading back to the forest, I was not going to spend another day under the dock.

Or on second thought, maybe I was.

Apperently two dock workers decided to come in earlier then usal. They no doubt new about me missing, because even though I didnt understand a word they were saying, I knew they were talking about me.

And they were walking right towards me.

Not having any other choice, I took off and jumped into the water and under the dock.

Here we go again.

It was another boring, painful, stressful day. Until distress broke out among the group.

I tried to listen in, curious about what was going on. Yet, even though  I couldnt understand a word, I could tell they were scared and worried. Confused also.

Soon more vocies joined in. New voices. New blood.

I pushed the last though from my mind.

I could tell when police arrived and ordered a search for the area immidantly.

What could have possible happen?

Did they find me?

Or maybe.....

Oh no.

They couldnt have.

As soon as the group broke off I was able to excape in the dead of the night.

I popped up quickly onto the dock, and there on the cost, was police tape surrounding a piece of the land.

I took off running, not to the forest, but to the town. The city wasnt as quite dead as it usally is this time of night. Police scattered about it.

I carefully snuck around them, doing my best not to be seen. I acted like a ninja threw the whole town till I came across a reporter. Who, thankfully, spoke english. They were about to shoot a report, so I ducked behind a wall that they were set up behind.

I kept perfectly still as I listened in on them as someone started counting backwards.

" Hello," Said the reporter in a deep italian accent. " I am Rachel Bishop."

I rolled my eyes.

" I come with you with breaking news. Since most of you's have known, a body has been discovered earlier today by the Santiago Beach."

Oh crap.

" They body was washed up on shore today at 2;45 and was found by local dock workers." The reporter went on.

"  We were told the victim was drained of its blood. Following a gash on its neck. I was just informed that the victim was indentified as Justin Wallork."

She went on and on about him. But I couldnt move.

How could it be?

I tied him down to the rock.

But maybe the rock wasnt heavey enough.

I needed to get away.

I got up and took off towards the woods using my superspeed. As I neared my part of the forest, I slowed into a normal pace, for a human anyway.

Then everything went black.

"Because the only thing I new for sure of was that me and the dead guy werent the only people in alley that night."

Nice foreshadowing!





Chapter 5


I couldnt hear, see, or even smell anything. It reminded me of the burning thing I was under the other day. I still had no idea what that was about.

But this time I couldnt even feel anything either. It was like I was sucked into a black hole. Absolutly nothing.

I then began to panic. Till I realized it was all in my head. I swore I couldnt even move.

Was this another stage? I thought. Was the burning only the first part of whatever I was or turning into?

I hoped it wouldnt take as long. Or maybe, it would be like this forever. I couldnt even imagine being like this forever. Being nothing.

I dont know how long it was. It seemed like ages.

But then all of a sudden I got my sences back.  All at once. I tried to process what the heck was going on.

I didnt hear voices. It was quiet. I didnt even hear a heart beat. But I knew I wasnt the only person in the room.

I was grapped by two people, each preoccupied with one of my arms as they held me back. The only thing I could smell were a hint of a musty smell and the faint smell of blood.

I looked around. I was in a big room. But big was more of an understatment. The roof was high, atleast two stories up. Slits in the walls were what I supposed where windows. Stained glass. Tapstries hung form the walls with writings on them in italian, but of course I didnt know what they said.

I should learn italian. That is, if I dont die first.

The only furniture in the room were three chairs which stood as thrones. Three people, i should say, sat on them.

The one who sat in the middle throne, had a smirk on his face, and stood up. He had long, jet black hair.

To the left of his chair the another guy, had long, brown hair and somewhat of a board expression. The other one, on the right, had long blonde hair, who didnt seem very happy, but had a hint of humor in it. All three looked to be getting out of there middle age years. Maybe 50.

Two others stood off to the side. Both looked to be about my age. One was a girl, who was strikingly beautiful. She had her blonde hair in a bun. On the other side of her stood a boy, with brown hair and so similar features to her.

Twins. I thought. Lovely.

I then looked up at my captures.

The one on my left was tall with broad shoulders. He had short brown hair.

The other one, on my right, was shorter and a bit stalky with short blonde hair.

Both looked a bit older then me.

All of them wore long, dark black robes that hung to the floor. Except for my captures, whos robes were grey. All were inhumanly pale. And all had blood red, crimson eyes. Like mine.

So there were more of my kind, I should say, then me and my " creator".

The one with the jet black hair stepped foward. " Ah! Demetri and Felix! Thank you!" He said. 

I wanted to speak, but no words came out. What did they want with me?

I looked at him with bewilderment. I knew that he sent them out for me.

" Ah, little one," He began. His voice rang like chimes. " You have caused a bit of disturbance."

Where was he going with this?

" You have bought a little attention to our kind. As you have also broken one of the laws." He sighed. " And that, I am sorry to say, can not go unpunished."

What!?!?! What law?

I stood there, shocked be on belief. I was going to die. My knees buckled, but the two guys, Felix and Demetri, still had a grip on me, so I was basically hanging there.

I needed to speak. I needed to speak for my life.

No it was a bad idea.

" Excuse me, but what law?" I was shocked at my own voice. I realized I hadnt  heard it outloud since............ this tranfermation. But my voice, it rang. Like bells. " What am I? What are you?" Slipped from my lips, and immediantly regretted them.

His mouth tugged up in the corner. " My dear," he said. " Your a vampire."

My jaw hit the floor.

A what!?!?

Did he say vampire?

" N-n-no. Impossible." I said threw my shock." Vampires arent real. There mythical."

He put his arms behind his back and started pacing. " And so they say. Humans arent awair of our existance. And it is a rule to keep it that way. Thus, keeping a low profile and not drawing attention to our kind. Didnt your creator tell you that?"

" N-no, sir. I dont know who my creator is." My voice was low as I said that. It came out in a whisper.

" Well, it is the number one rule, that sadly my dear, you have broken. There is only one punishment." He turned and looked at me. " Death."

There it was.  I knew it. I was going to die.

" I am sorry my dear." He said. " Felix. Demetri." He motioned for them. They both tightend there grips and started tugging.

This was the end.

But I screamed out " No! Please no! I promise I would follow the rules! Please give me another chance! I didnt know!"

I wasnt excepting it to work.

But to my suprise, they both stopped. I looked up to see him walking towards me.

He waved the other two off, they released me and I fell to the floor. I quickly got up.

He took both of my hands into his and closed his eyes. In a brief moment, he opened them.

" Fastinating." Was the only thing he said.

He let go of my hands and they dropped to my sides. He started walking back towards the thrones, pacing. Demetri and Felix took a step closer to me, making sure I didnt try to make a run for it.

Honestly, I was to scared to.

He turned back to me. " You have an amazing talent my dear. I would hate to kill you." So much for sympathy. " But I will make a deal with you."

" What is it?" I asked, curious.

" I will spare you your life if you will stay here and join the Volturi." He said. " We will help you with your talent, and your bloodlust. We will make this your home." He motioned the room.

" Aro, you know the Volturi dont give second chances." Said the blonde girl.

" Now now, Jane." Said Aro. " I am making an exchange, Her life for her help to the Volturi."

" Um, yeah." I began. " Whats the Vulture?"

" Volturi." Aro said. " I will have Felix explain it all to you, if you agree."

My life to join the Volturi.

I looked around at everyone. Demetri and Felix wore blank expressions. The brown hair and blonde on the thrones looked bored. Jane, scowled at me. And her brother was unreadable.

I sighed.

" Okay. I'll join."



Wow! I just read the first chapter! I can't wait to read more! Thanks for sharing! 

WOW!!!! amazing!  new fav fanfict!


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