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Okay guys.. Just so there is no confusion.. Yes i did post this story before.. I did a whole remake of it. I didn't like the title of it before. Plus there is a twist in the story.. I am reposting it again. I would really like your comments on it!! It would be appreciated.


Chapter 1


Forks   Washington


Before The Storm



We have no other choice Marcus.. If they find her, You know what will happen. We cannot take chances of having our baby being one of them. Maria Said.

I will fight for her and for our family. Marcus Said.

You will die.. Please Marcus do not make this any harder than it is. She will be have a better life.. She will be safe. Marcus if she stays here.. She will not have a chance at a human life. It's her only escape. Maria Told Her.

Fine. Take her to the nearest house. Do not stop for anything. Do you hear me Maria. Marcus Told Her.

Yes. Maria Said.

He kissed her on the head. Bidded farewell to her. Out the door Maria went.. Marcus sat on rthe chair slowly.. Tears falling from his eyes.

Maria was running.. Through the woods, Stopped for a second. Even though Marcus told her not to. Looked back… Did not hear anything.. In a minute heard a crackling.. Ran faster again. Came to a house.. Ran up the driveway. Laid a basket on the front porch. Looked back.. No one was there. Knocked on the door. Ran off.. A minute later.. Someone opened the door. Looked left and right.. No one was there.. He heard a gurgling sound. Looked down.. Seen a baby in the basket.. Looked left and right again.. Gently picked the baby up.. Brought it inside. Carlisle and Esme came down the stairs..

Who was that at the door Edward.. Carlisle Asked Him..

I don’t know.. But whoever it left us a little surprise.. Edward Said..

They came closer.. Seen a baby in the basket.. Looked at each other..

Who would leave a baby on our door step.. Esme Said.

I don’t know.. Edward Told Her..

Wait there’s a note.. Esme Told Them..

Reached inside.. Gently took the note.. Began to read it out loud..

Dear Family,

Please take care of my little girl.. Someone is after her.. She needs protection.. You’re her only hope.. Her name is Jennifer Christine Marco.. JC for short.. I AM BEGGING YOU.. PLEASE.. I do not want her in danger.. I trust you with her lfie.. If they find her, She will be in great danger..Please keep her safe.

Sincerly Yours,

Laura Marco

Esme looked at Carlisle.. Edward looked at them both..

Carlisle, Esme, We cannot keep a human baby here.. Especially cause of what we are.. Edward Said.

Edward is right.. Carlisle Said..

Carlisle.. There is no one else that will take her.. Please.. We have to keep her safe.. I will watch her.. Take care of her.. We can’t leave her somewhere.. Whoever is after her.. Might find her.. Kill her.. Esme Told Him.

Carlisle looked at Edward..

Okay Esme.. We will keep her.. Edward.. You have a sister now.. Protect her with your life.. Carlisle Said..

You are not seriously thinking.. She is a human baby.. You know what will happen.. We will have to turn her.. That will be dangers to that baby.. The Volturi will find out she is human.. Make you turn her into one of us.. Do you think that would be good for that baby.. I do not want her to be one of us.. She has a choice for a human life.. Edward Told Them.

Carlisle looked at Esme.. They knew he was right.. But what choice did they have.. Needed to protect her..

Son.. Look.. We know the consequences.. We will deal with the Volturi .. We need your help to protect her.. Carlisle Told Him.

Emmett ,Rosalie, Jasper and Alice came downstairs.. They seen Esme holding a baby.. They all looked at each other..

What is going on? Emmett Asked Them..

Someone left a baby on our doorstep tonight.. She is not one of us.. She is human.. Her mother wants us to take care of her.. To protect her. Someone is after her. They might kill her. Esme Said.

They all looked at each other.. Not believing what they were seeing and hearing.. Rosalie got closer.. Looked at the baby.. The baby was gurgling.. Laughing.. She gently took the baby out.. Held her.. She started sucking on her.. Rosalie looked at them..

I think she is hungry.. Rosalie Said..

We can’t give her blood.. She will need regular milk.. Formula.. Will need to Other baby stuff.. Esme Said.

They all went out to get baby stuff.. Came back.. Did the crib.. Painting up on the wall.. Stuffed animals, Blankets, Formula, Bottles and diapers… fed her and changed her. Rosalie gently put her in the crib.. Covered her.. Shut the light off. Closed the door slightly.. Walked downstairs.. Esme and Carlisle looked at her.

She is asleep. Rosalie Told Them.

Thank you Rosalie.. Carlisle Said..


Jacob was riding his motorcycle.. He came home.. Walked inside the house.. Sam and Embry, Paul were there.. Put the motorcycle in his garage.. Came out.. Jacob stood there..

What’s going on? Jacob Asked Them..

Seems the Cullen have a new addition to their family.. Sam Said.

Bella had another baby.. Jacob Said..

No this baby is not one of them.. Sam Said.

Your saying she is human.. Jacob Told Him.

Yes.. We need to get her away from them.. Sam Told Him.

How do you think were going to do that. Jacob Asked Him.

We will come up with a plan. Sam Said.

Jacob had another idea. After they left.. He got on his motorcycle.. Drove up to the Cullen’s house. Parked. Turned the Motorcycle, He came up on the porch.. Carlisle was there to greet him..

Jacob.. Welcome… Carlisle Said..

I came on business.. It seems there is a rumor going around that you have a human baby here.. Jacob Said.

Yes.. She was left on our doorstep last night.. Carlisle Told Him..

Rosalie came in.. Jacob walked upstairs.. Rosalie was sitting on the chair.. Jacob slowly came up to her.. The baby looked at him.. As soon as he seen her face.. He stopped.. Images came through his mind.. Afterwards.. He knelt on the floor.. Could not believe it.. Slowly turned.. Looked at them… Edward knew.. He just looked at Jacob.. He looked at the other’s.

Jacob imprinted.. Edward Said..

They all looked at Jacob.. Esme looked at the baby..

Jacob.. Esme Said..

I am sorry.. I had no control over it.. Jacob Said.

They all smiled.. Carlisle came up to him..

We want you to protect her.. Jacob.. Just like we are going to protect her.. Carlisle Said.

Do you want to hold her? Esme Asked Him..

Oh no.. I couldn’t.. Jacob Told Her.

She’s not going to bite you Jacob. Alice Said.

Not yet.. Jasper Said.

Rosalie came over. Told him how to hold her.. Where to keep her head.. He just looked at her.. She smiled at him.. Jacob smiled back.. He handed her back to Rosalie very gently.. Jacob knew that he needed to protect her, Be there for her, As a friend, and as a brother. He left..


Years Later

Is Jacob coming over.. Jennifer Said..

I do not know sweetheart.. Esme Said..

Tears filled her eyes.. They fell down her face.. Esme just looked at her.. Came over. Hugged her..

Sure he will.. Now let’s get you to school.. Esme Said..

Edward gently took her hand.. Drove her to school.. She just looked out the window.. He could tell how sad she was.. It broke his heart.. Drove up to the school.. He got out. Opened the door. Opened her door. Unbuckled her seat belt. Took her hand.. Led her inside.. She went to her class.. Looked out the window.. All she thought about was Jacob.. When lunch time came. Did not eat.. Just looked out onto the road.Even when recesses came. Went outside.. Sat on a bench.. By herself. Did not join the other kids that were playing games. Looked at the wooded area..



Jennifer waited.. Edward came inside.. She looked at him.. Not saying anything.. The teacher looked at him..

Can we have a talk please.. The Teacher Asked Him..

Sure. Stay right here okay JC.. I will be right back.. Edward Told Her.

She just nodded her head yes.. They walked out of the classroom. The teacher quietly shut the door.

I am a little worried about JC.. She didn’t eat today.. When she was outside, Did not play with the other children.. I know a psychiatrist that she could go see.. The Teacher Said.

No.. That is fine thank you.. She is just missing a friend of hers. I will make sure she goes and sees him. But thank you. Edward Said.

Okay. The teacher Told Him.

They walked back inside the classroom.. Edward looked around.. She was not there.. Panic struck.. His cell phone rang..

Alice: Edward what is going on? I had a vision?

Edward: I don’t know.. She was in the classroom, Than she disappeared.. I am going to go look for her..

Alice: Carlisle, Rosalie, Jasper,, Are looking for her.. I am going out too..

Edward: Okay..

He hung up the phone.. Parked his car at the house.. Went into the woods.. He was looking.. He could not find her.


Jennifer was walking.. Stopped.. Seen a house.. Walked towards it.. The door was opened.. Looked through the door. Emily was there.. Turned. Seen a little girl standing there.. She was shocked..

Oh my.. What are you doing here? Where do you live sweetie.. Are you lost? Emily Said..

N.. No.. I am just looking for someone? Jennifer Said.

Who are you looking for? Emily Asked Her..

Hmm… Jacob.. Jennifer Told Her..

Okay sweetie.. Let’s come inside.. I have cookies.. Some milk.. I will try and get a hold of Jacob. Emily Said..

I.. Well Carlisle told me not to go in a stranger’s house.. Jennifer Said.

Your Carlisle’s little girl.. Emily Asked Her.

Jennifer Shook her head yes.. Emily did not know what to do.. Sam came out.. Seen her standing there..

JC, What are you doing here sweetie.. Sam Asked Her..

SAMMM.. Jennifer Told Him.

She ran up to Sam. Wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her. Picked her up. Emily just looked at them..

Is that Carlisle Cullen’s little girl. Emily Said.

Yes.. I am guessing she is looking for Jacob.. Sam Said..

Yeah.. We need to get a hold of him.. Emily Told Him.

Thinking about Jacob.. She had a sad face.. Emily seen it.. Came over.. Held her.. Sam Grabbed his phone.. Dialed his number.. He answered the phone.

Jacob: Hey Sam

Sam: There is someone at my house.. She wants to see you..

Jacob: Who?

Sam: JC is here


Jacob hung up the phone. He rode his motorcycle over to Sam’s house.. He parked his motorcycle.. Came inside the house.. Jennifer seen him..

JACOBBBBBB… Jennifer Said..

She ran over.. Hugged him.. He lifted her up.. She kissed his cheek.. Looked at him..

JC.. I am happy to see you too.. Jacob Told Her..

I missed you Jake.. Jennifer Told Him..

He smiled at her. It was hard to get mad at her..

I missed you too JC. I need to get a hold of Edward.. Tell him you’re here.. Jacob Said..

NO.. Than I won’t ever see you again Jake.. Jennifer Said..

JC.. Of course you will see me.. Why wouldn’t you.. Jacob Told Her..

They won’t let you see me.. I don’t want to go back.. I want to live with you.. Jennifer Told Him.

JC, You know you can’t. There is no room for you. Jacob Said.

I don’t want to go back.. Jennifer Said..

She started crying.. Jacob felt really bad.. She holding onto him.. Not letting him go.. Emily and Sam felt bad.. Edward came.. He waited outside.. Jacob carried her outside.. She seen Edward.. Started crying not letting Jacob go..

JC.. Edward Said..


JC, I promise you, You can see Jacob again.. Edward Told Her..

NO… JACOBBBBB… Jennifer Said..

She ran to Jacob, Wrapped her arms around him.. Not letting him go.. Edward felt bad.. He looked at Jacob.. Edward came over. He gently grabbed her.. She was reaching out her hand to him.. He gently put her in the car.. Got in.. They drove off. Jennifer was crying softly.. Sniffling..


Edward pulled up. He got out.. Opened her door.. She got out of car. Ran into the house.. Slammed the front door. Ran upstairs.. Esme and all them were looking at her.. Jennifer had anger in her eyes..


Ran into her room. Slammed her door shut.. They all looked at each other.. Edward came into the room.. They looked at him..

What happened Edward? Esme Asked Her..

She was over Sam & Emily’s.. Jacob was there.. She did not want to come home here. Wanted to stay with Jacob.. Wouldn’t let him go. I had to pry her from his arms. Edward Said.

The poor thing.. She must really love Jacob.. Esme Told Him.

She thinks.. That we will not let her see him.. Edward Told Her.

Rosalie walked out of the room.. Knocked on Jennifer’s door.. Slowly opened it. Seen Jennifer in her bed.. He heard her crying and sniffling. Came over. Sat beside her..

JC, I am sorry, You will see Jacob again.. I promise you.. Know that your only 5 years old.. I know that you love him.. Even though your only 5.. If I have to, I will find a way for you to see him.. Rosalie Said..

Jennifer slowly turned over. Looked at her.. Tears were still falling down her face.

You promise Rosalie.. Jennifer Said..

Yes.. I promise.. Rosalie Told Her.

I LOVE YOU ROSALIE.. Jennifer Told Her

She wrapped her arms around her.. Rosalie hugged her back..

I love you too JC. Rosalie Said.

You’re the best.. Jennifer Said..

Thank you. Rosalie Told Her..

Someone knocked on the door.. Esme entered.. Jennifer looked at her…

Are you okay JC.. Esme Asked Her.

Yes Esme.. I am sorry for saying that I hate you guys.. I do not hate any of you’s.. You’re my family.. I am suppose to love my family.. Not hate them.. I do love you, Edward, Carlisle, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice I love Bella too and Nessie.. . Jennifer Said.

We love you too JC.. Your part of our family.. We would never do anything to hurt you. Esme Said.

I know Esme.. Jennifer Told Her.

Carlisle came home.. She ran downstairs.. Wrapped her arms around Carlisle.. He picked her up. Gave her a kiss on the cheek..

Hello JC, Carlisle Said.

Hi Carlisle.. Jennifer Told Him.

How was school today? Carlisle Asked Her.

It was good. We made pictures today.. I drew one of me and my family.. Oh and Jacob and Sam and Emily are in it too.. Jennifer Said.

You did.. Can I see it.. Carlisle Told Her.

Sure.. I’ll go get them.. Jennifer Said.

She ran upstairs into her room. Grabbed her picture. Came downstairs.. Gave it to Carlisle.. He looked at it.. Than at her.. The picture looked exactly like all of them.. Including Sam and Emily..

This is beautiful JC.. Where did you learn how to draw like this? Carlisle Asked Her.

I don’t know.. Whenever I get images in my mind.. I just draw them like I would see in my image. Jennifer Told Him.

Come on let’s show Esme, The rest of them.. Carlisle Said.

Carlisle gently took her hand.. Showed Esme.. They all looked at it.. They were amazed by her talent of drawing..

This is great JC.. Emmett Said..

She definitely has a talent for drawing.. This is beautiful.. Esme Said.

Esme took the picture.. Put it on the fridge.. Put a magnet on her picture.. Turned.. Smiled at Jennifer.. She smiled back..

Jennifer was at the piano.. Looking at the keys.. Edward came into the room.. He seen her looking.. Came over. Sat beside her on the chair..

You want me to teach you how to play.. Edward Asked Her.

Sure.. Jennifer Said.

Here is a song that I played for Bella when I first met her.. First time she came over my house.. He started playing Bella’s Lullaby.. Jennifer was just listening.. Loving the music.. After he was done.. Taught her the right keys on what to press.. They practiced everyday.. Christmas finally came.. Jennifer was wearing a red dress..

Come in everyone.. I have a surprise for you.. Especially for you Bella.. Jennifer Said..

She gently took Bella’s hand and led her into the room where the piano was. They all walked inside.. Stood there.. Jennifer went to the Piano.. She sat down.. They all looked at her.. Started clicking the keys.. Was playing Bella’s Lullaby.. Bella was to shocked to say anything.. Edward glanced over. Tears falling down her face.. There was a smile.. Everyone in the room smiled.. After she was done. Got off the seat. Bowed to them.. Did a curtsy.. They all clapped..

That was wonderful JC.. Carlisle Said

Beautiful JC.. Esme Said..

Well I can’t take all the credit, Edward taught me how to play it.. Jennifer Told Them..

They all turned.. Looked at him.. He didn’t know what to say.. He just smiled.. Bella kissed him..

Shall we open the presents.. Esme Asked Them..

Jennifer ran downstairs.. She was at the tree already.. They each gave out presents.. Jennifer was opening them fast.. She loved all the gifts.. Looked at them with a sad look on her face.. Looked at her..

JC, What’s wrong? Carlisle Asked Her.

It’s nothing.. Just that.. I wish that Jacob was here celebrating Christmas with me.. That’s all. I really miss him.. Jennifer Said..

They all looked at each other.. At her..

JC.. Why don’t we go get our coat on.. Go out side.. Carlisle Said.

Huh.. Why Carlisle? Jennifer Said..

You will see JC.. Esme Said..

Jennifer got on her coat.. They walked outside.. Waited.. Jennifer seen a car.. Pulled up.. Jacob got out.. The smile on her face..


She ran to him.. He picked her up.. Hugged her.. She kissed his cheek.. He carried her to the front door. They all walked inside..

Merry Christmas Jacob.. Esme Said..

Thank you Esme, Merry Christmas to you guys too.. Jacob Said..

Jake.. I got you something.. Jennifer Said..

Aww.. JC.. You didn’t have to get me anything.. Jacob Told Her.

He gently put her down.. She ran upstairs.. Got the present, Came downstairs.. Gave it to Jacob..

Merry Christmas Jake.. Jennifer Told Him..

He looked at it.. It was a drawing of him.. It was in a frame.. He was mesmerized by it.. Looked exactly like him. Looked at Jennifer..

Wow.. This is beautiful JC.. Thank you. Jacob Said.

Your welcome Jake. Jennifer Said.

Hold on.. I will be right back okay. Jacob Told Her..

He went outside. Went into his car.. Pulled out something.. Came back inside.. He handed it to her.. Looked at it.. It was a bracelet.. It had charms of wolves on it.. She looked at Jacob.. Hugged him..

I love it Jake.. Thank you.. Jennifer Told Him..

Your welcome JC.. Jacob Said..

Jacob would you like to stay here.. Eat with us.. Esme Said..

Thank you.. But I am going to be leaving soon.. Billy is waiting for me.. Jacob Told Her.

We understand Jacob. Carlisle Said.

He stayed for a little while longer.. He slowly got up.. Hopefully Jennifer wouldn’t do what she did with Edward.. She put on her coat.. Esme, her and Carlisle went outside..


Love you too JC.. Jacob Told Her..

End Of Chapter 1


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Jacob got into his car.. He started it.. Began to leave.. Jennifer waved to him.. He beeped the horn.. Drove off.. They all walked back inside the house.. She took off her coat. Esme looked at her..

Were proud of you JC.. Esme Said..

Huh.. Oh cause of what happened with Edward.. I know that I will see him again.. Thank you guys for having Jacob here for my Christmas present. Jennifer Said.

Your welcome sweetheart. Carlisle Said.

After Christmas came the new year.. Watched the ball drop.. Had one glass of champagne.. Except Jennifer.. She had juice.. Carlisle looked. Seen her asleep. Gently picked her up. Took her upstairs.. Opened the door. Gently laid her in the bed. Covered her. Gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Smiled at her. Esme was there. He wrapped his arms around her. They just looked at her. Smiling. Than at each other..

I am go glad that she came into our lives Carlisle.. Esme Said.

Me too.. Carlisle Said.

Esme came over. Gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. They turned.. Shut out the light.. Quietly closed the door.. Went to their bedroom. Closed the door.. Edward came in hours later. Looked at her.. Came over. Sat next to her.. Moved a piece of hair gently from her face. Took her hand gently. Holding it. Reached down.. Gave her a kiss on the forehead lightly. Looked at her.. I will always protect you JC.. You are my whole life now.. You are my sister.. I will not let anyone harm you.. He gently covered her.. Kissed her forehead again. Left out the door. Quietly shut it.



Than she started crying.. Esme came in.. Sat next to her. Held her..

Shhh.. It’s okay JC.. It was just a dream.. Esme Said.

Edward came in.. Jennifer seen him.. She ran to him. Wrapped her arms around him.. He gently picked her up. Was crying..

Hey JC, What’s wrong? Edward Asked her.

I had a bad dream.. Jennifer Said.

Aww.. You know dreams can’t hurt you right.. Just think of it this way.. Next time you have a bad dream.. Just say to yourself.. Your not real you can’t hurt me.. Edward Told Her.

Really.. My bad dreams will go away. Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes.. Your bad dreams will go away. Edward Said.

He started tickling her.. She laughed.. He gently put her in bed.. Covered her up. Kissed her gently on the forehead. They said goodnight to her. Turned off the light. Quietly shut the door. Started walking down the hallway.. Esme turned.. Looked at Edward..

Thank you Edward.. I know that she is really close to you.. She loves you like a brother.. Esme Said.

I have to protect her.. She’s my family.. Like my little sister.. Just like Rosalie and Alice.. Edward Told Her.

Esme kissed her son on the cheek.. Said goodnight and went to her room. Edward left.. Home to Bella and his daughter Nessie.



Jennifer woke up.. Rubbed her eyes.. Looked out the window.. It was sunny.. Walked into the kitchen.. Esme was there.. Had a smile on her face.

Good morning JC, Would you like breakfast. Esme Asked her.

Sure. Thank you Esme. Jennifer Told Her

She sat at the table.. Esme cooked her eggs.. Bacon and toast. 5 minutes later.. Esme put breakfast in front of her. With a fork. Jennifer put it in her mouth.. Looked at Esme..

How do you like it? Esme Said.

This is the most delicious eggs I ever tasted.. Jennifer Said.

Aww thank you JC. Esme Told Her.

She ate all the eggs.. Including the bacon and the toast. Got off the stool. Grabbed the plate. Put it gently in the sink. Jennifer started to go downstairs..

Esme.. I am going to play the piano.. Is that okay? Jennifer Asked Her.

I have a better idea.. Why don’t we go outside.. For a little while.. Esme Said.

Okay. Jennifer Told Her.

Esme helped her with her coat.. She put on her coat.. Esme opened the door for her. Jennifer ran outside.. Esme was standing on the porch. She was running up and down.. She was smiling.. Very happy.. Seen leaves.. Went in and jumped in them.. Picked up the leaves.. Threw them up in the air.. Started laughing.. Must have did it at least 10 times.. Carlisle went outside.. Stood next to her..

Carlisle look.. She loves it outside.. It could be below 10 and she would be out here playing.. Esme Told Him.

JC.. Loves the outside.. I am happy to see her laughing.. Carlisle Said..


Days Later

Jennifer was coughing.. Esme came into her bedroom.. Sat next to her..

What’s wrong sweetie? Esme Asked Her.

I don’t feel good. Jennifer Said.

She checked her forehead.. It felt hot.. Got a thermometer.. Put it under her tongue. Waited until it beeped.. Gently took it out.. It said 103.. Esme panicked..


Edward came fast.. He looked at Esme.. Than at Jennifer..

What wrong Esme? Edward Asked Her.

Call Carlisle and tell him that JC is running a fever of 103.. She will be there.. We need to take her to the hospital.. Esme Told Him..

Okay.. Edward Said.

He called Carlisle.. He said to bring her in immediately.. Edward picked Jennifer up.. Wrapped her in a blanket.. Put her in the vehicle.. They both got in.. Esme covered her up.. He drove fast to the hospital.. Edward parked at the hospital entrance.. He quickly got out of the vehicle.. Esme was already out.. Gently picked her up.. They ran inside the hospital.. Carlisle was waiting for them.. He came up to him.. Carlisle took her gently.. Brought her in the emergency room.. Esme was behind him.. He laid her on the bed.. Started checking her throat.. Gave her a thermometer.. 3 minutes later.. He checked it.. It was 103.5.. He looked at Esme..

We have to get her fever down.. I am going to give her Tylenol.. To get rid of it. Carlisle Put some liquid in a little cup.. He looked at Jennifer..

Sweetheart.. Your going to have to drink this okay.. It might have a bad taste.. It will get rid of your fever. Carlisle Said.

Okay Carlisle.. Jennifer Told Him.

She drank it.. Made a face.. But drank it all.. Gave the cup to Carlisle. He gently took it. Put it in the garbage. Esme looked at Carlisle..

What do we do now.. Esme Asked Him..

We wait to see if the medicine works.. I have other patients.. I will be back in an hour to check on her.. Carlisle Told Her.

Okay. Esme Said.

He could tell that she was worried.. About her.. Put a hand on her shoulder.. Looked at her..

She will be okay Esme.. I promise.. Carlisle Said.


Minutes Later

Esme started crying.. The nurses and doctors were there. Carlisle ran over.. He stood there next to Jennifer.. He looked at Esme…

What happened ? Carlisle Asked Esme..

I don’t know.. She was fine one minute than she closed her eyes.. Would not wake up.. I tried to call her name. Would not respond to me. Esme Said.

Did anyone do CPR on her.. Carlisle Said..

Yes doctor.. She would not respond to the CPR.. The One Nurse Said..

Oh god.. My little baby.. Esme Said..

Carlisle did CPR on her.. She was not responding.. He did it again.. Tears were falling down Esme’s face. Walked out into the waiting room. Dialed Jacob’s number.. He answered it..

Jacob: Hello Esme

Esme*Sniffling* Hello Jacob

Jacob: What’s wrong?

Esme: Its.. It’s.. JC.. Were at the hospital.. She was running a fever.. And.. And..

Jacob: And what Esme?

Esme: Her heart gave out.. She will not wake up.. Carlisle and the nurses tried CPR on her.. She is not responding.. My little girl.. I don’t want her to die Jacob..

Jacob: I will be right there.. Hold on Esme..

Jacob hung up the phone.. He grabbed his keys.. Billy looked at him.. Knew something was wrong..

What’s wrong son? Billy Asked Him..

It’s JC, She at the hospital.. Esme said that she was running a fever.. 30 minutes later her heart gave out.. They tried CPR on her.. She is not responding.. Going to the hospital.. Jacob Said.

Tell Carlisle and Esme.. That I hope she feels better.. Billy Said.

Jacob said okay.. He got into his car. Peeled out.. Drove as fast as he could to the hospital..


He parked his car.. Took his keys.. Got out real fast.. Ran inside the hospital.. Esme was waiting there.. He came up to her..

How is she Esme? Jacob Asked Her.

I don’t know.. To scared to go back in there.. Esme Said.

Esme walked into the emergency room with Jacob followed.. Carlisle looked at Jacob than at Esme..

Oh no.. Please don’t tell me.. Esme Told Him.

Tears filled her eyes. They fell down her face.. Jacob has tears building up.. They fell down his face.. Carlisle came up to her..

We tried everything Esme.. I am so sorry.. Carlisle Said..


Came up to Jacob.. He hugged her.. Both turned.. Looked at her.. All of a sudden.. The heart monitor started beeping again.. Jacob let go.. He slowly came over to Jennifer.. Stood there..

JC, Honey.. Jacob Said..

J..J.. Jake… Jennifer Whispered..

JC.. Jacob Told Her..

He put his head against her neck.. Slowly opened her eyes.. Looked at Jacob.. A smile on her face.. Put her hand gently to his face.. He had tears falling down his eyes.. She wiped them away..

I am okay Jake.. Jennifer Said..

JC.. Esme Said..

Esme.. Carlisle.. Jennifer Told Them..

She came over. Hugged her tight.. Carlisle gave her a hug.. They were in tears of happiness..

I will have to keep JC here for observation.. Carlisle Told Them..

Want to stay here with her.. Esme Told Him..

I am staying here too.. Not leaving JC’S side.. Jacob Said.

Okay. Carlisle Said.

Jacob laid next to Jennifer.. His arms were wrapped around her. They both fell asleep.. She was dreaming.. It was a good dream..


Jennifer was in a beautiful white dress. Carlisle was waiting there with her.. She had her arm in his.. He looked over. Could tell she was nervous.. He smiled at her..

Your going to be fine JC.. Carlisle Said..

I know.. Just a little nervous is all Carlisle.. Jennifer Said..

Can understand.. I won’t let you fall.. Carlisle Told Her.

They began to walk together.. Jennifer was holding on tight to him.. As she looked at him.. He was smiling at how beautiful she looked.. Everyone was there.. All her friends from school. Her family on the Cullen’s side.. Her other family on the Black’s side.. She was holding on tight to Carlisle.. When they reached the alter.. He gently took her hand.. They looked at each other.. The priest was talking.. He looked at Jacob..

Do you take Jennifer Demarco to be your awfully wedded wife to have and to hold from this day forth, In sickness and in health until death do you part. The Priest Said.

I do.. Jacob Said..

He could tell that Jennifer was nervous cause her palms were sweaty.. Her forehead was sweaty..

Do you Jennifer Demarco take Jacob Black to be your awfully wedded husband to have and to hold.. From this day forth, In sickness and in health.. Until death do you part. The Priest Told Her.

I do.. Jennifer Said..

By the powers invested in me in the state of Washington.. I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss your bride. The Priest Said.

Jacob kissed her.. She kissed him back.. Everyone was cheering and clapping..

Alright Jake.. Embry Said.

May I announce Mr. and Mrs.. Black. Congratulations. The Priest Told Them.

They thanked him.. They held hands.. Walked off..


Jacob and Jennifer were still in their wedding clothes.. They danced their first dance.. He looked at her and smiled..

What are you thinking? Jacob Asked Her..

That I cannot believe I am married.. Jennifer Said Smiling..

Your not regretting it already are you? Jacob Said.

Nope.. There is no one in the world that I’d rather spend my life with than you Jacob Black.. I love you so much.. You’re my best friend and my soul mate.. Jennifer Said..

You’re my best friend and my soul mate, You’re my whole life.. Jennifer Christine Black.. I love you too very much.. Jacob Said.

She put her head on his shoulder.. Wrapped her arms around him.. He did the same to her.. Kissed him..


Of Dream

Jennifer bolted up.. Looked around.. No one was in her room but her.. Put her knees up slowly to her chin.. Bent her head. Started to cry softly.. How she wished that the dream was really true.. She really loved Jacob.. To young to tell him yet how she feels about him.. Laid down and got some sleep..


Years Later

Jennifer walked in the door. Carlisle and Esme and all them were home.. They smiled at her.

How was school? Esme Asked Him..

It was great.. Got home work.. I am going upstairs.. Jennifer Said.

She walked upstairs.. Went into her room. Set her book bag down. Took out her homework. Her note pad and books. Sat on the bed.. Looked out the window. Kept on tapping her pen on her note pad.. She really missed Jacob. It wasn’t the same without him here.. Thinking about him.. Tears fell down her eyes. A knock at the door.. Nessie opened it. Looked at her. Came over. Sat next to her..

You miss him don’t you? Nessie Said.

Yeah A lot.. Wish I could see him. Jennifer Told Her.

Hmm.. Nessie Told Her..

What? Jennifer Said.

Come with me… Nessie Said.

They left out the door. Went into the woods.. Nessie dialed her phone.. He answered.. She was talking to him for a minute. Hanged up the phone. Looked at her.

What is going on Nessie? Jennifer Asked Her.

You will see. Nessie Told Her.

They waited a couple of minutes.. Nessie seen him coming through the woods.. Jennifer seen him.. A smile came to her face.


She ran to him. Wrapped her arms around him.. He picked her up.. Twirled her around.. He kissed her cheek.. She would not let him go. Nessie was smiling.

I missed you JC.. Jacob Told Her.

Missed you too Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Thank you Nessie. Jacob Said.

Your welcome Jake. Nessie Said.

Come on.. Let’s go back to your house.. I want to ask and see if you can stay at my house for a little while. Jacob Said.

Okay Jake. Jennifer Said.

He gently took her hand. They walked back to the house. Walked inside. Nessie followed them.. Esme came downstairs.. Looked at them..

Hello Esme.. Jacob Told Her.

Hello Jacob. Long time no see. Esme Said.

Yeah.. It’s been awhile. I wanted to ask.. Would it be okay if JC came over my house for a little while. I will have her home by 10:00.. Jacob Asked Her.

I don’t see why not.. Sure she can go with you Jacob.. Esme Told Him.

Jennifer screamed.. Wrapped her arms around Esme..


Love you too JC, You have her home by 10:00 Esme Said.

I will. Promise.. Jacob Told Her.

Jacob gently took her hand.. They left out the door. Jennifer looked at him..

Uh.. Jake.. Where’s your car? Jennifer Asked Him.

I don’t live that far. Jacob Said.

Okay. Jennifer Said.

They started walking in the woods.. Came to a meadow.. Jennifer suddenly stopped.. Images came through her mind of Bella and Edward lying there.. Than a black vampire confronting Bella. 5 wolves chasing after him.. Jacob looked at her.

JC, What’s wrong? Jacob Asked Her.

Nothing Jake.. I’m fine.. Jennifer Told Him.

Gently grabbed her hand again.. They walked into the other woods.. Jennifer stopped again.. Another image came to her mind. The wolves tearing the black vampire limb from limb.. All the blood on the ground.. She felt sick to her stomach.. Image went away.. Ran behind a tree. Started getting sick.. Jacob was standing there..

JC.. You are okay? Do you want to go home. Jacob Asked her.

N..N..N.. No.. I am fine Jake. Let’s just get out of here.. Jennifer Said.

They walked out of the woods. Were at Jacob’s. House. Walked inside. Billy came out. Seen her. Smiled..

Hello JC, Long time since I seen you. Billy Said.

Hello Billy. Nice to see you too. Jennifer Told Him.

They went to his room. He shut the door. She sat on his bed.. He sat next to her.. Knew something was going on..

JC, What happened in the woods. Jacob Asked her.

You would think I am weird.. If I told you. Jennifer Said.

Trust me JC.. I wouldn’t. Jacob Said.

When we were in the meadow.. Images came through my mind.. Real images.. It was really happening.. I was there experiencing them.. Jennifer Told Him.

What images did you see? Jacob Told Her.


End Of Chapter 2























I had images of Bella and Edward laying in the grass.. Than a black Vampire was confronting Bella.. 5 Wolves were chasing him.. They tore him apart.. Limb from limb blood was everywhere.. Jennifer Said.

Do you have these images often JC.. Jacob Asked her.

No.. Only when I am somewhere I don’t know.. Or if I have a dream about it. Is this normal. Jennifer Asked Him.

Don’t know. We will have to ask Carlisle. Jacob Said.

I am scared.. I didn’t like that image.. Why am I having them.. Jennifer Said.

It’s okay JC, We will talk to Carlisle.. See what he says okay? Jacob Told Her.

Jennifer was scared.. What if Carlisle finds something wrong with her. Looked at Jacob.. He could tell by her face.. She was scared.. Another image came to her mind.. Of him and Bella in the garage. Jacob was telling her about imprinting.. What it meant.. She looked at Jacob..

Jake.. Did you ever talk to Bella about Imprinting? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yeah she asked me what it meant.. Did you have another image? Jacob Asked Her.

Yes.. I had a image about you telling Bella what imprinting meant.. You got mad at her.. Jennifer Told Him..

She was going to do something.. I was trying to get her not to do it. Jacob Said.

Oh.. You loved her.. Bella I mean.. Jennifer Said.

At that time I did.. Yes.. I was in love with her.. She married Edward.. Chose him over me. I knew that I couldn’t win.. He beat me, I finally gave up on her. Jacob Told Her.

I am sorry Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

What are you sorry for. It wasn’t your fault JC. Jacob Said.

I know.. But you can’t help who you fall in love with. You chose Bella. Even though she admitted that she loved you. She is not with you. She Hurt you. From what I seen in my image. Jennifer Said.

I got over it. She is still my best friend. Jacob Told Her.

That’s good Jake. You shouldn’t stop being friends with her. You’ve been there for her when she needed you. She has been there for you, When you needed her. I hope you two will always stay best friends. Jennifer Said.

We will JC.. I promise. Jacob Told Her.

I need to get some sleep. I will see you in the morning Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Night JC. Jennifer Said.

Jacob kissed her forehead lightly. She looked at him.. Slowly closed her eyes. He gently covered her. Turned off the light.


Jacob… I love you.. What don’t you understand.. Jennifer Told Him.

Since when JC.. Jacob Asked Her.

She walked up to him. Gently put her hand to his face. Looked in his eyes.. He just looked at her.

Jake.. Since I was 14.. I never loved anyone else. It has always been you.. Know that you probably do not think of me like that. I do love you Jake. That is no lie. I always will.. Jennifer Said.

He smiled at her. Pulled her into his arms.. He softly kissed her.. She kissed him back.. Wrapped her arms around his neck..

JC, I am happy that you told me.. Truth.. I have always loved you too.. That is no lie.. I was wishing it was you. Jacob Told Her..

Show me how much you love me Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

He just looked at her.. She has a serious look on her face.

Are you sure JC? Jacob Asked Her.

Yes.. Please Jake.. I need you.. No one else but you. Jennifer Said.

Alright honey. Jacob Said.

He gently picked her up. Took her upstairs. Went into his room. Closed the door. Gently set her down.. Got on top of her. He started kissing her.. He gently removed her shirt.. Was kissing her neck.. She sighed.. Took off Jacob’s shirt. He undid her bra slowly. Put both his hands on her neck.. Began to kiss her up her neck.. Jennifer was sighing again.. He looked at her. Kissed her. Lifted her body up. He kissing her down her body.. Got to her pants.. He started smiling.. Un buttoned her pants.. Gently pulled them down.. Took them off.. Jennifer sighed.... Jennifer started to moan.. Not quietly.. He got on top of her again.. Kissed her.. He looked at her.

JC, Are you truly sure you want to do this? Jacob Asked Her.

Yes Jake. I want this, I want you. Jennifer Said.

Tell me if it hurts, I will stop. Okay honey? Jacob Said.

Okay Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

He slowly put it in her.. She winced.. A bit.. Tears filled her eyes.. They fell down her face. Jacob looked at her. Stopped…

JC, I am sorry.. I should have warned you that it is going to hurt you. Jacob Told Her.

No. It’s fine Jake. Jennifer Said.

Jacob was not sure.. He hated seeing her hurt.. Just looked at her..

JC.. Jacob Said.

No Jake, No backing out.. Please.. I know it hurts, After a little bit the pain will subside.. I will enjoy it.. Please Jake.. Jennifer Told Him.

Okay honey.. Jacob Told Her..

They made love.. He fell on top of her. . Jacob wrapped his arms around her. She put her head on his chest. A smile came to her face. Leaned his head in against her head. Slowly closed his eyes. Smiling.

End Of Dream

Jennifer woke up. She looked around. Found that she was in her own room. Got up slowly. Walked into the kitchen. Got a glass of water. Drank it. Put it in the sink. Walked back to her room. Felt like she was not alone. Turned around slowly. Someone came into the light.. Breathed a sigh of relief.

Edward.. You scared me. Jennifer Said.

Couldn’t sleep. Edward Asked her.

She shook her head no at him. He came up to her.

No.. Just strange dreams. Jennifer Told Him.

Do you want to talk about it? Edward Said.

Jennifer didn’t know if she wanted to tell Edward about the dream that she was having of Jacob. Or the images that she was having.. Just shook her head no.

I’ll be okay Edward.. Going to try and get some sleep. Goodnight Edward. Jennifer Said.

Night JC. Edward Told Her.

Went upstairs. Walked into her room. Quietly shut the door. Sat on her bed. Heard Edward talking to Bella in the next room.

Maybe we should talk to Carlisle. He can help her Edward.. Bella Asked Him.

I don’t know Bella. I mean.. She won’t tell us anything. Will not talk to Me, Esme Or Carlisle, Rosalie, Even Alice. I do not know what is wrong with her. It’s scaring the hell out of me. She’s my sister. I care about her. We won’t know what is wrong with her if she doesn’t talk about what is bothering her. Edward Told Her.

Maybe she misses Jacob.. He hasn’t been around to see her in I do not know how long. He acts like she doesn’t even exist. Like she is one of us. Bella Told Him.

Come on Bella.. Jacob knows she’s human. We would never turn her.. She’s our family. Edward Said.

She is going to find out sooner or later.. What we really are Edward.. I can’t think of the reaction on her face when she finds out. Old enough now to know the truth about us. I think Carlisle and Esme should explain it to her. Bella Said.

She’s going to be in for a real shock, When she finds out what Jacob is? I will have a talk with Carlisle and Esme tomorrow. See what they think. Might think she is different from us. Does not belong here. Edward Said.

They both laid down and fell asleep. Jennifer did not know what to say. What they are.. Turning me.. What Jacob is?? What is going on?? I will find out tomorrow. I will ask Esme. Jennifer laid down. Slowly closed her eyes.



Took a shower. Got dressed. Went to school. Could not concentrate on her work. Mind was on other things. When she sat at the lunch time. Just looked at her food. Not touching it. After school. Waited outside. A grey car pulled up. He got out. There is his sexy appearance was Jacob. Jennifer ran to him. He hugged her. She hugged him back.. She got into his car… Drove her over to his house.



He parked his car. Both got out. Went into his garage. They just stood there. Needed answer’s. Did not want to bring up the subject around Jacob. He looked at her. Knew something was on her mind.

JC, Is something bothering you? Jacob Asked her.

No.. I mean.. There is.. I think I need to talk to Carlisle and Esme about this? Jennifer Told Him.

You want to tell me about it? Jacob Said.

It’s just something I heard.. I don’t think I was suppose to listen or hear it.. Jennifer Said.

What did you hear? Jacob Told Her.

Last night I over heard Bella and Edward talking.. Saying something about me not telling them anything.. Edward is starting to get worried. So is Bella. Than they brought up the subject about you.. Maybe I am depressed because I miss you. Than Bella starting talking about how I am old enough to know what they are. Edward said something about not turning me. Bella told him about what a shock it would be when I find out what you are? I shouldn’t have said anything.. I wasn’t even suppose to be listening. Look I don’t care what you are Jake Or what Esme or Edward or Bella Or any of them.. You’re my family. That is what is important to me. Jennifer Told Him.

I think you should talk to Carlisle and Esme.. Jacob Said.

Jake.. What’s wrong? Are you keeping something from me, That I shouldn’t know.. Jennifer Said.

Bella is the only one that knows besides Carlisle and Esme, Edward and the rest of them. My father knows.. My pack.. Jacob Told Her.

Jake. You know you can tell me anything. I don’t scare easily. Or will be shocked. Promise. Jennifer Told Him.

I can’t tell you right now. If Edward or Bella do. Please do not be afraid of me. I would never hurt you JC. Jacob Said.

Your starting to scare me Jake. Jennifer Said.

I do not want you to be scared of me. That is why I am not telling you. Jacob Told her.

Jacob drove her back home.. He needed her to hear everything. Jennifer was getting worried..


Jacob pulled up in her driveway. They both got out. Walked inside. Esme was there.. So was Edward, Bella, All of them.

Jacob, Can I talk to you for a minute. Edward Said.

Sure. Jacob Said.

They walked outside for a minute.. Stood there.. Edward turned. Looked at Jacob. With seriousness in his eyes.

Jacob, I will need your help.. We need to tell JC the truth. I have talked to Esme and Carlisle about it. When he gets home.. We will start to tell the truth about us. It is your decision on whether you want to tell her the real truth about you. Edward Told Him.

I will help you to explain about the truth about you and Esme, Carlisle and the rest. She may be in shock. If I tell her the story to add to it. She might be more shocked.. I don’t want that on my mind. She may hate me after I tell her. Jacob Told Him.

Jacob, JC could never hate you. Edward Said.

They both walked inside the house. Esme was in the living room. Carlisle came home around 7:00.. Jennifer greeted him. He seen Jacob there. Said hello to him. Jennifer was smiling cause Jacob was there with her. They all went into the living room. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice were there. They all sat on the couch. Jacob sat next to her.

JC, What we have to tell you. It may come to a shock for you. Your old enough now to know the truth about us. Our history.. Carlisle Said.

Huh.. What are you talking about Carlisle? Jennifer Asked Him.

JC, You know that were different from everyone else. Remember when we told you. Carlisle Told Her.

Yeah.. So what if you guys are different from other people. Your still my family. Jennifer Said.

JC, We are different from what you humans are.. We do not hurt other’s. We have a thirst for.. How can I put this? Carlisle Said.

I don’t get you guys.. What are you guys trying to tell me. Jennifer Told Them.

JC, What were trying to say is that were.. What you humans call the cold ones.. Esme Told her.

Wait, So your telling me that you all are.. Vampires.. Jennifer Said.

Yes JC, But were half human half Vampires.. Carlisle Said.

Okay.. And what.. I am suppose to be Afraid of you guys just cause your half human and half Vampires.. Like I said I don’t care what you guys are you’re my family.. I wouldn’t care If you were half fairies and half elves.. I love you guys… You were the only ones that took care of me when my mother left me.. You are kind hearted people.. You’re my family. Jennifer Told Them.

I am glad that your understanding this JC.. We love you too.. Most people would not be able to handle it. If we told them what we are. Carlisle Told Her.

I am not like most people Carlisle.. I won’t say anything.. What is said in our home stays in our home. It does not go outside of our house. To anyone. Jennifer Said.

We trust you JC. Rosalie Said.

Jake did you know what they are? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes JC, I have known for quite some time. Jacob Said.

Your not a Vampire are you Jake? Jennifer Said.

No JC, I am not a Vampire. Jacob Told Her.

Than what are you? Jake I can handle it. Please.. I need to know. Jennifer Told Him.

Let’s go outside.. Jacob Told Her.

Jacob, Is this a good idea.. I mean what about your pack, I don’t think they want JC to know yet. Maybe you should talk it over with them and with your father. Carlisle Told Him.

Jacob looked at Jennifer. She just looked at him. He looked at Carlisle. Nodded his head yes at him.

JC, I am going to go. I will be back tomorrow. I promise. Jacob Said.

Jake.. No matter what you are.. I will always.. Jennifer Said.

She turned her head. He smiled at her. Gave her a hug.. She wrapped her arms around him. Carlisle and Esme smiled..

I know honey.. I will always too.. Jacob Told her.

He kissed her head gently. Got into his car. Left. Jennifer was sad.. She slowly walked into her room. Shut her door. Carlisle and Esme looked at each other.


I think she thinks Jacob is not coming back tomorrow. Esme Said.

I am thinking that too Esme. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer could not sleep. Kept on pacing back and forth. Was worried about Jacob. Her cell phone went off. Looked at it. It was Jacob. Hit send right away.

Jennifer: Jake, Are you okay? I have been worried sick..

Jacob: I am fine honey.. Look Sam wants me to come get you.

Jennifer: Jake, It’s 11:00 at night. Esme and Carlisle will not let me out.

Jacob: Tomorrow I will come get you. After school, I will talk to Esme and Carlisle and ask them if it is okay if I come pick you up after school.

Carlisle was already there.. Jennifer looked at him and Smiled..

Tell Jacob that is fine.. He can come pick you up after school. Take you to his friends house. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer: Did you hear that Jake?

Jacob: Yup honey I did, I will see you after school.

Jennifer: Okay Oh and Jake..

Jacob: Yeah

Jennifer: I.. Uh.. I… Uh.. Goodbye Jake.

She hung up the phone. Sat down. Sighed.. Carlisle came over. Sat next to her. Looked at her.

JC, If you love Jacob, You should tell him how you feel. Carlisle Said.

It’s just hard for me to get the words out. I want to tell him.. Every time I try to say it. It won’t let me. Jennifer Said.

Understandable JC.. Instead of saying I love you.. There are other words that mean the same thing.. Carlisle Told Her.

Like what Carlisle? Jennifer Asked Him.

Te Amo.. That means I love you in Spanish. Carlisle Said.

I don’t think he understands Spanish Carlisle. Jennifer Said.

Well you can tell him to look it up.. Carlisle Told Her.

Okay.. Jennifer Told Him.

Time for you to get to bed. You have school tomorrow. Carlisle Said.

Night Carlisle. Jennifer Told Him.

Esme came in. She lightly kissed her forehead. Carlisle kissed her forehead. She smiled at them. They opened the door. Shut the light off. Left the door slightly open. Jennifer slowly closed her eyes.



Jennifer woke up around 5:30.. Took a shower. Got dressed. Put her socks and shoes on. Fixed her hair. Edward was already awake. He gave her a ride to school.


High School

He parked his car. She grabbed her back pack. Opened the car door. Edward gently grabbed her arm.. Turned. Looked at him.

End Of Chapter 3


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Edward what’s wrong? Jennifer Asked Him.

JC, Whatever Sam tells you.. I do not want you to have fear of them.. Look I will talk to you after Sam and them explains things to you. Edward Told her.

Edward, I could never hate Jacob, Sam Or Emily. Not even their pack. I can handle this. Trust me please. Jennifer Said.

Okay JC.. Edward Said.

She told him bye. Got out of the vehicle. Shut the door. Walked upstairs. Into the school. Jennifer couldn’t concentrate on anything. She was nervous about what Sam had to tell her.



Went to lunch. She forgot her money.. Went into her pockets.. Seen a $20.00 bill in there. With a note.


You forgot your lunch money.. So I gave you a $20.00.. Please make sure you eat something today.. Please do not be nervous about today.


Jennifer started laughing. Got her lunch. Paid the lady. Walked to her where her friends were sitting. Started eating a little bit. Her friends were talking about movies. Dresses, Jennifer was more nervous about what Sam had to tell her today. After lunch she dumped her food tray. Went to her next class after the class bell rang.



Grabbed her back pack. Her home work that she had to do. Walked outside. Today was a crispy day. It was warm. Sunny. Waited.. Looked left and right. Jacob pulled up. Put her book bag in the car. Got inside Shut the door. They left heading to Sam’s house.



Jacob parked his car. They walked up to the their house. Jennifer just stood there.. A flash back came to her.. A little girl was standing there at the door way. Emily came to her. Asked Her where she came from. Sam came out. He picked her up. The flash back was gone. Jennifer breathed in. Looked at Jacob.

JC, What did you see? Jacob Asked Her.

A.. A.. Little girl.. She was about 4 years old maybe 5.. Came here to Sam and Emily’s house. Stood at the doorway. Emily noticed her. Asked her what she was doing here. Where she came from. Sam came out. Picked her up… Than the flash back was gone.. Who was that little girl Jake? Jennifer Asked Him.

That was.. Jacob Said..

Than she had another flash back.. Of a girl standing in a field. It was Bella.. There were wolves.. 5 of them chasing after a black man with dread locks.. He must have been a vampire. The flash back was gone again. Sam and Emily and Jacob looked at her.. Looked at them.. Her face was shocking..

JC, What’s going on? Sam Asked Her.

She’s been having flash backs.. JC, What did you see? Jacob Asked Her.

Does she have this often? Emily Asked Him.

I don’t know, She started having them like a month ago.. We still haven’t talked to Carlisle about it. JC, What did you see? Jacob Said.

Uh.. Wolves.. 5 of them.. A girl was standing in the field.. A man he was black with dread locks. He came to her.. I don’t know what he was doing to her.. 5 of the wolves chased him in the woods.. Than the flash back ended.. Jennifer Said.

Jacob, Sam, Emily looked at each other.. With a serious look on their faces..

Come in JC, We have a lot to talk about? Sam Told Her.

She came inside the Jacob, Emily and Sam, She sat on the couch. Jacob sat next to her. Sam was standing.. She looked at him.

JC, What I am about to tell you.. May be shocking.. Sam Said..

You guys.. You’re the wolves.. Jennifer Said..

Yes JC, Were the wolves.. So is Embry, Quil, I am, Leah is, So is Leah’s little brother.. Seth.. Sam Told her.

JC, So is Jake.. Emily Told Her.

Jake you’re a wolf? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes JC.. Jacob Told Her.

This is amazing.. I mean.. Wolves and Vampires.. Do you and the cold ones get along? Jennifer Said.

To a certain extent JC, Depends on the situation. Other than that no, We basically keep to ourselves.. Unless it has to do with other Vampires who do not belong here.. Sam Said.

You mean like new born’s. Jennifer Told Them

JC, Did you have a flash back about them? Jacob Asked Her…

No.. Carlisle told me stories about them.. How they tried to come here to forks, Hurt the people he loved.. Jennifer Said.

Yes JC, They did, But do not worry.. They will not come here anymore.. Sam Said.

Okay Sam. Jennifer Said.

JC, You have to understand The term of why we are wolves.. I think my dad is better at explaining it then I am. Jacob Told Her.

Is Billy a wolf too. Jennifer Told Him.

No honey. He’s not. Jacob Said.

Jacob said goodbye to Sam and Emily. They went over to his house. Parked his car. They both got out. Walked inside the house. Billy wheeled himself out of the kitchen. Jacob looked at him.

She knows Jake. Billy Said.

Yeah dad.. She knows.. Jacob Told her.

I won’t tell anyone Billy.. I swear.. It will not go anywhere’s but here.. Jennifer Said.

We trust you JC, Sit down, I will tell you a story. Billy Told Her.

She slowly sat down. Jacob sat next to her. He started explaining about the cold ones and the wolves.. The protection of their tribe.. Jennifer sat and listened.. After he was done. He looked at her.. Jacob looked at her.

Wow.. So because of the cold ones.. Your ancestors got killed.. That’s not right Billy. Why would they do that to your family. Jennifer Asked Him.

They were hungry for blood JC, That’s what the cold ones do.. They are not satisfied with animal blood. Billy Told Her.

It’s still cruel.. Jennifer Said.

That is why I told you do not trust them JC, If you even cut your finger and it draws blood. They see it. They will not attempt to try and suck your blood. They try to control it.. But blood is their ultimate favor. Jacob Said.

So what if one did bite me.. What would happen to me? Jennifer Asked Him.

You will go into spasms.. It would only take a few minutes for you to turn into one of them. Unless they take the venom out of your body. In time.. Jacob Told Her.

Jennifer’s face went white.. She got pale.. Started feeling dizzy.. Jacob came over to her.. He held her..

JC, Breath.. We will not let them do that to you. Jacob Said.

If they turn a human into one of them.. They will have consequences. Billy Said

W.. W.. W.. What are the consequence’s Billy? Jennifer Said.

We will have to kill them.. It’s one of our rules.. They know the rules as turning a human into one of them. Billy Told Her.

Come on JC, I have to take you home. Jacob Told Her.

Don’t know if I want to go home now.. Jennifer Told Him.

She was shaking really bad.. Jacob looked at Billy.. Than at her.. Billy wheeled himself over to her. Gently put his hand on her.

JC, You have to go home. Please trust us.. They will not hurt you. Billy Said.

She said bye to Billy. They both got into his car. Drove to the Cullen’s house..


Jacob parked his car, She looked at the house.. Jacob looked at her.. Turned.. Looked at him.. He could see the worry in her face. Gently put a hand on her.

JC, Everything will be okay? Jacob Said.

Yeah sure.. Bye Jake. Jennifer Said.

She hugged Jacob.. Opened the car door. Got out.. Shut the door. Walked up the stairs.. Was on the porch. Turned. Looked at Jacob. Opened the front door. Went inside.. Slowly closed the door. Walked upstairs. Into her room. Shut the door. Brought out her home work. Started doing it. A knock came at the door. Jennifer was to scared to say come in.

JC, I know your in there.. I heard your door closing. Edward Said.

I am doing my home work.. Jennifer Said.

Can I come in? Edward Asked Her.

Edward, I am doing my home work.. I will be down later. Jennifer Told Him.

He just made a sad face. Walked downstairs.. Carlisle and Esme were there.. They looked at him.

What happened son? Carlisle Asked Him.

Would not come out of her room. Said that she is doing home work. Edward Said.

I think the Blacks have something to do with this.. They must have told her something un true about us. Now she is scared of us. Carlisle Said.

That is what I am thinking too. Edward Told Him.

After her home work was done. Shut off the light. Laid down.. Slowly closed her eyes.. Edward was at the door.. Listening..


Jennifer bolted up.. Sweat was pouring from her forehead.. Looked around.. Her face was pale white. Edward knocked on the door. Quickly looked at the door. He opened it.. Turned on her light. He could see her face was pale. He came over to her. Sat on her bed next to her..

JC, Are you okay? Edward Asked Her.

Yeah.. Just a bad dream.. Jennifer Said.

JC, What did you and Jacob talk about today? Edward Asked her.

Nothing.. Sam and them explained to me about them being wolves.. Billy told me the story a little bit better.. That’s all. Why? Jennifer Told Him.

Okay. It’s nothing.. Never mind. Edward Said.

Edward what is it? You can tell me anything. Your like my brother.. Jennifer Told Him.

I thought that they told you a different side of the story. The one that is un true. Edward Said.

No Edward. They didn’t. Jennifer Said.

Okay. Well I will let you get back to sleep. Goodnight JC. Edward Told her.

Night Edward. Jennifer Told Him.

He left out the door. Went downstairs. Esme was there so was Carlisle and the rest of them. They all looked at him.

What is going on son? Carlisle Asked Him.

I have a feeling that JC is not telling us something.. I know the black’s said something to her. She is keeping it from us. Or she promised them that she told them that would not say anything to us about it. Edward Said.

We will talk to JC tomorrow about it. Carlisle Said.


Jennifer woke up. Took a shower. Got dressed. Walked downstairs. Esme and Carlisle were there. They looked at her.

Good morning JC. Would you like breakfast? Esme Asked her.

No thank you. I will just have cereal. Jennifer Said.

She started to walk upstairs into the kitchen. When Carlisle stopped her..

JC, First we need to talk to you about something. Please sit. Carlisle Said.

Uhh.. Sure.. Jennifer Told Him.

Jennifer came back downstairs. Sat on the couch. Looked at them.. Carlisle looked at her.. So did Esme.

JC, You know that we do not get along with the black’s.. If they told you something un true about us. You would tell us. Carlisle Told Her.

Yeah of course I would Carlisle. They didn’t say anything un true about you. Any of you’s. Jennifer Said.

We believe you JC. But I think they did. You swore to them that you would not tell us. Really need to know what they said to you. Carlisle Asked Her.

Really they did not say anything bad about you. Now can I eat breakfast please. Jennifer Told Them.

Carlisle nodded his head yes at her. She got up off the couch. Walked upstairs. Into the kitchen. She sate breakfast. Washed her dished and spoon. Put them away. Came back downstairs. Walked out the door. Jacob pulled up. She smiled. He got out. Came up to him. Gave him a hug. Edward was not that convincing. He came out. Put his hand on Jacob’s shoulder. He had an angry face on him.

What did you tell her MONGREL.. Edward Asked Him..

I did nothing but told her the truth you blood sucking demon.. Jacob Told Him.



Jennifer got in the middle between them.. Put both her hand out..




JACOB, EDWARD.. PLEASE.. STOP.. Jennifer Told Them.

Carlisle and Esme came out. They walked up to them. He grabbed Edward.. Looked at Jacob..

Jacob.. If you have something to say. Say it now.. We would really like to know what you told JC about us. Carlisle Asked Him.

You already know what I said to her Carlisle. I told her about you thirsting for blood. She asked me what would happen if you bit her. I told her what would happen. What we would do to you’s if you ever did. You know the rules not to ever bite a human. Jacob Said.

They looked at Jennifer.. She started backing away.. Carlisle let go of Edward. He came up to her.. She backed up.. Emmett was behind her.

JC, Please listen to us.. We would never bite you. We know how to control it. I know that you probably do not trust us now. Please believe us. Your are family. We do not hurt family. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer ran to Jacob. Wrapped her arms around him. He wrapped his arms around her.. He looked at them.

Please believe us JC.. We love you like a daughter. We raised you.. Your our family.. Esme Told Her.

Esme had tears in her eyes. They fell down her face. Carlisle hugged her. Turned her head. Leaned into her chest. Jacob looked at Jennifer.

Go to them JC. They know what will happen if they do turn you. They are right. You’re their family. They need you just as much as I need you. Jacob Said.

Jake.. You’re my family too.. You and Sam and Emily.. Embry and Quil, Even Leah and Seth.. And Billy.. Jennifer Said.

JC, We did not raise you.. They did.. They are more of your family than we are. Jacob Told Her.

Hugged Jacob.. Jennifer let go of him. Walked over to them. Carlisle hugged her. Esme hugged her. Kissed her head.

Thank you Jacob. Carlisle Told Him.

Your welcome Carlisle. I will see you later JC. Jacob Said.

Jacob, I know that we have our differences.. We would like you to come around. JC will miss you. Carlisle Said.

I will be around to see JC. Jacob Told Him.

Good. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer waved goodbye to Jacob. He got into his car. He shut the door. Turned the key. Put it in park. Drove out of the driveway. Jennifer looked at them.

I am sorry. I did not tell you guys. I promised that I would not say anything. Did not want to keep it from you. It was hurting me. I really did want to tell you. I should have if I would have known that Edward and Jake were going to get into a fight. Promise that I will never keep any secrets from you again. Jennifer Told Them.

We understand why you did it JC. Do not have to explain it to us. We know that Jacob is like family to you. We accept that. Carlisle Told Her.

I hurt you.. I hurt my family. But keeping something from you. Jennifer Said.

It is no big deal JC. It is not as bad as we thought it was. You are fine. Esme Told Her.

She smiled. They all walked inside the house. Jennifer Went upstairs. Shut her door. Sat on her bed. Her phone went off. Took her phone. It was a text. Went to messages. Clicked it. Began to read.

I am sorry, About everything. I hope that I am forgiven.. Your not mad at me. I did it to protect you. Hope you understand.


Jennifer smiled.. She hit reply.. Started texting him back.

I am not mad at you. So there is nothing to forgive me about.. I understand about you protecting me. Thank you Jake.


Jacob looked at his text. Read it. He smiled.. Laid on his bed.. Slowly closed his eyes. Jennifer was laying down. She was missing Jake. Hated keeping everything inside her. She looked at the clock. It was 1:30 AM.. Could not get any sleep. Turned on her lamp. Got up off her bed. Pacing back and forth. Wanted to talk to Jacob. He was probably sleeping. I opened my door. Silently walked down the hallway. I seen a room. Something drawled me into it. I kept on having images.


Jacob and Edward were in the room. So was Edward.. He gave her a needle. Cut her open. There was blood everywhere. Edward put his hand in there. Lifted it. Here came out a baby. Who would be Nessie. Bella looked at her. Slowly closed her eyes. Would not open them. Jacob was giving her CPR. It was not working. Edward gave her another needle, Which is bigger than the one he gave her before. It was not working either. Jacob told Edward to change her. Rosalie took the baby.


Of Image

Where was Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle. When all this was going on with Bella and the baby. I don’t understand all this. Jacob disappears, So does Edward.

I walk into this other room. The fire was going. Another image came back.


Rosalie was sitting on the chair holding the baby.. All of a sudden Jacob came into the room. He did not look happy. When she lifted her up. The baby looked right at her. Jacob started having images of her. He fell to his knees. Wait a minute.. Jacob imprinted on Nessie. She was only a baby. Why would he do that?

She felt someone behind her. Turned around. Seen Edward standing there. She slowly backed away.. He just looked at her.

JC, What is wrong? Edward Asked Her.


JC, What are you talking about? Edward Said.


JC, Listen to me. Bella did not die cause of me. She had a death experience from child birth. Giving birth to Nessie. I had no choice but to do it. I wouldn’t have been able to live without her. I turned her. Jacob was with me, When I did it. Edward Told Her.

Where was Emmett, Alice, Jasper Esme and Carlisle when all this was going on? Jennifer Told Him.

Carlisle and Esme came into the room. They heard everything. Looked at her.

JC, Please sit down. Let us explain? Esme Told Her.

She folded her hands. Stood there. They seen she was not very happy. Carlisle looked at her.

What I am about to tell you, You are not going to like? Carlisle Told Her.

Yeah well.. I don’t like it already. So go on Carlisle. Jennifer Said.

The reason why we were not in the room when all that was going on with Bella. We were at war with Jacob’s pack. He was not part of it at the time. He left the pack. Seth and Leah were by his side. They were defending Nessie. Sam wanted to hurt her. They heard that she died. Edward turned her. Jacob was protecting Nessie. And Bella. Carlisle Said.

Really? You guys were protecting Bella and your grand daughter. And my cousin. Jennifer Said.

Yes JC. Esme Said.

Cool. I wouldn’t blame you guys for doing that? I would have done the same thing. If I Was in your situation. Jennifer Told Them.

Just like if someone was after you JC. We would protect you. Your our daughter. Your are family. We protect our family. We would never turn you, Unless it was an emergency. To keep you alive. Carlisle Said.

Okay. I respect that Carlisle, Esme, Edward. Jennifer Said.

Good. Now you young lady should get some sleep. Way past your bed time. Carlisle Told Her.

Goodnight everyone. Jennifer Said.

Goodnight JC. Esme Told Her.

Edward and Carlisle told her goodnight. Came out of the room. Down the hall. Into her bedroom. Shut the door. She laid on the bed.. Could not get to sleep. A lot of things were on her mind. Heard a noise go off on her phone. Slowly picked it up. It was a text from Jacob.

You okay JC? I felt something was wrong? -Jacob

I am fine Jake. Just couldn’t sleep.-JC

What is wrong?- Jacob

Just a lot of stuff running through my mind.- JC

I am coming to see you tomorrow. So you can tell me than okay- Jacob

Okay. Love You Jake-JC

I Love You Too JC. Goodnight. -Jacob

I said goodnight to him. I put my cell phone on the desk. Laid in bed. Slowly closed my eyes.

End Of Chapter 4





















I slowly opened my eyes. Got out of bed. Walked downstairs. Jacob was there. I smiled at him. He came over and gave me a hug. I had breakfast real quick. We went outside. Sat on the porch. He looked at me.

Do you want to tell me what happened last night? Jacob Asked her.

I couldn’t sleep. I was wondering around the house. Went into this one room. I just had visions. That is all Jake. Will be fine. Jennifer Told Him.

JC, What were the visions? Jacob Said.

Of Bella giving birth to Nessie. It was horrid. Blood everywhere. You were there with her weren’t you? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes. I am still not to happy about the situation. Jacob Told Her.

Jake. You can’t choose who you love. Whether he is a vampire Or Wolf. You have to accept Bella is married to Edward. He is a Vampire. They have a child together. In her situation, Edward had no choice to do what he did. It was either turn her or them not being together for the rest of their lives. He chose to turn her. He loves her. Could not live without her. That was his choice. Many see it as a mistake. I don’t see it that way. I see it as them being in love and making choices in their relationship. Jennifer Said.

Your right. I have accepted it. Not at first. Now I do. Jacob Said.

Good. During the hard times, She is going to need her best friend around to help her pick up the pieces. Or if she is going through a lot and cannot deal with it. Jennifer Told Him.

I know. I have been. Even when Edward left her. Jacob Told Her.

She looked at him weird. He silently shut up. Just looked forward. Now she was going to ask questions. Jacob wasn’t sure if he could handle answering them.

Ummm.. Why did Edward leave Bella? Jennifer Said.

It’s a really long story JC. But it has to do with Jasper and Bella’s birthday party. I think Edward and Bella should tell you what happened? They can explain it better than I can. Jacob Said.

Okay. Jennifer Told Him.

JC.. Did you have any other visions. Jacob Said.

Jennifer didn’t want to tell him about the vision she had. Instead she shook her head no at him. He just looked at her. Could see in her eyes that she did. Did not want to tell him. They continued walking to his car.

Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

She turned her head. Looking into the woods. He just looked at her.

JC, What’s wrong? Jacob Told Her.

What’s it like being different? Jennifer Said.

You mean being a wolf? Jacob Said.

Yes. I mean.. Do you like it? Jennifer Told Him.

It has it’s up and downs. But yes.. I don’t see myself any different than a human. Except that I am a wolf. Why are you asking JC? Jacob Told Her.

All of my life.. I dreamed of being different. Not like other people. You know extraordinary. I hated being the same as any other person. Human.. I always wondered what it would be like to be a Vampire or a wolf.. Maybe even a super hero. Jennifer Said.

JC.. You are different.. Your very special.. You have an ability that no other human has. You can see stuff happening with your eyes. I think that is better than being a wolf or a Vampire even a super hero any day. Jacob Said.

You really think so Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

Sure I do. Jacob Told Her.

Thanks Jake. Jennifer Said.

He smiled at her. They both got into the car. Drove back to her house. She was looking out the window. Rain was falling down. Was watching them drip down the window. Jacob turned his head. Looked at her. Than back on the road.



He parked the car in the driveway. Opened the door for her. She got out. Walked her to the porch. She hugged him. He hugged her back.

I will see you later JC. Jacob Said.

Bye Jake. Jennifer Said.

He gave her one more hug. He got into his car. Left.. Jennifer opened the door. Carlisle and Esme stood there. Smiled at her.

How was your day with Jacob? Carlisle Asked Her.

It was fine Carlisle. Jennifer Said.

Are you hungry JC? Esme Asked Her.

A little bit. Jennifer Told Her.

Come on, I’ll make you something to eat. Esme Said.

They walked upstairs. Into the kitchen. Esme took out food. Started making her food. Jennifer sat at the Island. Watching her. After she was done. Put the food in a bowl. Set it in front of her. Jennifer thanked her. She just stared at the food. Not touching it. Esme looked at her. Carlisle came in. Looked at her. Seen that she has not touched her food.

JC, You okay? Carlisle Asked Her.

Huh.. Oh yeah.. I guess I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I was. Jennifer Said.

Esme looked at Carlisle. Both knew something was wrong. They looked at her. She just looked at her food.

JC, If there is something wrong, You can tell us. Esme Told Her.

It’s just.. Well I don’t know how to explain it. Me and Jake were talking. Some how got on the subject of Bella and Edward. Jake told me that Edward and Bella broke up once. I was wondering why? What happened? .. You guys don’t have to tell me. It might be a little to personal. Jennifer Told Them.

Edward was listening. He came into the kitchen with Bella. They looked at her. Jennifer didn’t know what to think or say. Edward smiled at her. So did Bella.

Come into the living room. We will explain to you what happened JC. Bella Said.

They all came into the living room. I sat on the couch. Bella sat next to me. Edward next to her.

It was my birthday. Alice was throwing me a birthday party. When Edward came and got me. We went to his house. That was where it was at. They all had presents for me. Beautiful cake. When I opened one of the presents.. I accidentally got a paper cut. Because Jasper is a vampire. I was human. He seen the blood. Went after me. I had to have stitches in my arm. Edward pushed me. I landed on a table. Cut myself. Carlisle did it. Since he is a doctor. Because of that Edward thought it was best for us to break up, For me to have a chance at human life. Bella Said.

Oh.. I see. Jennifer Said.

What’s wrong JC? Edward Asked Her.

Well.. I don’t want to be to blunt.. Upset you or Bella. I kind of think that is a silly reason for you two to break up. Jennifer Said.

They all started laughing.. Including Edward and Bella. She put her hand on Jennifer’s hand. Looked at her. Edward looked at her.

Yes at the time it was. I had to go to Venice to save him. He was going to do something really silly. Bella Said.

What was he going to do Bella? Jennifer Told Her.

The reason why Vampires do not go in the sun.. Cause they sparkle. He was going to show himself to the people in Venice what he is. Bella Told Her.

What would of happened if he did? Jennifer Said.

The Volturi would have done something bad to him. Carlisle Said.

The Voluri are? Jennifer Asked Them..

They are the highest of the Vampires. They rule all the vampires. Edward Said.

Oh.. They won’t come after me will they. Cause I am human and all. Jennifer Told Them.

No. They won’t. If they did, We would protect you from them. Carlisle Told Her.

Okay. Jennifer Said.

Jennifer Went upstairs to her room. She text Jacob. He text her back. She asked him to call her. 2 seconds later, Her cell phone rang. She answered it.

Jacob: What’s wrong JC?

Jennifer: I just got done talking to Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Bella. They told me what happened of why Edward broke up with Bella. Than they brought up the subject about the Volutri. I guess their the leaders of the Vampires. I asked Carlisle if they would come after me cause I am human.

Jacob: What did he say?

Jennifer: He said no. But if they do, Carlisle and them would protect me.

Jacob: JC, Their not going to go against them. You do know that right. They know what would happen to them if they did.

Jennifer: No. What would happen?

Jacob: The Voluri would make it so they would never exist. Not be in our world again. Not living.

Jennifer: That is so stupid Jake. Vampires have stupid rules.

Jacob: This is why, I said do not trust them JC.

Jennifer: I know Jake. I am still watching my back.

Jacob: Good.

Jennifer: If they were to hurt them. Human or not. I will defend them and protect them. They are my family. Just like you and Billy and the pack.

Jacob: JC you can’t fight them by yourselves. They are stronger than you. They will not think twice about turning you. Be please careful. Watch yourself, Okay For me?

Jennifer: I will be fine Jake. Yes I will watch out.

Jacob: Okay. I think we should get some sleep. I will talk to you tomorrow JC.

Jennifer: Alright Jake. See you tomorrow.

She hung up the phone. Covered herself up. Turned off her light. She slowly closed her eyes.


Jennifer bolted up. She screamed a little bit.. Not enough to wake up the household. There was a knock on the door. Jennifer looked at the door. Esme opened the door. Came inside. Closed the door. Sat next to her.

JC, Did you have a bad dream. Esme Asked her.

Yes.. I am fine Esme. Jennifer Said.

What was the dream about? Esme Said.

I don’t really remember. Jennifer Told Her.

Okay sweetie, When you do, You can tell me. Get some rest. You have school tomorrow. Esme Told Her.

Goodnight Esme. Jennifer Said.

Goodnight sweetie. Esme Told Her.

She lightly kissed her forehead. Left out the door. Turned around. Looked at her. Slowly shut the door. Jennifer’s phone was ringing. She grabbed it. Looked at it. It was a text message.


Are you Okay?


I text him back…

I am fine, Just a nightmare.. I will tell you tomorrow about it.


He text me back again.

Okay JC.. Goodnight.


I text him back goodnight. I laid down on my pillow. I hated not telling Jacob on a text message. I would have felt better if I seen him face to face and told him. I slowly closed my eyes. Fell asleep.



Jennifer slowly opened her eyes. Got up. Took a quick shower. Got dressed. Did her hair. Came downstairs. Esme and Carlisle were already up. I walked into the kitchen. They were smiling. I sat at the island.

Uh.. Hey Esme, Carlisle. What’s going on? Jennifer Said.

We want to have a talk with you. But it will have to wait until after school. Carlisle Told Her.

Uh oh.. Umm.. Okay? Jennifer Told Him.

I ate breakfast.. Edward gave me a ride to school. I kept on staring at him. Seeing if he was nervous or not. He seemed fine.

Uh Edward.. Can I ask you something? Jennifer Asked Him.

Sure? Edward Said.

Your like my brother. Would you happen to know why Esme and Carlisle were acting weird this morning. What they are up to? Jennifer Said.

I have no idea. I wish I knew. Edward Told Her.

You wouldn’t happen to be lying to me, Now would you. I know how you Vampires read minds. Jennifer Told Him.

JC, I swear.. I have no idea. Edward Said.

Okay. Just wondering. Jennifer Said.

Even if I did know. I would not be able to tell you anyways. A secret is a secret. Edward Told Her.

Jennifer started laughing. She knew he was right. He drove up the curb. She grabbed her book bag. Gave Edward a hug. Said goodbye. Got out. Up the stairs. All through class it was bugging her. All through class, She could not concentrate.



Jennifer grabbed her books. Went out ,Seen a grey car sitting there. She knew who it was. Ran down the stairs. Wrapped her arms around him. He did the same.

Hello JC.. Nice to see you too sweetie. Jacob Said.

I am so glad you’re here Jake. Esme and Carlisle have been acting weird. Jennifer Told Him. As he was driving. He just looked at her.

How weird? Jacob Asked Her.

I don’t know. They said that they had a surprise for me. But wasn’t telling me until after school. I am a little nervous. Jennifer Said.

Hmm.. I wonder what their up to. Jacob Said.

Your guess is as good as mine Jake. Jennifer Told Him.



Jacob pulled up in the driveway. Jennifer grabbed her book bag. Opened the door. Got out. He got out too. Gave him a hug. He hugged her back. Looked at her.

Do you want me to come in? Jacob Told Her.

If you want Jake. Jennifer Said.

They walked in together. Esme was at the door. She greeted Jennifer and Jacob. They came inside the house.

Is Carlisle home? Jennifer Asked Her.

Not yet sweetie. Do you have home work? Esme Asked Her.

Yes. I have math and English. Jennifer Said.

If you need any help. Just ask me okay. Esme Said.

I will Esme. Come on Jake. Jennifer Told Her.

They went up the stairs.. Esme yelled to her..


They came into the room. Jacob looked at her.

Why does Esme want you to leave the door open. Jacob Asked her.

So Esme can keep a close eye on us. To make sure were not doing anything. If you know what I mean Jake. Jennifer Said.

Oh for crying out loud. Why would she think that. Just never mind. Jacob Said.

I started laughing. He laughed along with me. A knock came at the door. Esme was standing there with a plate full of sandwiches and milk. We smiled at her.

I brought you guys sandwiches and milk in case you were hungry and thirsty. Esme Said.

Thank you Esme. Jennifer Said.

Thank you Esme. Jacob Told Her.

You guys are welcome. I will let you two alone. When Carlisle comes home. Were all going to have a family meeting, Okay JC. Esme Said.

Okay. Umm.. Can Jake come. I mean.. He is like family to me. Jennifer Told Him.

Oh, I’m afraid not sweetie. Not this time. But you can call him or text him after were done. Let him know what is going on? Is that okay Jacob? Esme Asked Him.

Sure Esme. Jacob Said.

The door opened. Esme came out the door. She went down the stairs. Gave Carlisle a kiss. Jacob looked at Jennifer.


I guess that is my leave. Text me, Tell me what is going on okay JC. Jacob Told Her.

She didn’t want Jacob to leave. She grabbed his hand. Pulled him out of the room. Down the stairs. She stood there in the living room with Jacob. He was confused. She looked at everyone.

If you have something to say to me. Than you can tell Jake too. He is my family too. I am not going to have him leave. Jennifer Said.

Sure JC. Come sit.. Jacob you too. Carlisle Told Them.

They sat down together. We were wondering what they were up to. I looked at everyone. Could see the look on their faces. Jacob was the first one to speak up.

What is going on Carlisle? Jacob Asked Him.

JC.. Ever since you were little. You have always been like a daughter to us. We all love you very much. We wanted to do this the right way, To see how you would feel about it. Carlisle Said.

What are you talking about Carlisle? Jennifer Told Him.

What we are trying to say JC, Is we want to adopt you. We didn’t before.. We did not know how you would feel about it. Esme Said.

Jacob just looked at the reaction on Jennifer’s face. He looked at both Carlisle and Esme. As much as he did not like what was going on right now. Could not say anything about it. Just yet.

I.. Uh.. Wow.. Jennifer Said.

We know it’s a lot to take in right now. Why don’t you think about it for awhile. You don’t have to make your decision right now. Esme Said.

Jake.. How do you feel about all this? Jennifer Asked Him.

You know how I feel about it JC. Why would you even ask me. Jacob Said.

Jake.. I want to talk to you outside for a minute. Excuse us Carlisle and Esme. Jennifer Told Them.

Go ahead JC. Esme Told Her.

She grabbed Jacob’s hand. Led him out the door. Shut it. They went into the woods. She turned, Looked at him.

What is your problem Jake? Jennifer Said.

JC.. You know how I feel about them adopting you. I don’t think it’s a good idea. Jacob Told Her.

Why is that Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

JC.. Just once they adopt you.. I.. Jacob Said.

You think they turn me. Jennifer Said.

Yes JC. That is what I think they will do. The Volturi are not one’s to mess with. They are higher than Carlisle and Esme.. Even the other’s. They will ask Carlisle and Esme to turn you into one of them. Jacob Told Her.

Are you sure about this Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

Yes JC. I am sure. If they turn you. We have no choice but to destroy them. They know the rules and the laws. We have a treaty with them. Jacob Said.

What treaty Jake? No one told me about this. Jennifer Said.

The treaty is.. If they hurt or turn a human.. We have a right to destroy them. They agreed with it. Jacob Said.

End Of Chapter 5










I am going to try to post at least 2 chapters everyday.. I did a lot of chapters.. There is more coming.. I am far from done.I hope that you all enjoy my story. Please leave me a comment.  Here is Chapter 6 & 7.. Enjoy!!!



Jake, You can’t do that.. Their my family. Jennifer Said.

I’m your family too JC. We can’t break the rules nor the law. I am sorry. Jacob Said.

That is not fair Jake. I mean understand the rules and the law. They don’t eat people. Plus that was way back than. It’s not now. Jennifer Told Him.

Understand that JC. But it’s still the law and the rules. One cannot be broken. If it was broken. They would start hurting people. Jacob Told her.

Do you really think that Jake. Seriously. Jennifer Said.

Yes JC. I really think that. Jacob Said.

Your wrong Jake. I am sorry. Jennifer Told Him.

She turned.. Started to leave. Jacob was a little faster. He gently grabbed her arm. Edward came quickly with Bella. Looked at him.

Keep your hands off her mongrel. Edward Said.

Edward, He wasn’t going to hurt me. Chill out, Please. Jennifer Said.

He looked at her. Than at Jacob. Serious faces. I was between them. Trying to calm them down. They were about to go at each other’s throats. Edward backed off.. He stood away. I was relieved. Looked at them both.

Going to get going JC.. I will text you. Jacob Said.

I said okay. He turned. Walked out of the woods. I gave Edward a dirty look. Turned around. Headed out. He much faster. He gently grabbed my arm. I turned around fast. Looked at his hand. Than at him.

Get your hands off me Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.. Jennifer Told Him.

JC.. I am sorry. Shouldn’t have behaved like that. Know how close you are Jacob. Edward Told Her.

Look.. You’re my brother. I love you Edward.. But you don’t go around doing that. You know Jake would never hurt me. Jennifer Said.

Know. Was being stupid. I am sorry JC. Edward Said.

It’s fine Edward.. Jennifer Told Him.

So have you thought about what Esme and Carlisle were saying? Edward Asked Her.

About what? Oh.. That? I haven’t decided yet. Jennifer Said.

It’s a big decision. Whatever it is that you decide, Your still our Family JC. You know that. Edward Said.

Yes I know Edward. Jennifer Told Him..

They started walking out together. But something did not seem right. He grabbed Jennifer.. Pushed her behind him. Getting into protective mode.

Edward.. What is going on? Jennifer Told Him.

Shh.. I heard something. Stay behind me. Edward Told her. He looked around. Noticed a wolf standing there. He breathed a sigh of relief. Looked at her.

It’s okay.. It’s Sam.. Edward Said.

Sam.. What is he doing here? I thought he was not allowed here.. Jennifer Said.

He is not suppose to be.. No.. But it must be something important. Edward Told Her.

Jennifer walked slowly up to Sam. She stopped. Looked at Edward.

Is he going to hurt me.. He is in Wolf form. Jennifer Asked Him.

He said no. Edward Said.

Jennifer came up to Sam. She wrapped her arms around him. He leaned his head in. She let go of him. Petted his head.

Good boy Sam. Jennifer Said.

He just looked at her. Licked her face. She started laughing. Edward smiled. Than Sam turned. Left. Jennifer watched him go. They walked back to the house. Jennifer all of a sudden stopped.

Jennifer started running into the woods.. 4 of them started chasing after her. She came to a cliff. Looked down. Turned.. Looked into the woods. They spotted her. Smiles on their faces.

Your not going to jump JC. #1 Vampire Guy Told Her.

She looked down again at the water. Than back at them. Jennifer lifted her feet. She started to fall. They looked down at the edge. Seen her for a minute. Until she started getting sucked under. The waves were pulling her down.. Giving it her last breath.

Jennifer breathed in real quick. She started coughing. Edward came up to her.. Looked at her with a worried look.

JC.. Are you okay? Edward Asked Her.

Yes.. I’m.. I’m.. Fine Edward.. Just let me catch my breath for a minute. Jennifer Said.

After she caught her breath. They walked into the house. Esme and Carlisle looked at them. Jennifer was as white as a ghost.

JC.. Are you okay? Esme Asked Her.

Huh.. Oh yes, I am fine Esme. Jennifer Said.

Are you sure JC. You look awfully pale. Carlisle Said.

I think she had another image. Edward Said.

JC.. Come sit.. Tell us what the image was. Esme Said.

We all came into the living room. She sat down. Esme sat next to her. Carlisle sat on the other couch. Along with Edward.

What was the image JC. Carlisle Asked Her.

She really did not want to tell them. Something inside her told her it was the right thing to do. Turned.. Looked at them.

4 Vampires were chasing me. I was running through the woods. There was a cliff with water. The one told me that I was not going to jump. But I did. The waves pulled me under the water. I was unconscious. Jennifer Said.

Edward looked at them. That was the same cliff that Bella jumped in.. Jacob pulled her out of there.

JC.. How often do you get these images? Carlisle Said.

I don’t know Carlisle. Every so often.. Jennifer Told Him.

Carlisle looked at them. Her phone beeped. She looked at it real quick. It was a text message from Jacob.


Please let me know what is going on? Text me back okay? Worried about you.


I text him back real quick..


I had another image in my head. I don’t want to text you about it. Was wondering if you could come over tomorrow, Will talk to you about it.


Jacob had a worried look on his face. He text her back.

Okay. What time tomorrow?


In the afternoon sometime is good Jake.


Jacob text he will see her tomorrow. Esme and Carlisle looked at her.

Hmm.. JC, I want to give you a blood test? Carlisle Told Her.

What for Carlisle? Jennifer Said.

I want to see what is going on? Why you keep getting these images. Carlisle Said.

Okay. I really want to know what is going on too. Jennifer Told Him.

I want to do it right away. I have to get what I need. Will be right back. Carlisle Told Her.

Jennifer just nodded her head. Carlisle drove real quick to the hospital to get a needle. He came back. She sat really still. He looked at her.

JC, I know you do not like needles. I will make it as easy as possible for you. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer stuck out her arm. Carlisle stuck the needle in. Just a few seconds, Pulled it out. Jacob smiled at her. Carlisle did the same thing.

Your done JC. See it wasn’t that bad. Jacob Told her.

Her cell phone rang. She looked at it. Than she looked at Carlisle and Jacob. They were wondering by the look on her face. Jennifer answered the phone.

Jennifer: Hello

Nessie: Hello JC, Long time no see.

Jennifer: Oh.. Uh hey Nessie.

Nessie: I was wondering if maybe you and me can go shopping. I’ll be visiting my parents. And grand pop and grand mom Cullen.

Was not sure if this was a good idea. Just kept on looking at them. She needed answers.

Jennifer: I don’t know Nessie. I will have to see what I have planned on that day.

Nessie: Okay. Well call me and let me know.

Jennifer: I will. I have to go.

Nessie: Okay see you later JC.

Jennifer hung up the phone. She got off the table. Started walking out the door. Slammed it shut. Carlisle looked at Jacob. He looked at Carlisle. Jacob came out the door. Carlisle followed him.

JC, What is wrong? Carlisle Said.

My cousin, Is what’s wrong. She’s creepy. I don’t want to hang out with her. Plain and simple. Jennifer Said.

Who said you had to JC. Jacob Told Her.

Well if I don’t Bella and Edward might get mad at me. Jennifer Told Them.

I don’t think Edward and Bella will get mad at you, If you do not hang out with Nessie. But it would be good, If you could hang out with her at the house. Carlisle Told Her.

Are you insane. Fine.. I am not going anywhere’s with her. Sorry, Cousin or not. I don’t trust her. Jennifer Said.

JC, Are you afraid that she might turn you. Carlisle Asked her.

Uh yeah.. I am a human.. She’s half Vampire, Half human. What are the odds of her not turning me into one of you guys. 100% Positive. Jennifer Said.

No JC. Your her cousin. Your family to her. She will not turn you. Please trust me on that. Carlisle Said.

Yeah cause she knows what will happen if she does. Jennifer Told Him.

JC, THAT’S ENOUGH.. Jacob Said.

Sorry Carlisle. I didn’t mean it as it came out. Jennifer Said.

No, That is fine JC. Yes Nessie knows the law and the rules if she ever did decide to bite a human. Carlisle Told Her.

Jennifer heard a knock at the door. Carlisle went, He opened the door. She already knew who it was. Came close to Jacob. Holding onto his arm. Nessie walked inside. Seen her and Jacob standing there. Carlisle seen Jennifer holding onto Jacob’s arm. Nessie just smiled at them.

Hello Jake. Hello JC. Nessie Said.

Hello Nessie. JC say hi to Nessie? Jacob Asked Her.

Jennifer shook her head no at him. She moved a little behind him. Nessie was a bit faster. She was behind her. Said Boo. Scared Jennifer. She hauled her fist off and punched Nessie in the mouth. She fell to the floor. Carlisle and Jacob were to shocked at first. She shrugged it off. Smiled at her.

Nice hook you got there JC. Nessie Told Her.

She was to shocked to say anything. Never imaged to hit her cousin. Her own family. Cause Nessie spooked her.

I am sorry Nessie. It just that you spooked me.. That was my reaction. Are you okay? Jennifer Said.

Yeah I am fine. No apologies JC. I understand. Would have done the same thing, If someone came up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me. Nessie Said.

Come on, Let me wipe that off you Nessie. We’ll be right back. Jennifer Told Them.

She grabbed Nessie’s hand, Led her to the bathroom upstairs. Shut the door. Took a wash cloth. Poured water on it. Gently wiped her mouth. Now Jennifer was worried when Bella and Edward find out that she hit their daughter. They will not be to happy. Nessie smiled. She knew what Jennifer was thinking. Nessie put her hand gently on her arm. Looked at her.

Don’t worry about my parents. I won’t tell them what happened. It was an accident. Was my fault. They will understand. Nessie Said.


Oh no.. I am in big trouble. Jennifer Said.

Just play it cool. I will behind you. Nessie Said.

They both walked down the stairs. Jennifer just stood there. Staring at Bella and Edward. Not saying anything. Jacob Was beside her. Protecting her. Edward came close. Jacob got defensive.

That is far enough blood sucker. Jacob Told Him.

Jacob, I am not going to hurt her. Edward Said.

I said that is far enough. Jacob Said.

JC, Why did you hit Nessie? Bella Asked her.

Jennifer couldn’t say anything. Nessie came up to them.

It was an accident. I came up behind her. Scared her. JC’S reaction was hitting me. She didn’t mean it mom and dad. I swear. it’s not her fault. Nessie Said.

Okay. We just wanted to know JC. Were not mad at you. Edward Said.

Jacob looked back at Jennifer. He smiled her. Wrapped his arm around her. Edward came close. Gave her a hug. Bella hugged her. She went back to Jacob.

Well I should get going. Text me later JC, Okay? Jacob Told Her.

Sure Jake. Jennifer Said.

He gave her a hug. Left out the door. Jennifer was now defenseless against them. Was on her guard. She walked upstairs to her room. Shut the door. Carlisle looked at Edward, Bella and Nessie.

I think JC, Is attached to Jacob. He seems very protective of her. Edward Told Them.

Edward, He has been protective of her, Ever since she was a baby. JC needs someone to protect her besides us. It’s good to have Jacob around. She doesn’t feel lonely. Esme Said.

Yes I do agree with you Esme dear. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer came downstairs. She went out the door. Sat on the porch. Was listening to The Vampire Waltz By Hannah Fury. When she looked up. Noticed something with red eyes staring at her. Knew it wasn’t Jacob or the pack. Got up quickly. Started walking backwards very slowly. Until her back hit the front door. Than it disappeared into the woods. Did the only thing that she could do. She screamed..

AHHHHHHHHHHH…. Jennifer Said.

That sounded like JC. Esme Said.

They went out the front door. They looked at her. Jennifer ran to Carlisle clinging to him. Not letting him go. He looked down at her.

JC, What’s wrong? Carlisle Asked Her.

R..R..R.. Red eyes.. I seen red eyes.. Jennifer Told Him.

Are you sure JC? Esme Said.

Yes.. I am sure. It left when I looked up again. Jennifer Told Them.

JC, Let’s go in the house. I want you to call Jacob, Tell him what you seen. Ask him to come over here to keep an eye on you. Were going to go out and see what is going on. Carlisle Said.

Jennifer immediately called Jacob. He answered the phone.

Jacob: Hey JC

Jennifer: Uh hey Jake. Carlisle wants to know if you can come over and keep and eye on me. Their going out to look at something.

Jacob: What’s going on?

Jennifer: I was outside listening to music on my MP3 and I looked in the woods. Seen 2 red eyes. I know that you, Sam and them don’t have red eyes.

Jacob: Are you sure you seen red eyes?

Jennifer: Yes Jake. They were red. There was only one pair. It didn’t have anyone else with it. I don’t think.

Jacob: Tell Carlisle, I’ll be right over.

Jennifer: Thank you Jake.

Jacob: No problem.

He hung up the phone. Jennifer looked at them.

Jake said that he will be over. Jennifer Said.


Minutes Later

A knock came at the door. Carlisle opened the door. Jacob was standing there. He was not alone. Sam and them were there. They were in the woods.

If your going out. Your not going out alone. Sam and them are here. They will help you. Jacob Said.

Thank you Jacob. JC is in the living room. We might be out for awhile. Carlisle Said.

That is fine Carlisle. Jacob Said.

They left. Jacob started walking to the living room. He seen Jennifer sitting on the couch. She looked at him. Came running. Wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her. They sat on the couch together. He looked at her.

Did they leave? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes. Are you okay? Jacob Said.

Just a little shaken up, That is all. Jennifer Said.

Sam and them are here. They are going to help with the search. Jacob Told Her.

I will thank them. Next time I see them. Jennifer Told Him.

Sam said your very welcome. Your family.. He has a reason to protect you. Jacob Said.

Jennifer smiled. She was still worried. Paced back and forth. Looking out the window. A knock came at the door. She started backing up. Jacob was upstairs, Getting a drink.

JAKE.. JAKE.. JACOBBBBBB… Jennifer Said.

Jacob ran down the stairs. Stood there. Looked at her.

JC, What’s wrong? Jacob Said.

Someone was knocking at the door. Jennifer Told Him.

Jacob looked at the door. He gently pushed her behind him. A knock came again. Jacob backed up. Pushing Jennifer back gently. The door opened. Jennifer screamed.. Jacob turned.. Looked at her.

GO UPSTAIRS NOW.. JC.. Jacob Told Her.

No.. I am not leaving you here alone Jake. Jennifer Said.

JC, NOW GO.. I will be fine.. Jacob Said.

Jennifer started to run up the stairs. It followed her. A smile on his face. He blocking her. He grabbed her foot. Started pulling her down the stairs. Jennifer turned. Kicked him in the face. He fell down the stairs. She quickly got up. Started running up the stairs. Down the hall. Found a room. Shut the door. Locked it. Started backing up slowly. Heard noises downstairs. Than it was gone a minute later. Jennifer slowly opened the door. Walked slowly down the stairs. Heard nothing. Went to the door. Slowly opened it. Looked left and than right. Did not see anything. Someone came up behind her. Everything went blank.

End Of Chapter 6




















Jennifer slowly opened her eyes. She looked around.. Realized that she was not at her house. Nor was she at Jacob’s house. Looked up. Realized that she was tied.. And a cloth was in her mouth. She tried to get loose. The rope was to tight. Could not get out of it. The door opened. Someone came downstairs. Her eyes got big. Made her struggle more. He just looked at her.

No matter how much you struggle.. Your not getting out of it. He Told Her.

She was trying to talk. But couldn’t. He came over. Reached his hands out. She moved her face quickly. He looked at her.

I am going to take it off. If you scream. I will put it on. He Said.

He gently took off the mouth cover. She was mad..


They will never find me. And they will never find you. He Told Her.


Where did you learn such language.. It’s not proper for a young lady to use that sort of language. He Said.


He was to shocked at first hearing such stuff from her. He just looked at her. She smiled a smirk at him.

Never in my whole years of being a vampire, Have I ever heard a young lady talk like that. He Told her.


That is enough out of you young lady. I see no one had taught you any manners. He Said.


I am not this so called Pedophile. He Told Her.

Look buster. I do not know what your intentions are. But I know one thing for sure, When my friends find me.. They will find you. When they do. You better be praying to whoever it is you pray to. You won’t be alive by the time they get done with you. Jennifer Told Him.


Days Later

He just smiled at her. Jennifer had no hope that anyone was looking for her. They did not care about her. She just sat in the room, On the bed. Slowly got up. Looked out the window. Tears filled her eyes. They fell down her face. Looked at the moon. A knock came at the door. Knew who it was. Did not turn around. He walked inside. Put some food on the table. Turned, Looked at the food. Did not come over. Instead, Went back to looking at the moon. He just stood there.

Miss, You have to eat something.. Please. He Said.

I am not very hungry thank you. Jennifer Said.

He did not say anything else. Turned, Walked out the door. Jennifer laid the bed. Started crying. She wished she was back home. Took something out of her pocket, It was a picture of her and Jacob. Tears fell down her face. Missed Jacob like crazy. Wished that he was here. Looked at another picture of her and the Cullen’s. Laid on the bed slowly closed her eyes.


Hours Later

He knocked on the door. No one answered. He opened the door. Seen Jennifer laying on the bed. Came over. Stood there, Seen something in her hand. Gently took them from her hand. Looked at them. It was a picture of her and some guy. He went to the other photo. Seen a picture of the Cullen’s. He stared at her. Gently put the photos back in her hand. Silently left.



Jennifer slowly woke up. She was not at his house. Panic struck. Looked around. She started running. Finally she came to a road. Noticed it. Started to walk. There sat Jacob’s house. Went up the driveway. Before she could knock on the door. Billy opened it. She smiled at him. He was shocked.

JC.. Billy Said.

Hello Billy. Jennifer Said.

Are you okay? Her didn’t hurt you did he? Billy Asked Her.

No, Billy I am fine. Jennifer Told Him.

Thank you god. Come here. Billy Said.

She came close to Billy. He hugged her. She hugged him back. Looked at him.

Where is Jake? Jennifer Asked Him.

He is out looking for you. So is Sam, and the rest of them. Carlisle, Esme, all them are looking for you. Jennifer called Jacob. She gave the phone to Billy. Jacob answered the phone.

Jacob: Dad.. Why are you calling from JC’S Phone?

Billy: Jake.. She is fine son..

Jacob: What do you mean she is fine dad. Your not making any sense.

Billy: I think you should come home son. I think there is someone here who would like to see you. Actually I will let you talk to this person.

He handed the phone to Jennifer. She smiled at him.

Jennifer: Hey Jake


Jennifer: I am some where’s safe. Why don’t you come home.

Jacob: I will be right there.

He hung up the phone. He looked at Carlisle and Esme.

She is okay.. I think she is over my house. I will go get her. Bring her back home. Jacob Said.

Oh thank god. Thank you Jacob. Esme Said.

Jacob got into his car. Drove as fast as he could home. It didn’t take him long to get there. He shut off the car. Jennifer opened the door. Jacob seen her. Came running. He picked her up. Hugged her. Would not let. He was kissing her cheek. Her forehead. He was swinging her around. Billy came out. Seen them. A smile came to his face. Finally he put her down.

Are you okay? Her didn’t bite you or anything did he? Jacob Asked Her.

No Jake. He did not bite me. Jennifer Said.

Let me check you out. Just in case. Jacob Said.

He checked her neck. Her arms. Her legs. Looked at her.

I am fine Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Will have Esme give you an exam. Jacob Told her

You know that we’ve been looking all over for you. You scared us half to death JC. Especially me, Esme and Carlisle. They couldn’t sleep. Nor eat. Esme been crying for the past 2 days. Looking out the window. Hoping you would show up. I am so glad your okay. Jacob Told Her.

Jake. I want to go home. Jennifer Said.

Come on honey. I’ll drove you there. Jacob Said.

She gave Billy a hug. Got into the car. Drove to the Cullen’s house.



Jacob pulled up. Esme all them were waiting for her, At the door. Jacob opened the door. They both walked inside.


She ran to both of them. Wrapped her arms Esme.. Esme hugged her. Tears flowing down her face. Jennifer hugged Carlisle. He hugged her back. Went on down the line. Nessie hugged her. She hugged her back.

I was so worried JC.. That we would never see you again. Esme Said.

Were really worried about you, JC. We had a search party out looking for you. We were not going to stop until we found you. Carlisle Told Her.

I don’t think he will be coming back anytime soon. Jennifer Said.

Why is that JC. Emmett Asked Her.

I gave him an ear full. I don’t mean being nice to him. Let’s just say my sailor mouth came in contact with him. Jennifer Said.

JC, You know better than to use that sailor mouth. Esme Said.

I know Esme. I won’t use it here. But the words I said to him. His mouth dropped. I was trying hard not to laugh at him. I told him to go eat a possum, Hopefully it would have rabies.. He would die. Jennifer Told Them.

Emmett was snickering.. So was Alice, Jasper, Nessie, Rosalie. Even Edward and Bella were trying not to laugh. Esme and Carlisle looked at them all. They all got quiet.

JC, That wasn’t very nice. Carlisle Said.

Well it was either use my sailor mouth or get bit by that blood sucking demon. I had no choice Carlisle. I had to do what I felt was necessary. Jennifer Said.

She is right Carlisle. Jacob Said.

I don’t care. All I care about now is that your safe. Carlisle Told Her.

The vampire was not giving up. He seemed to be attached to her. When he was sitting on the chair. She walked through the door. Kneeled in front of him.

Your Excellency. I came to bare good news. His Assistant Told him.

What is the good news? He Asked Her.

I found out, That the girl you kidnapped.. She is no ordinary human. The Assistant Said.

What do you mean? He Told Her.

She has powers.. Beyond her reason. Just does not know how to use them yet. The family she is living with, Knows of her powers. They do not want her to use them. Unless it is necessary. The Assistant Told Him.

Are you sure of this? He Said.

Yes your Excellency. I am very positive of this. The Assistant Said.

Yes.. This very excellent news assistant. I think I have an idea now how to get her. He Told Her.

There is only one problem. The Assistant Said.

What is that my dear? He Asked her.

Her wolves that are protecting her. The Assistant Told Him.

Oh, I have an idea, How to get rid of them. He Told Her.

He smiled at her. She smiled back at him.


Jennifer was laying on her bed. Listening to her MP3 player. When she heard a noise outside her window. Quickly took the head phones off her ear. Looked at the window. At first she didn’t hear anything. Than a second later. Heard it again. Slowly got off the bed. Went to the window. Looked down. Jacob was standing there. I opened the door.

Jake.. What the heck are you doing? It’s late.. Jennifer Told Him.

Move, So I can come up. Jacob Told Her.

Jennifer moved out of the way. He climbed up the wooded panel. Held onto the banister. Stood there. Staring at her. She let him in her room. Turned.. Looked at her.

Is something wrong? Jennifer Asked Him.

Just came to make sure you were okay? I was worried. Jacob Said.

I am fine Jennifer Said.

Have a bad feeling. Jacob Told Her.

Bad feeling about what Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

Feeling that he is going to try something again. Jacob Said.

You know that Carlisle, Esme and them won’t let him get near me. Know you and Sam and all them won’t either. Jennifer Said.

JC, Looked what happened when they went searching for him. You got kidnapped. It was all my fault. I should have been watching you more closer. Couldn’t stop him. Let him take away the only person who has meaning in my life. I was like a scared child. Jacob Told Her.

Hey.. Don’t be so hard on yourself Jake. Was not your fault. You were there protecting me. It was just a bad time. That is all. Jennifer Said.

I know JC.. But what happens if it happens next time. I am not there to protect you. Jacob Told her.

Jennifer came up to Jacob. Gently put a hand to his face. He just looked at her, With his eyes sad. She smiled at him.

Jake. You will always be there to protect me. I know this.. In my heart. You’re my family. There is no one, I’d rather have protect me than you Jacob Black. Jennifer Told Him.

Thank you JC. Jacob Said.

Your welcome. Jennifer Said.

Better go, Try and get some sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Jacob Told Her.

Jennifer had a worried face. She was worried about Jacob. He turned.. Looked at her. Came close to her. Gave her a hug. She wrapped her arms around him. He left out the window. Ran into the woods. She looked out the window, Watched him go.


Next Day

She did not want to get up. Really depressed and worried about Jacob. A knock came at the door. A smile came to her face. The door opened.. It was Bella. The smile faded.. She just looked at her. Came over. Sat on the bed next to her.

JC, Jake will be fine. Trust me. He a lot stronger than you know. We have been through a lot together. Bella Said.

I know Bella. Just can’t help but worried. I mean.. Don’t tell Carlisle and Esme, Last night Jacob came over to visit me. The look on his face. He was sad.. Talking about the next time that vampire comes, What if he can’t protect me. I tried to get him not to be worried. Was not working. I felt so bad. Like part of me, Wanted to curl up and die. Jennifer Told Her.

Understand.. I felt like that a lot of times with Jake. When I was dating Edward.. After we broke up. The pain he felt.. He had me in tears twice. There is something that you need to know about Jake. He can be strong willed. His heart is always in a good place. I know you love him. Bella Told Her.

Whoa.. I did not say anything about loving Jake. I love him like a brother. Not in that way. Jennifer Said.

Have you ever heard of soul mates. Bella Asked Her.

Uh oh.. Where is this going Bella Marie.. Jennifer Said.

I think Jake is your soul mate. I can feel it. Bella Said.

Ha-ha.. Your kidding me right.. Jennifer Told Her.

No JC. Actually, Am very serious. Bella Said.

Bella.. There is no me and Jacob. I only like him as a friend. Jennifer Said.

Okay JC. I understand. Come on.. Have to get up and get dressed. Time for school. Bella Told Her.

Bella left the room. I took a quick shower. Got dressed. Did my hair. Put my shoes and socks on. Went into the kitchen. Ate something. Brushed my teeth. Came downstairs. Edward was there. We walked out the door. He opened the door for me. I got inside. Drove off to school. Was looking out the window. Watching the raindrops that were falling. Edward glanced over real quick. Than back on the road again.

What is Bella is right.. What if I do love Jacob. Not in a brotherly way. When did this start to happen.. Every time he smiles.. My heart skips a beat.

Flash Back

COME ON JC.. HURRY UP.. Jacob Told Her.

What is the rush Jake. Jennifer Said.

I ran quickly. He was already there. I looked.. I seen the ocean. Came close to it. Stood there. Watching the waves. The sun beating off the water. A smile came to my face. I looked over at Jacob. Than back at the water.

Jake.. Will you always be here to protect me. Jennifer Asked Him.

He turned his head. Looked at her. Than back at the ocean.

Yes JC. I will always be there for you. To protect you. You’re my family. Jacob Said.

Thank you Jake. Jennifer Said.

For what JC? Jacob Told Her.

Being there for me. And protecting me. Jennifer Told Him.

He came close to her. Wrapped his arm around her.

Your welcome JC. Jacob Said.

We both looked out at the ocean. Watching the waves.


Of The Day

Jennifer continued looking out the door. Edward was reading her mind. A smile came to his face.


Edward parked his car. Jennifer grabbed her backpack. She got out. Shut the door. Walked up the stairs. Grabbed her books. Friends came and started talking to her. But her mind was some where’s else. Jennifer went to class. When she was witting at her desk. Another flash back came into her mind.



JAKE.. COME FIND ME.. Jennifer Said.

Jacob was looking around. He looked behind these boxes.. She was not there. Than he looked under where the wood was. Not there. She started to giggle. Jacob walked over. A smile on his face. Looked in the car. Another smile on his face. It was quiet for a minute. Until she started giggling again. Pulled the tarp off. She looked at him. A smile on her face.

I found you. Jacob Said.

Aww.. Not fair Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Jacob started laughing. She opened the door. He helped her out. She tripped He was holding her. They both fell onto the ground. Both started laughing. She looked at Jacob. Quickly got up. Helped him up. Both went outside. Jennifer seen the hose. She pointed it towards Jacob.

Don’t you dare Jennifer Christine Cullen. Jacob Told Her.

Oh yeah.. What if I did.. Jacob Black. Jennifer Said.

I’ll do this.. Jacob Said.

He grabbed the hose. Billy came out. He looked at them. A smile on his face. Jennifer accidentally pushed the button. Looked up. Noticed that Billy was wet. A shock look came on her face. Jacob just looked perturbed. Not sure what will happen next. Billy came over. He took his hand out.

Can I have the hose please. Billy Said.

Uh.. Sure Billy.. I am really sorry. Didn’t mean to spray you. Please be nice Billy. Jennifer Said.

He got the hose, Pushed the button. Sprayed her. Jacob started laughing. Billy looked at him. Sprayed him with water. Jennifer started laughing.

Well Jake.. Looks like your all wet. Jennifer Told Him.

Very funny JC. I have to go change now. I’ll be right back. Jacob Said.

He went into the house. Billy and Jennifer followed him. He changed into shorts. A knock came on the door.

It’s just me Jake. Are you safe? Jennifer Asked Him.

Yes.. Come in JC. Jacob Told Her.

She opened the door. Came inside. Jacob had his t-shirt off. Could not help but stare at his body. He looked at her. She looked away. A smile came to his face. He put his shirt on. Sat on his bed. Seen a picture of them together. Picked up the picture. Looked at it. Jacob turned. Sat beside her.

Do you remember this Jake. This was taken at the beach. Jennifer Said.

Yup.. We had a lot of fun that day JC. Jacob Said.

She laid on the bed. Jacob laid next to her. She got closer. He wrapped his around her. They both closed their eyes. A knock came on the door. Billy opened it. He seen them asleep on the bed. A smile came to his face. He got on the phone.

They are asleep. Billy Said.

Aww.. Well don’t bother them. Let them sleep. When they get up. Just have Jacob drove her home. Esme Said.

Okay. Billy Told Her.

They both hung up the phone. Went into the living room.. Watched TV. A smile on his face.

End Of Chapter 7

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Hour Later

Jacob slowly opened his eyes. He looked over. Noticed that Jennifer was still asleep. He tried to move. Not to wake her up. She slowly opened her eyes. Looked at Jacob. A smile on her face.

Hey Jake. What time is it? Jennifer Asked Him.

6 o clock I think. Jacob Told Her.

She got up real fast. Looked at Jacob..

Oh no.. Carlisle and Esme are going to kill me. Jennifer Said.

They walked out his bedroom. She grabbed her shoes. Put them on quickly. Billy was just looking at her.

What is the rush JC. Billy Asked Her.

I have to get home. Carlisle and Esme are going to worry. Jennifer Told Him.

They know you’re here? Billy Said.

She turned around. Looked at Billy. A smile came to his face.

What? How do they know I am here. Oh yeah their vampire senses. Keep forgetting about them. Jennifer Said.

No. Esme called last night. We didn’t want to wake you and Jake up. You guys looked to cute sleeping. Billy Told Her.

Umm.. Okayyy Billy. I need to go home anyways. Jennifer Told Him.

Jacob came out from his bedroom. Looked at them both. He looked at Jennifer.

You ready to go? Jacob Asked Her.

She gave Billy a hug. They left out the door. Walked into the car. Drove to the Cullen’s house.



Jacob pulled up the driveway. They both got out. Jennifer walked inside. Esme was there so was Carlisle. Jacob came through the door. They all looked at him. I was wondering what was going on.

JC.. And Jacob.. I think we need to have a little talk. Carlisle Said.

Uh oh.. What about Carlisle? Jennifer Asked Him.

From what I heard.. You two slept together. Now I know Jacob, That your old enough to know better. Especially since JC is only 16 years old. I am sure that your father had the talk with you. Carlisle Told Him.

Oh my god Carlisle.. We did not do what you think we did.. Jennifer Said.

She’s right. We were tired.. So we fell asleep. I swear to you, That I didn’t do anything with JC. Jacob Told Him.

Okay.. Good. Carlisle Said.

I am going to go head off. I will text you later JC. Jacob Said.

I hugged Jacob. He hugged me back. Left out the door. I turned around, Looked at them. Walked upstairs. Esme looked at Carlisle. They both came upstairs. Knocked on the door. Carlisle opened the door. Both came in. I just looked at them.

JC.. What’s wrong? Esme Asked Him.

I don’t like being accused of something that I didn’t do. I didn’t have sex with Jake. We fell asleep on the bed. We were both clothed. Jennifer Said.

JC.. We were not accusing you of anything. We know how much attached you are to Jacob. That you have feelings for him. More than a friend. Carlisle Said.

Omggg.. I don’t even like Jacob like that. He’s one of my best friends. Yes we do a lot together.. I like spending time with him. As a friend. Jennifer Told Them.

Okay JC. Either way.. We still were not accusing you of anything. Carlisle Told Her.

Alright Carlisle and Esme. Jennifer Said.

Can you help me with the plates please.. Dinner will be done soon. Esme Said.

Sure Esme. Jennifer Told Her.

She came down, Helped put the dinner plates on the table. Rosalie put the forks on the table.


They all sat down for dinner. Were all talking. I was just watching them talk.


Of Image

I was thinking to myself. Could not help but to think of Jacob. A smile came to my face. Than the bell rang. I went to lunch. Sat at the table. Eating a small portion of what was on my plate. My friends were talking about shopping and what they are going to wear at their prom.


Of School

Went to my locker. Did the combination. Had my books already for home work. Grabbed my light jacket. Walked outside, Down the stairs. A grey car was there. He got out. It wasn’t Jacob. It was Edward. I came up to his car. Bella was in the front seat with him. Now I was wondering what was going on. I opened the door. Put my back pack inside. Got in. Shut the door. Put my seatbelt on. Edward drove off.

Okay what is going on? Jennifer Asked Them.

Edward looked in the mirror back at her. Bella turned around.. Looked at her. Than turned back around. Now I was getting scared. I text Jacob..


Edward and Bella are acting very weird?


Jacob text me back

What is going on?



I walked down the stairs from my school. I thought it was you picking me up. It was Edward and Bella. I asked Edward what was going on. He didn’t say anything. Just looked at me through the mirror. And Bella turned around in her seat. She gave me this weird look. Than she turned around. Looked back towards the road.


Okay where are you at now?


I am driving past the long road.


Tell Edward to stop the car. Tell him that you don’t feel good. You feel like your going to get sick. I will be right there.


Edward please pull over. Jennifer Asked Him.

Why? What’s wrong? Edward Asked Her.

I think I am going to get sick. Jennifer Said.

Are you sure? Edward Said.


Okay JC. Calm down. Edward Told Her.

He pulled over. Jennifer slammed open the door. Slammed it shut. She ran towards this tree and bent her head like she was going to get sick. Two seconds later a grey car pulled in front of them. Jacob got out. Edward was wondering why he was here.

WHERE IS JC? Jacob Asked Him.

She’s over there getting sick. Edward Said.

Jacob ran over.. He came up to her. She just stood there. Stared at Jacob. He gently put a hand on her back.

Are you okay JC? Jacob Said.

Yeah.. I’m fine Jennifer Said.

Your coming with me. I’ll take you home. Jacob Told Her.

He had his hand on her back. They both walked towards his car. But Edward got in front of them. He just looked at Jacob. Than at me.

Where are you taking her? Edward Told Him.

I am taking her home. Jacob Told Him.

Why is that? Edward Said.

Because you scared the living hell out of her that is why? She doesn’t trust you, Nor does she trust Bella either. Jacob Said.

Edward just looked at Jennifer. Bella did too.

JC, Were sorry if we scared you. That was not our intentions. Please let us drive you home. Edward Told Her.

No. Jacob is going to drive me home. Maybe next time you two will learn not to act like a bunch of psychos. Come on Jacob. Jennifer Told Him.

She gently took his hand. Led him over to the car. Jacob opened the door for her. She got inside. Jacob was going around the side. He looked at them standing there. Got into the car. Started it. Than headed off to the Cullen’s house.



Jacob pulled up in the driveway. Edward was already there. We both got out of the car. Headed inside. Esme was standing there.

JC.. What went on between you, Edward, and Bella. Esme Asked Her.

Edward and Bella scared the living daylight out of her. She text me telling me they were acting strange when they were driving her home. I told JC to tell him to pull over and act like she was sick. I came and got her. She wouldn’t get back in the car with them. Jacob Said.


Bella and Edward came into the room. Esme looked at them. With a serious face.

Look.. I don’t want to get them into any trouble. don’t want them mad at me. Jennifer Said.

JC, We could never be mad at you. Bella Said.

Jacob just told me that you scared the living daylights out of JC. Esme Told Them.

Were sorry Esme. It wasn’t our intentions to scare her. The reason why we were acting strange was, We have a surprise for her. Edward Said.

REALLY?? Well you guys should have told me. I would have understood. Jennifer Said.

But it wouldn’t have been a surprise if we told you JC. Come on.. It’s upstairs. Bella Said..

Come on Jake and Edward and Esme.. Jennifer Told Them.

We all went upstairs. Down the hall. Stood at her bedroom door. Edward looked at Jennifer.

Now you have to close your eyes. Or else we won’t show you. Edward Said.

I slowly closed my eyes. Bella opened the door. Led me into my room. I stopped. When she did.

Okay now open your eyes. Bella Said.

She opened her eyes. She looked at her bed. Which was gothic Black with red roses on them. Red pillows white laced hanging down. It was beautiful.

I LOVE IT.. Jennifer Said.

We knew you would. Edward Said.

She hugged Bella, Than hugged Edward. They hugged her back.

Thank you guys. I can’t wait to sleep under it. Jennifer Told Them.

We are glad you like it JC. Bella Told Her.

You guys are cool. Jennifer Said.

Thank you. Edward Said Laughing.

Your cool too Jake, And Esme and the rest of my family. Jennifer Told Esme.

Walked over. Sat on the bed. The blanket was so soft. I laid down on it. I was smiling. Edward, Bella, Esme, Jacob were too. Jacob turned. Looked at them.

Sorry about me thinking you scared JC. Jacob Told Them.

Hey it’s okay Jake. We understand why you felt that way. We would have reacted the same way as you did. Bella Said.

Jennifer had a smile on hr face. They all left but Jacob. He came close to her. She felt really bad. Couldn’t look at Jacob in the eye.

Jake.. I’m sorry. I thought they were up to something. Jennifer Said.

JC, It’s okay. I would have felt the same way. Don’t blame yourself. Jacob Told Her.

She just smiled at Jacob. He smiled back at her. They walked downstairs. Sat on the couch. Esme came down. Sat on the other chair. Carlisle walked through the door. Esme gave her husband a kiss. He came into the living room. Seen Jennifer and Jacob sitting on the couch. He smiled at them.

Hello Jacob, Hello JC. Carlisle Told Them.

Hey Carlisle.. Jacob Said.

Hello Carlisle. Jennifer Told Him.

A knock came at the door. Jennifer walked out of the living room. Looked at the door. Slowly opened it. A girl was standing there.

Hello. You must be JC. Nice to finally meet you. She Told Her.

Umm.. You are? Jennifer Told Her.

Oh, How silly of me. My name is Leah. Leah Clearwater. I am a friend of Jake’s. Leah Said.

Oh yes. Hold on. I will get Jake. Jennifer Said.

No need. Actually I wanted to talk to you. If I could. Leah Told Her.

Jennifer looked into the house. She quietly shut the door. They walked into the woods. Leah looked at her.

What is this about Leah? Jennifer Asked Her.

Leah was about to answer her. When her name was being called by Esme.


I AM COMING ESME. Jennifer Said.

You’d better go, We can talk later. Goodbye JC. Leah Said.

Leah turned into a wolf. Ran off deeper into the woods. Jennifer walked through the woods. She came to the house. Up the front porch stairs. Into the house. Esme was standing there.

Esme, What is wrong? Jennifer Asked Her.

Alice came into the room, With Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Jacob followed. At that time, The look on Alice’s face. I knew it was not good.

JC, We are going to have a family meeting. Carlisle Told her.

Alice, What is going on? Jennifer Said.

But Alice could not speak. I was getting worried, The more she did not say anything. Just stood there staring at me.

Come on JC, Family meeting. Esme Said.

We walked upstairs. Went into the living room. Everyone sat down, But me. I stood. Jacob was standing next to me. I looked at them all.

What is going on? Jennifer Told Them.

Alice had a vision? Carlisle Said.

Okay.. But she usually always has visions. Usually her visions are wrong. No offence Alice. What did you have a vision of? Jennifer Asked Her.

I had a vision of you and Jacob. Alice Said.

Oh for crying out loud Alice. Jennifer Said.

Jane tries to hurt you. Jacob protects you. Another vampire grabs a hold of Jacob.. And.. And.. Alice Told Her.

What happens Alice.. Jennifer Asked Her.

He.. He.. Alice Said.

ALICE PLEASE TELL ME.. WHAT HAPPENS TO JAKE. I am sorry Alice. Please if you love you as a sister. Please tell me what happens to Jake. Jennifer Said.

He get’s hurt. Really bad JC. Alice Told Her.

What about me Alice. Jennifer Told Her.

Your gone. I don’t see your future… anymore. Alice Told Her.

Your kidding me right. Alice tell me that your joking.. Your vision is wrong. Jennifer Told Her.

I am sorry JC. Hope my vision is wrong. Alice Said.

Jennifer did not say anything more. She ran out of the room. Up the stairs. Opened her door. Closed it. Laid on her bed. Tears filled her eyes. Fell down her face. A knock came at the door.


She did not say anything. Just laid there. Not moving. Just thinking about things. Her life with the Cullen’s, Jacob and Billy. Sam and all them. Another knock came at the door.


Jacob walked upstairs. He just stood there for a second. Looked at Carlisle and Esme. Carlisle looked at him.

Jacob.. Please do something. Carlisle Asked Him.

He knocked on the door.

JC, It’s Jake.. Can I come in please. Jacob Told Her.

He opened the door. Walked into her room. Looked back at them. Slowly closed the door. Went over. Sat on her bed, Next to her.

I.. Jennifer Said.

JC, I am sorry. Just hope that Alice’s vision is wrong. I promise you. As long as I am still breathing.. No one is going to hurt you, Or come near you JC. I will be okay. Promise you that. Always fight for you. Jacob Said.

Jennifer slowly turned.. She looked at Jacob. Her face was still sad. Slowly bent up. Looked at him.

But what if it doesn’t Jake. What if something bad happens to you. I can’t let that happen. Your like my best friend Jake. If anything happened to you. Will not be able to handle that. Jennifer Told Him.

Shh.. Hey nothing is going to happen to me. I am not going to let anything happen to you either. You’re my best friend JC. You mean the world to me. No one is going to take you away from me. Not as long as I am still standing on my own two feet. Jacob Told Her.

Thank you Jake. Jennifer Said.

Your welcome. Come on.. Esme and Carlisle and everyone is worried about you. Jacob Said.

She slowly got off the bed. They both walked to the door. He opened it. Carlisle, Esme and everyone was standing there. They all looked at her.

JC.. Are you okay? Esme Asked Her.

I just shook my head yes. Alice came up to me. She hugged me. I hugged her back. She looked at me.

Sorry JC, I should have never told you. Didn’t realize that you would get this upset. If I would have known that. Alice Said.

It’s fine Alice. I am okay now. Can handle it now. Jennifer Said.

JC, We will not let anyone else hurt you. If it comes to us having a war against them. So be it. It’s to protect you. Your our family. We protect our family. Carlisle Told Her.

I know Carlisle. Jennifer Told Him.

Could not help if what Carlisle was saying was the truth. Jacob had warned me about them. Why was he not saying anything. I looked at Jacob. He looked at me.

JC, Can I talk to you please. Jacob Asked Her.

Sure Jake. Jennifer Said.

We walked outside. Into the woods. I sat on a log, Jacob sat next to me. I couldn’t look at him. I was so confused. He looked at me.

JC, Look I have a feeling that there is going to be a war. I will protect you with everything I have. Jacob Said.

Jake. I hope it doesn’t come to this. I am worried.. About you, About my family. Don’t know how to help you or my family. Feel powerless. Jennifer Told Him.

Honey.. There is nothing you can do. It doesn’t mean that your powerless.. You’re a strong person JC. Your strong for your family, You are strong for me. That is greatest power you have. Jacob Told Her.

End Of Chapter 8

















I didn’t say anything more. We walked back to the house. Went inside. Jacob left after 5 minutes. Was sitting in my room thinking to myself.

How can I help my family.. What about Jake?.. Why is this war over me. Don’t understand all this. I need to stop it.

I laid in my bed.. Watching the clock keep ticking. Slowly I closed my eyes.



I woke up early. Pacing back and forth. Trying to figure everything out. No matter how hard I tried. Couldn’t think of anything to save my family Or Jake. Rosalie came into the room. Looked at me. Knew something was wrong.

JC.. What’s wrong? Rosalie Asked Her.

Oh.. Hey Rosalie.. Nothing.. I am fine. Jennifer Told Her.

I don’t believe you. Now what’s wrong? Rosalie Said.

Just trying to figure out how I can save my family and Jake. Jennifer Said.

JC, Come sit. Please. Rosalie Told Her.

Okay. Jennifer Told Her.

They both sat on the couch. Rosalie looked at me. She could tell the worry look on my face and in my eyes. Read me like a book.

Look.. I know that your trying to protect us and Jacob. God know why you would want to save that mongrel. Rosalie Said.

Rosalie. Jennifer Said.

Sorry.. Anyways.. I am trying to say.. Is as much as you want to save us. Your human. You won’t have the power to save us all. I know you love us all. We love you too JC. I am sorry. We are going to protect you.. Your our family. Jacob loves you too. Rosalie Told Her.

How do you know Jake loves me. Jennifer Asked Her.

I have a feeling, That he does. Rosalie Told Her.

Rosalie.. Please.. Don’t start with the me and Jacob thing. If it happens, It does. I am going to go chasing after him. If fait has it’s way.. Than let fait take it’s course. Jennifer Said.

I understand JC. Rosalie Said.

Esme came into the living room. Looked at me and Rosalie. She smiled at us. I smiled back at her.

Okay you guys.. Breakfast is ready. Esme Said.

Come on Rosalie.. Let’s go eat. Jennifer Told Her.

She grabbed Rosalie’s hand led her into the dining room. They sat down. Started eating. After breakfast. My cell phone went off. I looked at it. It was Jacob. I hit send.

Jennifer: Hey Jake

Jacob: Hey JC. What are you doing?

Jennifer: Nothing. Just got done eating breakfast.

Jacob: Sounds yummy. I was wondering if you wanted to come over, Hang out.

I looked at Esme and Rosalie. Esme read him like a book. She smiled at me.

Go ahead JC. Get you out of the house. Spend some time with Jacob. Esme Said.

Jennifer: Okay Jake.

Jacob: Cool. I’ll come pick you up in an hour.

Jennifer: Alright.

I hit end. Esme looked at me.

I do.. want you home by 10:00.. Esme Told Her.

Alright Esme. Will do. Jennifer Said.

Took a quick shower. Got dressed. Brushed my teeth. Went downstairs. Sat on the porch. Thinking about a lot of things. Until I seen a grey convertible pull up the drive way. I immediately got up. He parked the car, Got out. Came over, Gave me a hug. Of course I hugged him back. He opened the door. I got in. Shut the door. Drove off.



Pulled into the driveway. We both got out. Went inside. I came into the living room. Billy was watching something. Did not want to interrupt him. I started to leave. When he said something.

Hello JC. Billy Said.

How do you do that Billy. What do you read minds or something? Jennifer Said laughing.

Nope. I just know. Billy Told Her.

I came over. Gave Billy a hug. He hugged me back. Let go of him.

Hello Billy. Nice to see you again. Jennifer Told Him.

Nice to see you again too. You should talk Jake into having you come over more than once a month. Good to have you around. Billy Said.

Aww thank you Billy. Jennifer Said.

Your welcome JC. Billy Told Her.

Jacob just smiled at him. They walked into the garage. Jennifer was leaning against his car. He started working on his bike.

Jake.. Jennifer Told Him.

He slowly lifted his head. Looked at her. Could see the worry look on her face. He got up. Came over to her.

JC, What’s wrong? Jacob Asked Her.

Do you really have to fight. I mean.. I keep blaming myself for this. Cause my best friend and my family are fighting cause I am not one of them. Jennifer Said.

JC, No.. Don’t ever think this is your fault. JC, Your family loves you. That is the reason why they are doing this. Jacob Said.

And you Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

Of course I do JC, I am one of your best friends. I will do anything to protect you. Jacob Told Her.

Bella told me a story of how you protecting her from vampires. Jennifer Said.

Yes I also was helping her get over her heart break over Edward. Jacob Said.

Hmm.. Well as Bella told me that you told her that you were in love with her. She asked you to kiss her. You did. I think that is sweet. Jennifer Said.

Jacob has a smile on his face. I just smirked at him..

Does she tell you everything? Jacob Asked Her.

No, Not everything. Jennifer Told Him.

He started laughing. He shook his head. Went back to fixing his bike. I sat there, Watched him. My phone started ringing. I looked at it. It was Carlisle. Hit send.

Jennifer: Hey Carlisle.

Carlisle: Hello JC. Are you over Jake’s house?

Jennifer: Yes why? What is going on Carlisle?

Carlisle: JC, I need you home right now.. They are coming a little sooner than we thought.

Jennifer: Where are they planning on.. I mean their not coming to where we are. Are they Carlisle.

Carlisle: I don’t know JC. We need you to be safe. Need you here so we can protect you. Please tell Jacob to bring you home.

Jennifer: Okay Carlisle.

We said goodbye. My face turned white. I sat down hard on the ground. Jacob immediately came over. He looked at me.

JC.. What’s wrong? Jacob Asked Her.

Was so shaken up. I could not even get the words out to tell him. He just looked at me. I tried to get the words out. My mouth could not speak.

W.. W.. W.. Jennifer Said.

Come on JC.. I am taking you home. Carlisle can take a look at you. Jacob Said.

He picked me up. I laid my head on his chest. I was shaken like a leaf. Put my hand over my mouth. To keep the tears from falling. Jacob put me gently into the car. He buckled me up. He ran over the other side.. We drove off fast towards my house.



Jacob drove up the driveway fast. He put the brakes on hard. He shut off the car. Put it in park. He got out real quick. He ran over to the other side. Opened the door. Gently picked me up. He walked fast towards the door. Esme opened the door. She looked at Jennifer. Than at Jacob.

What happened to her Jacob? Esme Asked Her.

Where is Carlisle? I think JC is in shock. Jacob Told Her.

Let’s get her to the couch. I will get Carlisle. Esme Said.

Jacob made his way into the living room. He gently set Jennifer down on the couch. By that time Carlisle already heard them. He came into the living room fast.

What happened to her Jacob? Carlisle Asked Him.

I don’t know.. One minute she was talking to you on the phone. Next minute she turned completely white. Could not speak. Jacob Said.

Let me have a look at her? Carlisle Said.

Carlisle came over. He shined a light in her eyes. He checked her heart beat. Her blood pressure. Esme was getting worried.

Is she going to be okay Carlisle. Esme Asked Her.

She will be fine. Her blood pressure is high. I will have to put her on medication for it. JC, Can you hear me? Carlisle Said.

I am not deaf Carlisle. I can hear you. Jennifer Said.

JC.. Thank god.. Are you okay? Esme Said.

Fine Esme. Just I was shocked for a little while. Jennifer Told Her.

Okay what the hell is going on Carlisle. Don’t tell me nothing. I know something is wrong? Jacob Told Him.

They are coming a little earlier than we expected. Carlisle Told Him.

What are they after? Jacob Said.

We know that they are after JC. Carlisle Said.

What for? Jacob Told Him.

We think they are after her. To make her into one of us. Carlisle Told Him.

Like hell they are. Not touching her. Jacob Said.

Jacob walked out the front door. He dialed Sam’s number. Told him what is going on. He told Sam to let Paul, Embry, All them what is going on. He hung up the phone. Came back inside. Walked up the stairs. Jennifer was sitting there. She stared at him.

Jake.. What did you do? Jennifer Asked Him.

If it’s a war they want, It’s one they are going to get. I just got a hold of Sam. They are coming here. Jacob Told Him.


Jennifer got up. She walked past Jacob. Went to her room. Slammed the door. Jacob just stood there. Carlisle came over.

It’s okay Jake. I will talk to her. She needs to understand what is going on? Carlisle Said.

She already does. We told her. Doesn’t want to understand. Jacob Said.

I know Jake. Be right back. Carlisle Said.

Went up the stairs. Knocked on her door. She didn’t answer him. He knocked again. Opened the door. Jennifer was sitting there on her bed. Fumbling with her fingers. He came over. Sat beside her.

JC.. Sweetie.. You know why we are doing this. I don’t want to fight, Neither does anyone else. It’s to protect you. And your well being. I promise you.. Not any of us will get hurt. Carlisle Told Her.

I wish I could help. It’s impossible. I am human. Don’t have powers like you guys do. Jennifer Said.

If you did.. You still wouldn’t be ready yet. Still would have to train you on how to use them. Carlisle Said.

I know.. Jennifer Told Him.

Another knock came at the door. Doorknob turned. Jennifer and Carlisle looked. It was Jacob. Carlisle looked at her.

I think I will leave you to alone. I’ll be downstairs.. If you need anything JC. Carlisle Told Her.

Carlisle started walking past Jacob. He put his hand on his shoulder. Smiled at him. Left out the door. Jacob came over. Sat down on the bed next to her. They started talking. He came downstairs. Esme and all them looked at him. Esme came up to him.

Is she okay? Esme Asked Him.

He could see the worry look on her face. Carlisle smiled at her. He nodded his head yes at her.

She will be fine sweetie. Carlisle Said.

2 seconds later Jacob came down with Jennifer. Esme hugged her. She hugged her back. Hugged everyone else.

JC, We are going to have you go over seas.. Carlisle Said.

Over sea’s where Carlisle? Jennifer Asked Him.

Isle Island. Carlisle Told Her.

I am not going Carlisle Staying there by myself.. Staying here with you, Esme the rest of my family and Jake. Jennifer Said.

You will not be by yourself. Esme Said.

Wait.. What do you mean? Who else will be there with me? Jennifer Told Her.

Jacob is staying there with you. Carlisle Said.

All of a sudden.. Images went through my mind.. I turned a crimson red. Jacob looked at me. He smiled. I am guessing he knew the images, I was getting. Carlisle and Esme did not seemed pleased.

Jacob and JC, I am assuming that you two will behave yourselves. Esme Told Her.

I couldn’t say anything at first.. I was to tongue tied.. Images kept on going through my mind. My face started turning red again. Carlisle and Esme kept on looking at me. Jacob spoke up.

Yes Esme and Carlisle. We will. I promise. Jacob Said.

JC, Jacob, I want you two start packing. You guys are leaving in 3 days. Carlisle Told Them.

Jacob gave me a hug. He left out the door. I went upstairs. Started packing my stuff. Heard a knock on the door. Edward came through my door. Shut it. Leaned against the wall. A smile on his face. I was looking at him weird. He came over. Handed me something. When I looked I knew exactly what they were. My face turned a crimson red.

Why did you give me these Edward? Jennifer Asked Him.

I have a feeling something is going to happen there. You might need those. Just in case. Edward Told Her.

Oh geeze.. Edward.. If it happens it does. I am not pushing my luck. Jennifer Said.

Well you can push your luck. My feelings are usually 100% positive. Edward Said.

Just stood there, Looked at him. I couldn’t help but blush. He started laughing. Told me that he would see me later. Walked out the door.


Days Later

We flew to Puerto Rico. We walked down the street. Music was playing. I just looked at Jacob. He pulled me to him. We started dancing. Got on a boat. Headed to the island.



Jacob got off the boat first. He picked me up. Set me down gently. We walked inside. Into the bedroom. There was only one bed. We looked at each other. Put our luggage on the floor. My phone rang.. I looked at it. Hit Send..

Edward: Hello JC

Jennifer: Hey Edward.. I was wondering why there is only one bed in the house.

Edward: That’s the way Esme and Carlisle wanted it built.

Walked out of view, So Jacob couldn’t hear me.. Went outside.

Jennifer: Where do you expect Jacob to sleep?

Edward: Oh, I am sure you two can figure it out.


Edward:*Laughing* Like you said if it does it does.. I am going to get going. Glad you two made it safe there. Talk to you later..

Before I could say anything. Hung up the phone. I was angry at him, For even thinking that. Than when I did think about it. A smile came across my face. Started to blush. Ignored the thought. Shook my head. Came back into the bedroom. Jacob was gone. Where did he go? I know he couldn’t have gone back home. I looked everywhere. Finally opened the back door. There he was in the ocean. In all his beautiful glory. I mean beautiful glory. Oh damn.. He looks hot.. How come I never seen him like this. The only part of his body I seen was his chest. I couldn’t help but stare at that. Again I shook the thought out of my mind. I still could not help from staring at him. JC you seriously need to get a grip. I am not suppose to be thinking of him in that way. He is my best friend. Like a brother to me. When he came out of the water. Looked at me. A smile on his face. He came over to me.

How come you didn’t come into the water. It’s nice. Jacob Asked Her.

Oh god.. Please.. Just one night.. Give me one night with him.. I will do anything god. Please.

Jacob looked at her. I turned my head. Jennifer slowly turned her head. Looked at him. The feelings were not stopping. She wanted to come towards him. Press her lips on his. I could not muster doing it.

Oh.. Uh.. I probably will tomorrow Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Are you hungry? Jacob Said.

Um.. A little bit. Jennifer Said.

Come on, Let’s eat something. Jacob Told Her.

They came into the kitchen. I sat at the Island table. He opened the fridge. Was looking inside. My mind was wondering. Images started again. I was so into my image that I didn’t even hear Jacob. Shook the thought out.

What was that Jake? Jennifer Told Him.

You know.. Keep having these images of me.. Were going to have to do something about it. Jacob Said.

My mouth completely dropped. I just looked at him.. Could not believe the words that came out of his mouth. I smiled.. Which turned into a sexy smirkish grin.

Ha.. You wouldn’t be able to handle me Jacob Black. Jennifer Said.

Whoa.. Why the hell did I say that.. I have no experience in that department. Jacob knows that. Ughh.. I can be such a blonde sometimes. Should just have kept my mouth shut. Not say anything.

Jacob gave one of his sexy smirk.. I was almost melting. My heart was beating a mile a minute. He came over to where I was sitting. Came close to me. I stood real still like a statue. Not moving. He whispered softly in my ear.

Oh, I think I can handle you real well. Miss Jennifer Christine Cullen.. If you don’t think so. We can always try. Jacob Told Her.

Right than and there.. I felt like ripping his clothes off.. Jumping his bones. I could not do anything. Just looked at him like he was crazy. I got off the chair. Stared at him..

Yeah right Jake. Jennifer Said.

I walked past him. He was quicker. He gently grabbed my arm. Turned me around. I looked at his hand on my arm. Than at him.

Don’t tempt me JC, Your temptation to me is like a drug. I am starting to like this drug that your giving me. Jacob Said.

Really Jake.. Jennifer Told Him.

She tried to get away. He was not letting her go. Pulled her into him. I had my face down. He gently lifted my chin. I was staring at his beautiful eyes.. Mesmerized by them.

Yes really JC. Jacob Told Her.

Holy crap.. What did I get myself into.. Never in the years that I have known Jacob. Has he ever talked to me like this. Not complaining. Never seen Jacobs Sexy and tempting side.. I am actually getting to like it. Maybe a little to much.

I have no idea what your talking about.. About these images.. Jacob Black. Jennifer Said.

Oh.. I think you know very well what I am talking about JC Cullen. Jacob Said.

Thought you were cooking dinner? Jennifer Told Him.

Do not avoid the subject JC. Jacob Told Her.

I’m not. Just a little a hungry, That’s all. Jennifer Said.

What if I wanted to skip dinner. Lay you over that island table.. Just take you right here and now. Jacob Said.

I would think your crazy Jake. Jennifer Told Him.

Oh.. You have not seen crazy yet JC. Just you wait. Jacob Said.

What do you plan on doing? Jennifer Asked Him..

Right than I should have kept my mouth shut. He gently picked me up. Took me into the room. Gently laid me on the bed. He climbed on top of me. Staring into my eyes. Something was drawing me to him. Like a moth to a flame. Could not help but stare at him. Hoping he would do something.. My heart was pounding so hard.. I was twitching between my thighs. If there is a god.. Please make him do something.. Anything.. I don’t care what it is. Amen..

You know that I would never hurt you JC.. I want the truth from you. Are you sure your ready for this? Once you say yes. There is no turning back. Jacob Told Her.

Y..Y..Y.. Yes.. Jake.. I am ready. Jennifer Told Him.

That smirk smile came upon his face. I knew I was in for a long ride. I was Jacob black’s temptation drug. He slowly bent down. Kissed my lips. Felt like I was soaring through the clouds. My mouth was not obeying me. I started kissing him back. Took off his shirt. Than took mine off. My bra. I felt his body heat. Was Like putting water on a fire that would never burn. I was so drawn to him. Felt like, I would never get out of it. I was stuck here. Forever and ever into this bound of wickedness. Knowing full well that I should not be doing this. I could not help myself. Jacob Black is like sex on legs. As I would mildly put it. He is the most gorgeous creature that ever walked the planet. I was his. He is mine. We made love. It was like heaven.. Like two atom bombs crashing together. Jacob pulled me into him. I wrapped my one arm around him. He did the same to me. We fell asleep like that.. Two angels soaring the sky together.. Soaring through the cloud of dreams.

End Of Chapter 9

*NOTE* I am writting chapter 10, I will postt it when i am done. Can you please leave me comments.. I would appreciate it.Thanks!!!

Hey :)

I have found your story today and read from beginning to end so far.

really enjoying the story, will wait for your next update :)



Didn't you post this story before?

Yeah but.. I had to do a remake of the title.. Cause i didn't like the title of my fan fic before.. I redid the whole thing.. There is a twist in my story now.. I am not telling anyone. I am going to let them read it and find out.

I have my suspicions about who is looking for her and why!


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