The Twilight Saga

Chapter One;
I don't know how long we were down there for in Real Time , because Their time never been compared to Real Time. But in Their Time , we were down there for 3 years. Mother says we were only gone for 4 or 5 hours though.
It started when me and Edward went for our daily walk. My name is Katherine Amber , and I'm 15, and my brother is 17 in Real Time , but we're 18 and 20 in Their Time. Anyway , we were walking down a different trail today , one completely different from our normal trail. So , it was understandable that we saw a person walking along itthat we didn't know. But somethingstruck us odd , this personhad long brown hair and a tail coat. A man with log hair ? Curious. A woman wearing a land suite ?. Even curiouser. And with that , our adventure began. Edward wanted to go home after that , but I convicts him we needed to see who it was. Or what it was. We continued walking , and they looked around and looked at the object in their hand again , a pocket watch. this figure was a girl , no older then Edward. I nudged him , 'Didnt mother tell you you need a wife ?.' I teased lightly. The girl with Brown Eyes then fell into the ground !.
'Lets go...' Edward said, eyebrows drawn together. 'No , we simply MUST help her !' I cried. He sighed in annoyance , 'Katherine...' he huffed
I picked up my skirts and started walkin , 'If you won't help me then I guess I'll go myself,' I said stubbornly. He looked around , 'fine...' he gave in. I smiled , and we found a Rabbit hole where she stood. I looked down it , 'miss, oh miiss' I called out. 'Are you alright? Me and my brothe were walking and- oh !' I fell down the hole head first. And fell. And fell some more. Peculiar , there seemed to be no end to this hole. I tumbled and turned , and almost crashed into a piano !
Finally , though, I landed on ground. Or , so I thought , turns out I was on the ceiling , and landing on my head on the floor. Looking around , I saw many doors around me. I went to go open them , and they were all locked. I frowned , and looked around , and saw a table in the corner of the room. I looked on it , for it was very tiny , and saw a tiny glass bottle , with 'drink me' on it. I opened the bottle up, and drank some. Then, the room started growing! I shrieked , and realized I was getting smaller.
I huffed, and looked at my clothes. My skirts were far too big now. I looked up , and saw Edward following suite.
He got down , 'Katherine?' he called. 'Down here!' I called. He looked , 'how odd , you're no bigger then your gerbil now,' he said. I looked around, And saw a door just behind a tapestry. I tried to open it, but couldn't. I looked through the keyhole, Nd saw a forest.
'Edward, on the table is a key and a bottle. Put tue key on the floor , and drink what's in the bottle,' I said. He looked at me, 'put the key in the bottle?' he said confused. 'drink the bottle while holding the key' I called. He did as I said , and I grabbed the key. I looked at him , 'I'm positive she went this way...' I said as I opened the tiny door...

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Typos , are a plenty in this sorry. On a. iPod , which is also why it's short...
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