The Twilight Saga

Skylar was your averege, American teenage girl. Until she ventures to Italy on a trip with her friends. Ever since she got on the plane she knew something was gonna go down. In a bad way. One night while walking alone, she was biten by a vampire. She dosent know who though. Keeping her self away from her friends and the rest of the world for her craving for blood, she is found by the Volturi, and is taking a liking by one of the members.


A year has gone by and there has been no sign of the girl who disappeared in Italy. While checking up on a specific clan, a feud brakes out and the wolves side with the clan. But what happens when one of the wolf members imprints on Skylar? Will she go with the wolves? Or will she stay true to her mate? All that is known is that something is going to be done about it.







( Note: I did not make the banner. I had someone make it for me.)





~*~ Chapter One ~*~



I breathed a sigh out as I buckled my seat belt on the plain.

" Oh come on Skylar! Cheer up!" Kayla, one of my best friends, said.

" I know I know." I said. " Im just a little nervous."

Kayla shrugged and took out her Seventeen magazine. Ever since we started planning this trip, freshman year, I couldn't wait till the day we got on the plain. But as the week of rolled around, I had a bad feeling about it. Like that little voice in your head saying Don't Go! Don't Go! I had no idea if it's because the plain might crash or if it's the fact we're going over the enitre Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe the fact that a bunch of seventeen year old girls are going to Italy by themselves. Maybe I was just being paranoid, but I still didn't have a good feeling about it.

I was actually going to tell them that maybe we shouldn't go a few days before, but then I know that I will somehow be persuade to go anyways. All I know is that I couldn't help but release another sigh as the plain took off and away from LAX Airport.


I slept most of the way, I don't know how I was able to fall asleep threw my fears. I woke up just as we were about to land in an italian airport.

When we landed I got a " Look, safe and sound. Told you there wasn't anything to worry about." from Kayla.

I grabed my laptop case, which was used as my carry on, and exited the plain. If only Kayla knew that my fears weren't just about going on the plain.

The four of us packed into the backseat of the taxi and was taken to our hotel. While my friends "Ooh'ed" and " Ahh'ed" at the sights and snapped pictures threw the open windows of the moving taxi, I just put on a smile and joined them, praying the whole time we wouldn't get into a car accident.

Now it may seem like I have a fear of everything and I don't like to travel. But the fact is i'm pretty much fearless ( this trip dosent count) and I love to travel. Back at home i'm usally the risk taker of the group. Not afraid to take any risk or challenge. And ever since I could drive me and my buds have been taking cross country trips. So now you can see why im so worried right now.

We got to the hotel. We climbed out and got our stuff. We checked into our room and took turns taking showers. When it was my turn I climbed into the shower and turned the cold water almost completely off. I let the hot water soothe my muscles. Whiley cleaning myself from the long, stressful trip here, I kept saying to myself that everythings going to be okay. Even though a part of me told me that it wasn't all going to be okay.

I hopped put and threw on a pair of black shorts and a blue tee shirt. I brushed my teeth and ran a comb threw my hair. I exited the shower, tossing my dirty clothes in a corner. I climbed into bed and fell asleep before I hit the pillow.


I was awoken the next morning. I realized my feet were being tickled. I tried to kick away whatever was doing it, till I released that it was someone who was doing it.

" Knock it off." I mumbled into my pillow.

" Get up.Now." Kallie, my other best friend, demanded.

I groaned and rolled over, opening my eyes.

" Yay! Sleeping beauty has awaken!" Kayla said.

I rolled my eyes.

" Well im gonna go down and get a drink from the soda machine." Kallie said, and went out the door.

 I got up and threw on quick outfit. I grabed my straightener and straitened my hair. Kayla was to busy with her makeup.

" What the hell are you wearing?!?" Kallie said as she came back.

I looked down at my short dark denim shorts and black Aeropastel Tee. " You told me to get dressed! " I exclaimed. " Plus I always where this!"

" Yes but your in Italy! Dress a little better!" Kallie said.

I groaned and glared at her as she went to go knock on the bathroom door. " I need your help!" She called threw the door.

A few minutes later, Lana, came out. To tell you the truth I hadn't realized she was in the bathroom this whole time.

" Yeah?" She said appearing beside Kallie.

" Please fix this." She almost whined, pointing at me.

" Hey!" I said acting offened. She just waved me off.

Lana looked me up and down then went over to my duffle bag.

" Here." She said tossing me some of my clothes. " Put this oe."

I looked at what she gave me. A light, grey cami, and my blue and black plaid flanel shirt. I sighed and changed.

We left the hotel to start our day by getting breakfast and to do our sight seeing.


By mid-afternoon I was exhusted. The whole day we walked around the entire city. taking pictures and poseing. It was fun, I had and awesome time, but the sun and walking around was killing me.

After Lana complained about her feet hurting, we decided to head back to the hotel and order take out for dinner. The walk back wasn't bad. Turns out we were not that far from it.

after we got back, we collapsed on the beds.

" Okay," I breathed out. " Who's gonna order?"

" Not it!" Lana said at the same time Kallie said " not me!"

" Okay, guess that means it's gonna be me." Kayla said and hesitantly got up and took out her phone.

" Hey!" Lana said, propping herself on her elbows. " How about we go see the city at night! Maybe find a italian club?"

" Yeah!" Kallie said, practically bouncing up and down on the bed.

" Im in." Said Kayla.

They all turned to me.

" Come on, Sky! It'll be fun!" Lana said.

" Yeah!" Kayla chimned in.

I sighed and looked down at my converse. " Okay. Fine." I said giving in to the pressure of my friends. But I couldn't help but smile at the excitment on there faces.


After we got decked out in evening wear, we headed out to find a place to party. We finally found a place and got in. Threw the night I tried to push my phobia away, but it seem to find a way to sneak back into my focas.

" Hey." Someone said. I turned around to see this really hot blonde.

" Hi!" I said.

" Do you wanna dance?" He asked.

" Sure!" I said. He took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced a few songs, then things went bad. He grabed me by the waist and started kissing me. I pulled away when I realized what he was trying to do.

" No." I said.

" Oh come on!" He begged.

" No." I said firmly.

He then went at it again. I pushed him away and took off. I looked around and searched for Kayla, Lana, and Kallie. But no sign. I left the party and started walking back to the hotel. I didn't care if I was alone, even though all signs were red and my fear screamed at me. But I kept walking.

The next thing I did was really stupid.

I was almost to the hotel when I heard moaning coming from an alley near me. I stopped and looked in.

I didn't see anything. I took a step into it. " Hello?" I called out. " Anyone here?"

then I heard it again.I walked in and saw a guy laying there. He was pale, very pale.

I bent down to examine him. He looked fine until I noticed the blood. I rolled his head over to look at the other side.

I had try to keep the bile from coming up. He had a huge, bloody gash on his neck.

I stood up and looked around, seeing if there was a passer by. By this point I think the guy was dead.

I opened up my handbag to look for my cell phone. I found it just as I heard something move in the alley.

I jumped and dropped my phone. It went flying over to a bunch of boxes. I sighed as I saw a rat scramble away. My heart was pounding though. I went over to the boxes to retrieve my phone when all of the sudden I was thrown against the wall. I mean I went airborne. I slammed against the wall and slid down.

My body started to ache so much from the impact that I hardly noticed the bite from my upper arm until it started to burn.






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"I should learn Italian. That is, if I dont die first."

Nice touch of humor... good for character development

Aww thanks you guys! I will post the next chapter sometime tomorrow! :D

amazing story!! please update soon!!

Chapter 6

Aro clasped his hands together. " Exellent!"
The guy to my left scoffed. " Aro, do you really think she would have chosen death over something simple?"
Aro's face turned hard.
" You can never just assume of someones choice, Felix ." Jane's twin retorted.
" Oh how cute! Alec's defending the newbie!" Felix said.
I turned around and glared at him.
" Stop being so childish." Alec said, glaring at him also.
Were they actually fighting over me?
I wasnt flattered.
" Boys, boys." Aro said, snapping them out of there argument. " Felix why dont you show miss Thorne around and mmm......... tell her what she needs to know about our....... kind."
He waved us off. I turned around and followed Felix out the door.
We walked down a long hallway. It had red carpet and dark mahogany walls. Pictures of the Volturi lined the walls, random paintings thrown into them here and there.
I decided to start harassing him with my questions.
" So I guess we dont have fangs?" I said.
" Nope." Was his only response.
" Holy water?"
" No affect."
" Sleeping in coffins?"
" No. We dont sleep at all."
He walked ahead of me, keeping a steady pace, as I trailed behind asking away my question. Here and there he would throw out a fact as part of the tour.
" Burn in sunlight?"
" No." He stopped and looked at me with a humorouse expression. " We sparkle." Then he started walking again.
" What?" I asked in disbelief. " You have got to be kinding."
" Nope. it's like a thousand diamonds sparkling when sunlight its us." He said.
We continued our tour, him pointing things out here and there.
He turned on me. " Anymore questions?"
" Actually yeah. One." I said. " Aro said something about me having a talent. What did he mean?"
" A talent, or gift, is a special ability we vampires have. Some can see the furture, others can read minds. There are many many more talents out there."
" Do all vampires have these...... abilities?" I asked.
" No. Only specific vampires have gifts. It is believed that soemthing you were good at while you were alive, will strength when you become a vampire." He said.
" Do any of the volturi have these gifts?" I asked.
" Yes. Most of us do. Demetri is a tracker. Jane can inflict pain while Alec can make you loose all your sences. Aro can read every thought you ever had with just a touch. Marcus can tell the relationship between two people. And Reneta is a shield. Which means she can protect Aro when she is near him."
" Do you have a talent?" I asked.
His expression hardend and I could see it was a bit touchy. " No. I, like many others, gain my strength when I died."
I just mouthed oh a proceed.
The place was huge. It was like a castle. I wondered where we were. Like what city we were in.
A little while later Demetri joined us.
" Aro said evreything is ready." Demetri said, walking next to Felix.
" Great." Felix said.
Demetri turned around. " Shall I show you to your room?"
I wasnt really sure about it, but what did I have to loose. " Okay." Was all I said.
We broke off from Felix as he lead me down a long corridor. We passed room after room. We then came to a stop at the end of the hall, which broke off into four ways.
" Here you go." He said, he had a smile on his face which I found a bit creepy. Overly friendly.
" Thanks." I said slowly and opened the door.
I walked in a shut the door behind me. I then turned to my room.
The walls were painted black and had a light colored wood floor. A full size bed was placed in the middle of the room. It was usless, but completed the room. It had black sheets and a red, silk comforter that was folded back mid way. white pillows were buried under the stack of red and black throw pillows on the bed.
A side table sat next to the bed, a desk lamp purched on top of it. A dresser stood off next to the door. Two frosted french doors sat at the opposing wall of the bed, im guessing the closet. And another door stood directly strait from me.
The room was, beautiful. Perfect for my taste.
I walked to the middle fo the room, contemplating on what to do next. I then decided to take a shower. I went to the single door and opend it. As I thought, it was the bath room.
I turned on the water and stripped off my dirty, filthy clothes. I hopped in the shower,not even bothering to check the temperature. Wouldnt do me any good. I spent atleast forty-five minutes scrubing and shampooing my hair. Leaves and dirt now covered the shower floor. I then took a scruby and started scrubing the life out of my skin.
I finally hopped out of the shower, feeling much better. I wrapped a towel around myself and used the comb to comb out the knots in my hair.
I began to observe the bathroom. Like my room, the walls were black. The floor was white tile. A shower stood off to the side, while most of the bathroom was took up by the huge heart shaped tub. Different kinds of soaps and lotions and candles lined the tub. A counter stood next to it, which had a hand mirror, a brush and comb, a toothbrush and toothpaste on it. A mirror hung form the wall above it, lining the counter. The drawers contained everything from hair mouses to hairties. White towels hung from a rack near the tub.
But the only thing I kept coming back to was the tub. So big and luxurious. why not? I thought to myself.
I turned on the tub at that moment. I sat on the ledge, sniffing and pouring in different bubblebathes while I waited for it to fill up. As soon as it was, I dropped the towel and climbed. It would have felt so good if I was human. Bubbles floated everywhere.
I wanted to stay in there forever, but i knew I couldnt. I relucantly got about and re-wrapped the towel around myself. I went over to the counter as the tub drained out and pulled my hair into a messy bun.
I exited the bathroom to my room. The scent of the soaps and lotions tagaloned with into the room. I wondered what kind of clothes they had for me.
I went over to the dresser and examined each drawer. It had every type of clothing in there. From skinny jeans, to bright colored jeans. Shorts to super short shorts. Long sleeves and tank tops. Tube tops and plain, colored shirts. Tee shirts spread out from Euorpean stores to American brands like Areopastale and Hollister. even your everday wear ( you know what I mean).
I wanted to dig right in, until I remembered the closet.
I walked over and threw the doors open and gasped. Dress after dress after dress filled the enitre bar of the closet. Shoes clamied the wall behind. All black. Must be the essential wear of the Volturi I thought.
After pawing threw the dresses, I decided to wear one. It was strapless, that tightend under the breast, and flowed down to inches above my knees. It was gorgeous. I loved it. I paired it with a pair of strappy stilettos.
I walked over to the mirror in the bathroom to work on my hair.
I had to figure out what I was going to do with it. Should I dye? Maybe later, for now I just pulled the hair tie out and let it fall down my back. It was damp and wavy, since I put it up while it was still wet. I blowed dried it a little just then there was a knock on my door.
I went to go open it and Demetri stood there, smiling. I swear I think he has a thing for me.
" Aro would like to see you as soon as possible." He said.
" Okay. Thanks!" I said as nicley as possible even though he creeped me out.
He turned to leave. " Oh. And the cloak is a must." And disappeared.
I went over to retrieve the black cloak that blened into the dresses. I took it out and put it on and left to go find Aro.
After about a half an hour of confusion and misleading and becoming lost, i finally found the room I was in earlier. Aro, and the two other which names I still did not know, sat on the chairs. Jane and Alec stood off to the side as there were before. Demetri and Felix were standing in the middle of the room.
All eyes turned on me. I took a deep breath and looked strait at Aro as I walked into the middle fo the room, past Demetri and Felix. " You wanted to see me Aro?"
" Ah yes! Skylar!" He exclaimed. I tried not to roll my eyes. What was he? The happy committee?
" What did you want?" I said politly.
" I am just inviting you to dinner." He smiled just as the doors opened and in stepped a lady with a group of people.

quite enjoyable!...the pace was nice... you didn't drag your reader across every designer ensemble the way too many fan fic writers do...  some of the early dialog in this chappie was a little too much like Bella and Edward in Twilight... made it sort predictable... but your protagonist is sassy and perceptive which more than made up for that ... loved your final lines...." I am just inviting you to dinner." He smiled just as the doors opened and in stepped a lady with a group of people. Humans.


I keep thinking about an earlier chapter when Sklyar realizes that she is lonely and wonder if she will have a boyfriend and a forever relationship... such relatable ideas


i expect the next chapter will be great!

Thank you so much! Im glad your enjoying it! I am working really hard on it!  I know the chapters are a bit short, ( I kinda have problems with that lol) but as the story goes on, they will become a bit longer.

I wanted Skylar to have a bit of an additude towards things, which would make the Twilight experience of this story different and more interesting. But even though everything is different now, Skylar is still a teenage girl, so she does somewhat still want things everyone wants as humans.

I really appreciate your inputs on the chapters! I do try to put a bit of humor in between the lines so the story won't be a total bore.

I will have the next chapter up later on!

Thanks for reading!



                                                                                                                   ~ Becca

Chapter 7

This was going to be interesting.
The group walked in, and the women, a vampire, shut the doors.
I leaned over to Felix. " So, what do we do, split them?"
" Drink what you can." Was all Felix said. He dosent give much of a response.
I looked at the group. " I call the hot blonde." I whispered to Felix as I looked at the blonde haired Canadian tourist. His pulse beat rapidly and adreniline rushed threw him. But his blood smelt sweet. Clean. Unlike the others who consumed to much alcohol the night before.
Felix smirked. " Not if you dont get to him first."
Oh so this was a game to them? What the heck did I get into.
Aro, and the two others, got up from their chairs and launched. Screams filled the room. People started running around in circles trying to find a way out, while others tried busting down the door. Damn they were a bunch of idiots.
I tried not to laugh at their desperation, but I couldnt help it.
All of the heart beats around me made my throat start to burn. I shrugged and said why not to myself and digged in.
One of the members got my hot canadian before I was able to. I drank two humans, which would have made me throw up, but something inside me said it was natural.
That was my inner animal talking.
After everyone was done eating, I sat back and examined the room. Dead bodies drained of there blood layed everywhere. Vampires came in to dispose the bodies.
I looked down at my dress to see that it was covered in blood.
I didn't just need to control my bloodhunger, I also needed to stay in control of humanity. Or else....
I didnt want to know the answer. I dont think I would have even been able to find the answer if I lost my humanity completely and became the inner monster I tried to control.
Yeesh. Who knew being dead was so difficult.
Aro excused us and everyone left the room.
I wandered back to my room, getting lost on the way there.
I fiddled around with some of the things in the room. But it wasnt enough to keep me occupied for long.
I sat down at the edge of my bed and sighed. It was dark out, I normally would be sleeping. But now that im a vampire I couldnt. It was boring. To have all the time in the world and nothing to do.
Whats worse is to have all the time in the world and no one to spend it with.
I tried to think of possible friends here.
Felix wasnt much of a friend, i could sence that. I was just bothering him. Jane hated me. Alec seemed like he didnt want anything to do with anybody. And Demetri creeped me out.
My unbeating heart sunk.
I didnt know what I had until I lost it.
I didnt really appriecate the gift of friends I had until I had nobody.
Even though I was part of the Volturi now, I was still going to hunt down whoever changed me. And make them suffer.

Later that night I went to Aro.
" Ah Skylar!" He said.
" Hello Aro." I said as I stood in the middle of the room, right in front of him.
" What brings you here my dear?" He asked.
I already knew what I wanted from him. Once I knew, it would help me with my plan.
" You said I had a talent." I said.
His lips twitched into a smile. " Yes I did, didnt I?"
I nodded. " Yes sir. But I wanted to know. Is it a gift, like a special ability like you and Jane. Or is it just a gain of strength like Felix?"
" Your a smart one." He said. " You are part of the guard, my dear. So of course you have a gift."
I was a bit suprised. " Im part of the guard?!"
" Yes, you are." He said.
" What exactly is the guard?" I asked. More like who I wanted to add.
" Felix, Demetri, Jane and Alec are all part of the guard, my dear." Aro said. " You will help protect the Volturi with your talent. And of course help us inforce our laws."
Aro stood up and started pacing before me. " The black cloak, of which you are currently wearing, resembles a higher rank of the guard. The gray resembles a lower rank of the guard." I remembered how Demetri and Felixs' cloaks were gray, and Jane and Alec's were black, like mine.
Oh great. I get to work with the twins.
" You, my dear, will be with us all the time." He said motioning to the other two.
My throat seemed thick. I cleared it before proceeding. " Exactly what is my talent?"
His smile was warm. He turned around and started back for his chair. " You have a very unique gift. I have never seen anything like it before."
I wished he would just hurry up!
" You," he said turning back to me. " Have the gift of compulsion."
" Compulsion?" I was a bit confused. " What is that?"
" You have gift to make anyone do whatever you want them to do. You just have to look into there eyes and tell them what you want them to do and they'll do it."
Wow. That was freaking awesome!
I had the power to make anyone do what I tell them to! That was going to help me a lot with finding my creator.
" Thank you, Aro." I said a bowed a little.
" You are welcome, my dear." He said and I turned to walk away.

The first month with the Volturi wasn't bad.
It wasn't the best either.
By the first day I already knew no one wanted to be friends.
I stood up front by Alec and Jane during the day or whenever Aro needed us. Most of the time we just stood there, no words spoken by anyone. It was quite boring. But also convenient. I had a lot of time to plan my first move on Operation Hunt Down.
I usally wandered and explored the castle any other time. I even found out my loctaion. We are in Volterra, a small city in the mountaines, close to the city I was in before. I also found out that the other two's names were Caius and Marcus.
I didn't know why, but since joining the Volturi I have been lonelier then ever. I guess it's the fact that I could get a friend, or boyfriend, here but I can't.
And since I don't think I could ever leave the Volturi, I was stuck.
I was going to be alone forever.
The thought depressed me.
I just wish there were someway that I could atleast get one friend here. Because I knew I wasn't ever going to get a boyfriend here.
So I just went around doing what I was told from Aro and whatever task I could find.
Who knew it would allchange.

I was walking down the hall, on my way back Aro. After a very messy lunch, I had to go back and change. I just threw on my usal and left my room.
During the second week of being with the Volturi, I decided to ditch the dresses. So now I wear black skinny jeans, and black tee shirt, and whatever pair of black heels I feel like wearing.
I was about to turn onto the corridor, and ran into Alec.
I was just going to pass him but then he said hi to me.
" Hi." I said back to him. It was the first time he had ever spoken to me.
" Causing trouble?" He joked, but it came out more like a question. I guess he got confused with the shock and suprised expression on my face with something else.
" Uh, no. I'm on my way back to Aro." I said.
" Oh cool." He said. " Catch you later then." And he continued walking.
I then began my journey back to Aro.
That was the most bizarre thing ever.





Chapter 8

After that one conversation with Alec, things had gotten a lot weirder.

First of all: Felix and I had become aquaintances. We talk. But it's usally when we are droven together by Aro.

Second: Jane now loathes me even more then before. If at all possible.

Third: Felix, Demetri, Alec and Jane keep talking in hushed tones. More arguing then anything.

And last but not least, Forth: Aro keeps telling me it's okay to be attracted and to go after another member of the Volturi.

I had no idea what it all ment, but I knew that somehow, it all tied together.

I walked into the room one day, as normal. Today no one was talking secrectivaly. Aro game me a big hello that boomed throughout the nearly empty room when I entered. Felix and Demetri bowed there head slightly in a welcoming gesture as I passed them to my spot next to Jane. As I took my spot, she just glared.

" Hello Skylar." Alec said to me.

" Hi Alec." I managed to get out. Everyday is a new suprise with the Volturi. That I already figured out.

Today's Suprise: Alec carried on a conversation with me.

Not just any conversation, but one that he started. And he kept it going! Trying my best to make words come out of my mouth instead of jumbles with shock, I managed to talk to him normally. Everyone kept giving us weird looks. Demetri's face showed jelousey, which made me want to keep the conversation going.

At the end of the day, I went to the library.

I liked hanging out in the library because it fascinated me. It had almost every book ever printed. And im talking about first prints.

Rows and rows and rows of books sat on shelves that went from floor to ceiling. Every inch of wall was taken up my the shelves. Tables, chairs, and couches were scattered throughout the room. The books just sat on the shelves collecting dust looking like they havent been read in ages.

Which made me laugh because it was probably true.

There was only a small desk off to the side were a librarian sat. I asked Aro about her once since he of course somehow knows I go down there. He simply said it was to keep an eye out on things.


So when I wasnt busy with the guard I would sneak down there and read. Most of the time to give me something to do and help my mind not to wander.

A few weeks later, we were all called into the big room, which I call the Royal Room since its what I would imagine Kings and Queens being in. Siting alone in the middle of a room, with the guards to the sides.

" There as been an attempted raid to castle Volterra." Aro said as we all gathered in the room. He wasnt mister happy-positive-sunshine today.

No one said a word or movement. Not even a sound. I did here a few gasps from some of the lower ranked castle workers.

Aro went on. " They were believed to be vampires who turned into vampire hunters. They tried to get in to kill us." By the way he said 'us' I knew he ment him, Marcus, and Caius. " But, well, as you can see they didnt succeed." He sighed.

" What shall we do, master?" Jane asked after Aro's last words made an awkward silence fill the room. Even though I came to hate her as much as she did me, I was thankful for Jane breaking the silence.

Aro sighed again. " We need the guard to step up a bit. Everyone, actually."

" What would we need to do, master?" Alec asked.

" I would like for the guard to pair up in two's and make rounds throughout the castle a couple of times per day." Aro said.

Silence fell as we all took in what he wanted us to do.

" I presume that wouldnt be a problem?" Caius said raising an eyebrow.

" No sir." We all said in unison.

" Good. Now how about we get paired up." Aro said. " I am allowing you to choose your partner."

Everyone but me, Felix, Alec, Jane, and Demetri filed out of the room.

Demetri stepped besides me. " Would you like to be partners?" He had a flirty grin on his face.

Heck no! I wanted to say, but instead I said, " Uh no I was going to partner up with Felix!" I said and stepped by Felix.

Demetri pursed his lips. " Very well. Guess i'll do my course alone." And walked out of the room, glaring at Felix as he passed. Jane and Alec already paired up and left to go start there round.

" Alright, lets get started." Felix said.

I was walking towards the exit when I was called back by Aro.

" Skylar, a minute?" He said.

I turned on my heels and went over to Aro. " Yes master?" I asked.

He bent his head down to whisper in my ear. " Don't be afraid to take advantage of this oppertunity."

I nodded, and just before I turned to leave, I saw him winking at me. Like some kind of secrect thing between us.

" Everything alright?" Felix said as I joined him.

" Yeah." I said, when really, I was more confused then ever.


aw thank you! I will post the next chapter later!



Chapter 9

I kept pondering what Aro had said the whole week. Don't be afraid to take advantage of this oppertunity he had said, and the words kept echoing threw my mind. It became worse when I was alone at night or anytime I wasnt with the guard. Aro's words that night kept tieing in with his asurrence that I can be attracted to anyone of the guards.

Was he trying to hook me up with one of the guard members?

The thought made me want to vomit.

The rounds around the castle were still going on. Everyday Dimitri would ask to partner up with me. But he still really creeped me out so I either paired up with Felix or left to go do the round by myself before he could ask me.

That is, until today.

I was walking out of the Royal Room to start my round when Aro called me back.

" I would like for you to pair up with Dimitri today." Aro said cheerfully.

I swore my jaw hit the floor.

What was wrong with him? Did he not know how much I hated Dimitri!?!?

Well I technically didn't hate anyone, well not including the one who changed me. I disliked Dimitri very,very,very,very,very, okay I think you got the point. I wasn't really fond of Dimitri.

So why was I being paired up with him against my will?

Because Aro is a clueless idiot and no one says no to any of the Head Volturi.

So I reluctantly turned and walked out of the doors and down the halls to the west wing, with Dimitri trailing behind me.

He caught up with me and we walked side-by-side for a while. I tried to keep as much distance as possible between us. I swore he was going to say some kind of stupid flirty comment which made me want to stab myself in the ears with a big stake knife, but he didn't. He didn't say a word, just had his usal smirk on his face. I then became worried.

We walked towards the west wing, he nodded and said hello to the passing vampires. No humans, not even the ones who worked for the Volturi ever go this far. The west wing is where all the vampires offices are. Well the head vampire offices, and there bedrooms, and there wives room. Even though there are higher guards who specially protect this area, they still thought it was a good idea to have someone else protrolling the area. A second pair of eyes and ears.

I tried to keep calm and told myself that nothing bad was going to happen. Maybe Dimitri wasn't all that bad. Maybe I was just quick to judge and should be flattered he took a liking to me. But I still had this very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach, and the silence was just making it worse.

As we turned the corner to the west wing I decided that no, I wasn't quick to judge, Dimitri is a creep and I shouldn't have to be with him now. Alone.

As if Dimitri had read my mind, his smirk widend.

I tried to stay calm, it ment nothing, he was just probably just thinking of something that happend the last time he went to China.

Boy was I far off that line.

I went to go turn a corner when I was grabed form the waist and yanked in the opposite direction. I was slamed against one of the walls.

I tried to fight my way free but his hands where to strong as the held both of my hands against the wall.

The hall was bare as I tried screaming for help but then Dimitri's lips pushed against mine. They were hard and eregent and I wished that I was killed in the ally that night, not changed to be put in a forever hell.

I tried moving my head, to break the lip lock, but it was no use. Tears would have been spilling down my cheeks like waterfalls if it was possible anymore.

One minute Dimitri had my hands in one hand and his arm wraped sround my waist in the other. Then his grip on me was free and he was gone. I opened my eyes to see Dimtri being thrown back across the hall. A " Hands off of her!" Echoched a minute to late for the vampiric speed.

I blinked and saw Alec standing in front of me, prepared to fight. Dimitri got up and threw himself at Alec. They were in a blur of a battle when Dimtri fell to his knees. Jane stood over him, the glare on her face when she used her " ability".

Jane dropped her gaze. " Looks like I have to help save your butt again," she said to her brother.

" I could have taken him myself." Alec muttered to his sister.

My back was pressed hard against the wall as I stood, frozen in the hallway watching everything unfold. Alec saved me. But why?

Jane and Alec were arguing over weither or not Alec needed help, that they didn't notice Dimitri getting back on his feet and flew himeself at Alec.

Alec and Jane snapped out of their argument just when Felix appeared out of nowhere and grabed Dimitri out of the air.

Dimitri tried breaking free, but Felix's grip was to strong for him.

" This isn't over!" Dimitri yelled to Alec as Felix dragged him away. I had a feeling that Dimitri's words weren't just for Alec.

I felt like I was going to pass out.

Alec turned to me. " Are you okay?"

I couldn't speak, so I just nodded.

" Lets get you back to your room." He said.

I nodded, again in response and started walking towards my room.

I felt sick. My worst fear has come true. I knew this was going to happen sometime.

As horrible as I was feeling, I managed to keep my balance and walk normally. A pro to being a vampire.

Me and Alec walked back to my room in silence. As I grabed the door knob, I turned.

" Thank you." I said to Alec.

" No problem." He replied.

I opened my door and walked in as he turned and walked away.

I was grateful for what Alec did but one question kept me wondering.

How did he find me?

New reader please keep me updated. I love it!

Hi there,

A really good chapter.

you got over her revulsion very well and I really want to know if it was all fixed up by Alec or not. How else would he know where to find her?

Best wishes



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